18 Year Old Boy Arrested In Kawasaki Schoolboy Murder Case

18 year old boy arrested in Kawasaki schoolboy murder case

A TV news report discussing the arrest

Last week, shockwaves were felt throughout Japan after the body of 13 year-old middle schooler was found brutally murdered. Now three teenage boys have been identified as suspects, while one—an 18 year old teenager thought to be the leader of the group–has been arrested. However, the suspect denies even being present at the time of Ryota’s murder, and the father of the suspect also swears his son has nothing to do with the crime. This did not sit well with 2chan members, who accused the dad of trying to save his own face by proclaiming his son’s innocence and condemned them both as guilty.

From News24.jp:

Young Male Ringleader of Group Denies Charges, Says “I Was At Home”

On February 27, police issued arrest warrants in the case where a middle school boy was murdered in on a riverbed in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. Warrants were issued for three young boys who knew the victim, and among them an 18 year-old man who was the leader of the group was arrested. There are plans to arrest the two 17 year-old boys shortly as well.

On the morning of February 27, the boy who was the leader of the group attended Kawasaki Police Station accompanied by a lawyer, with a blank expression on his face, and was arrested for Uemura Ryota’s murder. The 17 year old boys for whom arrest warrants were sent out voluntarily traveled to the police station from their homes and there are plans to arrest them shortly.

After Uemura was murdered on the riverbed of the Tamagawa River on February 20, police analyzed the communication logs from free communication app “LINE” on Uemura’s phone, as well as footage from surveillance cameras. As a result, when it was determined that a group of 3 young men who knew Uemura, including the leader, were most likely involved with the incident, arrest warrants went out for the three murder suspects and the lead boy was arrested. There are plans to arrest the two 17 year-old boys shortly as well.

It appears that the lead boy who was arrested and Uemura had gotten to know each other in the fall of last year at a park that Uemura frequently visited to play basketball and the two became close. However, last month he bruised Uemura’s face and when a friend asked for an explanation, Uemura allegedly said that he “got beaten up by the group’s leader”.

People who knew the group’s leader said “He’s the type of person who gives you the feeling that if you mess with him once, there’s no stopping him”. “He’s kind of scary when he gets mad. His own friend was beaten so badly that his face was bruised.”

Before he was murdered, Uemura allegedly sought help from friends, saying that he “wanted out of the group” and “wanted to go to school”. Police plan to look for a motive based on the assumption that there was some kind of trouble between Uemura and the three boys. However, in response to the investigation, the boy who was the group leader denies the charges, saying “At the time of the incident, I was at home”.

Furthermore, the father of the boy responded to the investigation through a lawyer, saying, “I hope the criminal is punished accordingly. But my son has nothing to do with Uemura’s murder”.

Comments from 2ch.net:


When the kids are scum, so are the parents.


So they’re going to cover for their good-for-nothing son, huh?

アイアンフィンガーフロムヘル(新潟県)@\(^o^)/ :

He’s caught on camera, so give it a rest already.


This kind of parent only protects their kid because they doesn’t want to take responsibility. So if seems like he isn’t going to be able to protect him anymore, he’ll cut all parental ties without a moment’s hesitation.


The parents of scum are scum as well.
I have a good idea how garbage keeps being reproduced.


It’s because the dad’s like this that the kid grew up to be a scumbag.


Well, when I heard it was Kawasaki I knew as much.


I hope the father of the ringleader of these murderers is unemployed. It would cause a lot of trouble at work if he had a job.


Well, the father’s the one who’ll be asked for a hefty fee for damages
They’ll take him for everything he’s got.


Give his dad the death sentence too.

ボマイェ(北海道)@\(^o^)/ :

Doesn’t he care one bit that a jobless 18 year-old was dragging a 13 year-old kid around without letting him go to school?
As a parent I’d say he’s nothing more than trash.

フランケンシュタイナー(群馬県)@\(^o^)/ :

How can he say “My son has nothing to do with this” with a straight face?


So even though in this modern age it’ll be revealed if the kid wasn’t home at the time of the incident through a search of his phone records, he’s planning to keep playing dumb to the bitter end?

ランサルセ(新疆ウイグル自治区)@\(^o^)/ :

“There’s no way my son did it! That’s why I’d hired a lawyer!”

or something, right?

Huh? Even though he was arrested?

超竜ボム(庭)@\(^o^)/ :

I wonder, was the kid pretending to be a good boy at home?

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  • Guest

    But I’m wondering about the boys parents, where the fuck where their parents when their son was out of home at 2 am? Didn’t they never realized about the kid being bullied? Poor boy, I really hope these scum go to jail, or even get death sentence.
    Parents really surprise me sometimes!

    • Guest

      The situation is much worse in South Korea. Bullying rarely occurs in Japanese culture.

      • banzai!

        And we have a winner for the daily weeaboo faggotry award!

      • wrle

        And can you explain why this has anything to do with south Korea?

        • It doesn’t

          Just another klown pretending to be Japanese and looking for attention. I blame klown parenting.

        • sickofthis

          This tragedy has nothing to do with South Korea as a country. but has many things to do with Zainichi korean and darkness of the community. Check more about inside the news.

          • wrle

            Reading the news, I believe no koreans were involved in this incident. So I still don’t understand why korea was being brought up.

          • sickofthis

            ask someone to translate bunch of posts in FB for you

    • John Snow

      usually troubled household are caused by absence of parents. In japan parents work ridiculously long hours. Best paid non skill job are night shift jobs. Host clubs or truck driving for example even road works.

      Parent leaves home expecting their kids to be at home and sleeping or what not.

      No such thing as babysitting here in Japan.

      • WinterSmitten

        You know nothing, John Snow!

        (Sorry, had to!)

  • Vega

    Typical Japanese culture of bullying, tantrums, immaturity and denial.

    • Almost feels bad for this one

      In 10 years when you are lying in some hospital all alone, slowly dying of some obesity related disease. You will think to yourself, was it worth it? No career, no kids, no wife, no friends. You gave it all up to be a good little sentry. Was it worth it?

      • definately sorry for this one

        Still better than a weeaboo

        • Curious

          Why are 90% of gyopo males obese? Parents spoil them too much? No sense of self control? No shame?

          • wapabese

            Because every weeaboo are handsome just like the boys in anime, unfortunately nobody in the west an appreciate out beauty so we need to go the japan where they are more evolved

          • Curious

            LOL ok Chucky, enjoy sleeping alone tonight and the next night and the next…..seeya pigboy.

          • chucky3176

            Once again, I’m brought up in the post which I had nothing do with. Curious, maybe you’re the one who posted as “wapabese” as a sock puppet, and you’re replying to yourself?

          • left nut

            No it’s Rutim, This entire thread is him… LOL I am joking of course.

            Chucky, you got some “fans” here…

  • vonskippy

    Best Japanese Quote: “The parents of scum are scum as well.”

    Almost always true. As the saying goes, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

    • bigmamat

      About as stupid a statement that’s ever been made really.

  • Japan needs Jesus

    • Jesus

      You need a life.

  • commander

    One of ways to elicit guilty confessions over the murder from suspects is to hold in custody them in separate rooms and make interrogations with the condition that a person who first plead guilty will have a much shorter sentence while silent others have to face the share of punishment for the confessed suspect.

    During the questioning, each suspect comes under the pressure to opt to own up to their acts of crime for fear that the other accomplices may confess in a plea bargain with interrogators, though taking the Fifth is the best strategy if they are convinced that they left no evidence in the commission of the crime.

    This is famously called a “dilemma of prisoner,” which may be useful if police have no material evidence to prove conviction of suspects.

    And it may have some relevance with this case if no proof is secured by investigators.

    • No.

      Useful for the cops yes, but ethically and legally wrong. Any “confessions” extracted in this fashion would immediately br struct down in any good court of law.

      And by the way, “prisonet dilemma” is a economical senario designed to demonstrate a zero sum game. Nothing to do with real world coersion and forced confessions

      • commander

        I said of the prisoner dilemma in the possibility that no sufficient evidence leaves suspects walk free with their bloody hands.

        Although the term is coined to describe a zero sum game and show that a combination of individually best choices results in collectively worse consequences for all the participants, it is incorporated into many law enforcement areas, notably the exemption of penalty or lighter punishment for a first whistleblower reporting a business collusion, say, price fixing, to the authorities.

        And the plea bargain in the US can be seen as another noticeably applied case of the prisoner dilemma.

        Finally, the prisoner dilemma in theory specify no use of physically coercive methods to get suspects making confessions.

        This theory gains fame since it demonstrates each player as a rational and self-serving person volunteers to come clean about their crimes in the prospect of a feared betrayal of the other conspirator, thus all players getting convictions after all.

    • bigmamat

      It’s also a very good way to get false testimony.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        No a good way to get a false testimony is to use archaic methods of torture. When pain is involved, you will say anything to make it stop. When being left with the outrage that your friends are ‘ratting’ on you, you tend to say everything you can. Best thing about that method is then you have 2+ sources to compare.

        • bigmamat

          I don’t agree and young people, teens in particular are prone to say anything just so they can go home.

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            Which is why you cross reference multiple testimonies. Paranoia helps.

          • bigmamat

            Not in the US we don’t. The justice system will fast track your ass right to into the corporate prison system. Especially if you are poor or black.

      • commander

        Another plausible assumption is that law enforcement officials are smart enough not to be outfoxed by suspects who lie their way to get away with impunity.

        In short, there is a fat lot of chance that a case like the movie “Usual Suspect.” happens.

        The reason is that confessions from each suspects, if falsely made, will be incoherent and contradictory against each other, and will be examined for falsehood by investigators, including possible re-enactment in a time frame of the crime based on the the testimony.

  • Comebackkid13

    99% conviction rate, Japan’s legal system is a joke. They aren’t right nigh 100% of the time…

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