Passengers Hit Jackpot As Ticket Machine Dispenses Wrong Bills


This past Sunday, employees at a subway station in Nagoya made a surprising discovery when they went to collect the change from the ticket machine.

In the place where 1000 yen bills (Roughly $10 in US dollars) were supposed to be stacked to dispense as change, ten 5000 yen bills (About $50 USD each) had been placed instead. A letter was posted at the station asking those with a conscience to return the excess change but so far no one has come forward.

As netizens on 2ch pointed out, anyone who comes forward risks facing a penalty and since there is no security camera in place then there is no way to find out who the culprits are unless someone confesses.

From Mainichi Shimbun:

Nagoya Municipal Subway: 40,000 Yen Mistakenly Dispensed For Change At Ticket Machine

On June 20th, The Nagoya Transportation Bureau announced that there had been a mistake involving an automatic ticket machine at Heiandori Station (in Kita-ku, Nagoya)which had overpaid the amount of change after mistakenly being stocked with 5000 yen notes in the place where 1000 yen notes are inserted.

“5000 Yen Notes Loaded Into 1000 Yen Spot

According to the Transportation Bureau, after a station employee had collected the sales and change from a ticket machine at the south gate at approximately 12:15pm that day, the amount of money did not match the actual amount of sales. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that at 10 a.m on June 19th, ten 5,000 yen notes had mistakenly been loaded into the machine. The ten 5000 yen notes had been paid in place of 1000 yen notes, so the total amount recovered was short by 40,0000 yen.

With no security cameras located near the ticket machine, it’s difficult to determine the identities of the customers who took the huge amount of change. The station posted a notice at two of the turnstiles, asking those with any clues to come forward. As of 8 p.m. on the 20th, no one had come forward.

Comments from 2ch:


The idiot who made the mistake should pay out of his own pocket.


Are they stupid? There’s no reason for someone to come forward w


So this isn’t just embezzlement being made to look like a mistake?
Maybe the guy who took the change was a friend pretending to be uninvolved or something


Why the hell did they go and honestly report that there was no camera?


To tell you the truth, I don’t look at the bills I get from change
The degree of trust that goes into Japanese vending machines is astounding.


Does this machine not perform some kind of regular bill check?


Bills differ a bit by size, don’t they?


Since they wrote there’s no camera, there’s no reason for someone to unnecessarily come forward (Haha)


If It were me, I’d return the money if I knew what had happened then,and there but
I don’t usually check change so I wouldn’t realize it.


But if anyone comes forward they’ll be arrested…


Shouldn’t they just lie or whatever and write “Under Video Surveillance”?

ジャンピングDDT(石川県)@\(^o^)/ :

I wonder how many people there were.

ハーフネルソンスープレックス(宮崎県)@\(^o^)/ :

They should own up to their mistakes and look for the criminal.
By the way, if this were the opposite situation, there’s absolutely no way a store would pay back the money to the customer.


The worker who mistakenly inserted the bills should be the one at fault www
Is he a moron?


If they’re going to put the responsibility on the ones who took the money,
it might turn out that the change machine operator embezzled it.
Like say he inserts the incorrect change himself, then change clothes and in disguise uses the machine.


It says there’s no security camera located near the ticket machine…If they publish this sort of thing, no one’s going to come forward right?
If they concealed the fact that there’s no camera and reported something like “We’re consulting with the police” then wouldn’t people have come forward right away?

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  • namep

    so much for much touted honesty in Japan.

  • Japan is blessed in honesty

  • Termia

    Japan is in peace again today.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    That approach toward the situation. I don’t think they’ll get anyone to turn themselves in, but I feel a little but more respect for the honesty they show.

    $400 can easily go missing if people don’t look at their change and just rush to their destination, especially if it’s TEN different instances of $40 difference. There could be thousands of people flocking through the subway, so I can see why no one bothered to go back.

  • risotto

    I think a lot of the money would have been returned if they didn’t run the risk of getting arrested in the first place.

  • David
    • KIP

      A trashy clickbait including some racism again?

      • David

        No click bait at all. This is an international story being reported by just about every news paper and major news organization around. Not sure what you find racists about it. I don’t think gorillas have races.

    • Japanese Gorilla

      LOL that’s how bad their men are, that their own women would choose a gorilla over an Otaku.

      • David

        Well, I am not sure they are choosing him over their own men, just funny story from Nagoya.

    • Beth

      “Oh~ Japan you so weird~.” I’m sick of that kind of shit.

      • bumfromkorea

        I mean… it’s not like Japan’s helping itself on that subject.

      • David

        It seems strange that you translate on a webpage for foreigners, with the explicit purpose of those foreigners learning about how Japan can be very different than them but then you lash out at stories that show how they are different. It is simply a cute little story from Nagoya, the same place your story took place. No need to get anything in a twist.

        • besudesu

          Ummm, yeah….that comment wasn’t from me, the editor of this site. It was from someone with the same name as me. If you’re ever in doubt, I have a “mod” badge.

          • David

            I was looking at the comment on Disqus so there was no MOD after your name. No problem, I appreciate the clarification but I don’t let little things bother me. Thanks for the translation of the article, it is a better job than I could have done.

          • besudesu

            Seems like it was a misunderstanding.

            By the way, this article was not translated by me, but by Ryan.

          • Anti-Realist

            Dear besudesu
            Why are you working on this trashy site for free? What is your fan? Isn’t this site just stiring up hate against Japanese?
            If everything is business, why are you working free?
            Why MOds of Chinasmack all gone? What happended?
            I just dont understand.

          • Real-Realist

            This site can’t help it if the Japanese internet citizens are the ones that are stirring up hate against themselves.

          • KIP

            Then, English internet citizens need their version of this site because their internet is full of hate for Muslims, black people, etc and they are stirring up hate for themselves. Korean internet citizens need their version of this site because their internet is full of hate for Japanese and they are stirring up hate for themselves. By the way, I always think they, those who hate other people always being on the internet, are the same. They are not satisfied with their real life and so always look for something to look down on or say sarcasm to or bash others and make themselves feel better on the internet. Of course, there are people like that in here.

        • Beth(not a Mod)

          Well, then why did you call it weird? Isn’t it “a cute little story”? And I think Japan is not so different from us or other countries. And yes, I’m not a Mod as the Mod said. I didn’t know the name was the Mod’s.

          • besudesu

            It’s ok…

          • Beth(not a Mod)

            Sorry, I just didn’t know.

          • David

            I started studying Japanese in 1982 and I have lived there over the years (in addition to other Asian countries). Weird is a relative term but I think the storie qualifies as both cute and weird. Many people like Japan because it is weird compared to their own country. My country would be strange by the standards of most in Japan (having known many immigrants, including my wife, I KNOW they think some parts of my country weird.) Even my In-laws (who are from Japan) will make that comment/joke sometimes. No reason to be upset about it.

          • Anti-Realist

            This site is weird. The regular posters with their photo icons are weird. The mods working for free are so weird. Trolls look less weird in some sense.

  • vonskippy

    We’re talking about a whopping 50,000 yen – what’s the big deal. If the subway can’t easily absorb that mistake then they must be on the brink of insolvency.

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