‘Menstrual Blood Valentine’s Chocolates’ Trend On Twitter

do girls put blood into hand-made valentine's chocolates?

Valentine’s Day in Japan is a time when girls give chocolates, known as “honmei choco” (“true feelings chocolate”) to the boys they really like.

Often, these chocolates will be painstakingly hand-made by the girl, before she passes them to her love.

But now, a disturbing “spell” circulating on Twitter suggests that girls are putting their menstrual blood, spit, or hair into the chocolates to ensure that their love is reciprocated.

The following thread translated from compilation site Naver Matome, has curated a series of tweets referring to the trend. Since being posted, the thread has been retweeted over 15,000 times, and clocked up around 200,000 views, as well as featuring on other major internet portals.

But is this a funny hoax to stop pesky boys from eating too many chocolates? Or should boys chew very carefully on February 14…?

From Naver Matome:

[Sad News]A Spell That Says “If You Mix Blood Into Valentine’s Chocolates And Give Them To Your Love, Your Love Will Be Returned” Trends On Twitter

Updated: 03/02/2014

OP: wasejo_tjkn0123さん

The Spell That’s Being Whispered About Online As If It Were True…

“Mix your blood into the valentine’s day chocolates”

From: Chuu ni no asobi [blog]

“Mix in your own saliva”

From: “Honmei choko ni keiketsu wo ireru to omajigai ga” — Fujinyu~

▼ “That Time” Is Already Here!!!!


This year too, I’m praying that I can succeed in love, and the time has drawn near when there will be lots of boys around who will eat my scary hand-made chocolates — that I’ve made by mixing in my own blood and spit — without even knowing it (笑)

▼ The “Spell” Is Even Trending On Twitter

Do girls really put their own blood into handmade chocolates?

Picture from pbs.twimg.com


White chocolate with menstrual blood in it…huh…I guess that the amount of menstrual blood a normal person would loose would be a few mls, right? I reckon that if it was about that much, and you didn’t mix it in too much, then there’d be a nice amount of red in it and it would be fine, but I wonder…


It’s normal for you to mix in your blood and spit in the honmei choco, right????????? Oh???????


I mix in menstrual blood with my honmei choco every year.


If I get my period on Valentine’s day, then I can put my secret ingredient in.


Please gods. Please send me my period on the day I make my Valentine’s chocolates.


One of those girls who quietly mixes her own spit into the Valentine’s chocolates.


If I’m making Valentine’s chocolates, I want to put my own blood in them.

樋口 結慈:

My suggestion to those people who are trying to mix their blood into hand-made chocolates for Valentine’s day is frozen raspberries (framboises). They look like dried, congealed blood, and because more than anything they have a tart taste, they’ll make people think that it’s blood.


It’s Valentine’s in just two weeks’ time. All you virgins who’ve never received chocolates probably don’t know about this, but in hand-made chocolates from girls, at the very least, there’ll be blood and spit, and hair that has been ground finely in a mixer. Since these are hand-made from the heart, please be sure to eat them alone in secret ♥︎


If you want to put something of your own into honmei choco for Valentine’s day, I think that it’s actually best not to put hair, or pubic hair, or blood that you’ve got through the normal way, but rather to put those chunks of liver things that you get when you’re on your period!!! I mean, menstrual blood is the lining of your uterus, so doesn’t it excite you to think of him putting that in his mouth? What’s more, because it’s hard, he’ll never find out! Magnificent!


I’ve got a mental illness, so I’m going to get some blood from my nose and put that into my Valentine’s chocolates _人人人人人人人_ >  NOSE BLOOD  <  ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄


I always put raw chocolate in my Valentine’s chocolates, but I’m putting in blood as well.


Yey, Valentine’s!! What’s everyone going to make?! I’m going to cut my wrists and put loads of blood in.


If someone mentally ill made the chocolate, then there will definitely be something weird mixed in with it, and anyway, there’s no point in hand-making chocolates and not putting something unusual in. If a girl’s nails have become short, then that’s not because they were making snacks, it’s because they’re mixing them in with the snacks. Also, if they have more cuts, periods, or stuff like that, then it’s definitely black. Well, not black, but blood.

▼ From The Girls’ Perspective, “This Stuff Happens On Valentine’s”


Everyone frustrated because they can’t get any menstrual blood to put in the chocolate because of their menstrual cycle.


Putting your own blood in the Valentine’s chocolate you’re going to give to the boy you like — isn’t that pretty much the norm for us girls?


The spell we had when we were in elementary school was that you’d put your own blood and drip the tears you’d cried at the though of the one you loved into the handmade chocolate, or that you’d knit your own hair into the scarf you made for them — these terrifying things were popular and we did them without a care. I never actually did it, but there are probably witches in every period of history #Valentine’s


Were there ever any girls who didn’t put their own menstrual blood in the Valentine’s chocolate?

▼ There Are Probably Some Young Guys Who Won’t Be Eating This Year’s Handmade Chocolates

Some boys might steer clear of chocolates this Valentine's day.


I have a friend who’s been traumatised ever since he realised that there was hair inside a Valentine’s chocolate he had already put in his mouth. Guess it’s better than blood, but the poor guy!


They say it’s a Valentine’s spell and stuff, and it seems that they put hair and spit and stuff in there…do they just want to hurt the person they love? Don’t they realise that someone’s going to eat it?


I saw a tweet that said, if you’re putting something in handmade chocolate, then I recommend blood. Because at least blood has some umami. And now the heart palpitations won’t stop.

王 妃:

Huh? You thought that Valentine’s chocolates didn’t have bodily fluids, blood, or hair in them? Valentine’s Day is when AIDS gets transmitted the most.


Valentine’s is scary wwwwwwwwwwwww Like there’d be spit or blood in the chocolate ~wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww glad I don’t have to worry about that wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ain’t no one gonna give me any (^.^)


Just felt a shiver go down my spine at the premonition of there being girls who hand chocoloate with nails or blood or spit in it to the boy they like on Valentine’s.


It’s too frightening to put your own blood or hair in Valentine’s chocolates…but seems like there are quite a few people who do…they put spit and stuff…DISGUSTING…


The thing about Valentine’s chocolates is that you’re happy if you get handmade chocolates from someone you’re close to, but if you get handmade chocolates from someone you’re not close to, then it’s scary. You start getting anxious that there might even be poison in them w.


Just thought this, but when girls are making Valentine’s chocolates and stuff, they mix it with a spoon, and then they lick the spoon, so won’t the chocolate you get have at least a little bit of spit mixed in with it?


I’m a bit frightened of handmade chocolate. What am I scared of? — Well, before one actor ate the handmade chocolate sent to him by a fan, he broke it in half and a load of pubes fell out. I’m scared of that kind of thing happening.


If you mix blood into Valentine’s chocolate then your love will be reciprocated…so scary (-_-;) Still, back in the day, I got some cookies on Valentine’s day, and there were loads of tiny hairs in them…Wonder if that was the same thing…?

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  • Mighty曹

    Guys, use a toothpick to poke through the chocolate piece to see if it’s filled with ‘anything’. Only eat the solid ones.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      My love juice is sweet… so I was told.

      • Mighty曹

        I’m really not interested in knowing.

        • guest

          So “white house cigars” ain’t to your taste then?

          • Mighty曹

            Nope but you can enjoy them with your Presidential knee pads.

    • besudesu

      Read all the comments and then rethink your strategy…

      • Mighty曹

        I read all the comments and they all seems to be girls saying what is put in the chocolate. How does my strategy fail if it differentiates a solid piece from a soft/filled one?

        • besudesu

          Well, they make the chocolate by hand, so it’s all melted, put into molds, and then it all goes solid in the fridge. The blood would also congeal in with the mixture, and the whole thing would look like normal chocolate — I think that’s the point. I don’t think we’re talking chocolate fondants here.

          Actually, I don’t know why I’m giving this so much thought…but I think the rest of Japan probably is too, judging by how quickly this is going viral…

          • Mighty曹

            What do you use most often in yours? :p

          • besudesu

            Well, if I were taken to making chocolates for my love (which, sadly, I am not), I think they’d probably just be full of alcohol. In my experience, this alcohol is far better at securing the affections of another than blood. Having said that, I’m not suggesting that high schoolers start hitting the bottle…

          • Mighty曹

            Come on, Besu, be a bit more romantic and put some effort into it. Your man deserves some intimate fillings (non-alcoholic).

    • linette lee

      how about don’t eat anything that’s home made and only eat the ones purchased from store and must be completely sealed.

      • Mighty曹

        But that takes away the thrill. It’s more fun like a Russian Roulette to avoid eating a ‘bloody’ filled one.

    • Brett

      This article, and then more specifically your post, reminded me of the b-side Japanese movie “Vampire girlfriend vs. Frankenstein girl”. Vampire girl gives the boy she likes a chocolate with her blood to keep him forever.

      • Mighty曹

        Hahaha.. I saw that one. I’ll eat home made chocolates from Yukie any day though.

  • whuddyasack

    “I’m a bit frightened of handmade chocolate. What am I scared of? —
    Well, before one actor ate the handmade chocolate sent to him by a fan,
    he broke it in half and a load of pubes fell out. I’m scared of that
    kind of thing happening.”

    Oh dear, what a prank 😉

    • besudesu

      Sadly, people have actually done this. There was one story of a fast food worker who did this to customers, and came a cropper when those customers turned out to be police….

      • whuddyasack

        Wow, that’s simply incredible (and not exactly a positive at that). Thanks for filling me in on that… I’d definitely hate to be the fast food worker in that situation. The embarrassment alone is deadly.

  • markus peg

    Guys can get their own back, I’m sure the girls wouldn’t want a spunk surprise..
    No really, all jokes aside this is sick and risks wasting lots of homemade chocolate in fear of blood and sick things people don’t want to put in their mouth…

    • besudesu

      Yeah, boys all around Japan throwing out their chocolate because of a prank that went viral…poor things. I guess that this year, the message is if you really love someone, give them shop-bought chocolate.

      Hmm…I wonder if any of those tweets were sponsored by chocolate manufacturers…^^

  • i dont usually eat menstrual chocolate
    when i do i only eat chocolate mixed with the menstrual blood of the non-existent comfort women

    • firebert5

      It melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

    • nitrostat

      another firebrand… ? this is going to be fun…

    • Kiwi

      Those are chocolates for vampires silly

  • Miniluv101

    Spit is okay I guess… but menstruation blood? Hair? PUBIC HAIR!?

    Thank god stalking isn’t widespread here in Sweden.

    • besudesu

      I’m not sure that it’s all that widespread in Japan either….I get the impression that people are just trying to spoil Valentine’s day for boys…

      • Comebackkid13

        Dear God I hope so, but Besu, this sounds exactly like the kind of thing that would trend in Japan among High School girls.

        Even if it started out as a joke by some of the older girls messing with the younger ones, and them somehow escalating.

        • besudesu

          Hehe. Yes, I can imagine older girls doing this to mess with the younger ones…Luckily it seems the boys are already in the know, so I’m sure it will be fine. It’s a fine example of trolling though!

    • firebert5

      Maybe this is why sex is on the decline in Japan.

  • MyMotto

    reminds me of the time I ate a mcdonalds chicken select with an 2-3 inch long hair cooked in, by the time I realized i had an hair in my mouth, I tugged on it to find out I swallowed half of it…The minute it took for me to pull it out felt like an hour ._. thank god Im forever alone and will not be getting chocolates…

  • jem

    I didn’t know everyone still believed in gypsy magic.

  • Ray

    Sounds like the girl comments are just trolling and trying to be scary.

    • drinkitbitch


      • VELO

        If they’re even girls in the first place. Its not like Japan has a whole culture of dudes online who have nothing better to do than prank the リア充 or anything…

        • Kiwi

          but they still can troll, makes me think they do have a sense of humor

  • WK

    knowing these people, this is probably a huge turn on for most of these wackos

    • firebert5

      It’ll be in vending machines next. Just watch.

  • guest

    Back in the 90s, I remember reading this fictional story in Ming Pao Hong KOng(they used to have a big section for fictional serials) where the story was about a special Apple Pie, that if you mix in your tears, he will cry when he eats it. It ends with her mixing in a drop of her own blood after she cut her finger, while hating him, I can’t remember how it ends though…

    I think this story was probably started by jealous permavirgin (guys) and then egged on by girls who like to screw with guys.

  • linette lee

    Which guy would eat mentruation blood chocolate from a girl I really want to know. Anyone?

    • firebert5

      Um…not knowingly.

    • nitrostat

      Why? what will you do when you find this guy?

      • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

        Do you really want to know?

        I think something like ‘Audition’ will happen.

  • NSA

    cmon it is still better than the burgers at Hungry Jacks(burger king australia)

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    There’s devotion and then there’s obsession. Like ‘Time for a restraining order’ obsession.

  • nitrostat

    wtf is wrong with people…

  • UserID01

    “Putting your own blood in the Valentine’s chocolate you’re going to give to the boy you like — isn’t that pretty much the norm for us girls?”

    WHHAAAAAAATTTT?! In what universe is normal to trick someone into ingesting your bodily waste as a romantic gesture?!

  • David

    I have a history book about medicine in 14th century Italy (pre-renaissance) that talks about how to make the man you love, love you back. It describes basically the same thing. Make him a meal with some (just 3 drops) of your menstrual blood mixed in and then he will love you forever.

    • Gerhana

      interesting, what is the reasoning behind it?

      • David

        I believe the reasoning is simple superstition shared with her by her mother or aunt. A girl was caught doing this after she had a tryst with a local gentry’s son. She got pregnant and of course expected him to marry her (because he said he loved her to get her into bed). Being the son of a rich man he had no intention of marrying a poor peasant girl (surprise surprise a man will lie to get a woman into bed). First she tried this to make him love her and when that did not work they wanted money to pay for the child. The father of the boy refused to pay anything. she sought revenge with another “spell” to cause him misfortune. She and her mother and aunt were found out and condemned as witches. The church also forced the boys father to pay money to the father of the girl, who was required to raise the child after daughter and mom were executed for being a witch. Life was so nice back then.

  • David

    I am so sorry I read this story.

  • concerned citizen

    Just be glad it isn’t scat in the place of the chocolates!

  • Mayu

    all those comments sound like internet trolls

  • CinnamonChan

    I’m actually pretty disappointed in these “mixing unusually creepy” ingredients into your ‘home made valentines chocolate’ pranks. What if some guy who happened to be your crush stumbled across this page? Would he ever eat valentines chocolate again? People who think it’s normal to do this sort of DISGUSTING chocolate making has some issues. Really hope most of it is just trolling, think about it. You want your crush to eat something you took your time and effort to make, don’t you?

  • The John

    Me: Mmmm… this is delicious! What is this…

    Her: Guess…

    Me: I don’t know… it’s a bit salty…

    Her: I freshly squeezed it this morning…

    Me: Really? Is it…

    Her: It’s blood from my vagina.



    Me: That’s all good because the milk in your cereal this morning was thick for a reason. Bon Appetit

  • miss sixty

    Believe or not, I had an Asian ex who would have thought this would be a huge turn on. I served him rice mixed with menstrual blood.

  • Rhythm

    I’m reeeeally pretty sure this is a joke. Y’all acting like it’d be impossible for Japanese women on the internet to have a sense of humor/participate in a meme.

  • Gerhana

    Eating/drinking menstrual blood? Metal chick force this on us every time during our Satanic church congregation. It doesn’t really make us fall in love with them. In fact, it’s just annoying. If someone brings in a punch or juice during the meeting, there will always be a few chicks who try to mix her menstrual blood in it. Try eyeball chocolate. Put your eyeball in the chocolate and give it to the guy. It’s experimental, but it might just be a more potent spell. Good luck.

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