‘Send Princess Kako As A Comfort Woman’ Says Korean Article

Princess Kako of Japan

A small Korean “online newspaper” known as the Daily Journal went viral in Japan this week after an article berating Japan for a variety of issues from the Comfort Women to whaling. The article further claimed that earthquakes were a form of divine punishment. While this was not well-received, let’s not forget that good old Ishihara Shintaro, former mayor of Tokyo, was the first to suggest that the gods were not on Japan’s side.

But what really provoked netizens was the suggestion that Japan should send Princess Kako, who is now a twenty-year old university student, as a Comfort Woman. Cue unabashed Korea bashing.

But as one thoughtful Yahoo! commenter points out, netizens need to be careful not to conflate the opinion of one man on a small website in search of Internet traffic with the opinions of an entire nation…

From JCAST.com:

Princess Kako “Has To Become A Comfort Woman”: Korean Online Newspaper Makes Another Preposterous Remark


A Korean online newspaper has caused a stir after posting unthinkable remarks about Japan in a column. The writer of this column is a man who faced severe criticism even back in 2012, when he claimed that “Following this earthquake, Japan will face further divine punishment”, and in this new column he claims that Princess Kako, the second daughter of Prince Akishino, “should be sent to be a comfort woman”.

It is difficult to understand the reasoning behind the author’s claims, even after reading the article, and on the whole it is illogical, but it seems there are those who see the article as having “overstepped the line” as regards criticisms toward Japan.

Author’s Opinion Is That “Japan’s Extinction Will Be Divine Punishment”

The column was uploaded to the online newspaper “Daily Journal” on May 15, under the name of editor Cheon Chae-hak, with the title “As Dolphin Prophecy Shows, There Will Be No Tokyo Olympics In Japan In 2020”. According to the about section on the company’s website, the “Daily Journal” was founded in 2012, and is based in Seoul and in Kwangyang, in the south-west of South Cheolla.

According to the column, the writer is of the opinion that “Japan’s extinction will be divine punishment”. He points to the mass stranding and consequent deaths of dolphins and whales prior to the Tohoku Earthquake and the New Zealand Earthquake, and compares this with the mass stranding of 160 dolphins that happened off the coast of Hokota City, Ibaraki Prefecture, on April 10, 2015, claiming that “The dolphins foretell of a massive earthquake heading for Japan”.

Does The Author Mean To Link The Whaling Problem To The Issue Over The Comfort Women?

Immediately after mentioning the dolphins, the argument switches to the so-called issue of forced military prostitution, with the author claiming that Japanese people acknowledge the former Comfort Women as “prostitutes, and women who experienced the war”. Therefore, he says “The divine punishment will be applicable to the whole of Japan”. What’s more, he advocates this. It’s not really clear what the author’s intention is here, but it appears that he means to link the whaling problem to the issue over the Comfort Women.

Immediately following this statement, for some reason he then makes reference to Princess Kako. Here too, it is difficult to understand the gist of his argument; there is virtually no logic as to why he says “they should send her [Princess Kako] as a Comfort Woman”.

Given the opportunity, there’s nothing for it but to send Princess Kako of the Japanese Imperial Household as a Comfort Woman”.

In the final part of the column, the author says “We need an earthquake of magnitude 10 to sink the Japanese archipelago”, and wishes for the annihilation of Japan, and makes his own personal prediction that in 2020, when the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held, “Japan will have already disappeared from the face of the earth”.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:

石渡嶺司 [University journalist]:

At ICU, the school attended by Princess Kako, who is being targeted in this article, courses in peace, gender, and Asian research are held as common subjects across the entire university.
Of these courses, the “Peace Studies” syllabus says, “This course investigates possibilities for new methodologies in sociology and pacifism, considering our understanding of peace studies up to this point, and building on a level understanding of the realities of modern societies, where there is still war, poverty, and oppression.”
I hope, at least, that the two Korean exchange students that have been accepted at ICU are taking this kind of course.
And such courses are not just held at ICU, but at many universities throughout Japan.
If Korean exchange students in Japan who learn not only how these preposterous remarks, but also various other types of Korean claims, damage the dignity of their nation, increase in number, then wouldn’t that go some way toward improving Japan-Korea relations?

篠原 修司 IT writer:

We shouldn’t take as true each and every thing that the online media says.The article says that the Daily Journal is an “online newspaper”, but after a bit of investigation, the site is quite small with only about 3,000 visitors per month. I suppose that given the site has small numbers of vistors that they don’t make much from the advertising fees, and that’s why they went with an anti- Japan article. (And that way if the article becomes popular, they can make money on the advertising).
If you were to switch the positions of Japan and Korea in this incident, it’s the kind of thing where the Choson Ilbo, a major Korean newspaper, would be dealing with an article written by some anti-Korean blog in Japan making a fool out of Korea.


There is no hate greater than this. Isn’t the UN going to do anything about it?


This is a real problem, that makes us question their humanity.


Well, this is a great article where you can really see that when a people a bred through incest, there will inherently be faults in their DNA.


He really has completely crossed the line.


These remarks against our Imperial Family are unforgivable.


There is no greater insult than this. No, it’s actually an act of violence. I think it would be best if the UN acted on this.


They just have no dignity, that’s what it comes down to.


No matter how I look at it, I don’t think we want to get involved with them for the next thousand years. The fact that they hate us so much means that we’d probably be alright for the next 10,000,000 years, actually.


Obviously doesn’t want to live all that much.


This is an article full of fantasy ~(笑)
They can think and write whatever they like, but makes me question their humanity.

Comments from 2ch.net:


This really has crossed the line.

男色ドライバー(静岡県)@\(^o^)/ :

Those guys, they cross a line that they really shouldn’t cross without a care in the world, they provoke us.

タイガースープレックス(チベット自治区)@\(^o^)/ :

This guy is really too crazy, I’m worried about the reaction.

アイアンクロー(茨城県)@\(^o^)/ :

We’ll never have a good relationship with a country that publishes an article like that in a public newspaper.


Didn’t you learn not to insult the Emperor during Akihito’s time?


For real?
This ain’t going to end as a joke.

ファイヤーバードスプラッシュ(WiMAX)@\(^o^)/ :

This should be the headline on TV news shows.


Just what we expect from the discrimiNATION Korea.
Fearsome hatred.


Ah they’ve gone and done it now wwwww
Stupid Korea.


This is war.

雪崩式ブレーンバスター(新潟県)@\(^o^)/ :

Far from severing relations with them, we should be declaring war on them.

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  • bumfromkorea

    Come on now. The previous opinion written by the author of this opinion was about a Monk in the 70s prophesying Reunification with a “woman King”.

  • Comebackkid13

    “There is no greater insult than this. No, it’s actually an act of violence. I think it would be best if the UN acted on this.” – Really, are you serious? This comment is more ridiculous than anything the Korean blogger wrote.

    • terriblemovie

      Stupid people like that are actually common in Japan.

      • Set

        Stupid people like that are pretty common on this website.

        • monoclothe


    • UserID01

      I would love to know what they expect the UN to do about some lunatic ranting on a shitty online opinionated article.

      • Comebackkid13


    • wrle

      Yet “Holocaust Koreans” and “Kill Koreans” by zaitokukai is considered free speech?

    • Master of Unlocking

      Not really.

  • Pathetic Japanese Otaku

    LOL… Japanese.. my god.. you people are really pathetic. Japanese press and Japanese people foaming at their mouths in hatred, over a silly article written by a no name blog with 3000 visits per month (!) which claims they’re an “online news site”. How did Japanese online creeps that spend 24/7 in their rooms, looking for dirt on Koreans through online, dig this beauty up? What’s favorite terms on the search engines in Japan, is it “Korea”? Because most Koreans haven’t never even heard of this “news” site, so how did Japanese dig it up? My word, you guys are stalking creeps. What would you guys do if Korea didn’t exist?

    • Guest

      Lol. Exactly. The Japanese nationalists, taking a break from calling for the genocide of Koreans in their country, constantly need to pour oil on the flames of their ethnic hatred. This is equivalent to taking the comments of the Westboro Baptist Church and saying they represent the opinions of all Americans. Do these Japanese hikikimori trolls have jobs or is this all they do all day? Slander South Korea and China, spam youtube, twitter, fb, and social media in a “scorched earth” strategy with whatever Koreans, Korean-Americans, or Chinese people have done wrong and lies, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with their country?

    • terriblemovie

      Japan forever playing the victim.

      They write anti Korean articles all the time but Koreans don’t care.

      • KamenTeacher

        So true. It was today they arrested Japanese national in Shinjuku area slandering the princess. Sick Minded Island.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Letting themselves get so infuriated by a no-name writer with no backing…. I feel like that’s more embarrassing than the original post.

    At least with the post, you’re not expecting better from them.

    I expected better from Japanese netizens…

    • JEng

      They don’t go after comments made about other Japanese females or celebs so it looks like this family is still in power:


      In a nation of infrared handycams and pervs, how are they going to protect her privacy in public when clearly they value her privacy and happiness far more than they ever will ordinary citizens and Comfort Women victims.

      That’s why in Russia’s “The Sun” – the Douglas MacArthur character repeatedly asks Hirohito, “How are YOUR children?” because Hirohito designed the sadistic deaths of Chinese children especially the little girls to cause maximum pain to the Chinese parents and society.

  • Andrew Kim

    People posting inflammatory articles are nothing more than attention seeker.

    It is almost pathetically easy to create viral posting simply because it is internet. All it take is someone throwing tidbit of inflammatory opinion and poof, it spread like wildfire.

  • fuck royalty

    • William

      you must not insult British royal family

      • Bogs_Dollocks

        It appears that Ms. Ruiz is offering her services to engage in conjugal relations with them.

  • terriblemovie

    The Daily Journal got what they wanted: attention.

    Good job Japan. You increased their internet traffic and gave them a boost in revenue. You fell right into their trap. I never would have heard of this newspaper without you guys. Thanks.

    The newspaper is laughing at you now because of how easy it was to manipulate you. I wonder what article they’re going to right next? Can’t wait lol.

    • Guest

      I’m trying to find their internet address, but to no avail. I’ve never heard of this news site. Can anyone direct me to where this newspaper is located at? I want to read what it really says, instead of just taking the word of the Japanese.

  • chucky3176

    Japanese man masquerading online as a crazy Korean nationalist threatening to harm the royal princess, arrested by Japanese police, after causing a huge online uproar in Japan with serious anti-Korean backlash. We have a word for this in Korean – 혼자 북치고 장구치고 자빠져 있네. Maybe you Japanese can translate that too when you translate Korean forum comments into Japanese.


    This is so pathetic, but for years, there are so many Otaku’s masquerading as Koreans online, trying to stir up shit and cause anti-Korean feelings. Just look at Youtube for instance, so nothing new here. But what is new here is the fact that the number and veracity has multiplied with Japan’s rising nationalism based on hate for Koreans.

    But going back to the original story of Japanese outrage, pot calling the kettle black.

    A group of Korean comfort women, suing a Japanese government politician, who sent a horrible insulting threatening letter and a statue of a whore, to the state house, where the comfort women are living out their last days.


    • suki

      my favorite category is white she-males posing as white girls who seduce the idiot looser japanese otakus into homo sex. I wanna see an article on that!

      • just a korean


    • KamenTeacher

      In reality, many Taiwanese ( Pro- Japan) do this Anti-Korean Bullshit online ( Youtube, Japanese websites). Taiwan government promote and support Anti-Korean, Anti-China movement in Japan Nationalist Party. Many regards it is Taiwan/Taiwanese ( Pro-Japan) support these Japanese Lunatics in Japan.

  • MeiDaxia

    Why are KBang and JCrush getting better articles than CSmack? Now that CSmack is on the “140 characters or less” binge it is far less interesting.

  • bumfromkorea

    Bit off-topic (and really, given the subject of this post, being off-topic should be a blessing), but Princess Kako is pretty cute! (Didn’t even realize she existed…) I did a quick search on Naver, and I see that many Korean netizens seem to agree.

  • But Princess Kako looks like a nice girl 🙁

  • Gerhana

    its probably just chucky

    • Guest

      I don’t think it’s just one person. This stuff (online hating) is totally out of hand in Japan right now. One example is this site, that devotes all their time hating on South Korea:


      • Guest

        Japanese nationalists are actually harassing and cyberbullying Anna Fifield, Washington Post reporter, on Twitter right now for posting a picture of a Japanese business that posted a sign stating no Korean beer allowed. Look up Angry Pakku on Twitter for example for serious Japanese nationalist ranting and raving.

        • Gaijin

          Yup. She’s being harassed by the Japanese and their unfailing loyal Gaijin Japan apologists. The funny thing is, all the Japan apologists and Japonophiles can choose to remain silent and pretend what’s happening in Japan isn’t really happening, until they themselves get fallen out of flavour of the moment. Laugh at what’s happening to the famous gaijin Japan apologist reporter for inadvertently upsetting the Japanese.


          The old saying, first they came from the homosexuals and Jews but I never spoke up. But when they came for me, nobody spoke up for me.

          • guest


            why you live in Japan if you so hate Japan so much?

          • Caroline


          • Guest

            You are so right, Gaijin, especially your last quote. The Japanese nationalists’ anti-Korean and anti-Chinese sentiment is beyond ridiculous. You should see this article by the Guardian quoting Dr. Masahiko Fujinaga, chairman of a Japanese Chelsea football fan club, said that he didn’t purchase Chelsea shirts in the past because a South Korean company, Samsung, was the sponsor. http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2015/may/12/chelsea-japan-yokohama-rubber-yoshinori-muto He says that “most ordinary Japanese won’t say so publicly, but I think almost everyone is quite fed up of Korea and the Korean people right now.” Fujinaga states that most of the supporters in his club are not interested in a shirt that has Samsung written it and he believes “this reflects how most sensible Japanese feel about Korea.”

            There was also the attempted arson of the SK cultural center 2 months ago by a Japanese man, Toshikazu Kondo. The only thing that Koreans are apparently good for in the Japanese nationalist minds is consuming their poisoned seafood from the waters around Fukushima nuclear plant. They just took South Korea to the WTO to force them to accept their poisoned, radiation exposed seafood that no one in their right mind, including their countrymen, will eat it. Why should anyone even buy Japanese seafood at all considering even their dear ally Taiwan has enacted stricter food controls on Japanese seafood from the Fukushima area due the Japanese deliberately putting fake labels on seafood that disguised that they actually came from the Fukushima area. Why pick on a smaller country which has only done the same thing that larger countries like China have done?

    • AppleSeed

      haha, I thought so too.

  • KamenTeacher

    Do not be surprised if Taiwan ( Pro Japan) Taiwanese support Anti-Korean movement in Japan. Many Non-Japanese think it is Japanese/ Japanese government that support these clowns. Opposite can be true Taiwan/Taiwan government who are Pro Japan supporting Anti-Korean movement in Japan!!

  • Bogs_Dollocks

    Japan, Korea, and China.

    Three little children forever fighting in the sandbox.

  • Why asians always are fighting among themselves, i mean if they support each other, they could be more powerful…

    • MichaelAngel

      You are right and I wish for that too. I think that US let them fight each other because it is afraid of what you said. But it is also true that the countries are a bit childish.

    • Pharenheit

      The naivety of this comment…. mind blown.

    • guestt

      What… Like the EU….

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