Panic As Asiana Flight Skids Off Runway At Hiroshima Airport


The news that a plane operated by Korean airline Asiana had skidded off the runway at Hiroshima Airport yesterday has been headline news.

While various rumors are circulating regarding the behavior of the crew and the disappearance of the pilots, this article discusses the sheer panic of passengers on board as the cabin filled with smoke and the emergency chutes failed to deploy. Still, despite the apparent confusion, everyone disembarked the plane safely.

Most mixi netizens are glad that the accident only caused limited damage and a small number of injuries, but others see it as an opportunity for some good, old-fashioned Korea-bashing.

From mixi News:

‘Asiana Accident’ Confusion On Board “Is The Baby OK?” “We’re Going To Die”


On the evening of April 14 there was an incident involving an Asiana aircraft at Hiroshima airport, in which 27 passengers were injured when the plane failed to land correctly. In videos taken by several passengers who left the plane via the emergency evacuation chutes, there are vivid recordings of voices of people shouting “Is the baby OK?” and as well as the voices of those thought to be passengers lashing out at the crew. Passengers conveyed the confusion of the situation, with many saying that they “thought they were going to die”.

One video was taken by a male company employee (29) from Akitakata, Hiroshima Prefecture after he evacuated the aircraft and was escaping the scene of the incident with his family. The man had been on his way back from a family vacation in Korea. Fire engine sirens are blaring, and the plane itself can be seen in the distance. In the darkness, a woman shouts “Get away from there! Is the baby OK?”

According to the man, around 5 minutes prior to landing, the plane shook violently as it was descending. As the plane came in to land, there was a loud “wham!” noise, and the plane shook from side to side. Sounds of women screaming “Ahhhh!” echoed around the plane. Outside the windows on both sides of the plane flames could be seen. There was a smell of burning and smoke rose from the floor of the plane, reducing visibility. Those on board the plane were immediately thrown into a state of panic.

When the plane came to a halt, crew members attempted to open the central emergency exits on both sides of the plane; however, they would not open. When the man saw the crew members lose their cool, he said he thought that “It’s no use, we’ll probably never be able to get out”, but then he heard the voice of a crew member from the back of the plane call “Please evacuate the aircraft”, and somehow managed to get out of the plane.

The man said: “I was filled with fear that the plane would explode. I rushed to escape, to try to protect my family. At any rate I was panicking.

Another video was taken by a different man (58), with his digital camera as soon as he evacuated the plane. The video is around 20 seconds long. As well as showing the plane tilting over, the emergency services, and the silhouettes of people escaping, there is the high-pitched voice of a woman who seems to be cursing at a crew member.

On April 15, the morning after the accident, there were a series of flight cancellations at Hiroshima Airport due to the closure of the runway. At the 2nd floor flight lobby, passengers due to travel were were cancelling or re-booking their flights.

A woman (29) from Naka Ward in Hiroshima City, who had been aboard the flight at the time of the accident had stayed at a hotel near the airport after receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Mihara after the accident. Looking back on the moments before the accident, she said “There were two sudden ‘thuds’, that sounding like two hard object colliding, and after the first the plane suddenly dropped in altitude”. Following that, smoke started to fill the cabin, and there was panic, with people shouting “Ahhh!” and “Murderers!”, which made the woman hyperventilate. She said: “I was petrified. I’ll never fly again. I want to know the truth as soon as possible”. [Miyashima Shiho, Yazawa Hidenori, Sedani Kensuke, Suganuma Mai].

Comments from mixi:

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Babies can’t wear seatbelts, so it’s most dangerous for them! Still, it’s really something that even amidst that panic people were still worrying about other people’s babies.

It said in the Yomiuri Shimbun that “The passengers couldn’t see the crew members guiding them, so ultimately the used the escape chute that had opened, and helped each other off the plane” ~ Looks like
they’ve learned nothing since Seweol.

Hmm, so there are still people going to Korea, huh. Anyway, the people who took videos in this situation have got some balls. I mean, these people go to Korea, so they must have balls, right?

At times like this, the true nature of humans emerges.

The crew members shouldn’t be the ones panicking.

What is all this, people taking their family vacations in Korea, flying Asiana…What the hell kind of forfeit game did they lose? Can’t believe there are still people who go to Korea.

Murderers…? Rather than that, I’m shocked at those people who thought ‘Oh, I’ll take a video” in an emergency situation. It’s pretty amazing that they can protect their family and take a video at the same time. Still, glad they’re all safe.

The crew didn’t guide passengers, and the pilot ran away and still hasn’t been found. Everything was textbook Korean culture. Made me think of the Seweol disaster. We need to understand that as a people they’re just like that.

These people who go to Chosen because they like it, and they get caught up in an accident like this aren’t all that different from those people who went to Syria and got murdered by ISIS, are they? What’s so different with what’s happened this time, and people saying back then that they got what was coming to them?

I just don’t get why people would go to Korea for tourism.

I don’t suppose they all thought they were going to die. Some people had the time to take videos, so in fact it’s probably better not to exaggerate the sense of danger.

The Korean pilots went missing…over there, pilots and captains just leg it, don’t they.

Usually we’d say it’s not the passenger’s responsibility, but after that accident that happened with an Asiana plane at San Francisco Airport last year, no one living in Japan would fly with them apart from Zainichi Koreans. Those who chose Asiana are partially responsible for this.

I have no sympathy for idiots who go on holiday to Korea.

It’s so fortunate that there were no deaths. When you look at how the guidance equipment has broken up, it wouldn’t have been strange if this accident had ended up much worse. I wonder if it was just good luck, or maybe the pilot had excellent control of the plane? I pray for a speedy recovery for those who were injured.

Never mind about all this. What’s happened to the pilot?

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  • redwhitedude

    The conduct of the crew wasn’t that good. At least nobody was killed. Frankly Asiana really needs to go over the training of the crews and pilots. This accident and the one in San Francisco suggests doubling up on the crew. As to those trolls bashing airlines in Korea this is only an Asiana issue KAL has not had this issue. The airlines in Korea have vastly improved within the last decade and half in safety. Back in the 80s and 90s they used to have accidents due to ridiculous reasons such as instruments not being checked and reset before the flight time. The whole corporate culture had to be overhauled based on recommendations from foreign consultants which they did after determining that was contributing to the ridiculous accidents.

    Granted Asiana came into existence in 1988 but they have had very few accidents and hardly any that caused massive fatalities as opposed to JAL and ANA which have had far more.

  • jerseyboy

    Odds are a cabin attendant bought the pilot a plate of twigs and pigs guts covered with red pepper sauce and she had either made it too hot or too cold so the pilot had to engage in a screaming, manchild, hissyfit as is their culture and failed to notice that the plane was landing off course…..because of the pilots immaturity several Japanese housewives whose only crime was taking a charity shopping trip to Seoul to give their soon to be 3rd world economy a few yen got a nasty case of whiplash. Disgusting,

    I gave up on Korean airliners a while back because of the native passengers mainly….imagine being stuck next to a 40 something yr old man who is weeping like an infant because he has to go 2 hours without a cigarette. Or no one being able to use the toilet because of a few 20 something men who leave the bathroom area covered with urine and poop all over the floor and walls! Man, most countries potty train their kids at age 2-4, what is in Korea 35? 45? And thats before the safety concerns.

    Thank god for my next business trip to Seoul the company is paying for a 1st class JAL seat.

    • NYCBoy

      As a foreigner gaijin in Japan, it’s always disturbing to see the hateful attitude often displayed by my Japanese colleagues towards Koreans. It’s almost like a hate compulsion of some kind to me, to be honest. I have been to South Korea on couple of occasions, and both times I’ve enjoyed the stays. This world is a small place and life is short, why don’t you let go of hate, you might actually have a different perspective.

      • fr hy

        koreans are treated as hos and playthings by the Japanese. look up history

    • Balkan

      I don’t know when was the last time you used a Korean airline, but my experience with them has been very good. I also think what you just wrote is thinly veiled hatred to Koreans. Since you hate Koreans so much, I think you should have at least enough decency not to go to Korea and try to do business there and get Korean money.

      It also makes me wonder if Korean people you work with are aware of what you really think of them.

      • jerseyboy

        Hatred? Silly boy! Since when was wanting people to better themselves with regards to personal hygiene considered hatred? And merely wanting pilots with basic competency is common sense not hatred. Back of the class for you!

        I go to Korea not for fun but because my business keeps hundreds of Korean people in work. Although they will join the increasing number of Koreans on welfare soon as we are shifting operations to China….wow maybe I’ll come to appreciate Korea more, after a few business trips of having to put up with the manners and hygiene of the Chinese I guess Korea will seem like Shangri-La in comparison!

      • bumfromkorea

        You’re a good person for humoring him and giving him the benefit of the doubt. I, on the other hand, am not as a good person. 😀

  • guest

    I’m never getting on a plane again. I’ll never fly on an Asian airline to begin with (except maybe Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific), but the incident with Germanwings proves that even a quality airline is not nutjob-proof.

    Somehow I will get myself a spot on one of those freighters going across the oceans… I think I remember spotting an ad where one room was 700 dollars for the trip? Freighers primary ships cargo but sometimes rent out rooms.

    • pac

      youre a stupid cunt

  • UserID01

    “These people who go to Chosen because they like it, and they get caught up in an accident like this aren’t all that different from those people who went to Syria and got murdered by ISIS, are they? What’s so different with what’s happened this time, and people saying back then that they got what was coming to them?”

    Holy shit. I cannot believe someone actually wrote that. There is an ENORMOUS fucking difference between traveling to a stable country on business/holiday and getting into an accident and flying into a known warzone with significant terrorist activity.

    • Balkan

      It’s only shows that hatred does not need an explanation that has a tiny bit of common sense

  • Small twon

    Oh dear ..I thought accident was bad enough but comments are…I am speechless…and there are Koreans who still go to Japan for vocation because Korean medias don’t show how racist are taking over Japan…..

    • Guest

      Korean and Japanese netizens love to talk shit about each other.
      There’s nothing new about it.

      • whoopdeedoo

        Korea, Japan and China. The East Asian countries, basically.

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