Cockroach Noodle Company Suspends Production, Recalls Goods

Cockroach found in peyang yakisoba, production suspended

Peyang yakisoba, perhaps the most popular instant yakisoba brand in Japan, has faced difficulties over the past few weeks after a netizen uploaded a picture of their product with what seemed to be a cockroach mixed into it.

The company initially stated that it was impossible for such an incident to occur, but have since commissioned an external inquiry, resulting not only in the company admitting the possibility that an insect could get into the production line, but also suspending all sales and production as a precaution.

It is still uncertain as to whether the photo that appeared on Twitter is real or not, but netizens applaud the company’s rapid response to the situation, while other mourned the fact that they could no longer get their hands on the much-loved noodles.

From Livedoor News:

Commotion Over “Penyang” Cockroach…Company Announces Production Voluntarily Stopped At All Factories, Sales Of All Products Suspended

Cockroach found in peyang yakisoba, production suspended

The original picture uploaded to Twitter.

Problem Over Foreign Body That Seemed To Be A Cockroach Mixed Into “Penyang” Noodles

On December 11 Maruka Foodstuffs Which Produces And Distributes The Product Announces That Sales Of All Products Suspended

As Result Of Investigation, It Is Judged That Possibility Of Something Getting Mixed In During Production Process Could Not Be Denied

In the issue over a foreign body taken to be a cockroach found mixed into instant yakisoba made by “Peyang”, on December 11 Maruka Foodstuffs (Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture), who make and distribute the noodles stated that the “cannot deny the possibility that it became mixed into the product during the production process”, and announced that in the short term they would voluntarily stop production at all factories (main factory, Akahori factory) and suspend sales of all products.

Moreover, regarding products that are not the object of the current voluntary recall, the company has decided to recall all products even though there are no safety issues: “We would like to ask any of our customers who might be concerned to return the products to the company, as they would with the products that have been voluntarily recalled. We will refund the cost of the product and return it to you within a few days”.

Up to now, the company had thought it impossible for something to get mixed in during the manufacturing process, but using an analysis by an externally commissioned body, as a result of the investigation it was deemed that the possibility could not be denied. The company has stated that “We take the fact that we received information (from a client that a bug was mixed into the product) very seriously, and we will further improve our quality control as best we can”.

The issue in question became huge talking point online on the evening of December 2, when a picture of a foreign body that seemed to be a cockroach mixed into the noodles was uploaded to Twitter. On December 4, the company voluntarily recalled around 50,000 products of two varieties — “Penyang half and half super spicy yakisoba” and “Penyang half and half curry yakisoba” — which were made on the same line as the product in which the foreign body was found.

Comments from Twitter:

Wolf Boy:

Aw man, I love Penyang (^o^;)


[Sad News] Penyang sales suspended


I wonder if they will come back from this? Don’t say they’ll be abolished…


This has to be a lie !?




Is it true that Penyang is done for? Really?




Disgusting! I’ll never eat them again!!


They had them there yesterday, but today when I stopped by the convenience store on my way home from work they’d gone.
They told me they’d been withdrawn ;^_^A


I’m going to savour the taste of the ones I still have at home.

Yoo Jet:

What am I going to do? I love those noodles…

ハマサキ ミツマサ:

This must have been a huge decision for the management. But I’d like to applaud them for not just looking at part of their operations, but stopping everything and looking at everything again. I hope that this helps them to take another step up.


For real!!?Σ(゜Д゜)




I’m going to stock up on these!


Oh no ( ̄ω ̄;) I really like these, too.

masahito otsuka:

Of all the instant yakisoba Penyang is the tastiest…The sauce and the spice are just perfect. What’s more they have a history. It’s such a pity.

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