LDP Set To Propose Cell Phone Tax To Increase Tax Revenue

Will the Japanese government introduce a tax on mobile phones?

The news that LDP politicians were planning to propose a motion in the Diet that would result in a tax on mobile phones has not been well received.

Netizens are irate that the government would even consider adding more taxes to an already hefty tax burden, particularly when everyone in society has a cell phone. But politicians argue that it would help to secure Japan’s tax revenue, an important issue in an aging society where the number of taxpayers is in decline…

From MSN Sankei:

Mobile Phone Tax Established By Caucus, Volunteered By LDP, Motion To Be Put Before Diet In Autumn

On June 18, volunteer LDP politicans opened the inaugural meeting of the “Forum on the Issue of Mobile Phones”, a league of Diet members who are reviewing a mobile phone tax. The meeting was held at the party headquarters. Members had in mind the introduction of a system whereby mobile phone users would be taxed for owning phones just as car owners are taxed for owning cars, and the matter was viewed from the perspective of securing a budget aimed at rebuilding Japan’s finances while also strengthening policies that protect Japan’s youth. The motion will be put together around autumn.

Noda Takeshi, chairman of the Party’s taxation system investigative committee, was among the 15 people who attended. The role of chairperson of the forum was assumed by Nakayama Yasuhide, a member of the house of representatives. Regarding the use of mobile phones, Nakayama indicated at the meeting that “There is the example of the US, where each computer is taxed, and we really should review how we can secure our tax revenue”.

Comments from Twitter:


Before taxing cell phones, cancel the ODA with the chinks, and get back the fucking money we gave to the southern gooks! Talk about tax after you’ve got rid of favorable policies toward foreigners! Who the hell are these volunteer LDP politicians?


And they’ve only just raised the consumption tax, too…


More meaningless toll collections( ̄ー ̄) “@asahi_geinojin


Taxing cell phones? Are they stupid? I mean, I would fully support taxing smartphones, but…

高橋 koro:

This is a very good test, I think. Because you know, no matter what we do, there’s going to be insufficient revenue.


■ So they’re getting the people to shoulder the burden yet again…? #wastenotwantnot…they should write all this down!!
■ Plan for equal participation for men and women…well that’s 10 trillion yen we won’t see again.
■ The ODA for anti-Japan China.
■ Law violations: security payments for anti-Japan zainichi (170,000 yen per month…?)


Shut up with all this “tax this, tax that” shit. The LDP should just die.


So this has over 10,000 tweets.


Woah, woah, we gotta make these politicians feel some pain. There are several taxes applied to cars. Let’s talk about more taxes when they’ve reduced the vast annual expense budgets that politicians have.


Grubby little feckers!


Just spend less! What the hell else are you gonna tax?


You what? (# ゜Д゜)


How can this be! ヽ(`Д´)ノ


If this law passes, I’m throwing away my cell phone on the spot! One after another people will cancel their contracts, the government won’t be able to get any tax, and all the phone companies will go under.


Taxing cell phones?
If you want to improve the economy, reduce taxes! Fucking stupid politicians (Grr)

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