Police Officer Dies After High Schooler Runs Him Over With Bike


A 17-year old high school student will likely be prosecuted for the death of a policeman after he collided with him while riding his bicycle.

The police officer had been in a coma in hospital since August, after he hit his head on the sidewalk after the bicycle ran into him. He died yesterday after suffering an acute bleed to the brain caused by the injury.

Netizens speculate that the boy ran into the police officer on purpose, and given the fact that the police are proceeding with a possible prosecution, it seems that this might not be far from the truth.

From 47 News:

Police Officer Knocked Unconscious By Bicycle Dies In Kochi Prefecture; High School Student Referred To District Prosecutors

On October 26, Police Sergeant Nakamura Naofumi (25), of the South Kochi district division, died from an acute subdural haematoma. He had been in a coma since an incident in Kochi City last August where he was knocked over after asking a male high school student to stop his bicycle.

The incident occurred on the evening of August 14. The high school student had been riding his bicycle without lights along a sidewalk in the Nagahama area of Kochi City when Sergeant Nakamura was hit head-on after trying to stop him. Sergeant Nakamura fell and hit his head and was rushed to hospital, while the high school student was arrested at the scene for causing injury through negligence.

On October 20, Kochi Prefectural Police referred the high school student to district prosecutors, changing the charge to that of bodily harm, for having injured Sergeant Nakamura in the collision even though he had noticed him there on the sidewalk in front of him.

Comments from 2ch.net:


A murderous high schooler, huh?


I guess they can go with a murder charge over this because he did it willfully?


Guess this high school student’s life has come to a dead end.


This is just a straightforward accident.
Did the police officer jump out in front of him?


So did he try to escape after the police officer tried to stop him?
This offense just got a whole lot more serious.

名無しさん@1周年:[in response to above]

Far from trying to get away from him, he ran him over didn’t he?


He did it purposely, what a nasty piece of work.
Even if he didn’t do it maliciously, a hundred million yen [approx. $826,047] in compensation wouldn’t cut it.
It’s over for you, high school kid. Ding! w


This police officer was probably about to get married…
Pay with your life, you little shit.


I suppose he must have sped-up after being seen by the police officer, and run into him.
He’s probably a really dangerous guy, right?


His bike had no lights, you wouldn’t have been able to see him.
Looks like he’s falsely accused.


Usually it’s the person who’d been riding the bike who’d be in the verge of death.
Was he using one of those turn of the century bicycles with a bayonet sticking out of it or something?


It’s disgusting to kill a police offer.


If someone’s coming toward you, shoot’em dead.


Stupid police officer, trying to make him stop by standing in his way.


He’s done for.
Police ain’t gonna go easy on you just because you’re a minor.


I suppose the kid wanted to do a hit-and-run on the cop.
But now look what’s happened.
100% did it maliciously.
Throw him in the slammer.

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  • Teacher


  • Muhammad Nabil

    Boy’s life is going to end in ruins…

  • Claude

    Badass kid riding at night without lights. J-cop standing around looking for something to do to kill his shift off and get something on record to justify to the taxpayers cops are needed. J-cop says, “Stop!” Badass kid tired of being hassled by the man knocks him on his back, ultimately killing him. Tragic. I hope they give this kid a chance at rehabilitation. He’s just 17. A 17 year old kid can be saved.

  • JEng

    In NYC, they would never suspect that this was done with malice even given these circumstances.

  • KenjiAd

    Japan has >99% conviction rate, so he will be convicted. The only questions are what crime(s) he will be convicted and how long he will be staying in prison.

    This case is interesting because, as JEng said earlier, if the same happened in America, DA most likely would not indict the guy for 傷害罪, a crime that requires the establishment of intent to cause bodily injury. I can’t imagine any jury in an American court would be convinced, beyond reasonable doubt, that this boy intended to injure the officer.

    I think most DAs in America would opt for a crime of causing injury (death) by negligence. Less burden of proof.

  • Comebackkid13

    The bloodthirsty netizens eagerly anticipating the end of this kid’s life….how ridiculous.

    But, as Kenji mentioned, the conviction rate in Japan is very telling. This kid will face jail time. It is just a matter of what for. I can’t imagine sending this kid to jail for Murder with Intent, ….that would never happen in a large American city.

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