Cute “Rabbit Island” Video Strikes Chord With Netizens

The rabbits at "Rabbit Island" Japan

The rabbits at “Rabbit Island”

Netizens are excited about a video featuring a girl from Hong Kong at “Rabbit Island”, which is actually Ookuno Island, an island in the Seto Inland Sea.

The video shows the girl encompassed by a colony of rabbits after her food, and is quickly going viral online. Netizens refer to the rabbits as “a flood of cuteness”.

You can watch the video below.

From J-CAST:

“Rabbit Island” — Ookuno Island In Seto Inland Sea! If You Walk Around A Huge Colony Of Rabbits Will Come To You: “Food Please!”

You sometimes see “Cat Island”, where lots of cats live, on TV, but recently Ookuno Island, which is in the Seto Inland Sea, has been garnering attention as “Rabbit Island” on YouTube.

In a video entitled “Girl vs Japanese Rabbits”, when a girl from Hong Kong vists Ookuno Island carrying a remarkable amount of bags containing food, a colony of eagle-eyed rabbits come towards her, surrounding her. The sight of this huge group of rabbits running toward the girl has had a surprising impact.

Rabbits abandoned on this island around 40 years ago have bred, and at present there are apparently more than 300 rabbits inhabiting Ookuno Island, which means that it is being called Japan’s number one rabbit paradise. Alongside comments of joy on the video from those who like rabbits, such as “A flood of cuteness”, “I want to live on this island”, and “Rabbits are way cuter than cats!”, there are comments that say “I like rabbits, but this is a little bit scary”, as well as fears that humanity might be threatened by this empire of rabbits, who have a strong reproductive capacity.

From YouTube:

Comments from


There are way more rabbits than I imagined w


This is a flood of cuteness.




This girl is cuter than the rabbits.
I wonder if she is from Thailand or somewhere around there.


I went to this island last summer.
If you don’t try and pick them up, then they’re really gentle even when they come over to you, and very cute.
The kids were overjoyed.


I always think this about crows too, but when you’ve got such a big group of animals, there will definitely be the little ones who get nothing.
When I think of how those little rabbits feel, it upsets me a bit.

逆落とし(catv?):[in response to above]

That’s just natural selection.
It even has to be that way for humans.


I went there a while back. During the war there was a factory there that made toxic gas, so on the island I seem to recall there are a lot of places that you are not allowed to go.


Rabbits are quiet aren’t they?


This is a gloomy island. I went on a field trip to the museum about poisonous gas.

トペ コンヒーロ(チベット自治区):

Rabbits are cute because they’re got those long years and big heads, and they dart about everywhere.


Does the fact that they’ve been there for 40 years and there are still only 300 wild rabbits mean that the residents of the island have been grabbing them and sticking them in their stew pots?


In the old days they never used to come up to you, but now they’ve become confident.


Eww, that’s given me the creepy crawlies.


|゚Д゚)ノ But they’re so cute!


If I were surrounded by that number of rabbits then I’d definitely be a bit scared.


LMFAO at this comment:
I clicked this video because the title sounds like an asian bestiality porn?


I want to pet a rabbit again.
When I used to give them their food, their little mouths would chew and it was just too cute.


It’d be great if you took cabbage and whole carrots there.
You’d be pretty popular.
Once they got used to you they’d climb up onto your lap.

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