Furore As Fake Funasshi Restrained By Police At Local Event

Fake Funashi Restrained By Police

Could you spot a fake Funasshi?

The official unofficial mascot of Funabashi City, the pear-fairy Funasshi, now has an official fake.

The fake was taken into custody by police at event in Hyogo Prefecture, when he appeared to be acting suspiciously. But it later transpired that the faker was just the father of some children at the event, and had dressed up as Funasshi to cheer up his own children.

The news that Funasshi has a faker has quickly trended online, becoming the most linked-to article on internet monitoring site Ceron.jp, as well as the most read article of the day on Yahoo! Japan.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Fake Funasshi Furore As Police Restrain Faker At Event In Hyogo Prefecture

Fake Funasshi appears at local event

The fake Funasshi in action. Image source

At the venue where yuru-kyara mascots were gathered during the “Our Hometown Fair” event, held on June 1 in Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture, to commemorate 60 years since being granted city status, a “fake” Funasshi appeared. Funasshi is the unofficial mascot of Funabashi City in Chiba Prefecture. There was a furore as a member of Takasago police took the faker, who had appeared suspicious, into custody.

The event was organised by the city, and 47 yuru-kyara mascots, including “Kumamon” from Kumamoto Prefecture appeared at the event. However, Funasshi had a scheduling conflict, and had to turn down the offer.

According to the city, at around midday on June 1, the faker was surrounded by 20-30 children at the venue, but when the hometown idols on the stage pointed as said “Oh look, it’s Funasshi!”, the faker panicked and started running. When the fake Funasshi had got outside the venue, he was restrained by an on-duty police officer from the city.

According to police, inside the costume was a man who said he was from Kakogawa City, who told them, “I wore it to make my own children happy after their mother suggested it”. The man is scheduled to undergo voluntary questioning with Takasago Police on June 2 regarding whether or not there are any copyright issues.

The man apparently did not do any of Funasshi’s trademark jumps or use a high-pitched voice; however, a woman who witnessed it was surprised, saying “He responded to requests for commemorative photos, and was also rolling around like Funasshi. I can’t believe he was a faker…”

Comments from Twitter:


Yeah well, if “the man apparently did not do any of Funasshi’s trademark jumps or use a high-pitched voice” then I think that the real thing would definitely have been more suspicious.


Looks quite a bit like Funasshi. Funny.


Wonder if it wasn’t Nonomura Makoto


What the hell?! www

Hiroki Takahashi:

Well there was no reason for him to be arrested at that time.


The point is, this was cosplay wasn’t it? Aren’t the police being a bit too on-edge, taking him into custody? RT @osanpomonkeyr


Wah, I’d have loved to have seen them restraining him…


@funassyi [Funasshi’s official Twitter] Funasshi! Wasn’t there any request for the Pear Police to show up?


Look, obviously one Funasshi isn’t enough to cope with demand, so while it’s still popular they should just form FNS48 (Funasshi48) [pun on AKB48]! And because it’s FNS, it’d be good if Fuji TV and Softbank would become their patrons.


Looks different in the picture www


@funassyi Funasshi’s a pear but not a pair!

shieri シエリ:

So finally, the fakers are here, huh!(°д°) RT @nyappage


I’m sure some people say there was no need to restrain the guy, but the thing is, if it’s a fake and you don’t know their background, then it’s actually a bit scary 〜. Because it’s not only good people who’ll do something like that.


So basically, Funasshi, the unofficial mascot of Funabashi now has an official fake?!


Nah, no matter how you look at that picture, it’s a fake Funasshi…


This is truly absurd www


And so at last Funasshi fakes have appeared, huh…(=_=;)

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