Man Arrested For Posting 2ch Threats To Princess Kako

Man arrested for making online threats to Princess Kako

The story quickly made national news.

Just days after a Korean article went viral for suggesting that Princess Kako should be sent as a Comfort Woman, Princess Kako became a trending news topic once more. This time, it was all thanks to a 43 year old man who posted threats to the Princess on, attracting the attention of the Japanese Imperial Guard.

The man has now been arrested and questioned, but netizens are baying for his blood. And in true netouyo style, many demand to know the “true nationality” of the man.

The article quickly climbed to the top of Yahoo! Japan’s access and comment rankings when it was published.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Man Arrested Over Threats To Princess Kako; Posted He Was Going To Harm Her On 2channeru – Tokyo Metropolitan Police

On May 21, Ikehara Riun (43), an unemployed man from Okubo in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward, was arrested by the No.1 Investigative Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police on suspicion of obstructing police business under false pretenses for having posted online threats to Princess Kako (20), the second daughter of the Crown Prince and Princess Akishinomiya, thereby forcing the Imperial Guard to increase security around the Princess. The suspect partially denies the charges, and stated that “I never thought that I would be obstructing police business”.

On the afternoon of May 16, the suspect referred to Princess Kako on the internet message board “2channeru” on his iPad at home, and posted that “I’ll make it so she won’t be able to oppose me”, and that “I have loads of friends who’ll help me in the university that Kako is attending”. Consequently the Imperial Guard had to increase its normal security around the Princess by 2-3 times.

According to police, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police discovered the posts on May 17, and Ikehara was revealed to be the poster from his IP address, prompting the police to pursue an undercover investigation. The suspect realized that his posts on the message board had been reported to police, and turned himself in at Shinjuku Police Station on the night of May 20. The suspect told police“I was just messing around, trying to stir things up on the thread”.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


Is there some reason why they can’t report his real name and his nationality?


They didn’t give his real name. Think we all know what that means.


No matter how I look at it, it’s really strange that they haven’t reported his real name.
I wonder why they won’t report his real name and his nationality?


Why haven’t they given his real name?
He’s 48, so it’s not like he’s a minor or anything!


No matter how the media tries to cover up the criminal’s nationality, you can actually see what he wrote on 2ch, so you’ll soon realize where he’s from.


To write stuff like that as a 48 year old…lowest of the low.
Why don’t they report his real name?


They arrested him pretty quick!
Nice one, cops.


I guess we all know anyway, but at the point at which they didn’t give his real name, it was easy to guess what his nationality was…
It’s really very strange that they don’t report the real name as a matter of course.


I have no idea why they won’t report his real name, but this doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that a 48 year old fully-grown man would do…
It’s just completely abnormal.


I reckon we might as well give him the death sentence, but at the very least I want them to lock him up for about ten years.

Comments from Twitter:

ろ☆ば :

He’s 43, didn’t he know this would happen?

。゚+.(ヽ’ω`)゚+.゚ :

I was thinking oh wow, the cops were quick, but he actually turned himself in.


The criminal = zainichi Korean.
Only reasonable that he be arrested. Is he some kind of idiot? w

夕顔 :

I thought oh this’ll be some young dude but he’s old enough to be Princess Kako’s father!

大日本帝国 :

No doubt about it, this guy is either Korean or Chinese!
Don’t let zainichis take Japanese names!
Koreans and Chinese are races that we have to purge from Japan!


Going from where this guy lives, it’s kinda like “ah yeah, I get it”.

ヒロ :

Dude lives in Okubo…

Haggy :

So that idiot got arrested, huh? It’s for his own benefit that he gets a harsh punishment and gets to eat stinky rice for a while [an idiom that means to be “locked up”] w.

此花 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 百合杏 :

He was just messing around….oh please. People like him always say that.


The criminal’s address is Okubo. That’s where Korea Town is. And this crime came immediately after a Korean magazine published an article entitled “Japan Has To Send Princess Kako As A Comfort Woman”. Is this guy a zainichi Korean?

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