Woman Strangles Husband Because He Didn’t Give White Day Gift

Japanese woman strangles husband because he didn't give her anything for White Day

March 14 in Japan is White Day, a day when girls get gifts (often white-themed) back from the boys they gave chocolates to on Valentine’s Day — if the boy decides to return their affections.

But this year, things took a sinister twist between one married couple when the wife decided to strangle her husband because she didn’t get anything back from him on White Day.

Is it time to call a truce on White Day?

From mixi News:

Attempted Murder: Woman Accused Of Strangling Husband After He Didn’t Give Her Anything Back On White Day

◇ Wife Arrested, Denies Intent To Kill

On March 16, the South Sakai division of Osaka Prefectural Police arrested suspect Nishiyama Mie (43), who runs a beauty salon in Niwashirodai, Minami Ward, Sakai City, at the scene of an attempted murder for having tried to strangle her husband. Nishiyama denies intending to kill him, and stated “It pissed me off that he didn’t give me anything back for White Day, and so I choked him with a tie, but I had no intention of killing him”.

At dawn on March 16, the suspect is said to have tried to murder her company employee husband (31) while at home by strangling him. According to police, at around 00:35, the husband called 110 and reported to police: “I was strangled by my wife”. When officers rushed to the scene, the husband had collapsed in the living room. There were marks on his neck that showed he had been strangled with something but these were not severe, and there was no danger to his life. [Tsukui Toru].

Comments from mixi.jp:

More like “Fright Day”…(´・ω・`)

Wasn’t this guy just waiting for an opportunity to break up with her?

I just tightened the purse strings, no need to tighten a cord around his neck (* ̄∇ ̄)ノ¥

This was so hilarious I showed it to my husband (笑). He was like “I’m taking you out to dinner tonight so don’t kill me ~! Great, I guess I’ll forgive him then \(^^)/

White Day…Protect against your wife day…◎

For years and years I’ve never got anything back for White Day…If you’re always looking to get something back then what makes you unhappy is giving things yourself.

I’ve been married for like 12 years, and I’ve never once had anything (笑) If you’re looking to get something back then it’s not a present in the first place!

Haven’t they heard of selfless love? If you only give chocolates because you’re expecting something back, then don’t do it in the first place!

Women’s wrath works on a point system, so it’s not the case that you can escape their wrath completely if you manage to escape what made them angry at the moment they burst into a rage.

Any mane who lets a lover’s spat end up in an attempted murder is a fool, too (ー_ー)!!

Women don’t care even if there is no reason to be angry! I’m satisfied by turning up the electric blanket to MAX when my husband is taking a nap, it always looks like he’s having a terrible nightmare.

Her husband is 12 years younger than her, huh…figures (-_-;)

If the wife is like that, then so is the husband. I guess if your wife strangles you, you call 110, huh? ǭ

Don’t give “payback” just because you don’t “get something back”! w

She may not have got anything back but she got him back by strangling him!

See!!!!!! It’s because we end up with incidents like this that we should abolish Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!

Gets strangled→ Calls 110 himself→ collapses in living room…what the? (゚-゚) Did she carry on strangling after he’d reported her…?

That’s why I’m always saying that we should get rid of the tradition of giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day as well as giving back on White Day!

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