What Happens If You Eat Only Gyudon For 3 Months?

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One of the most talked about stories today on Yahoo! Japan and Twitter was the news that delicious, delicious gyudon, a bowl of rice topped with beef that is a type of Japanese-style fast food, is not only delicious. It’s practically a health food.

Restaurant chain Yoshinoya recently ran an experiment in which 24 people got to eat gyudon every single day for three months. Results indicated that doing so did not increase risk of metabolic issues, weight gain, body fat, blood sugar, and so on.

You would think that the Internet would resound with joy at this news. But no. Netizens are extremely skeptical at this crafty piece of pop-science promotion. As one shrewd commenter pointed out, the problem is not eating gyudon for three months. The problem is what happens when you eat gyudon for thirty years.

What do you think? Is gyudon Japan’s next unlikely health craze?


What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Yoshinoya Gyudon Every Day For Three Months? Here Are The Results Of The Research!

What happens to your body if you eat gyudon [rice topped with beef] every day for three months? This was actually tested by major gyudon chain Yoshinoya Holdings (HD) in an experiment that started this spring. And now the results are finally out. So what are the long-awaited results…

Drop-Out Rate Zero!

“We want to do away with the image that rice bowls are bad for health”. That was why Yoshinoya HD started the experiment. A group of 24 men and women aged 20 -65 were given Yoshinoya’s “Frozen Gyudon Pack” [NB: contains no rice] to eat every single day. Furthermore, participants in the experiment had to keep a diary of what they ate every day, how many times they ate, how much alcohol they drank, and how many hours they slept. Before and after the experiment, the participants had tests to see how their weight, blood pressure, BMI and body fat ratio had changed.

By the way, in this experiment, which might even seen a little too cruel, it seems that not a single person dropped out.


Now For The Results

Well then, what were the much-awaited results? This is what Yoshinoya HD stated:

“Significant changes in weight, body fat ratio, blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterols, and blood sugar, which are linked to metabolic syndrome, one of the causes of lifestyle disease, did not occur.

That’s to say that even if you eat gyudon every day for three months, the fact is that there would be no changes in weight and body fat, and the effect it will have on your blood data according to the results of this study.

“Doing Away With The Bad Image”

What’s more, the company emphasized the following in red letters in their data.

“From nutritional analysis, we had already estimated that there would be no increase in risk or initiation of lifestyle disease due to the ingredients of the Yoshinoya gyudon. We would like to inform everyone that in the healthy men and women who ate the Yoshinoya “Frozen Gyudon Pack” for 12 weeks, and even in those people who had higher blood sugar levels, we saw no signs of increased risk to health of any kind before and after consumption of the gyudon“.

A spokesperson for Yoshinoya HD told us that “With these results, it would be good if we could now do away with the image that gyudon is bad for your health”. The results have been published on Yoshinoya’s official website.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


Wouldn’t change the fact that you wouldn’t get enough vegetables.


Better than McDonald’s I guess.


Doesn’t mean it’s actually good for you, does it?


It doesn’t say “every meal” just “every day”, so if the contents of the other meals are not clear, then these results are pretty meaningless.


Ummm I reckon that it must actually be looking pretty bad for the people who came out of this experiment after 3 months….


Why the hell would anyone just keep eating gyudon continually anyway.


This kind of thing doesn’t have much of an effect after 3 months. It’s after 30 years that you really see the difference.


These aren’t the results of an independent survey so I don’t buy this story.


Frozen packs…man…
We don’t even know what else they were eating…there is no reason to even consider this.


What’s really got me wondering is how much they were paid to do this…

Comments from Twitter:


Believe it or don’t believe it. It’s up to you.
I do not believe it.

jo shigeyuki:

Just reflecting on the fact that gyudon which has been boiled and had the fat removed is probably not all that unhealthy, after my massive meal at Tokyo Chikara Meshi.


The point is that just by eating the same thing for 3 months, you’d probably get the same result. Bad lifestyle habits accumulate year on year. This has no medical value, it’s just the kind of crap that would come up on TV shows like Tameshite Gatten and Aru Aru Daijiten.


I reckon I’d be able to keep this up for about a week, but are there really people out there who can do it for 3 months??


Back in the day, there was a time when my body was comprised of 80% gyudon.


Not surprising. We’re not talking about hamburgers.


Umm, isn’t this kind of experiment completely meaningless unless it’s carried out by an independent organization?


The point at which a gyudon chain put this experiment into action it had zero credibility. Trival.

[email protected]テスト終わったー:

So looks like it’ll be fine if I just keep eating those gyudon



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  • KoreanPeninsula

    Do you like it?

  • Realist

    Rice bowls are totally health food compared to the fast food restaurants in the US; at least they ran the experiment through 3 months. They tried this experiment with MacDonalds in the film, “Supersize Me” and it resulted in doctor stoppage on day 21 from heart issues. He ignored it and went to day 30 and doctors were surprised he’s still alive LOL I’d eat beef rice bowls everyday if I could!

    • Anonymous

      That movie was made by some organic hipster with an agenda, and was hardly fair if at all. Just about all of his health problem he suffered was the result of drinking the entire cup of the sugary drink that came with each meal. He could’ve very well asked for some other beverage that’s way healthier, but he went with the worst, and insist on finishing the entire thing. When was the last time you went to a fast food restaurant and finish the entire cup of the soda that came with your meal? Exactly.

      Go look up this other documentary made by a school teacher John Cisna. He managed to lose 56 pound while eating nothing but McDonalds for a month. He did it to prove a point that you can very well eat healthy if you just eat the right way, regardless of what restaurant you go to. Oh and he didn’t just eat the salad, he actually ate just about all items on the menu, even the fattier stuffs, and STILL lost weight.

      Look, I personally hate McDonalds, too(Mostly because the food they serve taste disgusting to me). But you gotta be fair about it. Stop blaming the restaurant and take responsibility for your own health for once.

      • Realist

        Very interesting what you say about Cisna. Personally, my health is just fine; I go to the gym regularly and was an Olympic-style weightlifting athlete when I was in grad school and a Taekwondo team athlete in college. I was lamenting how difficult it is in America to get cheap healthy food. It takes me a long time to do my shopping at the supermarket because I read the nutrition labels and everything is either too expensive or loaded with fat. It’s often best to cook for myself but that’s often a hassle if life is busy. I’ve eaten at McDonalds maybe 20 times in the last 5 years, but I do like Chipotle! Chipotle is usually known as the healthiest fast food and I think these beef bowls are on par. I think America needs more fast food chains like this, which serve high protein, high carbohydrate, relatively low fat meals rather than restaurants like McDonalds, which serves high fat, high carbs, moderate protein meals.

        It seems to me, that after reviewing John Cisna’s experiment, that the key to his weight loss was taking in an abnormally small amount of calories while being a relatively large person. Even when slim, he is over 200 pounds and he ate only 3 meals per day; breakfast was eggs white sandwiches, lunch was fruit and salad, and dinner was off the value meal, which, while unhealthy, was quite small. When you are taking in less calories than you are expending, you will lose weight, no matter how unhealthy the calories are. But how about gaining weight? If you wanted to gain healthy, strong muscle, could you pack it on with McDonald’s calories? Maybe… if you train very hard and have very good genetics; most people cannot do it. When we think about MacDonald’s, we don’t think about salads and eggs white sandwiches; you can definitely lose weight on that. We think of the iconic Big Mac and other burgers with meat and cheese. So essentially, he was eating at a different McDonalds than what people usually have in mind.

    • Pizza is Chinese

      Brown rice bowls, yes.

      White rice bowls that are virtually calorie bombs with no nutrients? No…

  • James

    comments by netizens says it all

  • Smith_90125

    “No danger”? With that much salt in it? Yeah, right. That isn’t a “study”, it’s an advertisement.

    Beef bowls are okay as a treat now and then, but that much sodium on a regular basis will damage heart and circulatory system, especially in older people. Besides which, the quality of the meat keeps dropping. In a typical yoshinoya bowl, nearly half the “meat” is fat.

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