Teacher Tells Pupils To Dig Hole, Buries Four Kittens Alive

Teacher gets students to dig a hole, buries four kittens alive

The Japanese Internet will forgive embarrassing videos. It will forgive merciless trolling. But it will not forgive torturing kittens. Oh no.

Little surprise then, that netizens have responded with anger to the behavior of a high-school teacher who made his students dig a hole in which he buried 4 kittens while they were still alive. While some concede that the teacher may just have been doing what he thought was right, others demand that his name be released, branding him a “psychopath”.

What do you think? Was the teacher just doing the “responsible thing”? Or does his behavior indicate deep psychological issues?

From Yomiuri Shimbun:

High School Teacher Buries 4 Kittens Alive, Makes Students Dig The Hole

It was discovered during an interview that a male teacher in his 30s at a prefectural high school in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, had buried newborn kittens alive in the grounds of the school.

The teacher made the students do the work of digging a hole, and it is said that he buried at least four kittens alive. Prefectural police are investigating the teacher under suspicion of violation of animal protection laws.

According to the school, on the morning of March 6, the male teacher found five kittens in the school grounds which he assumed to have been abandoned at birth by their stray mother. After classes, the teacher had three boys from his homeroom class to prepare a shovel and dig a hole in a corner of the school grounds without telling them what the purpose was. Then, the teacher buried the five kittens himself. One of the kittens was missing and is assumed to have died, but four of the kittens were still alive.

On March 9, guardians of the students contacted the school, and asked the teacher what had happened. The teacher showed remorse and stated that “There was no parent for the kittens, and I thought that if they were neglected they would die anyway. I didn’t know how to handle it, and I thought that the city wouldn’t come to collect them”.

Comments from 2ch.net:


That teacher is a mentalist, through and through.


The students will be traumatized by having to dig a hole and stuff.


I feel sorry for the kittens of course, but I also feel sorry for those students.


Wonder if this teacher has been telling his students “Life is precious”?


Was it too much trouble for him to call an animal shelter?


Does he have Asperger’s or something?


If only he’d done it himself no one would have found out.
It ended up this way because he was shirking.


I don’t feel he was being malicious, but in general he should have called the animal shelter.


Psychopath teacher.


Bury him alive as punishment, the brute!


Crazy evil bastard.
I’d love to see his face.


Smothering is the most horrible way to die.


Rather than being a psycho, doesn’t this guy just hate animals? People like that are not so rare.
I mean, some people put poison down to kill stray cats.
Even here on 2ch there is a “I’m not good with living creatures” board, and there are quite a few people who report animal abuse on that board.


Well, at least he had more of a sense of responsibility that just abandoning them there, so this is different from abuse.
In the countryside where I’m from, they used to throw cats into the sea if they wouldn’t keep them.
Apparently there was this saying that went something like “If you do it before the cat opens its eyes after being born then there’s no crime in it”.

名無しさん@1周年: [in response to above]

Even if that was what he was thinking, why bury them alive?
What a cruel thing to do.
We humans try to at least kill things without them suffering.


So frightening.
What the hell…


This is fucked up
Make his name public.
This guy needs to be monitored in society.


Back in the old days they used to drown them in the river or abandon them in the mountains without a second thought.


Were these cats really abandoned in the school grounds?
This seems a bit suspicious to me.
It’s possible that some irresponsible owner couldn’t deal with them and left them there secretly.


That guy’s sense of responsibility has veered in a really strange direction.


Completely mental.
Quick, reveal the guy’s name.


At least give them a pain-free death.

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  • Cysorzowa

    That’s sick beyond words. I find it very disturbing, that someone prone to sadistic cruelty works as school teacher.

  • Guest

    i don’t see how anyone could think what he was doing was “right”.. pretty sick to bury anything alive. i wouldn’t want someone like that around my children.

  • if there’s one thing you don’t fuck with in Japan it’s cats

  • firebert5

    That quote again with clarifications in parentheses ()
    “There was no parent for the kittens, and I thought that if they were neglected they would die anyway. I didn’t know how to handle it (nor did I bother to ask anyone else or try to figure out a better way of handling it than just killing the dumb animals), and I thought that the city wouldn’t come to collect them (though I never bothered to call anyone about it or check with either the school, city, or local animal shelter. So clearly it’s not my fault at all)”.

  • commander

    What is as stunning as the teacher’s scary instruction, which raises the question of his or her credentials as a teacher is that no student seemed to discourage the teacher from burying the cute creatures in the hole.

    They just watched as the sand and dirt was being thrown over the kittens

    It’s creepy.

  • zer0

    People who treat animals like shit will treat other people no better.

  • elizabeth

    The Japanese are a creative people but some are simply too unique in the way they think. This teacher and the ramen eating killer, for instance, demonstrated logical thinking, yet in a way that confounds as strange behavior.

    I am just wondering whether this is the result of being too reserved because candid expression of one’s thoughts seems uncommon in Japan, out of politeness perhaps. Those bottled up thoughts that somehow manifest themselves ended up weird because they are not contextually shaped by the social environment since people do not always voice out their frank opinions.

    • guest

      Nothing logical about buring kittens alive, even if they were abandoned. This is simply an act of cruelty. Nothing to do with japanese being “uniquely creative”.

      • Butsu

        I agree that buring kittens alive is not logical. However, just as PETA kills “left over dogs”, the very same thing happens with kittens as well, even when they’re taken to an animal shelter. I still think he should’ve have contacted someone else first though and not do it himself.

        • Markus P

          PETA kills left over dogs? =[

          • Butsu

            Yes, since they can’t find enough people willing to adopt animals that has been thrown away or abandoned.

    • elizabeth

      What is cruel to you and me, he thinks is better than leaving them starving to death slowly. It could be an excuse or he could have been genuinely clueless as to what to do and did what he thought was best, cruel it might be.

      His remorse could be fake or genuine. The issue is to find out how to stop such behavior especially if the latter is the case, be it punishment or education. Punishment won’t help ignorance and teachers need to be educated too, ironical it may seem, before more weird acts are committed.

      • RocKStaR

        Having them starve or burying them are not the only 2 options. If there is an animal you cant or don’t want to care for you take it to an animal shelter, I would think everyone knows that. It will either find a new home or be destroyed in a painless manner.

        If he really didn’t think that the animal shelter would of taken them and wanted to ‘end there suffering’ he would of killed them quickly and painlessly. He would not give them a slow and agonizing death. He wanted to see the kittens suffer because he has psychological issues, his remorse is fake.

        • elizabeth

          Not everyone is as nimble-minded as you expect. You might be right about him but then you might also be assuming too much about his intentions, drawing conclusions based on your own psyche or experience.

        • elizabeth

          Btw, I am surprised that no one has so far questioned who left the kittens there as pointed out in one of the translated comments.

      • Guest

        I donno why you are trying to somehow justify this. This act should be cruel to any sane person from any country. The only reason why someone would think it is a viable option of if they are bonkers.

        • elizabeth

          Not trying to justify but trying to understand the psyche behind such weird acts in order to prescribe a solution to prevent further similar acts.

          Getting angry is understandable but does it help?

          I noticed that the nature of crimes in Japan is very strange, so there might be some connection to the culture of having to be always pleasant on the surface. That is all I am trying to say.

    • tomoe723

      I understand where you’re getting at. His course of action was a bit extreme, and probably the only reason why is that he is too reserved not to have contacted for outside help. This is not uncommon, some people are just too afraid to communicate to “strangers”. Being left with no choice of taking the kittens in for himself, he could have just boxed the kittens and left it somewhere else. To bury them alive with the excuse that they’ll just die sooner anyway is a hint of extreme cynicism or simply a psychopath. However, I find it ironic that he is a teacher who has constant exposure to children.

      On the other hand, from my experience in animal research, some professors incinerate/euthanize hundreds of live chicks or mice without hesitation because there is no alternative to setting them free or leaving them alive. No resources for keeping them alive, and setting them free will hurt the ecosystem badly. It happens like when they make a mistake in ordering the wrong batch of species.

      • elizabeth

        Enjoyed reading your perspective. Now you got me wondering whether cats’ lives are more valued than those of chicks and mice.

        • tomoe723

          Personally, I think them professors were psychopaths. But I suppose there’s nothing to be done with those chicks or mice. Giving them to farmers for free is an alternative, but the paperwork and inquiry that the recipient has no profit connections is too much of a hassle given the busy schedules, so to the incineration chamber it is.

          I guess it all boils down to how good the “excuses” are.

          • elizabeth

            It looks like a case of convenience or lack of love for living things. It’s more likely the case for this teacher too, imo.

  • K

    Why not let the shelter adopt the animals or euthanize them? Perhaps some students or staff could have adopted them. Drowning the kittens would have been a slightly lesser evil though I find it also cruel since they are suffering, but it would have been a lesser amount of time and no painful long starvation (average untrained human person apparently can hold their breath for 1 minute) instead of couple of excruciating hours of starvation. The poster also mentioned leaving them in the mountains, though they might not survive, still a better option than what he though.

    He opted to use an inhuman method of disposing the kittens, not that drowning them is any better. This is my 2 cents.

  • Dark Night

    So she dug her own grave.

  • FYIADragoon

    Jesus. At least go leave them in front of a police station if you don’t think the city will collect them and you don’t want to pay for the euthanization. Burial alive is the alternative? And even worse you make children your accomplices? Messed up.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    … Is this guy still employed?? Not sure he meets my standards for being a teacher, morally and intellectually.

  • UserID01

    I don’t understand why he didn’t first think, “Maybe I should call the animal control” or something similar. I wonder why his first thought was, “I’ll make children dig a hole to suffocate these animals alive.”

  • Markus P

    Who wants a psycho to teach their children? He should lose his job.
    Please post a follow up story so we know what happens to the cats and the teacher…. Regardless of how popular the news later becomes. Thanks.

  • Joe

    What no context? Wonder what the teacher told the kids that convinced them enough to bury baby kittens alive. Taking advantage of vulnerable children, terrible.

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