Salmonella Scare At Asian Games, Netizens Unsurprised

Salmonella found in lunchboxes distributed at Asian Games

The 2014 Asian Games, currently underway in Incheon, South Korea , have been plagued with PR difficulties. Athletes have complained about the air conditioning unfairly affecting the badminton contest in addition to controversial disqualifications in other events. Early this week, athletes were left shaken by a narrowly averted public health disaster when lunchboxes prepared for the athletes were found to contain salmonella. The lunchboxes were promptly thrown out, but many athletes were left to compete on an empty stomach.

Japanese netizens, who are generally quick to disapprove of all things related to Korea, are extremely skeptical of the conditions at this year’s games. Many have taken this as an opportunity to question South Korea’s readiness to host the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeonChang.

From Yahoo! Japan:

At Asian Games, 76 Athletes’ Lunchboxes D Due to Salmonella

On September 22, officials for the 17th Asian Games currently underway in Incheon, South Korea, revealed that an organization committee disposed of 76 lunchboxes that had been prepared for the athletes after it was discovered that the meals contained salmonella, thereby preventing a mass outbreak of food poisoning.

On September 21, salmonella was found in meat from lunchboxes prepared by a catering company. Athletes competing in events including shooting, fencing, weight lifting, and sepak takraw had requested the lunch boxes. A light meal of bread and milk was prepared for the athletes as a replacement, but because the replacement wasn’t handed out until several hours later, it seems that some athletes ultimately didn’t eat lunch at all.

According to the PR manager for the organization committee, the contract with the catering company that caused the issue has been cancelled, and replaced with a new contract with a different company.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


Even though the Games are limited to Asia, this is just too sloppy… I would understand if this happened in a third world country, but this situation is just awful…


It would be more strange if there wasn’t some sort of trouble like this. They did a good job discovering it, but pesticides are also a big problem over there, so I don’t wanna go.


I’d be more concerned if there was a day where we didn’t hear about some kind of trouble like this coming up!


Is it just me who immediately jumped to thinking that this must be happening nation-wide?


The problems just keep happening one after another, and I feel really sorry for the athletes who are participating.


Food is the most basic of basics. They can’t even prepare meals satisfactorily? Who would take the responsibility if something happened to the athletes? With the Olympics… I wonder if everything will be ok with the problems with construction work and everything…


Will the Olympics be ok? (-。-)y-゜゜゜


There must be athletes who can’t concentrate on the games because there’s just way too to worry about.


So far there hasn’t been a single day that ended without incident. I knew this would happen, but as expected it’s horrible. I’m glad the athletes didn’t eat them. Nevertheless, I don’t feel relieved. Of course, you can’t eat anything that lot makes with any peace of mind.


Will they be ok hosting the Olympics just four years from now?

Comments from


What the hell…


I’m glad nothing serious happened.


What a dangerous country.


No more terrorism




“thereby preventing a mass outbreak of food poisoning.” Seems like they said it kind of proudly…


“thereby preventing a mass outbreak of food poisoning.” Seriously saying it like it’s an impressive feat


Enough already! wwwwwwwwww


Isn’t this attempted murder?


Because it’s a developing country, you’ve gotta expect some unsanitary conditions.

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