Abe’s Approval Rating Slumps After Security Bill Vote

The Japanese Diet.

The Japanese Diet.

The left-leaning Japanese newspaper the Mainichi Shimbun carried out a telephone opinion poll between July 17 – 18, to gauge the levels of support for the Abe cabinet following the forcing through of the controversial security bill, which would allow Japan to begin extending the role of its Self-Defense Force.

The poll found that Abe’s approval rating had taken a sharp drop to 35%, with 51% claiming they no longer supported the cabinet.

But right-wing netizens are fighting back, claiming that the results outlined in the survey are a consequence of a left-wing liberal agenda, and do not reflect the real opinion of the Japanese people.

What do you think?

From Mainichi Shimbun:

[Mainichi Shimbun Opinion Poll] Sudden Drop In Cabinet Approval Rating To 35%; 51% Do Not Support Cabinet

A graph from the <em>Mainichi Shimbun</em> article, showing the drop in cabinet approval rating. The blue line represents the number who support the cabinet; the red line represents those who do not support the cabinet.

A graph from the Mainichi Shimbun article, showing the drop in cabinet approval rating. The blue line represents the number who support the cabinet; the red line represents those who do not support the cabinet.

On both July 17 and 18, the Mainichi Shimbun conducted an emergency national opinion poll following the passing of the security bill in the Lower House. It found that the approval rating for the Abe cabinet had dropped seven points to 35% when compared with the previous survey carried out on July 4 and 5, and is the lowest approval rating since the inauguration of the second Abe cabinet. Those rate for those who did not support the cabinet rose 8 points when compared with the previous survey, reaching 51%, or roughly half, for the first time. Regarding the forcing through of the security bill during the meeting of the Lower House Special Committee On Peace and Security Legislation on July 15, the 68% of respondents who stated it was “a problem” greatly outnumber the 24% who said it was “not a problem”. Criticisms of the security bill are growing, and it is assumed that the government and ruling party’s response to the situation has pushed the cabinet approval rating down.

◇68% Say Forcing Through Security Bill Is “A Problem”

62% now say that they are against the security bill, which would allow Japan to enact its right to collective self-defense (this is a 4 point increase compared with the previous survey), while 27% say the “agree” (a 2-point decrease), meaning that the gap between those who agree and those who disagree with the bill has increased. 28% of respondents thought that the security bill would act as an “increasing deterrent” to military attack against Japan, 64% are now concerned that it would lead to an expansion of Self-Defense Force activities overseas, and “are growing fearful that Japan would become involved in a war”. Around 90% of those who responded that “Japan would become involved in a war” were opposed to the bill. Therefore thinking that it would act as a deterrent, and thinking that the bill would mean Japan would become involved in a war, was implicitly linked with whether or not respondent agreed with the security bill.

Those who were “against” the government/ruling party’s plan to enact the legislation during this session of the Diet, which runs through September 27, constituted 63% of respondents (a 2 point rise compared with the previous survey), while 25% “agreed”with this action (a 3 point drop in comparison). The government/ruling party claim that debate in the Lower House has now been exhausted, but 82% of respondents – the highest of all — claimed that the explanation of the bill to the Japanese people was “insufficient”. Amidst this, even among those who are LDP supporters, there is a struggle between the 43% who believe the bill is “a problem” and the 47% who believe it is “not a problem”.

As regards the way that people want the opposition parties to handle the debate as it moves to the Upper House, responses were split. 38% said that they “wanted the bill to be revoked”▽, 32% said they “wanted the bill to be reformed” ▽, and 20% they “wanted them to participate in the debate”. Most people who support the opposition parties said that they wanted “revocation” of the bill, which stood out, but of those who supported the Japan Innovation Party (JIP), most respondents – 40% — wanted “reform”.

Support for political parties was as follows: LDP 28% ▽ DPJ 10% ▽, JIP 6% ▽ Komeito 4% ▽, JCP 5%. 39% of respondents stated that “they did not support any particular political party”.

Survey Method: The survey was carried out between July 17 and July 18 using random digital sampling, in which surveyors called telephone numbers randomly generated by a computer. This excludes telephone numbers from cities, towns and villages designated as part of the “difficult to return zone” after the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear disaster. Of 1760 households selected, 1048 responded. The response rate was 60%.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


The results will come in the election


What will happen if the Diet is dissolved over this?
From the breakdown of support ratings, it doesn’t seem like there will be much change in the seats the parties hold at the Diet.
Plus, the opposing political parties are more dangerous.


If this was a survey by the Sankei Shimbun there would have been high approval ratings.


Seems like the approval rating depends on the media.


I wonder if the media’s brainwashing will work this time, too? But there, I don’t think the Japanese people have forgotten how foolish they were when they were manipulated by the media and allowed the DPJ to have that massive victory.


Yup, those grannies, grampas and youngsters are easy to fool.
When I was 20, too, I had the experience of being misled.
If you think about it a bit you’ll understand I suppose, but these people are swayed more by the opinions of celebrities, friends and the media than they are by their own parents. Not much we can do about that.
But let’s think of a few things. I think that if they were taught the correct version of history, and if they broadened their horizons globally, they’d soon come over to the right way of seeing things.


In their reports the papers and TV will distort things when it’s convenient for them, and if they do surveys when it’s convenient for them, then this is the kind of result they’ll get.
By the way, they won’t show us the complete text of the survey, will they? They won’t tell us what kind of survey this really was.


Umm, is this real?


We don’t know who they asked the questions to, or which questions they asked them, that’s what I always think….


And still, I bet that the LDP will get an overwhelming majority next year, too.

Comments from Twitter:

吉村 凌二:

Damn peaceniks


In the previous Lower House elections this was the policy of the Abe cabinet so why are people not supporting the cabinet at this late stage? The bad thing about Japanese people is that once you put some other problem in front of them, like consumption tax or whatever, then they fail to see anything else.


Unless the cabinet approval rating drops below 30%, I reckon they’ll be able to get it back.


Are there really so many idiots in this country?
“Not enough explanation”…They said the same thing back when we were voting on the Osaka Metropolis Plan, but it’s just that they don’t do any research or they’re ignorant people.


Wow, I see. Doesn’t look good. We’ll have to wipe out the DPJ.


Congratulations. Here are the fruits of your distorted reporting. But we’ve made allowances for that much (笑)


Look, the Japanese people aren’t idiots, they know that this bill is necessary. Don’t be fooled by the way the Mainichi Shimbun manipulates the information.

渡辺 昇治:

If the cabinet has as much as 35% support in a Mainichi survey then isn’t it something they’re to be congratulated on?


Actually I find it weird that 35% still support them.
Aren’t a good number of that35% just managing to secretly control their anger? (´-`).。oO

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  • We are not going to get involved with any warfare.
    For the sake of all the victims of the previous war, for the sake of the future of all the people in the region.
    Illegal bill that is violating our constitution is not what we can have.
    A politician who’s breaking constitution should be arrested and indicted and punished.
    We are the people who keep rule of law.
    We are the people who don’t kill people again.

    Shinzo Abe is nailed up in facing an absolute opposition of us ordinary citizens, so to show up TV program yesterday, consequently just laughed at, exposed his idiocy to the bright day light.
    He is getting laughed at as if he were a comedian, is any other country leader meeting with laugh of his/her citizens as much as Abe is now?

    • Rising Sun

      wwww… obviously you are Korean. wwwww

      Starting this summer, all Korean nationals who are using fake Japanese names pretending to be Japanese will be deported back to South Korea.


      No more criminal ethnic leeches preying on and taking advantage of Japanese good will.

      • wrle

        Zainichi Koreans only make up 0.5% of Japan’s entire population. It’s always easier to scape goat isn’t it? The deportation rumors are false by the way as confirmed by the justice ministry of Japan (see link below). And these koreans can’t be deported “back” to South Korea or north korea because most zainichi koreans were born in Japan or decedents from the Colonial period:


        • chucky3176

          LOL.. if you want to know what these people who spread these kinds of fantasy rumors, look like, have a look here and scroll to around 3:45.


          • terriblemovie

            Just saw that video. Jesus Christ Japanese people are disgusting. Gross culture and people.

          • Lolification isn’t strictly a Japanese problem, very convenient of you to say “Gross culture and people.”

            All countries face this problem, from white people going on child sex vacations in Thailand to rampant human trafficking in East Europe. VICE has a tendency to stretching the truth.
            As stated in the video, as long as people who indulge in this act exist, the problem will be here to stay. It’s not one particular country at fault.

          • gross

            YOU are gross. Fucking weaboo

          • guest

            Try harder.

          • Compelling argument put forth dumbass. Go marry your cousin, redneck.

          • guest

            Nice sweeping generalizations. Also, for a group that constantly complains about “obsessive” netouyo stalking events going on in Korea, you guys seem to always be informed on the latest going ons in Japan that you could use to cast the country in a negative light.

            It’s also funny to see you cite a group that is know for it sensationalist, sometimes borderline click-bait “journalism”. To actually freak out about people getting paid to go on dates is really something else.

          • Papi
      • the Pacific

        lol the name “Rising Sun”. Obviously troll and you would not be even a Japanese.

        • the Atlantic

          troll or not, doesn’t matter. this news of the rumour and Japanese reporting on their neighbours to the authorities as suspected illegals is true, isn’t it?

      • Everyone

        Grow up Chucky

        • chucky3176

          lol… nope, not me.

          and I’m sure this is not the first time Michiko got accused of being a Zainichi, online.

      • I have no reason to take care of some confusing Japanese American who’s meddling.
        Because Japanese American are nothing to do with us anymore, as they are nothing Japanese, practically, legitimately either.
        Their ancestors were the sorry Japanese, who could have found no place to be in their homeland, so to be nailed up to leave their country.
        Bunch of the boys of the poor farmers those not born to be a first son of each family.
        But Japanese American nowadays are really nothing Japanese, they are just American.
        They should live like what they are.
        Our business is not theirs at all.
        Japanese American are actually, doing nothing to contribute to Japan, they can’t even correct the history book of USA, which tells that dropping the atomic bombs was the right thing to do.
        But it’s not, it was just a genocide targeting civilians, mostly women and children.
        What Japanese American should do FIRST is to CORRECT the history book which is not telling the truth.
        Why don’t they?
        They have no will or wish to do so in the first place, as they are not interested in that feature, so they don’t.

        • Papi

          Rising Sun is an obese 38 year old Korean-Canadian if that helps.

          • Someone who’s claiming “R S” I understand is definitely Japanese American, who’s staying in some very local mountainous area of Japan.

            If this reply is not out of the R S person I know, most likely some vile Filipino expat who’s also squatting in Japan.

            Expats in Japan are often malign.
            They pay no respect to us locals at all.
            They frequently have an idea as if they own Japan.
            But they are spongers in reality, can’t have any say to any affair of my country, unless asked for.

          • wrle

            Michiko, Do not pay any attention to the netouyo. Japan is fortunate to have people like you who are sane and rational and I only wish there were more.

          • Good to see you again, yes I think I should not.
            Just I wonder sometimes, if I can let certain readers alone in believing that sh*t opinion belongs to someone Japanese, while it’s totally not.
            Because in general, many people those reading English fora have really less idea to tell who’s Japanese, who’s not, unlike you do.
            Those w*eaboos are nothing to do with Japan, really really nothing, they have no bit of right to be on behalf of us, no right to pretend to be Japanese, no right to say anything to disturb what we peace loving Japanese do, it is not in their term of free speech in the first place.
            Yes still I’m trying not to pay attention, but it is not easy:) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2a5992adbdeac5629f69501eb29a32ced4999b457c1b83df1c985582599e574b.jpg

        • ImSofaKingGood

          I’m Japanese American and I don’t agree with the netouyo or war or the atomic bombings or war crimes or anything like that and I genuinely care about the well-being and peace and harmony of all countries…

          • Then let yourself do what is needed.
            Do something with those other Japanese American speaking ill of Korea or China, hanging all around the web sites whenever the topic is referring to Japan.
            I don’t care when they claim like what you do, as “I’m Japanese American”, problem is they don’t.
            They just say “I’m Japanese, and I hate China and Korea very much” this is the feature that matters.
            This makes things worse, this makes us locals confused so much because they are no Japanese anymore, what they speak is nothing to do with our actual will or wish.

          • ImSofaKingGood

            Totally, I have a number of Chinese American and Korean American friends and respect each other’s heritage cultures and we all see past the silly ethnic tensions and old conflicts. A lot of Japanese Americans are very accepting of making friends with people from various ethnicities and races, so if those Japanese Americans are saying bad things about China or Korea then they’re really considered weirdos even over here.

          • That’s good to hear, and actually the same with what some Japanese American ever told me like.
            What matters is certain Japanese American, most likely concerned with Glendale lawsuit case.
            There’s some right leaning organization of Japanese American in West Coast, confronting against other Asian immigrants, I suppose.
            Sending many posters so to speak ill of China or Korea.

            I ever went to some web site where they are posting on, as I thought I have something to talk to those Japanese American in person, as a Japanese local.
            I said “Tell that Michiko that this Michiko has something to talk to that Michiko“.
            I need to talk to her, or to them, “Not to pretend like a local Japanese when you speak ill of China or Korea”.

            But got no response, they are so far just ignoring me.
            This is really not fair.
            They have no bit of right to get us thrown into a harm’s way.
            I think they may talk to “other Japanese American” while they don’t talk to a local Japanese at all.
            I hope you are going to be someone to do the right thing forward.

          • ImSofaKingGood

            I see, I didn’t hear about that stuff and I don’t live in California so I wouldn’t know much about that situation, but I’ll do what I can in promoting friendship and harmony among all ethnic groups and races.

          • That is encouraging.
            Hope they are going to listen to you.
            Real local Japanese right wingers who can post in English are really really really few, so you may bump up with a local one perhaps 1 time out of 100 posters who claim “I’m Japanese, I hate China and Korea”.
            Those are almost Japanese American, but sometimes someone half Japanese, really sometimes foreign born(or raised) Japanese.
            However, there are certain people organized, posting all around the internet, speaking ill of China and Korea, you can find them very very easily.
            I really need to talk to “that Michiko” because she’s doing an absolute wrong thing and annoying us locals.
            Coward, avoiding local Japanese while making us dragged into a harm’s way.
            She has ZERO RIGHT to do so.
            She should talk to me, she should listen to me, she should know what she’s doing is really meant to be, it is only HARM to us local Japanese.
            No one is allowed to bring us into a war when one is located where no bullet or bomb can be reached.
            She’s a real coward, so as her associates.

          • Merchant Mmo

            Your the coward pretending to be japanese. You can fool others but you cant food real jp.

          • Forgot to mention, those people’s aim is to let us local Japanese look like hating China or Korea much, look like not able to get along with the neighboring people at all.
            But it’s not matched to the reality we have in Japan.
            There are few weird people those antagonistic to the neghboring countries, and they are absolutely minor people in here.

          • Forgot to tell you something important.
            “Japan” is an “idea” shared by language most, not by gene.
            Gene is far from enough to convey the idea.
            Therefore, one loses Japaneseness as much as he/she is losing an ability to make a correct access to the language.
            Most of the features that we are exchanging with each other in Japanese are not able to tell in English as precise as really meant to be.
            Since our language is a feature made to be the most dominant means to share the idea “Japan”, no other language can be the replacement of this.
            No langauge, no Japanese.

        • jin

          Are you a hypocrite or a fool? “What Japanese American should do FIRST is to CORRECT the history book which is not telling the truth.
          Why don’t they?” I’ll ask the same question about your history book, which is full of shit and denial. What the Japanese did in WWII is inhuman and they didn’t reflect on it even a little bit. Hidding the truth, bending the truth, acting all noble and innocent.

          • Of couse we should.
            I am opposing any revisionist movement of stupid right wingers.
            Any problem?
            Japanese American should take care of the wrong history book if they like to claim they are “still Japanese”.
            Or just drop the claim.
            Don’t meddle with our business further.
            Don’t say anything about what happening in Japan.
            Any problem?
            They are no longer Japanese, in feeling nothing wrong with a wrong text book telling “butchering Japanese civilians was a right deed”.

          • https://www.opendemocracy.net/shujiro-yazawa/crisis-of-democracy-in-japan
            Japantown community members Sandy Mori and Caryl Ito, however, have raised concerns against the memorial, citing the language in Mar’s resolution could cause backlash to Japanese Americans and jeopardize relations with Japan. They relayed their concerns during the Aug. 19 Japantown Task Force board meeting. The Japantown Task Force said it would explore the issue further and did not take a position on the matter.

            There’s no “relation with Japan” that Japanese American actually have.
            They feel nothing wrong with the awful text book telling “dropping atomic bombs was a right thing”, feel nothing wrong with their President never coming to the ground zeroes, how can be any relation left with a country where their ancestors came from?
            They meddle with OUR BUSINESS without asked, make troubles, post by a claim like “I’m Japanese” really confusing.
            While they never listen to what I say, can’t even tell who I am.
            They are no longer Japanese at all.

          • jin

            Either reply me on my comment or dont post at all. More lunatic troll shit coming from you.

  • Comebackkid13

    “If this was a survey by the Sankei Shimbun there would have been high approval ratings.” – Hit the target straight on with this comment

  • Isn’t this bill going to strengthen Japanese borders? Why is the J-public so against it? The constitution of any country is open to interpretation and can always be amended, and this one was forced on Japan after WW2.

    With the way China’s military is placing itself in South and South-East Asia, it’s better for Japan to have the option to mobilise troops for defensive measures.

  • Butsu

    Why do people have such a hard time staying on topic?

    • Norm

      haha because of so many desperate haters

  • Poll is not what is reliable, as it is always rigged like someone said “The phone was somehow hung up when I said No”.
    I don’t think there are still 30 some % people supporting Abe admin.
    It needs decent national referendum process to revise constitution, and Abe is trying to leap beyond the obstacle for answering USA’s demand.
    Because he’s the one from a despicable traitorous family that is concerned with a spy business, mole of USA.
    Shinzo Abe’s grandfather Nobusuke Kishi was a sordid A class war criminal, arrested by GHQ, spent 3 years in Sugamo Prison, finally got away with the crimes by making a nasty deal with USA.

  • Poll support rate 30 some % is really not likely.
    As we are actually laughing at this kind of a photo very ordinarily.
    Addition, no past Japanese PM ever had a dishonorable photo like this.

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