Man Abducts Child, Introduces Her As His ‘Wife’ To Police

Police at the scene of the crime (FNN News

Police at the scene of the crime (FNN News)

Netizens have been shocked by the news that a 49 year old man from Okayama Prefecture abducted a fifth grader and later introduced the child as his wife to police when they came to raid his home. Thankfully, the girl was unharmed and had only been missing for a number of days.

While ‘Lolicon’ [Lolita complex] culture has a following among some fans of anime and manga in Japan which is often seen as unacceptable in other cultures, netizens do not think it is OK for this obsession to spill over into real life.


Girl In Fifth Grade Of Elementary School Held Captive, 49 Year Old Man Arrested: “I Had An Interest In Young Girls”

It has been discovered that a man who was arrested for confining a girl in the fifth year of elementary school at his home in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, has told police that the motivation for his crime was that he was interested in young girls.

Arrested suspect Fujiwara Takeshi (49) told police that the girl was his own wife when police raided his home, but when he was interviewed this new information was revealed.

Fujiwara, a self-described illustrator from Kita Ward, Okayama City, who was arrested on July 19, was sent to the Okayama District Prosecutor’s Office on the morning of July 21.

According to the police investigation, the fact having accepted the charges against him, Fujiwara stated “I have an interest in young girls, and I wanted to raise her to be the kind of girl that I like” was new information.

Furthermore, when police raided Fujiwara’s home on July 19, he introduced the girl to investigators as his “own wife” in an attempt to stall them.

When Fujiwara took the girl on July 14, he threatened her by thrusting a sharp object at her. Police are therefore also looking into adding charges of kidnapping a minor or abduction.

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Mental lolicon bastard groooooooooooooooooosssssssssssssssssss


So disgusting


Scary scary


He just has no way of distinguishing reality any more.


Police: “Wow, you have such a young wife. In fact, sir, I envy you”.


Dude did his best www


Would have been better if he’d said it was his daughter, but his wife? WTF!wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


This is not the mental state of a normal 49 year old man.


Wha, wha, what!? He’s really outdoing the guys here.


I bet he just wanted to see what it felt like to say the line “this is my wife”. Being aged and single is pretty shit.


So this is how anime otaku end up?

Comments from Twitter:


This ain’t Africa, so the guy must be crazy to come out and just say something like that.


His motivation is so childish and selfish: “I had an interest in young girls and I wanted to raise her to be the kind of girl I like”.


Okayama kidnapping incident, everyone in my house felt sick when the perp said “This is my own wife”.


His wife is 11 years old (;゚Д゚)


I’m so glad they found the child. When he said it was his “own wife” I thought “Woah”.


“This is my wife”…I really hope that people don’t lump normal otakus in with this guy, who has some deep-seated illness…

Indy India:

“When police raided Fujiwara’s home on July 19, he introduced the girl to investigators as his ‘own wife'” Dyed-in-the-wool paedo…


Umm, yeah, she’s obviously not your wife. How the hell did he think that excuse would fly.

Masasuke Aruga:

You shouldn’t confuse satisfying a desire to possess something with love.


I’d have understood if he’d said it was his niece or whatever, but to say that it’s his wife… the only thing I can say about this guy is that he’s an anime otaku who no longer understands the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction.


Come on, the girl from Kurashiki is also a bit strange…why the hell’d she go with him….but I bet she had him wrapped around her little finger, eating sweets and watching TV…we live in a scary world.

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