2ch Responds To ‘Pick Up Artist’ Julien Blanc’s Japan Trip

The news that controversial “pick-up artist” Julien Blanc will be coming to Japan has not been well received.

In a recent Japan Times article, Jake Adelstein reminded readers of Blanc’s previous statements regarding Japanese women, which include: “If you’re a white male in Tokyo, you can do what you want. I’m just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls’ heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick, head on the dick, yelling, ‘Pikachu,’ with a Pikachu shirt (on)”.

Adelstein’s article was shared widely among the English-speaking community in Japan, and soon became the subject of a bi-lingual petition on online petition site change.org.

Here, we bring you selected comments from a 2ch.net thread discussing the petition and Blanc’s upcoming trip to Japan.

From 2ch.net:

Julien Blanc, White Guy Who Endorses Sexually Assaulting Japanese Women, Scheduled To Come To Japan (Pictures And Videos)

以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします: [OP]

There will soon be over 30,000 signatures on this, but do you think the Ministry of Justice will do anything about it?

This is a petition asking the Ministry Of Justice to prevent “Pick Up Artist” Julien Blanc, who said in his seminar that “If you’re a white guy you can sleep with any Japanese woman”, from entering Japan.

In Australia, there was opposition from the hotel he was scheduled to hold his seminar at, and floods of protests toward the Australian Bureau of Immigration.

Signatures are building on petition site change.org.

He’s coming to Japan soon.

And by the way, his Australian visa was canceled.

This guy is making on these seminars.

The last part of this video is horrible.



How does one go about participating in these seminars?

以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします: [in response to above]

It looks like anyone can participate if they pay.
That’s how this bastard makes his living.
The only thing is, you have to go to a country where white guys are holding these seminars.


Honestly, those stupid girls who are so easily drawn in by people like him are the ones at fault here.

以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします: [in response to above]

But the fact that this is being advertised through the world is a bit…you know…

以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします: [in response to above]

But this is just the same as those Japanese guys who go for Filipinos or Thais, if you Google it you get loads of hits.
Even if you’re only making a public example of this guy he’s no different from the others.

以下、\(^o^)/: [in response to above]

Are Japanese people attractive to Filipinos and Thais?
I’m going to the Philippines soon, so I’m interested to know.


Good job Australia. Pot calling the kettle black.


Seems like half the other countries in Asia would react in the same way as Japanese women do to this though..


I’m surprised that white guys are interested in Japanese women.

以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします: [in response to above]

If you watch the video of his seminar you’ll realize what I mean, but he doesn’t think they’re human — or even monkeys.
He just sees women as holes.


If he did this on the train, those women would kick off because he’s groper, what’s the difference?
They really are shit.

以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします: [in response to above]

I guess that they can’t get angry because they’re scared.
I mean, it’s precisely at times like this when the extreme right and the right wing, who are usually prattling on about bravery, should be doing protests.


Even if you are white, if any of these apply to you — fat, bald, short and chubby, or have B.O. — then the girls are still not going to go for you.

以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします: [in response to above]

Fatties aside,
if the bald ones are skin heads then they’d be ok.
If you’re short and chubby, then at least you’d be taller than a Japanese girl.
And when it comes to B.O, there have always been lots of Westerners with that, so that’s permissible.
The hurdles are pretty low for foreigners to pass through women’s filters.


It’ll be enough if the police keep an eye out for him.


Online Japanese women have a lot of attitude,
but if you put them in front of a white guy they just shrink into themselves and have these forced smiles on their faces the whole time.
They’re weak even if they get their head forced into someone’s crotch.
The women around her are also weak fools.


First time I heard about this.


If you try searching it looks like this guy has been slated in countries other than Australia too.

Guess Japan is his last paradise, eh?
He also talks about “Japan” clearly by name, too.


The people getting it done to them look happy enough, what’s the problem?


I don’t usually hate much on women, but
because of these trashy bitches Japan is now being made a fool of by a foreigner, so I’m pretty pissed off.

以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします: [in response to above]

I also think that the Japanese women who didn’t report him are at fault.
In the last part of that video he’s treating the convenience store clerk with contempt the whole time, but if she didn’t report him to the police for that, then it’s the same level as those gropers who cause hell on the Saikyo Line.
BTW, the thing I’m most concerned about is what the Ministry of Justice will actually say when this petition has many tens of thousands of signatures.


This is just a matter of it would be better if the Japanese guys would actually stop that jackass when she’s getting molested by him.

以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします: [in response to above]

Yeah but if the girl herself likes it, what you gonna do?


We Japanese guys also do pretty coercive things when we’re flirting in clubs, and I think that that the gist of what this guy is saying is right as far as flirting goes.
But it troubles me that he’d advertise it.


Did they just realize that white people look down on other ethnicities?
This has been going on for centuries.

以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします: [in response to above]

This isn’t about him looking down on the yellow races, this is about him
having a seminar that targets Japanese women.


That “Pikachuu” thing is just way too idiotic…
Any girl who got taken in by that must be such an imbecile…


I did think that those girls are just idiots, but if there was just one among them who was scared and couldn’t say no, then I feel sorry for her. Even if it was just one.
Decent girls go out in Shibuya on the weekend, and if you’re not interested in someone, then if they touch your body in any way it is sexual harassment.

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  • lonetrey / Dan

    At first, I was prepared to say something nasty about Japanese people being racist against white men wanting to be with Japanese women.

    Then I saw the guy and did a quick search on him.

    Seems like I was completely wrong in my first opinions. Good on you, Japan. Don’t let this guy spread his shitty ideas.

    • Zappa Frank

      he seems crazy like some English teachers I met in china

    • Guest1

      Sadly, its not just Japan. Stereotypically, Asian men are considered “feminine” and not as masculine as their Caucasian counterparts. There is a perception that Asian girls are submissive and that Caucasian and men of other races with their superior complex can take advantage over submissive Asian girls.

      Of course, I am just referring to those weird guys who have weird “oriental” fetishes and have yellow fever. I am not talking about those who have a genuine interest in the region and culture. I am talking about those who’s interests in Asian culture are derived from their close-minded perception of what the culture actually is. Its like those guys who says theyre interested in Japan b/c of anime, cosplay, and gyaru girls.

    • kage

      I would not have jumped to conclusions so soon. I don’t have problems with Asian women seeking and being in interracial relationships myself and am aware that some Asian men feel bitter over this. At the same time, it is not for me to assume anything. I hope you did not think about writing the nasty comments after watching the video… the guy proved to be an insufferable douche throughout and the girl was clearly uncomfortable.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        … I don’t think you read my post properly.

        I am in agreement with you, I don’t “have problems with Asian women seeking and being in interracial relationships” and was originally going to (unnecessarily) defend interracial relationships.

        Try reading what I originally wrote again before posting :/

    • JKim

      why would that be your first assumption? just because you’re insecure about that doesnt mean all other asian men are.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        … I don’t think you read my post properly.

        I don’t have problems with Asian women seeking and being in an interracial relationship,

        I was originally going to (unnecessarily) defend interracial relationships.

        Try reading what I originally wrote again before posting :/

    • khanthology today

      its great you are always prepared to say something nasty about racism and defend interracial loving here on this site and in the comments section. looks like you have a lot of work in defending both asians and whites here. atta boy

  • Claude

    This guy has been Inspired by the Tom Cruise character Frank Mackie, a self help guru or “seduction artist” in the film masterpiece Magnolia. “Respect the cock, tame the cunt!!” Frank M would yell at his seminars. Like frank his personal life is probably fucked up.


  • Cysorzowa

    “I’m just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls’ heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick, head on the dick, yelling, ‘Pikachu,’ with a Pikachu shirt (on)”.

    And that’s it? Doesn’t sound very sophisticated, let alone “artistic”. In fact it sounds like bigmouthed, attention seeking, boring moron. The best way to deal with the ones like him is ignoring them. After all, who could possibly need any advice from a misogynistic jerk anyway.

    • 53v3nt33n

      The best way to deal with the ones like him is ignoring them.

      Say what? The silent treatment works best on attention seeking sociopaths like Luke Magnotta. In this instance, the RSD’s misconducts should be made known and shamed. What we should ignore are the excuses and smug comments coming from Julien.

  • JAY

    This guy is attention seeking and we (viewers) and media are feeding him that attention. He just needs to be ignored. If his whole intention is to get laid, then he’s doing it totally wrong. There are other ways to do that without resulting to unnecessary touching, especially pushing a lady’s face down to your crotch, which is sexual harassment. The other problem I see is that Japanese girls seem to be too timid and shy to say no. I guarantee if that was done to a Western white girl, they would have got kicked him in the balls and promptly call the police. It’s possible he may be taking advantage of “white privilege” in Japan even, considering the yellow fever thing going on.

    • Fed up with whatever

      Ignoring him is what lets him manhandle women. Attention is what got him kicked out of a country and now a petition 35,000 signatures and going to remove him from this one. Attention is exactly what this situation needs, the attention of people with a moral compass who are willing to stand up for what they believe against people who think they have a right to grab another person’s body and do with it as they please.

      • Cysorzowa

        I see your point. But on the other hand the attention is what makes him behave like this. The attention is what makes him profit from it. It’s the attention that makes people watch his crappy videos, read his pitiful books/blog (or whatever he writes), go for his seminars etc. This is what gives him fame and that’s what he’s really for. Doesn’t matter if people hate him or love him as long as they notice him. It makes him a “shitty-celebrity”. And what’s the worst, this way he finds the followers. I despise this kind of people from all of my heart. I couldn’t even make myself to watch this video. I’d feel like kind of supporting him. I’d absolutely love to hear that he was taught a lesson by a Japanese. As many people here stated, he should have his sorry ass kicked. That’s the only kind of attention he deserves.

        • Yaminah Jamison

          Attention, like all things, have pros and cons. However, attention is what got him banned in one country and signatures for a petition to get him banned in another. I’d people aren’t aware of certain things, they can never decide to prevent it from happening again.

    • kage

      It has less to do with ‘white privilege and racism’ and more to do with a hateful, misogynistic psychopath. Blanc is a tiny, cowardly pathetic excuse of a ‘man’. When you are outnumbered by much larger men who have grabbed you out of the blue what are you going to do? Do you really think such forceful men would take no for an answer? Such a big man, calling his ‘buddies’ for back up.. Not!

      • 53v3nt33n

        Cowards. The lot of them. I’d kill to wipe those smirks of their ugly faces.

      • khanthology today

        actually his buddies are not backing him up as his boss owen and fellow pick up teachers have not truly defended him. what a shame for the rsd camp. if you have a tight crew, it doesnt go down the way this has gone down.

        there isnt any priveledge and racism with what he has done. nor much hateful or misogynistic psychopath stilo in what he is doing. im sure he is a textbook wannabe alpha male just trying to win the audience that pays him.

        what he is doing is showing off to his followers. they probably need new material.. this is a business that happens to be fun and games, and he got carried away. he is a born dork and his execution methods of picking up women are carbon copied incorrectly. and he publicized it all wrong and to the wrong crowd.

    • Jason

      He needs to be ignored? Are you stupid? He’s not a troll, he’s a sexual predator. The worst thing you can do is to ignore it. Try using your head a bit

  • Lothrop Stoddard

    I am so sick of these fucktards in Asia. As a white guy, I just want them all expelled.

    The entire internet is full of “PUA” sperglords nowadays, sticking up for this fag.

    • khanthology today

      these pua dorks sheeps and pions are all going to be using the pickachu move in every bar nightclub and coffee shop. how tragic

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      I agree. The only problem is that opinions are usually biased. You probably heard of the expression “white trash” in China? From Chinese people’s point of view it refers to someone who “seemingly doesn’t work” who ” supposedly has sex with many Chinese girls” ” who “likes to be the centre of attention” and of course who “despises China and Chinese people”. So basically any white people who seems to be enjoying himself in China and who can express some critical opinion about things he doesn’t like in this country can fit the description. Therefore you might get yourself expelled.

  • J Michael Carter

    What an ass. I hope that the J-cops are on his tail every minute he’s outside of his hotel room. I assume that the commenters above are all Japanese, though I can’t tell if they are men or women; I am really surprised at the victim blaming and hatred directed at Japanese women. Women are encouraged to be docile and demure in so many cultures that are, in turn, angry that they don’t assert themselves when they are targeted by such a human stain.

  • Yaminah Jamison

    …I can’t even begin my disgust towards this guy. As someone says below, this is definitely white and Western privilege here. He pulls this BS in place where in general, the people are a bit more timid and the like because he knows he can’t get away with it in America. It’s mute disgusting that he’s strutting his privilege like that and teaching people to treat another like they’re not human.

    I feel bad for that store clerk. It’s apparent she didn’t like it and couldn’t do anything. That crossed a line and personally I think he should be banned too.

    • Lothrop Stoddard

      He should be banned and kicked out, but don’t drag your domestic grievances here.

      There are plenty of black men who treat white women like this in the western world.

      • Yaminah Jamison

        ….I never said black people didn’t do the same or similar. Please don’t make this about something else simply because I stated white privilege (which the guy pretty much admitted himself.) I guess you also ignored the word “western” too, which is not the equivalent to white.

        • Lothrop Stoddard

          There is no “white privilege” in Japan, unless by “white privilege” you mean “ease of picking up certain kinds of girls, largely in Roppongi”.

          Being white isn’t going to help you get Japanese citizenship more easily, or permanent residency, or a housing loan, or enter the professional employment market and so on.

          Japan has Japanese privilege, and rightfully so.

          • Butsu

            This, so much this.

          • Yaminah Jamison

            White privilege isn’t about getting citizenship easily or anything. It’s about having a higher advantage than others, being more desired (not necessarily about in a sexual way) pretty much globally due to simply being white. Sorry, but too many people act like this world is simply “color blind” and that the notion doesn’t exist. It’s also based on stereotypes that other people think and have an image of someone who is white is a generally good (versus if someone saw someone black would have a more negative image)

            I remember being in Korea with classmates and one was a petite, cute Colombian girl and our own Korean professors would have her be the “rep” simply due to his she looked. She had slightly better treatment than the rest like some going more out their way doing extra things for her.

            It’s no different than this world still being a man’s world. Someone else below me said white privilege first but why in particular did you reply to me about it? I’m not some white-hating person who is saying “woe is me since I’m only but some black lady in the world.” But I’m not ignorant in the world we’re in. We have came a long way in terms of racial issues but they still exist and I’m not gonna act like EVERYONE sees me just for who I am… because just as many still don’t.

          • Lothrop Stoddard

            White privilege isn’t about getting citizenship easily or anything.

            Wait what? Whenever “white privilege” is talked about in the US, something about the legal system is almost invariably mentioned.

            The fact of the matter is, foreigners in Japan are quite literally second class: They do not enjoy the right to vote, they can’t obtain housing loans, they can’t really enter the professions even with excellent language skills and so on. To most people, this constitutes “being dis-privileged”.

            Not to imply any of this is necessarily bad. It’s good Japan has strict standards. Pandering to minority groups as they grow and become more belligerent is disastrous, as the US and Europe show.

            Sorry, but too many people act like this world is simply “color blind”

            I personally don’t. I realize race exists and that that which is attendant to this (tribalism, in-group preference etc) also exist. There is nothing wrong with any of this, railing against them is fruitless.

            being more desired (not necessarily about in a sexual way) pretty much globally due to simply being white.

            This is just your insecurity. Most Japanese, Korean and Chinese people, male and female, prefer their own kind for dating and marriage. Granted, they prefer whites above blacks on average, but that has nothing to do with “white privilege”.

          • Yaminah Jamison

            But when did I initially talked about legal systems? You brought that up on your own. It doesn’t only apply to legal systems or rights. Of course Japanese citizens will come first. I never mentioned it since it’s NOT the topic. But this man going into a homogenous country, taking advantage of being White (the stereotype that they are more desired and have a positive image) which he says so himself (which pretty much made me comment what I said) and taking on the stereotype of the reserve-ness of Japan doing what he likes to these women because “ooh we like white men” mentality.

            I would say the same thing had he been black (well, saying western since there seems to be a notion, especially for American, that we’re like… the best.) Stories about ESL teachers going to these Asian countries just for sex are due to the whole “Well these women gonna want white guys.” It’s taking advantage of the situation due to well… globally, white people are more desired and other stereotypes.

            I’m not insecure about my experience. I actually expect being looked at funny or whatever since I am foreign and black in a homogenous country. It was blatantly obviously, even when she said it herself. “I love having the white skin,” as well as our professors using her all the time to get special treatment or have the unsual done. She was in heaven and loved the attention she was getting.

            And guess what? “White privilege” mentality even exist in the black community. It’s getting treated better and having better benefits due to being “light-skinned.” It’s not just limited to jobs, rights, etc. which may be why I have a larger scope of said topic due to the similar colorism (for lack of a better term) within the black community. As I said, it’s no different than men being at higher advantage (which, too, is a worldwide thing.)

            Also I wanna add, I’m not necessarily against anyone using whatever advantage they have. But it’s how they’re being used, and if being horribly abused.

          • Lothrop Stoddard

            I brought up the legal aspect because it’s absurd to say that “white privilege” exists in a country with explicitly exclusionary laws, policies and mores like Japan. End of.

            the stereotype that they are more desired and have a positive image

            Are you implying the majority of Japanese women prefer white men or something? Because this is absurd.

            white people are more desired and other stereotypes.

            This is a false stereotype, at least in East Asia, except amongst a subset or minority of women. Ergo, not a “privilege”. It’s like saying “negro privilege” exists for negroes in the US because white girls who like rap music and “gangsta” stuff prefer black guys. Same exact principle.

          • Rosemon Calvin Pilot

            No it isnt

          • Lothrop Stoddard

            Your entire comment history is a turgid stream of butthurt prose towards both whites and asians. No reason to take inferiority complex people seriously.

          • Tafari Martin

            lol. “Negro privilege”, Lothrop is obviously living in a time warp. The 1950’s is over. No one says “negro” to describe the Black/Sub-saharan African race, you can tell a man’s predisposition(a.k.a. yours) towards other races by the terminology he uses to describe them. even as hard as he tries to mask his obvious disdain towards Blacks with a dry cool scientific objectivity(*cough *cough C.S. Coon,Lothrop Stoddard, any many others from their time period ) I can still smell a tinge of prejudice in the way you used the word negro and your attempts at disqualifing Yaminah’s whole argument the same way many whiten ationalists frame Blacks people legitimate concerns as repeated whiny lazy complaints and typical of Black Americans. Hmm, maybe it is because she is obviously a black american that you are doing this.

            AND screw Lothrop STODDARD. His white nationalistic eugenicist agenda is widely known to any student of anthropology/genetics like myself.
            “Rising Tide of Color against White Superiority”
            lol hellooooooo? Obviousily the man despises all non-whites, and wants more then total Caucasian subjugation of the so called “mud races”…

            I see through you so easily it is laughable you are obviousily a white dude with a Nordic superiority complex (btw dont claim others achievements just because you share the same skin tone or hair color thats called being lazy, what have you done in your life??)

            -From a Black University Student studying genetics/anthropology

          • Lothrop Stoddard

            Stoddard was a pacifist who advocated white decolonization in East Asia, believing East Asians to be highly civilized people and white involvement there fruitless and unfair.

            Of course, he didn’t ascribe to myths like racial equality, so, consequently, he also didn’t believe whites were beholden to “give” land to blacks that they had never inhabited or cultivated in sub-saharan Africa.

            Finally, race is not skin tone.

            Get back to your joke degree, Tafari.

          • Tafari Martin

            You just said “white” decolonization then you say race is not a skin tone, so Who therefore are you referring to other then European/Caucasian people? In this topic, i am only mirroring the words you yourself have typed. Race is a social concept, so obviously it is not a skintone. Something as complex as Skin complexion is determined by multiple genes a product of polygenetic inheritance.
            Sub-Sahara Africa has had agricultural and cultivation of foodstuffs since 5200 B.C. so where are your facts coming from guy? Get off stormfront and pick up a book.

          • Lothrop Stoddard

            You just said “white” decolonization then you say race is not a skin
            tone, so Who therefore are you referring to other then
            European/Caucasian people?

            “White” is the most common, vernacular term used to refer to European people. Don’t play ignorant. It’s a synonym more than anything else.

            Sub-Sahara Africa has had agricultural and cultivation of foodstuffs since 5200 B.C. so where are your facts coming from guy?

            Most of Sub-Saharan Africa did not. Most of Sub-Saharan Africa was populated by nomadic peoples. Pointing out a few exceptions to the rule located around points of trade and knowledge transfer, like Semitic Ethiopia and Northwest Africa does not invalidate this.

            Race is a social concept, so obviously it is not a skintone.

            No, race, or sub-species, is phylogenetic concordance across a broad variety of traits.

          • Tafari Martin

            If you enflame mens’ hearts to war/conflict, yet do not actually unsheathe your own in the following armed conflict, are you really innocent and can be considered a peace monger?No.

            Lothrop Stoddard’s views are dangerously pro-eugenicist he gives ample reasoning behind the overtaking of lands belonging to those races he deems to be inherently of lesser substance, without the power of originality or lacking in the ability to build civilizations (in his eyes, Native Americans and Africans were prime targets) . Which brings me to my main point How do you take over someones land?
            Through exerting power either A.) through economic aggressiveness then establishing legislative favoritism/ and or disenfranchisement or B.) could be physical conflict and overcoming the opposing force through superior technology/tactics/numbers, etc. Lothrop Stoddard encourages all of these methods.

            A warmonger by sword or by pen is still a WARMONGER. So NO Lothrop Stoddard is NOT A PACIFIST.In regards to his views on EAST ASIANS did you happen to read further then the book’s preface in how he described Europeans protracted acts of aggression as being justified with perhaps possible reason, as survival of the fittest.

            He talks of such a hypothetical race war between the mongols(East-Asians) and Aryans(Caucasians) and warns Caucasians of an upcoming conflict between the two, and gives ways for Caucasians to be prepared and gain eventual victory.That is not the trappings of a man who would be described as a pacifist, or who had favorable views of East Asians he does NOT LIKE EAST ASIANS or anyone NON-ARYAN, maybe a grudging respect for Pan East-Asian civilizations’ ingenuity but don’t be fooled he would want nothing more then the Nordics/Mediteranean/Alpines to conquer all of East Asia and the rest of the world.Tribalism at such a primal level would be a better description of his body of work (“we look like us and they dont, therefore they are not to be with us and seperated/conquered”).

            Secondly Lothrop Stoddard is a total hypocrite he was aligned with a pro segregation political block advocating separate but equal policies,in reference to treatment of African-Americans and even debated W.E.B Dubois on the subject, but this doctrine rest on the fact of giving equal treatment to the separate races( why would you give equal treatment to someone you deem inferior?), if he was truly against racial equality why be aligned with a movement trying to provide separate but equal facilities to a so-called lesser race?

            (Which later was revealed in Brown v Board of Education 1964 in itself a veiled attempt at giving African-Americans unfit facilities and teaching staff to produce a new generation of handicapped African Americans denied quality education)
            Separate but not equal is inherently unequal in a country such as America in which the overwhelming majority of the wealth, and consequently power lies in a certain race’s hands (i.e White) (the White race as it is currently defined by the U.S. Census at least) and overwhelming abject poverty rest on the shoulders of another race’s shoulders (i.e. Black)

            Taken out of the words of Lothrop Stoddard as he equivocated “it is not fundamentally a matter of superiority or inferiority per se….It is a matter of racial difference” when confronted in a public debate with W.E.B Dubois he stumbled over himself trying to hide any mention of his claims of Africans being inferior. So Lothrop Stoddard has earned the title a coward along the long list of other unhonorable names to add to his nefarious reputation

          • Lothrop Stoddard

            None of this disproves what I said, which is that Stoddard advocated disengagement from lands he saw as civilized (“Worthwhile men will eventually win their freedom”) and that he saw white activity there as fruitless and wasteful.

            Yes, he advocated settlement of sub-saharan Africa, for good reason, for the same reason the Chinese implicitly push for it today. Because Africans are incapable of creating and maintaining civilization or, at the very least, incapable to the degree whites or East Asians are.

            The rest is just a screed about separate but equal. Since I advocate no black presence in Western countries whatsoever, this is irrelevant to me. I sit on no side of the debate.

            In any event, the only group in the West who have been consistently opposed to all foreign adventures have been racial nationalists. Social Democrats and Socialists were fine with the Kosovo/Balkan expeditions and conservatives are fine with it provided their guys are leading the charge.

          • Guest

            White privilege is mainly brought up in the legal system, but it’s not restricted to the legal system. An example outside the legal system would be how whenever a non-white does something he’s a representative of his whole

          • Lothrop Stoddard

            No, that’s an example of a minority’s relationship to the majority in any country. Zainichi criminality is perceived to be something collectively attributed to, and to be spoken about by the entire Zainichi community in Japan for example.

      • BanaMN

        Are you kidding me? Black men aren’t on the same level as white men. Damn, this is why I hate white people.

        • Lothrop Stoddard

          Black men aren’t on the same level as white men.

          According to the DoJ’s own victims of crime surveys, your orders of magnitude worse actually. Not that this excuses this idiots actions in Japan, but black people are about the furthest away from gentlemanly behavior as you can get.

          • Rosemon Calvin Pilot

            Wrong again…your entire entire comment history shows why inbreeding is bad, it poisons the gene pool. inferiority complex? Reffering to yourself, how flattering

          • Lothrop Stoddard

            Wrong again

            In what regard? My claims about black criminality are quite easily verifiable.

          • Tafari Martin

            Your generalization is invalid. Your sinking an otherwise civil discourse with your own subjective prejudices. You just pitifully tried to invalidate a whole race by denouncing them based on time-old stereotypes. Is it not of a coincidence that rates of african-American crime/recidivism are so high in the same country with over 200 years of slavery and 400+ yrs of continued discrimination?? And further more i implore you to define ” gentlemanly behavior” as being a gentleman in one country is different in the other. Being a gentleman in Russia can be placing a scarf on a lady who is obviously quite cold, but can be a total social faux pas as seen when Vladamir Putin placed his scarf on the China’s Premier’s wife Peng Liyuan in his latest visit to China . Unless you have some cold hard data, showing African-American men exhibiting gentlemanly behavior at a lower rate then men of other ethnicities then keep your banal drivel to yourself.

          • Lothrop Stoddard

            Is it not of a coincidence that rates of african-American
            crime/recidivism are so high in the same country with over 200 years of
            slavery and 400+ yrs of continued discrimination??

            There is no functional link between “slavery and discrimination” and criminality, especially as most black criminality isn’t even motivated by pecuniary ends, but simple sociopathic violence. As for blacks being gentlemanly, you need only look at violent crime figures and rates of domestic abuse/spousal homicide.

  • FinalFantasy’sNextTopModel

    But I don’t get why those girls didn’t do something to him? They didn’t even said “stop” or something, shit!
    I would have kicked his balls.

    • Fed up with whatever

      Maybe they did say stop. In the language he doesn’t speak. The language of the country he’s in.

      Try to imagine being a woman and having a foreign man much bigger than you suddenly grab you and push you around. You have no idea who he is, you haven’t seen his ridiculous videos. All you know is you’re being manhandled. What will he do if you try to attack him or push him off? You have no idea. Many of these women he’s grabbing are frightened and confused. It’s not their fault if in the 3 seconds of being grabbed by a stranger they didn’t reflexively act violently and as a result got their head shoved into his crotch.

      • Elisabeth

        Shock, probably? I got put in a headlock by a guy at high school and it wasn’t until the second time he did it that I reacted by kicking and hitting. The first time I was too stunned that he’d do that to a classmate.

    • kage

      Easier said than done. Imagine if you were grabbed by a much larger male with additional backup. The most likely response would be to freeze. Predators like Blanc, hell most ‘pick-up’ artists do not like to travel alone. They prefer cornering and ganging up on women like a pack of dogs.

  • JOJ

    Perfect reason why rape, sexual harassments, and sexual molestations “don’t exist” in Japan. Because women in Japan don’t speak up for themselves, and the men can do anything they want without fear of any consequences. Just because those sexual crimes don’t show up in the statistics don’t mean the problems don’t exist.

    • uncommon

      I don’t think so.
      Japanese women are gentle at least outwardly. But it’s because Japanese men are also gentle.
      “the men can do anything they want”.
      No way! I’m sure that you have never been to Japan. Most of them are gentle.

      In Japan, women can go out alone at night. Japan is much safer than other many countries for women.

  • Small twon

    I just watched a video by Julien Blanc. What a duchebag ! and that video ? that’s a sexual harassment.Somebody should kick his ass !(I am against the violence in general but if anybody deserve it , that’s people like him )

  • MidniteOwl

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets punched in the face doing that kinda stuff. Lack of respect and alot of harassment.

  • Let the Yakuza know because this could be their next propaganda project. 😛

    • Hiz Oku

      that might not be such a bad idea… quick, everyone send the videos of him harassing Japanese women to the Yakuza! xD

    • tomoe723

      Wow what a douche! I sure hope the Yakuza make quick work of him!

    • khanthology today

      the yakuza of today are not the yakuza of the past. they probably need rsd boat camps.

  • Kiwi

    Someone needs to grab a broom to his ass because his mom clearly didn’t beat him properly.

  • Hiz Oku

    So.. this guy goes around sexually harassing women and he’s still not in prison? Sure he’s free to preach his sexist ideals but he’s actually PHYSICALLY molesting random women in public spaces and he’s still free? Isn’t there some sort of legal action that can be taken?

  • hoge

    I’m Japanese male.Youre Geys?? Do you love male? right? Kiss my ass.
    Kiss my ass.
    Kiss my ass.
    Kiss my ass.
    Kiss my ass.
    Kiss my ass.

  • He is killlllllll

    This Movie male is He!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Gerhana

    thanks Besu

  • Clive Rowland

    His seminar sounds like the conversations teenagers have after a can of supermarket lager.

  • Balkan

    I’m a Caucasian (if it matters to someone) and I think that people disrespectful to other nations or races should not be allowed to spread their mixture of ignorance and arrogance (usually the latter comes from the former). Freedom of speech is important, but no women of any nation should have to bear with this guy’s labeling and thinly veiled racism.

  • Guy

    You can kick people out of a country by making a petition?

  • kage

    Julien Blanc is a walking slime bag who believes in abusing his victims sexually and emotionally. The same goes for his followers and defenders, especially those who wasted three grand on this con artist. The fraudster is a sociopath whose catch phrase is “choking girls around the world”, an opportunists whose got his disgusting hands wrapped around the necks of European and American women as well.

    He has never been arrested for harassment and breaking the law but if someone were to give him a well-deserved beat down, the vigilante would be charged with criminal conduct. Sad world we live in where the guilty walk free and live like kings.

    • whuddyasack

      Society does handicap the law-abiding and meek in favor of the “bad”. Speaking of bad, manosphere logic for you: https://www.change.org/p/facebook-do-not-censor-julien-blanc-do-not-deny-julien-blanc-a-uk-visa. Yes, they are seriously petitioning for Julien’s “free speech”. Come on, it’s the bullet-proof pretext that every unoriginal nitwit uses ever.

      What I find truly disappointing in all this is how some Asian men are a part of this RSD-PUA baloney. Many of them happen to be “Chinese”, and they naively believe they got more than “blancs” from Julien. Sad really, until I remember even more aren’t.

      Upon reading the netizen comments, there are only 3 or 4 that I agree with. Much of the rest of it was all typed sneeringly. It’s bad enough that so few showed sympathy or actual support for their fairer sex, but badmouthing and mocking the victims? 2ch…seriously. But let’s not be hypocritical. Chinese internet is even worse. I wonder, why do some of us Asians enjoy turning on ourselves so much? It’s so low to tear down our own kin when they need us most. Because of instances like these, I have very little sympathy for “Asian slut-shamers” who whine about being unattractive. Other Asians see these comments and look on disgusted. Actually everyone would, and it’s often because of a very vocal, noticeable online minority. On the bright side, at least a lot of Japanese men not hooked onto their computer protested valiantly and spoke up for their own. Is it really so hard to identify who to blame and who to support?

      • WhaddaRacist

        Yea this white boy isn’t half as cool as your Asian role model Winston Wu!


      • WhaddaRacist

        Never fear Asian ladies without a need of being saved, your unwanted savior Whaddaracist is here!

        • whuddyasack

          Do you even know what you are croaking about? Seeing as you are neither Asian nor female, what right do you have deciding for them? You’re just some manuresphere plebeian butthurt over making a Julien Blanc “donation”.

          • Andre

            It seems you are a double standard having racist, you criticize this kind of behavior only if the perp is white and you can pigeonhole it into your hate filled world view. Of course you have zero understanding of Japan (probably dont even speak any Japanese and have never been for more than a short vacation) so your ignorance is even more laughable. You might have a Eurasian face but you dont understand Asia or Asians whatsoever.


          • whuddyasack

            I’m not interested in entertaining your invitation for a “race war”. Julien is a deuce proud of abusing all women, not just Japanese. You’re ruse is a scuzzy defense of Julien and that does not speak well of you or the anonymous cowards who upvoted you (yourself). Let me point out that forcing a girl’s head on your prickle is more rape than laid.

            It is also against the rules to post under multiple aliases, “WhaddaRacist”.

          • kage

            A good call. I could never understand the maggots that crawl so low as to defend the actions of lowlifes. Common methods of diversion include the ‘you too’, race card. Then there is the argument that their victims are not protesting and thus appreciating this sort of violation. There is also the guilt trip, the essential argument that these are ‘grown women who make their own decisions’ though I don’t believe being grabbed by random strangers has to do with choices.

            In Japanese and most Asian cultures, when one of our own misbehaves in a foreign country they have shamed us all. No sympathy, no tears are shed and we probably want to see them punished more than anyone else. I am baffled that this is not the norm everywhere.

        • khanthology boned u

          Hi POS, is your vagina still sore?

          • Riot

            ur mom khant, didnt I destroy you last time? You;ll just get wrecked again running your cockholster around me.

      • kage

        Confidence and self-esteem issues. Many internalize and believe that they are somehow irredeemably flawed and fail to understand that no one is perfect. Many also happen to be reasonably attractive and it is their own introversion holding them back. These people become easy prey for master manipulators and Asians are naturally grateful to these scam artists who have “changed their lives for the better”.

        Reading those comments was an exercise in shame but on the internet, everyone is a jerk.

        • whuddyasack

          That is because Asians are generally not a people that brag and upmarket themselves. Humility has been beaten into them by parents. Asians have the greatest potential but many seem not to know this. Whenever they do achieve something truly remarkable, there is bewilderment and surprise (Japanese women’s soccer team). Unlike other racial groups, they don’t see themselves as superior, but downgrade themselves while putting others on pedestals. IMO, this is logically faulty. The way Asians overcome low confidence has always been to outperform and leave no room for contest. No other people have taken this to the level of the Japanese.

          Contrast that to Non-Asians. They take the easier, more efficient route of raising confidence by focusing and advertising their strengths and covering up their flaws.

          As a race, they lack aggression and appear “feminine”. Given a choice of flight or fight, most Asians choose flight. When living in a diverse society, this becomes a fatal flaw as we more aggressive groups notice this glaring weakness. Yet to me, I’d rather not become just another rabid, impulsive savage like the rest.

          • Andre

            The funny this you are the anti-thesis of this mythical Asian persona you sketched out above. You are a loud mouth, bigoted, humility lacking racist who see Asians as superior but really is projecting his major inferiority complex onto others. Your mental condition seems to continue in its decline, wonder what your parents think of such a socio-pathic son? Elliot Roger’s parents probably share the feeling… sad for them.

          • kage

            ‘Feminine’ is one of the most frequently encountered adjectives in the PUA lexicon when describing Asians. Speaking of feminine, the commonly used word there is feminist. The losers there apply smear campaigns in order to frighten any opposing views. My own observations are that ‘feminist sites’ are far more balanced, rational and compassionate than the entire manosphere. The latter are confused, emotional, repugnant, callous and every dreg of society finds their way there. Yet they have the cheek to carp on about women showing no interest in them and ‘hate men’.

            As long as it is culturally not acceptable for Asian women to speak out in the face of Asian men’s indifference there are very few outlets for seeing some groups get the protection they need. People with wives, mothers, sisters and daughters should appreciate the people out there watching over them besides us. I can appreciate this.

          • khanthology the next

            damn reality checked. i guess im that 1% overconfident superiority complexed egotistical bragadocious Asian man that loves to fight. In the future there will be many more and its going to get real ugly

      • 53v3nt33n

        Don’t forget it was an Asian who took the first step in publicizing this vile lowlife’s activities worldwide. That there were Japanese who decided to translate the video to enlighten the rest of their community. That there are Japanese now, men AND women who are petioning against granting this scumbag’s VISA not just in Japan. Not everything is gloom and doom, be more optimistic!

        • whuddyasack

          What I meant was that sites like 2ch are often the bastions of nationalism and Japanese pride. But what we see here is a pitiful display of turning on their own women. Check out the comment about “forced smiles” and “weak women”. Put in the same situation, that poster would be begging for mercy.

          Just because there exists a distasteful message board does not take away the fact that most Japanese men who live outside the internet have done a lot to prevent Julien Blanc from doing more “choke openers”. Japanese men and women are extremely polite and non-confrontational and Julien takes advantage of this to force himself in. If he acted the way he did with less civilized groups, his whole entourage would have their heads ripped off and placed on stakes. Sometimes I feel that in itself is the best deterrent.

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        From all the comments i read from you i know you’re a big supporter of Asian superiority and have a lot of resentment against white men. You talk about Asians turning on themselves, tearing down their own kin (sick ideas btw) but those Japanese men whose comments make it sound like it’s these silly bitches own fault for being treated disrespectfully has nothing to do with Asians turning on themselves but only with Asian “macho” dickheads being themselves and looking down on women.
        Just FYI, i believe this Blanc guy is one absolute prick and the way he humiliates these terrified girls (i suppose) really makes me angry. However you should be happy about one thing: This idiot is just creating more resentment against white guys and making it harder for everybody else to get Asian girls….sad 🙂

        • khanthology today

          after reading some of whuddyasacks comments, it seems he has been standing up to all the racism against asians here. looks like its always a bunch of fellas attacking him at once, similar to when i came on here a few years back and had to pillage everyone on chinasmack one by one. i was the first to call out all the white knighting wussies and now everyone agrees eventhough it got my account banned.

          as for julien, it sucks this idiot is ruining it for all the westerners and white guys in asia. really sucks

          • Gordon Gogodancer

            I understand your point of view and I agree with it. Standing up to injustice if a good thing. However doing it just for the benefit of one race is not honorable…

      • khanthology today

        its pretty depressing that men of any race have to resort to paying loads of dough to attend a pick up dorkfest. i dont know what to say about asian men and asian women tearing each other down as we all know so many factors cause it to exist. just rather they stay away from my shine. i personally dont give a care about all the banana men and sarong party girls type catfighting one another, maybe its good if they destroy one another. let trash rid itself. let the golden ones uplift

  • Guest

    “If you watch the video of his seminar you’ll realize what I mean, but he doesn’t think they’re human — or even monkeys.

    He just sees women as holes.”

    exactly. Hes fucking disgusting

  • FYIADragoon

    Its no different than China or Korea. Only the trashiest of girls will get down with low quality foreign guys like this. All the ESLs backing up what this guy is saying are the same people that think the shoddy women that they bed are somehow the best of their respective Asian locale. I’ve seen gorgeous women actually dating foreigners, but they’re never with trash. They’re dating guys who would be catches in their own countries. They’re free to continue their delusions though, as someone has to get suckered into marrying those women.

    He’d be likely to get his ass kicked if he tried this in China, but the Japanese are far too considerate and reserved (nothing to be ashamed of in that).

    • Chucky3176

      “Its no different than China or Korea.”

      Here’s a Korean hidden camera show, on how people react to staged attacks.


    • 53v3nt33n

      Use your thinking cap. The issue is not girls going out with foreigners, it is that certain foreign men are teaching other foreign men how to sexually assault random girls. At this point who cares? A group of men grabbing any girl they please will do just that. Nothing to do with how good of a catch they are. They are just pond life.

      Chinese men are even more of a walk over than Japanese men lol. Japanese men are at least taking action. Chinese men are only good at beating up on inanimate ‘Japanese cars’.

      • whuddyasack

        You’ve got to excuse certain commenters. They think only in terms of “scoring”, i.e. getting laid. When it comes to ESL teachers screwing with their students, I fail to see how the students can ever be referred to as “shoddy”. Many have not even reached adulthood and are at an impressionable age. The ones at fault are those without a moral compass, i.e. the more experienced teachers. Yes, sadly I agree with your point about Chinese men.

  • ptptp

    This guy is a disgrace to humankind. Japan would do the world a huge favor by throwing him in some jail cell for a long time.

  • So……..one guy goes to a country where women are treated like objects and……proceeds to treat said women like objects…….and everyone freaks out…..
    if this guy is a sexist asshole then so are we….and he is

    • Norm

      in japan, women are not treated as objects and men are treated as slaves whose responsibility for hard work.

  • Jfhsansei

    I still see a lot of shaming the victims in some of these comments in the article.

    • Guest

      I grew up in a household that had domestic violence. I encouraged my mom to leave and take us kids with her. She found my suggestion strange. To her, everything was so perfect. Both of the parties in such relationships are to be questioned. No one’s blaming the victim, but she must be questioned. Don’t put the victim on a pedestal. I think the word victim launches immediate reactions in people. I should have began this comment by saying I’m a victim as well… Yes, he beat all of us.

  • UserID01

    Okay, honestly, I think we can all unanimously agree that this guy is a failure whose mother should’ve swallowed him when she had the chance. However, I want to say that the Japanese netizens who blame the women, too, are just as fucking pathetic. “This woman was victimized and brutalized, but it’s her own fault for having such low standards when it comes to white men!”

    Fuck you. She was intimidated, physically and sexually abused, and in a culture where women are routinely treated as less than equal and sexual crimes are under reported, you’re putting more blame on the woman, who already feels shame and fear, for not immediately fighting back. As if any of these armchair warriors would do a fucking thing to help if they saw this happening on the streets.

  • vincent_t

    I can tell a lot of guys regardless of skin color would like to teach this “artist” a very good lesson

  • Balkan

    If anyone is interested: according to the FutureBrand study, Japan is the country with the best perception globally, followed by Switzerland and Germany. Here’s the link: http://www.mumbrella.asia/content/uploads/2014/11/CountryBrandIndex2014.pdf

  • khanthology shines

    this julien cat (whom i bet is a born dork) seems to be biting the dark triad. whats sad is all these other born dorks joining expenive pua seminars are going to be roaming the world doing the same moves as the fellas of the rsd camp. no, its not cool acknowledging another born dork busting out the pikachu in japan. i hope these innocent fellas develop their own approaches to picking up women rather than act like rsd sheep. what would be creative is if julien happens to bump into me in shanghai and i grab his scrawny neck and bust the pikachu on him and youtube it.

  • KoreaJapan02b

    Is this guy real??? 70,000 Korean girls sign petition to ban South Korea entry….

  • guest

    As Japanese woman…I fucking hate White people in Japan…They are almost trash and no respect for Japan/Japanese people.
    Those woman should reject that creepy white man…f*ck…

    • Claude

      Because the Japanese male has so much respect for Japanese woman? According to the World Economic Forum Gender- Gap Index Ranking Japan is in the bottom third at 105 out of 136 countries. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but as a Japanese woman you are a second class citizen in your own country. You’re treated poorly by Japanese men, also. This scumbags stupidity will run its course but at the end of the day you’ll still be a woman in Japan facing imminence obstacles keeping you from fulfilling your true potential. It’s the Japanese man that’s holding Japanese woman back not some guest worker or expat hanging out at a bar. Do you want to change that? Then you better wake up and demand more from your Government and society and stop putting the blame on foreigners.

      • Eliza and Jack

        Why are you talking about the ranking and japanese men?????
        They have NOTHING to do with this matter.

        “stop putting the blame on foreigners.”
        NO. Japanese women have to blame on foreigners like this man because they sexists and racists look down on japanese women as just holes. It’s nice that Japanese women gathered signatures of 51,673 people to stop this man from entering Japan. Of course, all foreigners in Japan aren’t like this man. But there are not a little such people and many japanese women are annoyed by the men who pretend to ask the way and try to pick them up.

        “You’re treated poorly by Japanese men, also.”
        This is only a one-sided viewpoint. Because, for example, in japanese family wife manages the family budget. It means that earner is husband and consumer is wife. Of course, japanese people should think seriously about problems between men and women including economic disparity.

        Then it may be a disappointing thing for you. Generally speaking, I think that japanese men and women are getting on together.

  • Korean1Wizard1

    Why do people take him seriously??? guy is total lonely ass white wanker…….

  • Xio Gen

    “That girl looked happy enough”? What the fuck is wrong with you? Japanese girls laugh when they’re uncomfortable or in an awkward situation. This guy is scum of the earth.

    • solpha

      I agree with you. Many Japanese laugh when they are in such a situation.

  • For anyone that blames the women for being assaulted, are at fault for perpetuating misconceptions about rape culture and victim blaming. There is a stark difference between wanting to court women and blatantly objectifying them.

    As for his followers, they aren’t completely guilty or innocent. By a few reviews I’ve read, it seems that the average attendee is socially awkward in general, but especially around women. They see Blanc’s brazen arrogance as alpha and ideal. Blind to other methods of attraction with genuine grace and interest to get to know another individual and kindle a potential relationship.

    I’m not opposed to interracial relationships at all, but racial fetishization is a form of institutionalized racism; especially when the perpetrator is a male Westerner. This post-millennial imperialist idealizes an emotional subjugation; a power dynamic of the relationships he fosters with those he feels aren’t his equals. Women.

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