Foreigner Arrested For Smashing Statues Of Buddha At Sensoji

Sensoji temple, Asakusa

2ch netizens have been shocked by the news that a Saudi Arabian man who is a graduate student at one of Japan’s most prestigious universities had been arrested for smashing Buddhist statues after he was reported to police for doing so at one of Tokyo’s major temples.

The man, a student at Keio University, admitted the smashing Buddhas at Sensoji Temple and hinted that he had been responsible for other, similar crimes.

The story, filed under “crimes by foreigners” by Sankei MSN, has prompted some responses that relate to fears of an increasing foreign presence in Japan, while others have pointed out that idolatry in all forms is forbidden in Islam, and might therefore have prompted the man’s behavior.

From MSN Sankei:

Buddha Statue Smashed at Sensoji Temple, Saudi Arabian Graduate Student At Keio University Arrested; Implicated In Damage At Other Temples

foreigner smashes statues of Buddha at temple

The damage to the statues.

At around 1:10am on June 11, there was a call to a police box of the Asakusa division of the Metropolitan Police that stated “a foreign man has smashed a statue of Buddha” at Sensoji Temple, Taito ward, Tokyo. In the grounds of the temple, police also discovered four other statues of Buddha that had cracks in them. When the man, who had been close to Sensoji’s main hall, was voluntarily questioned by police, he admitted damaging the statues of Buddha. Therefore, he was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

The arrested man is Saudi Arabian national Mohammad Abdullah Saad (31), a graduate student at Keio University resident in Minamikase, Saiwai ward, Kawasaki City. The man is said to have hinted that he “has smashed Buddhas at other temples”, and police are in the process of confirming this.

In the small hours of June 11, the suspect allegedly smashed three stone Jizo bosatsu and one bronze statue of Kannon.

According to police, the statues of Buddha that were damaged were those in small wayside shrines without doors and those in the open air.

Comments from


This is an Islamic jihad.


Islam, huh? If you’re going to be an iconoclast, do it in your own country, scum.


So another Islamic native trying to destroy culture in another country, huh.


Why did he do it?

シャイニングウィザード(沖縄県)@\(^o^)/: [in response to above]

In Islam, idols are forbidden because statues and pictures of people are pretending to be God.
There are also examples of historical cultural treasures being destroyed by fundamentalists.


It’s because of stuff like this that monotheistic religions are scum.




What the fuck!!


Go home!
Don’t come over here and break things that are precious to Japanese people!


Muslims, don’t come to Japan.


He’s supposed to be so clever, why did he do something that would get him punished?


What the hell did scum like him come to Japan to learn?
If you can’t escape your native roots, then quit being a student.


Banish him from the country.


I bet that he’s an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist, or maybe a wannabe.
I suppose Japan is going to be full of guys like him one day.


If this had been in an Islamic country, he’d get the death sentence.
Japanese are too tolerant.

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