Murderer Shouts ‘I’ll Kill Again’ As Judge Gives Life Sentence

Murderer Takei Seiju is handed life sentence by judge but says he'll kill again.

On June 12, the man charged with committing a crime spree in March of 2014 received an indefinite prison sentence, which in Japan usually means life in prison for murder cases, but carries the possibility of release on parole if the inmate appears to have repented and reformed. The defendant, Takei Seiju, was convicted of assaulting and robbing several random passersby before stabbing a neighbor to death on the streets of Kashiwa, Chiba. Takei’s story received a lot of media attention due to his erratic behavior at the time of his arrest, when he gave the finger to news cameras and inexplicably screamed, “Yahoo Chat forever!”

At the sentencing, the defendant sang, clapped, and flipped the bird once again at the prosecutor, saying that if given the chance he will kill again. Netizens were dismayed by the light sentence, with many calling for the death penalty out of fear that the defendant may have the opportunity to commit further murders in the future. A few pointed out that his eccentric behavior will only help ensure that he stays in prison for life.

From FNN News:

Kashiwa City Crime Spree – Defendant Receives Indefinite Prison Sentence: “If You Don’t Like it, Try Giving Me the Death Penalty”

A sentence of indefinite imprisonment has been handed down for the man charged with crimes including robbery and murder in relation to a series of assaults and a murder that occurred on the streets of Kashiwa, Chiba in March of 2014.

The defendant, an unemployed man named Takei Seiju (25), was charged with robbery and murder after he stabbed Ikema Hiroya (31 at the time) in the back on the streets of Kashiwa, killing him. Takei and Ikema were both residents of the same apartment building.

Takei entered the courtroom singing, and was seen being warned by both the judge and his lawyer.

At the June 12 hearing, the Chiba district court sentenced him to indefinite imprisonment, saying, “The defendant acknowledges his firm intent to kill. His motive, to obtain spending money, was selfish in the extreme. There is a demand for harsh punishment.”

Takei clapped and gave the middle finger to the prosecutor, yelling, “This way I can kill again. You old hag prosecutor, if you don’t like it, try giving me the death penalty!” He was then restrained by prison guards and removed from the courtroom.

Comments from


He’s a shameless bastard, isn’t he?


Is there any point to letting some asshole who says stuff like “If I get out, I’ll kill again” stay alive?


Don’t let this guy out until he dies.


When I see someone like this I start to wish for the return of cruel and unusual punishment.


This is because the penal code has too many flaws


This guy is that “Yahoo Chat forever” asshole, isn’t he?
Looks like they’ll be able to keep him in for about 40 years.

ボ ラギノール(東京都)@\(^o^)/:

I was wondering who this was, but it’s it’s Mr. Yahoo Chat Forever? w Don’t they have to do a psychiatric examination with someone who so obviously has a mental disability? ww


He probably entered the courtroom singing “Shoko, Shoko” [NBnd: A reference to the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult’s campaign song, based on the name of their leader Shoko Asahara.]
Make the imprisonment literally indefinite and don’t let him out until he dies!


There’s actually a lawyer working for him? Poor guy w


So this jerk will be fed meals paid for by other people’s taxes until he dies then? Really?


Whoever requested an indefinite sentence for him is incompetent, and the judge who should have given him a death sentence but didn’t is incompetent as well.


So it’s decided now? Aren’t they going to fight it?


I actually find this refreshing. After this, if he asks for a sentence reduction because he has repented, there will be a lot of confusion about whether he has actually repented or is just putting on a performance.


If they let him out again, the judge who handed down the sentence this time should be put to death.


He’s putting on a brave face, but he’ll still be in a cage for more than 30 years.


I’m opposed to supporting him using tax money. Since it’s life in prison, they should make him work until he dies.


This is stupid. Indefinite imprisonment really does usually end up being a life sentence these days, and if he behaves like this he definitely won’t be released on parole.


If this guy gets out and commits another murder, who will take the responsibility? The justice system is meaningless, isn’t it?


Watch out, if you say stuff like this, you might be regarded as mentally competent.


It’s precisely because he says stuff like this that we should give him a death sentence and immediate execution. Where is the merit in letting him live?

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  • bujiebuke

    Top comment from Japanese netizens was:

    He’s a fat bastard, isn’t he?

    Are we looking at the same pictures as the Japanese netizens?? I almost forgot that if you’re not made of skin and bones then you’re considered “fat” in Japan.

    • Zappa Frank

      well。。 you are 猪八戒

      • bujiebuke

        In Japan, they would either eat me raw or force me into JAV.

        • tune8

          Nobody wants to see a pig in porn. And Japanese people dont eat raw pork.

    • Vadim

      Pretty sure the word 太い wasn’t being used literally, but in its slangy meaning of “shameless” (short from 肝が太い – lit. “has fat guts”).

      • tune8

        Yes, its totally misunderstanding. The original comment “太え(太い)” doesn’t mean fat, it means cheeky or shameless or impudent. Just a mistranslation.

        • Vadim

          Yeah, and besides, if they actually wanted to insult him for his body shape 太え would have been way too tame – デブ would be the default equivalent to “fat bastard” or “fatso”.

          • besudesu

            Sorry guys…late to the party on this one. You’re absolutely right, Vadim. That should be something like “shameless bastard”. I’ll change the translation accordingly. And it’s true that “太い” isn’t usually used to call someone “fat”; it’d be more like describing thickness of an object. As you’ve pointed out you’d probably say “デブ” to hurt someone’s feelings or “太ってる” if you’re describing someone as fat.

            Thanks to everyone who flagged this up.

          • ah guys this was my careless translation error. sorry everyone, and thanks for catching my mistake!

      • bujiebuke

        That makes more sense, nice catch

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Yahoo chat forever. I’m guessing Japan’s Yahoo chat is as vapid as it is with…everyone else?

  • Tomo

    He has slanted eyes and square flat Mongloid Asian face. He is not a Japanese. Japanese are special white people.

  • Dark Night

    So if he’s locked up in solitary, does that mean that he’ll kill himself?

  • News2Disqus

    Perfect example crazy ass japanese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KoreanPeninsula

    What a PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bumfromkorea

    which in Japan usually means life in prison for murder cases, but
    carries the possibility of release on parole if the inmate appears to
    have repented and reformed

    Well, I’m going to go ahead and guess that the first few parole hearings are going to be a bit awkward.

  • Peninsula

    Classic punk ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

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