Woman Flings Car Door Open After Argument, Kills Own Mother

A woman in Japan has been arrested after opening her car door and killing her mother.

A popular story on Yahoo! Japan this week was the news that a 52 year-old woman had killed her 76 year-old mother by knocking her over when she opened the car door.
The pair allegedly had an argument after going for a meal together, and both had been drinking alcohol. Although the woman has been arrested and charged with manslaughter, the circumstances surrounding her arrest are unclear.

Netizens think that the woman was so drunk she injured her mother in a blind rage when her mother tried to stop her driving. Given that she did not call for help for her mother until the following day, perhaps things aren’t as straighforward as they seem.
From Asahi Shimbun:

Woman Arrested On Suspicion Of Killing Her Mother By Opening Car Door With Force

On May 31, the Gamagori division of the Aichi Prefectural Police announced that Ishikawa Eiko (52), a company worker from Nishiuracho Gamagori, Aichi Prefecture, had been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter for knocking her mother over with the car door as she opened it, killing her. The suspect denies the charges, saying “I didn’t intend to use force to open the door…I didn’t even know I’d knocked her over”.

According to police, on the evening of May 2, Ishikawa allegedly had an argument with her mother, Shibakawa Hiroko (76), of Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, in the car park in front of their home. Ishikawa got in her own car, and then opened the driver’s side door with extreme force, knocking over her mother Hiroko, who was knocking on the driver’s window from outside. Hiroko then suffered a cerebral contusion, which killed her.

On the morning of the next day, May 3, Ishikawa saw her mother Hiroko collapsed in the car park and called 119. Hiroko was taken to hospital, but died on May 18. It is said that on May 2, the pair had returned home after going for a meal and a drink together before Mother’s Day.

Comments from Twitter:

One as bad as the other.


So they’d only just had a meal for Mother’s Day? That’s so grim.


How could she just leave her there like that all night! The only thing I can think is that she did it on purpose. So cruel…


So, I guess she was drink-driving, then?


Was the mother frightened that her daughter would be found out for driving home drunk?


Mother’s day has no meaning here. Violent bastards shouldn’t drink!

ヤマギシ ユウヤ:

Hmm….drink driving…she wouldn’t have remembered a thing…


(1) They went to drink together (2)She drove home drunk (3) Daughter fell asleep in the driver’s seat drunk (4) Mother got out of the car, knocked the window (5) Daughter gets mad because she’s drunk, flings door open (6)Daughter passes out at home (7) Surpised next day…right?


Can’t imagine this one bit.


She reported it the next day…and they’d gone home after having a meal and drinking together.
I get it. Captial punishment for the daughter, that’ll do.


I wonder if the mother was trying to stop her daughter from drink-driving? But it’s mystery to me how they determined whether or not she hurt her mother on purpose…For the daughter, this probably seems like a false accusation?

[email protected]:

Looking at the title of the article I thought ‘man, what an unfortunate accident’, but she did it on purpose. Probably means I’m an innocent person.


Does this mean she was pretty much blind-drunk? She must have driven having drunk so much that she’d leave her mother there overnight. She’s finished as a person.


Shouldn’t the charges be drink-driving and murder? She did it on purpose. There’s a good age on her, wasn’t she able to imagine what would happen if she did what she did? There are too many people in their fifties like that…


So they went home after drinking alcohol, and she tried to drive drunk? I can’t understand why she’d murder her mother.But we don’t really know what happened. This is a shit article.

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