Man Arrested For Posting 2ch Threats To Princess Kako

Man arrested for making online threats to Princess Kako

The story quickly made national news.

Just days after a Korean article went viral for suggesting that Princess Kako should be sent as a Comfort Woman, Princess Kako became a trending news topic once more. This time, it was all thanks to a 43 year old man who posted threats to the Princess on, attracting the attention of the Japanese Imperial Guard.

The man has now been arrested and questioned, but netizens are baying for his blood. And in true netouyo style, many demand to know the “true nationality” of the man.

The article quickly climbed to the top of Yahoo! Japan’s access and comment rankings when it was published.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Man Arrested Over Threats To Princess Kako; Posted He Was Going To Harm Her On 2channeru – Tokyo Metropolitan Police

On May 21, Ikehara Riun (43), an unemployed man from Okubo in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward, was arrested by the No.1 Investigative Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police on suspicion of obstructing police business under false pretenses for having posted online threats to Princess Kako (20), the second daughter of the Crown Prince and Princess Akishinomiya, thereby forcing the Imperial Guard to increase security around the Princess. The suspect partially denies the charges, and stated that “I never thought that I would be obstructing police business”.

On the afternoon of May 16, the suspect referred to Princess Kako on the internet message board “2channeru” on his iPad at home, and posted that “I’ll make it so she won’t be able to oppose me”, and that “I have loads of friends who’ll help me in the university that Kako is attending”. Consequently the Imperial Guard had to increase its normal security around the Princess by 2-3 times.

According to police, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police discovered the posts on May 17, and Ikehara was revealed to be the poster from his IP address, prompting the police to pursue an undercover investigation. The suspect realized that his posts on the message board had been reported to police, and turned himself in at Shinjuku Police Station on the night of May 20. The suspect told police“I was just messing around, trying to stir things up on the thread”.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


Is there some reason why they can’t report his real name and his nationality?


They didn’t give his real name. Think we all know what that means.


No matter how I look at it, it’s really strange that they haven’t reported his real name.
I wonder why they won’t report his real name and his nationality?


Why haven’t they given his real name?
He’s 48, so it’s not like he’s a minor or anything!


No matter how the media tries to cover up the criminal’s nationality, you can actually see what he wrote on 2ch, so you’ll soon realize where he’s from.


To write stuff like that as a 48 year old…lowest of the low.
Why don’t they report his real name?


They arrested him pretty quick!
Nice one, cops.


I guess we all know anyway, but at the point at which they didn’t give his real name, it was easy to guess what his nationality was…
It’s really very strange that they don’t report the real name as a matter of course.


I have no idea why they won’t report his real name, but this doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that a 48 year old fully-grown man would do…
It’s just completely abnormal.


I reckon we might as well give him the death sentence, but at the very least I want them to lock him up for about ten years.

Comments from Twitter:

ろ☆ば :

He’s 43, didn’t he know this would happen?

。゚+.(ヽ’ω`)゚+.゚ :

I was thinking oh wow, the cops were quick, but he actually turned himself in.


The criminal = zainichi Korean.
Only reasonable that he be arrested. Is he some kind of idiot? w

夕顔 :

I thought oh this’ll be some young dude but he’s old enough to be Princess Kako’s father!

大日本帝国 :

No doubt about it, this guy is either Korean or Chinese!
Don’t let zainichis take Japanese names!
Koreans and Chinese are races that we have to purge from Japan!


Going from where this guy lives, it’s kinda like “ah yeah, I get it”.

ヒロ :

Dude lives in Okubo…

Haggy :

So that idiot got arrested, huh? It’s for his own benefit that he gets a harsh punishment and gets to eat stinky rice for a while [an idiom that means to be “locked up”] w.

此花 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 百合杏 :

He was just messing around….oh please. People like him always say that.


The criminal’s address is Okubo. That’s where Korea Town is. And this crime came immediately after a Korean magazine published an article entitled “Japan Has To Send Princess Kako As A Comfort Woman”. Is this guy a zainichi Korean?

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  • lonetrey / Dan

    And then it turns out he’s ethnically Japanese.

    • NondescriptRG

      By which fact the kinds of shit-for-brains commentators as those present in the above article will not be troubled even a tiny bit. They will just continue throwing virtual trash at other ethnicities when the next opportunity presents itself.

    • JEng

      Yeah cuz Koreans aren’t going to go there over one of the Murloc princesses no matter how attractive compared to the rest of them.

      I don’t think they see Strawberry Shortcake when they look at her – it’s gotta be a Japanese palate thing to find her irresistible.

      • Xman2014

        Most Koreans didn’t even know who Princess Kako was, nor cared until this story hit in both Japan and Korea. Only a Japanese would care about a harm to Princess Kako.

  • bujiebuke

    Welp, there goes my idea of suggesting Japan to have a “Zainichi appreciation month”…

  • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

    So what would happen if these 2chan types met an actual Korean?

    • guest

      The comments were actually from Yahoo and Twitter, and 2ch and 2chan, assuming you got them mixed up and were not referencing 2chan on purpose, are different sites, have pretty different user bases. As for your question, I wouldn’t know, though I would assume they would actually treat them in a pretty normal fashion.

  • Yaminah Jamison

    Even though it was messed up for this dude to say, i feel that if these threats were towards an average person, no arrest would’ve been made since, y’know, people have to “do something” in order for the police to be involved. But yeah, leave that girl alone…

    • JEng

      what exactly did he say? that was the twisted (and trained) Japanese equivalent of a catcall, right? It’s not mutually eyeball-licking if there’s no degenerate i.e. umami edge to it, right?

      or is the IMPERIAL family set apart from the postwar packaging of the Japanese as NOT seeing that kind of thing as wrong and not REALIZING that they weren’t making their maruta objects of their “affection” happy?

      And it does not look like that isn’t the ruling family still – this just makes it look like they are still in power.

      • Yaminah Jamison

        I’m uh… Kinda lost in the correlation of your comment with my comment. But ok.

        • JEng

          You’re right that his comment was probably not uncommon for the Japanese internet and there wasn’t actually a threat, was there?

          • Yaminah Jamison

            That wasn’t what I was saying. People get threatened all the time, but when the recipient of said threat is a high profile person, cops are doing something about it. Just think this sorta reaction of the police should happen to common people. Dunno what exactly you’re insinuating from my comment, or if you are trolling…

          • Boris

            He is a resident troll. Best to ignore.

          • Yaminah Jamison

            Like, I see her/him around but just can’t remember their type of comments.

          • JEng

            What was the threat that he made?

          • JEng

            Okay, I won’t bother to convince you that there is a message being fed that some Chinese are pets of white people and get favorable treatment so when sympathy should naturally go to the family in the Range Rover – simply by neglecting Edward Miese, that family then becomes unpopular. It’s the same thing with hurting Gigi Li by hurting Ayo Harrington. It’s a set up – it’s very high school and if someone doesn’t see it that way, that’s fine.

            Believe it or not, even the Chinese girl who was abused by the Starbucks manager in that youtube video will have some people privately not on her side.

          • Xman2014

            But totally different. The Japanese police got involved. The threat to the Princess, with the troll claiming himself to be a Korean and due to the fact that the Princess is regarded very highly by the Japanese, caused another spike in rage against the Koreans in Japan, with overwhelming online hate comments against Koreans. I’m sure the moderator can post all the Japanese Twitter comments about Koreans.

      • Dave Park

        Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with understanding what JEng is saying?

        • JEng

          Well, I don’t think I understand why the guy got arrested or what he actually wrote on the internet. What is the threat? Is it an express threat or an implied one or is it an insult or is it just one of those don’t even dare mention the royal family things?

          Did he get replies to his original posts? Or did the Japanese netizens shut him down?

          • Xman2014

            He wrote that he will make sure the Princess will not refuse the rape by the Koreans. Obviously he was a troll and it worked. Obviously the Japanese still firmly believe the man is Korean, even though his identity was revealed as Japanese. With no checks and balances against the spreading racial hate, I’m going to bet that pretty soon, the Japanese nutters will not stay content to spread their bull shit online, but pretty soon they’ll come out into real lives and will start violently attacking Koreans or anyone who they think are Koreans.

          • JEng

            I can’t believe the Koreans would go around threatening to rape ANYONE especially a Japanese especially a Japanese descended from the mastermind who had no problem, no feelings about hurting other people’s children.

            Only someone who has no understanding about natural purity would think they could get away with setting up the Koreans like that.

            So this is to set up Kako as a victim first EXACTLY like Masako being packaged as a depressive and a victim.

            Well, I am going to say that both of those public images are going to backfire when they are finally going to be activated.

            And I agree that Japan does not care about its other female victims – Akie Abe isn’t standing up for anyone except that beauty contestant AGAIN to frame both of them as NEW Japanese – a la “Warm Bodies” but if that were really true, they’d be knocking out the Comfort Women attackers.

        • ILoveSeoul

          jeng is from Taiwan…………

  • Gaijin

    Japanese calling for rapes and massacres of Koreans. They shout these and other racial slurs in front of kids. The police do nothing, instead protects the protestors. I know of no developed country that would allow these kinds of people to scream for ethnic cleansing as ‘free speech’. This is just horrible!

    • ILoveSeoul

      She is typical Taiwan PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guest

    You guys are really closed mind like 2channelers.

    No Japanese care about this news in real life.

    • Gaikokujin

      Yep, they only see biased information and a very small part of Japan again and again through websites like this or biased English papers in this country….

      • guest

        But it’s true.
        Majority of Japanese don’t care about Korean thing in real life.
        I think you have also biased mind on Japanese people.

        • Guest

          LOL.. Japanese wasting time cutting and pasting graphs… if they didn’t care, why do they waste their time recreating masturbatory materials?

          • guest

            I know that the S.Korea is scapegoat for netouyos like Japanese are scapegoat of Korean people.
            But “in real life”,majority of Japanese people don’t care about S.korea.

            >why do they waste their time recreating masturbatory materials

            I just saved that pic on another site.

          • Gaikokujin

            I agree with you. Some people in Japan and S.Korea should cool down.

          • troll_harder

            Disagree on your point that Japan is Korea’s scapegoat…

            Like the majority of Japanese, the vast majority of Koreans don’t care about Japan.

            It’s just a very loud group of ass-hats that like to blame their woes on Korea and Japan. I like how you try to spin this one slightly more for the Japanese side… but it won’t float…

          • Xman2014

            A major Japanese TV station runs this kind of hate show without any problems, I just don’t know what to say anymore.

          • troll_harder

            A dreadfully new low…

          • Gaikokujin

            “Like the majority of Japanese, the vast majority of Koreans don’t care about Japan.”
            “It’s just a very loud group of ass-hats that like to blame their woes on Korea and Japan.”

            I really hope so. But I’ve also heard that internet in Korea is filled with hate for Japanese. Is it wrong?

          • troll_harder

            Not completely and the same for Japanese sites, but where they gather… 2ch folks and ible? looser… it’s nasty…

          • Xman2014

   Ilbe is pretty balanced, if not, even favorable on Japan. Go check out their comments in Koreabang. Ilbe users bash Korea, and defend Japan. Are there any Japanese sites that bash Japan and defend Korea? I doubt there are any.

          • troll_harder

            sorry my point about Ilbe, was referencing them as trolls. Utter failure on my part to insinuate that… lol

          • Gaikokujin

            Ah, I thought so. it’s sad… Btw, are you not a Korean? And probably you wanted to say “loser”, not “looser”.

          • troll_harder

            mixed Korean/Japanese (2nd Gen) should have added one or two more ‘o’… serves me right for posting in hast! lol

        • Gaikokujin

          Huh? I wanted to say you were right. Read my comment again =)

        • Sillian

          That’s from 2012. In 2014, the views of South Korea’s influence from Japanese respondents were 13% positive and 37% negative while the views of Japan’s influence from Korean respondents were 15% positive and 79% negative. Perceptions towards each other got much worse over the past few years. Japan isn’t one of the countries where many people can’t even properly distinguish between South Korea and North Korea. It would be safe to say both Korea and Japan’s negative views of each other mainly come from actual attention to politics rather than vague images that are usually improved by soft power. And there is a difference between being politically critical and being obsessive stalkers for petty things. There are enough reasons to politically criticize both countries.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Now I forget, was Kako the princess that was called a commoner and driven crazy by a demanding royal family that didn’t want her around them?

  • meyagi

    pathetic japs…

  • Korean Peninsula

    Many of these street bums are actually Taiwanese in Japan or naturalized Taiwanese Japanese.

  • Dave

    So what was the Japanese reaction when they learned the identity of the perp was Japanese?

    • Guest

      Their reaction was that he was Korean pretending to be Japanese.

  • News2Disqus

    Problem with Japan: Far too many Taiwan and Chinese pretending to be Japanese. Bash on Koreans or nation called Korea.

  • Truth2BeTold

    Japan has far too many losers.

    • Toboco

      And Korea too?

  • ILoveSeoul

    There are many home grown Japanese terrorist in japan.

  • JEng

    Is 2chan where they can post anything and not get deleted? Is that where the Guo Jingjing infrared photos were posted?

    Because that’s where the snuff films of the Corean Comfort Women and the Chinese home invasions especially the children will be posted when Abe wants an excuse to claim Japan is in danger from China and DPRK and the citizens will be all for it because this leak will put them on awkward footing and they hate being on the wrong side of a moral condemnation.

    2ch is where they criticized Akie Abe for throwing herself at that half-Korean entertainer. Maybe Japan will be shutting them down soon but Japan will want forums they solely control where the snuff films will not be pulled. Is that Livedoor?

  • Koreans

    Japanese pretending to be Korean. So many of them in Japan.

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