Prostitute Arrested For Charging Male Client Cancellation Fee


A female prostitute has been charged with blackmail after forcing her client pay her a cancellation fee. Seems a little unreasonable at first. I mean, business is business.

But when 2ch netizens saw the women in question, they unleashed a barrage of insults, claiming that any man would cancel if faced with the larger-than life prostitute, who they endearingly term “a meat dumpling” among other things.

No one seems to point out that the woman is probably not a prostitute at all, but rather part of an elaborate con that targets the needy young men who hang around the corners of Kabukicho until someone asks them to name their price. What’s more, there’s no mention of the fact that the man has also committed a criminal act under Japanese anti-prostitution law, albeit an act for which there is in reality no penalty.


“If You’re Cancelling A Prostitute You Need To Pay 50,000 Yen”: Woman Arrested On Blackmail Charges, Tokyo Metropolitan Police

On November 4, the public safety division of Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested unemployed Shimoyachi Yukie (30) for extorting 50,000 yen [approx. $411] in cash as a cancellation fee after quoting a male client a high price for sex in a rental room in Tokyo’s Kabukicho. Shimoyachi denied the charges, claiming “I didn’t blackmail him”.

At around 2am on September 27, Shimoyachi demanded that a male company employee (24) “pay 65,000 yen [approx. $535] for the basic course, 100,000 yen [approx. $823] for the VIP course, and 50,000 for cancellation”. After taking the cellphone of the man when he requested a cancellation, Shimoyachi is accused of forcing the man to withdraw cash from a nearby ATM and extorting 50,000 yen from him.

According to Police, the man had also paid 290,000 yen to the woman’s tout.

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名無しさん@1周年: [in response to above]

Man come on, you know that’s a sensitive topic…


Is that some kind of creature?


If she shows up that’s gonna make you wanna cancel.


Well within his rights to cancel there.


If this fat bitch showed up there’d be nothing for it but to cancel www


Umm, is there even anyone out there who wouldn’t have cancelled?


Dude, even if she paid me 50,000 yen I wouldn’t tap that.


What on earth is this hideous monstrosity w


She ain’t got no neck w


She looks like a meat dumpling. Next, next.


Isn’t that the boss troll from Dragon Quest?


Woah, there ain’t no man on earth who’s not gonna cancel when that pig rocks up wwww


Bet she stinks.


That picture is hideous w


I mean, gram for gram, that’s a bargain.


What the fuck do you have to eat to get that fat?


Doesn’t she look like Jabba the Hut?


Nah, nah, if you slept with her it’d traumatize you for life.

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  • Dan

    Eh… this seems like a waste of time. Don’t pay the blackmail, and don’t bother dealing with the woman’s claims. Or, do their duty and process both with crimes. It’s really their choice, they don’t need to bicker back and forth on what to do.

    Consistency is key here… Don’t forget to charge the client as well. Otherwise, let the woman go.

    • guest

      The issue it seems, from what I understand, is that she already took the money, and he reported it afterwards. So he’s already out, and so that’s why they charged her with blackmail. I don’t know the Japanese criminal code, so I don’t know what they would get him with if anything, maybe solicitation. But he didn’t go through with it, so I don’t think he ought to face any charges.

      In reality, I don’t think either of them should have faced any charges, I don’t think prostitution should be illegal. However, I do think blackmail should be, and that’s what she’s being hit with.

      • Dan

        at this point, that’s cherrypicking at the law though. Prostitution is currently illegal, though i agree that it shouldn’t be.

        If they charge her for a crime, they should charge him too. If they don’t charge him with a crime, they shouldn’t charge her for blackmail.

        • zo

          Turns out Japan is only# 5 in the world for men who frequent prostitutes

          • Gerhana

            I wouldn’t take that data too seriously. It is possible that the reason the number of men who frequent prostitutes are high in Cambodia and Thailand because of sex tourists. A lot of people from developed countries likes to go to Thailand and Cambodia to have sex. Its cheaper than having sex with prostitutes from developed country I would assume. Due to the currency exchange, poverty etc.

          • Claude

            France is at just 16% because having affairs is tolerated or even expected by wife’s or girlfriends. I once read that 4 out of 10 French men have affairs.

            I’ve also noticed that the Japanese men in their 30’s or 40’s can’t afford to keep mistresses like their fathers did. The economy is a bitch for the gold-diggers. The 20 year old men can’t even afford to have a girlfriend.

          • Outlook

            South Korea: Sex related industry are expensive, very cheap service, 15 minute time limit/ when time passes the limit ( Pimp or Prostitute) will kick client out. Common sense: 150,000 Won-200,000 Won> 15 minute/ Pimp or Prostitute can kick client out= Not spending money and time on these bitches. Plus 90 percent Korean female prostitutes working in Japan only 10 percent ill minded Korean prostitutes work in Korea. Not worth time and money on them. Rip Off industry in South Korea.

  • GoogleIt2Disqus

    She looks ugly. No wonder the cancellation. In Japan Massage why do customers need to pay extra more money for female massage service?? This is regular Japanese massage establishments??

    • fr hy

      pay 65,000 yen [approx. $535] for the basic course, 100,000 yen [approx. $823] for the VIP course, and 50,000 for cancellation”.

      i wouldnt pay that price unless da ho looked like this

      • KP

        Price is very expensive. In Korean won or in Japanese Yen. Not worth it. Plus majority of girls in those establishments are Korean girls or Japanese girls work for Korean bosses aka Korean Yakuza.

  • anon

    The comment currently written as “Looks like she’d eat you” is actually, “She looks like she stinks” (kusasou). Though you’d be forgiven for that mistake given the nature of the rest of the disgusting comments.

    • besudesu

      Haha. You’re right. I didn’t even realize I’d done that…

  • Xio Gen

    “What do you have to eat to get that fat?”

    Wow. That just shows how healthy the average diet in Japan is, even with McDonalds. She’s not even that fat by American standards.

    • That’s NOT FAT by American standards! What the fuck is going on in USA?

      • Jang

        As an American, I would definitely say she IS overweight by USA standards.

      • Xio Gen

        She’s just chubby by American standards. Melissa McCarthy is fat by American standards.

        • That is fucked up. Melissa McCarthy does not look fat, but to put it bluntly dangerously (for medical reasons, the skeleton is not supposed to carry such an excess) obese.

  • boo-chu-jeon

    Oh…the comments. Low hanging fruit never taste so good.

    • poop

      i expected something like ,
      “he tried to cancel and not pay the fee, so she ate him.”

  • Smith_90125

    Extortion is a crime, and she and her conspirators should face charges for that. But nobody forced the John to seek out prostitution. He should be named and shamed.

    The sex trade is demand driven, not supply driven. Johns cause the problem, not the sellers. Put the blame where it belongs and the efforts of law enforcement on those who create the problem.

  • risotto

    I lost it at the Dragon Quest reference. These comments are ruthless.

  • JEng

    Isn’t the scam based on the fact that she is unappealing and therefore the client will cancel and forego the fee?

  • bultak23


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