‘Ramen Will Make Your Boyfriend Go Bald’, Claims Article

Article claims that ramen noodles can cause baldness

An article for Menjoy, which was reposted to Yahoo! Japan, makes the outlandish claim that ramen cause baldness.

The article goes on to explain how women should help to prevent their boyfriends from going bald by stopping them from eating virtually everything that they enjoy eating, and even some things that they don’t.

Needless to say, 2ch.net netizens did not take this news very well.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Watch Out If Your Man Likes Ramen! Five Foods That Bald Men Like To Eat

Being short, being fat, and being bald are the 3 biggest complexes that are universal to everyone, no matter if they’re a man or a woman. Among these, I’d like to focus on “bald” in particular.

Of course, thinning hair has a hereditary element, but it is also easily influenced by lifestyle choices such as diet. On this front, I, cookery researcher Ogawa Chieko, am going to introduce “foods that make your hair thin” that you should watch out for.

You should check up on your boyfriend’s diet, so that your beloved’s hair doesn’t start feeling too lonely up there.

■ 1: Ramen

We can say that pretty much all guys like ramen, but in fact, ramen are representative of foods that have a lot of grease, which can easily become the cause of thinning hair. There are some men who eat ramen almost every day, but it’s best to get them to try to hold back from eating them at least once per week.

Of course, as is obvious, cup noodles are also not a good idea.

■ 2: Diet Products

Men who only eat konjaku noodles or harusame noodle soup in an attempt to lose some weight in a short period of time should also take care. The already low nutritional content of these foods will go straight to the body first of all, so the hair growth cycle tends to fall behind because the nutrients do not reach the head.

■ 3: All-You-Can-Eat

Men who love buffets and all-you-can-eats, and who try to eat as much as they can to get their money’s worth are also in danger. When we overeat, the result is that this puts a burden on the internal organs, so the nutrients go there, and end up not going to the scalp.

■ 4: Alcohol

The effects of alcohol relieve stress and promote circulation, so it’s not altogether bad, but drinking too much is definitely a no-no. If you drink too much and burden the liver, this hinders the synthesis of proteins that are essential for hair growth.

■ 5: Snack Foods

It’s not just greasy foods, but also snack foods, which have a lot of food additives and have a bad effect on hair growth and on circulation, that are linked to baldness. If your boyfriend is the kind who gobbles down a bag of snack food, it’s probably best to give him some advice about his hair.

Above I’ve talked about some of the foods you should look out for that cause hair to thin. How was it?

However, even though the things your boyfriend likes to eat might be the things that make him bald, to just suddenly take them away might make him stressed. Since stress is also a cause of baldness, it’s important that you help your boyfriend to manage his diet within reasonable limits.

And even you, who might now really want a bowl of ramen after seeing the photos in this article, should take care of yourself…

Comments from 2ch.net:


LMAO this has no basis whatsoever w


Being bald has nothing to do with the type of food you eat.


I’m bald, but actually I love KFC and potato chips.


It’s certainly true that there are a lot of baldies who like all-you-can-eat and ramen.


People who like really spicy things are also all bald.


I love snack foods, and I tend to get a lack of sleep all year round,
but I’m a handsome man with a luscious head of hair.


Kinda seems to me that there are more bald people abroad…guess foreigners eat ramen too?


If fat content is so bad for hair, then everyone in the US should be bald.


Baldies like boiled eggs.
Oh, and chocolate parfait.


It’s more to do with how you shampoo your hair, and how often you shampoo it, as well as genetics.


Baldness is a curse.
No matter how much care you take, you can’t evade your genes…!!


There are no elements to baldness other than genetic ones.
Those bastards who don’t go bald won’t go bald, even if they’re heavy drinking, stuff themselves like pigs, and smoke like chimneys.


Baldies will go bald no matter what they eat.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


I realized that this was a worthless article when I realized that they were saying that food additives were bad for circulation.

匿名希望 さん:

Agree with it.
Chlorine in tap water
Impurities in shampoos.
Seems like it’s bad for your scalp.


Hah! I thought this was about curry ramen [looks really similar to “boyfriend ramen”] ( ̄◇ ̄;)
Boyfriends and ramen
Well, my boyfriend loves ramen, but he’s skin and bones.
And he has a head full of natural curls.


Well, the soup that ramen come in has a lot of purine, so people who are bald and who suffer from gout probably should drink all the soup.


Baldness is a physical condition.
Won’t this discriminatory word ever be banned?

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