“Comfort Women Were Necessary”, Says Hashimoto Toru

Hashimoto Toru's latest remarks over the comfort women might signal the end of his political career in Japan.

Will Hashimoto’s remarks signal the end of his political career?

Osaka mayor and co-leader of the Japan Restoration Party, Hashimoto Toru, is well-known for his controversial remarks.

While his extreme views have given him brief celebrity with the more extreme elements of Japanese society, it seem that his recent remarks have seen him fall from grace, even in the eyes of his fellow Restoration Party members.

Do you think these remarks signal the end of Hashimoto’s career? Or will they just add to his notoriety and cater to right-wing sentiments?

From Yahoo! Japan:

Restoration Party Leader Hashimoto Toru’s Endorsement Of Comfort Women System And Encouragement Of US Troops Stationed In Okinawa To Use Sex Industry Criticized By Both Ruling LDP And Opposition Parties.

On May 13, Hashimoto Toru (Osaka Mayor), Co-Leader of the Japan Restoration Party, said that “The comfort women system was necessary” when asked about the issue of forced military prostitution under the former Japanese military. Hashimoto further stated that he encourages the use of the sex industry in Okinawa by troops stationed there.

While Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s remarks over Japan’s comprehension of its history have caused diplomatic friction with both China and South Korea, there has been criticism from both the ruling party and the parties in opposition over Hashimoto’s remarks, which approve the existence of the comfort women.

On the morning of May 13, Hashimoto stated to a group of reporters at Osaka City Hall that “Anyone can understand why the comfort women system was necessary if you think about how you can help those groups of warriors, those groups of over-stimulated men, when they have had to run for their lives as bullets are flying through the air as though they were drops of rain in a storm”.

“[Comfort women] were necessary at the time in order to support military discipline.”

The same evening, Hashimoto restated to a group of reporters that “[The comfort women] were necessary at the time in order to support military discipline.” Moreover, when he visited the Marine Corps Air Station Futenma (Ginowan, Okinawa) during Golden Week, it was revealed that he told the US Base Commander, “I want [the troops] to make more use of the sex industry here”. When asked about why this was, Hashimoto said, “Well, because in Japan we have places where the troops can legally release their sexual energy”.

With regard to this, Ozawa Sakihito, Restoration Party committee chairperson, said that Hashimoto had also mentioned that Japan ought to take on board the realities of Japanese invasion tactics, clarifying on Hashimoto’s behalf that “It’s important to listen to what he said as a whole”. Still, a senior official of the Restoration Party criticized his remarks, saying “They were problematic remarks that verge on historical taboos”. Another senior member moved to limit the damage of Hashimoto’s statements, saying “These are not remarks that represent the thoughts of the party”.

Senior officials in the LDP were critical, saying that “It’s out of the question. These remarks will probably prove fatal to his career”. Kaieda Banri, president of the Democratic Party emphasized that the “comfort women system was unnecessary”, and Ichida Tadayoshi, secretary general of the Japanese Communist Party said that “His remarks horrified me. He isn’t competent to be the mayor of Osaka or the party leader”.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


At any rate, Hashimoto is too loose with his remarks. As a politician he’s dangerous and too unstable.


This is a good chance for all those bastards backing Hashimoto and the Restoration Party to rethink things.


Go ahead, take a chance.
In all likelihood, Hashimoto doesn’t understand the issue of the comfort women at all.


In spite of the fact that they were professional prostitutes who wanted to do it, and they got paid, they turn around and play the victim.


You know, you really don’t have to report every little thing the mayor says.


Fuck off traitors!


Japan made provisions for comfort women mainly using Japanese women who were highly-paid, and not forced, but the outrageous behaviour of Korea in Vietnam knew no bounds. It’s Korea that needs to reflect on their behaviour and pay reparations.


Hashimoto has some errors in his understanding.


It’s all over for Hashimoto (boo hoo).


Why the hell is this stupid bastard talking about this stuff now? There are so many more important things he should be talking about, and yet he does nothing about them.


It’s all over, Hashimoto. You’ve got enemies on the right and on the left.


Right, the thing is, Hashimoto says the comfort women were necessary. Well, Hashimoto, don’t lump the rest of Japan in with you.


I’m concerned about the opinions of his co-leader [of the Japan Restoration Party], Ishihara. These kind of loose remarks might well cause the Restoration Party to divide into two, in the worst case.


I mean come one, this guy is a celebrity! [Before becoming a politician Hashimoto used to be a talking head on several Japanese variety programmes.]


At the end of it all, Hashimoto sits on the fence

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  • Yoona

    Now how sick is that…

  • god

    but half the fun is in the hunt

  • PixelPulse

    I hope his career is trashed for saying this, especially after agreeing that they were forced into it.

    • Considering Abe’s popularity after stating that Japan wasn’t the aggressors in 1900~1945… I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • chucky3176

    Japanese are more upset that in his doublespeak speech, he did grudgingly admit that “some of them were forced, and that Japan need to apologize” – that’s where he went wrong, pissing off a huge group of Japanese. If he had stuck to “Japan didn’t force anybody to be comfort women, and what Japan did in Asia was for the good of Asians”, there would be no problems with his own party. But by partly accepting Japan’s culpability (although he probably doesn’t really believe that himself), he’s pissed off his own constituency. And he also pissed off the Japanese left/center party because not what he said is fundlementally wrong, but because he’s pissing off Japan’s neighbor. In summary, nobody in Japan really cares about setting the comfort women issue right.

    This is the speech he made, and notice the typical beating around the bush, suggestion that Japan is the victim in all this because they were defeated in the war, but now Japan is unfairly made to pay. He is wrong by the way. The world doesn’t label Japan as a rape nation. People just want Japan to tell the truth that what Japan did was wrong, stop fudging with history, stop insulting and start honoring those women who were abused. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.


    As Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said, there is not an established
    definition of aggression among academics. But Japan was defeated in war.
    We must acknowledge that what Japan did was aggression as a result of
    that defeat.

    It is true that Japan caused great suffering and damage to neighboring countries. Japan must reflect on it and apologize.

    Japan must make its own case when it is unfairly insulted over something contrary to the truth.

    Why has only Japan’s comfort women issue become the subject of international discussions?

    Labeling Japan as a “rape nation,” the world has accused Japan of
    abducting women through a nationwide campaign and having them serve as
    comfort women. On that point, we must point out what is incorrect.

    There are those who became comfort women against their will and
    they are a product of the tragedy of war. Japan also bears
    responsibility for that war. We must understand their feelings and make

    In those days, not only Japan but also other countries used a comfort women system for their military.

    With bullets flying like a rainstorm, soldiers were running,
    risking their lives. If rest could be provided to an army of such
    overwrought warriors, anyone can understand that a comfort women system
    was necessary.

    But Japan is seen as a rape nation because of campaigns by South
    Korea and other parties. This is the most important point in question.

    If evidence is found, we must recognize the claim. But a Cabinet
    decision made in 2007 says no such evidence has been found. We must make
    that point clear.

    • KMF

      Does this fool have a daughter? Sister? Wife? Niece? How would he feel if a bunch of koreans took over tokyo (which btw they mostly have through yakuza already seeing as it is at least 30% korean and many top bosses are korean) and tricked his mother for a ‘hostess’ or ‘factory worker’ job then dragged her off to be raped by 30 soldiers a day?

      Maybe he should also think about how Americans could say EXACTLY the same thing about any japanese women raped by US soldiers: “We, uh, deeply regret this UNFORTUNATE and REGRETTABLE ‘incident’….by the way we’re gonna burn the records in four months and pretend it never happened”.

      I could apply everything he says to any japanese women raped by US soldiers and it would justify all of it.

      Let him have a little taste of his own medicine.

      • Morricane

        Yeah well, the ingenious thing about his remarks is that by stating that basically comfort women (or in other words – sexual abuse in war) is a “necessity” he denies the victims basic human rights just because it is war. (which, frankly, would be a perfectly fine way of thinking for someone from 200 years ago…)

        • KMF

          ‘Ingenious’? I think you meant ‘insipid’.

          Once again, I am sure he will have no problem with his close ones or himself being subject to the same fate. Maybe he should go to Okinawa and lie down in front of our marines with his legs spread open and a sign around his neck that reads: “I am a filthy jap pig who deserve to be raped. Please use me to relieve your frustrations!”

          It’s war you know. He obviously has no problem with ways of war or its continuation.

          • Morricane

            Thanks for explaining the irony 🙂

          • KMF

            Not much else to do when you are failing at delivering yourself correctly judging by the contents from rest of your comments. You must be extremely naive or completely blind to not understand you sound like a really naive revisionist with little idea of japanese hypocrisy when it comes to basic responsibilities.

        • Pickle

          War. War never changes….or does it?

          • Morricane

            I heard it gets “cleaner” thanks to the usage of drones and guided missiles which tend to hit their intended (military) targets more often than unintended (civil). Well, at least those things won’t sexually abuse innocent bystanders, for whatever that’s worth…

        • john roberts53


    • KMF

      First of all, they don’t listen to anyone but voices in their own heads. Japs having nothing to fall back on besides their own delusions to justify their copycat people who are nothing more than tacky thieves and whores.

      Secondly, tens of thousands of women from SE Asia today are being trafficked into japan on a constant basis, bought with money and lies. They are sold off as whores, not unlike those who were lied into comfort women roles. japs haven’t changed a bit because Americans were too lenient last time around and kept it alive for the sake of realpolitik during cold war. Look it up, japan’s one of the biggest destination as well as exporters of human trafficking victims among developed nations (if only in material).

      From outsider’s point of view, Chinese and Korean claims could be seen as exaggerated. However, it is important to understand they are not specifically talking about a particular event so much as japanese mentality itself that impudently believes themselves entitled to act however they like until they are beaten and raped, and fucked to pieces by a stronger party. It is the fundamental rotten attitude of the japanese that destroys any chance of reconciliation. They say one thing with their mouth, and then acts completely opposite. No one cares for their empty words.

      Any exaggerated acts of frustration and anger by the east asian neighbors is actually pretty understandable given japan’s complete lack of maturity and brattish behavior.

      • Morricane

        “First of all, they don’t listen to anyone but voices in their own heads. Japs having nothing to fall back on besides their own delusions to justify their copycat people who are nothing more than tacky thieves and whores.”

        “[…] complete lack of maturity and brattish behavior.”

        • KMF

          Really, you can’t find one to describe it except for the most embarrassing ways of words which you won’t ever even think to use for anything else.

          I honestly hope you didn’t think anyone likes looking much less describing in precise detail why a pile of shit is the way it is. But sometimes honest answers are not always the most clean or easy to hear.

      • Butsu

        I always think that because Japan has quiet good relations with other neighbours that once also had a taste of Imperial Japan and its forces. Chinas and South Koreas position weakens a little bit.

        Also after your first paragraph, it’s pretty hard to take you seriously.

        • KMF

          If only that was the case – I am sure we could understand something about the fact that we really can’t describe a particular subject without having to making use of narratives that comes off as pretty far out there.

          If you think this topic deserves anything more, you might be in for a pretty rude awakening.

        • KMF

          Also those other nations ‘do not’ have ‘good relations’. They just think of it as being bitten by flies or something because they went through far worse. Ask any Filipinos about how they feel. Or Vietnamese. These people have endured far worse, and thus japanese playing at being imperialists was laughable at best. However, as soon as issue seriously manifests itself, they will turn in a heart beat.

          They are actually very experienced in dealing with superficially aggressive parties like japan. They have endured much, and think practically instead of with their tantrums like chinese or koreans who have never suffered so much as to forge a truly practical and strong people. Because they haven’t experienced so much, east asians are prone to acting out on these recent historical events while for south east asians their pride and confidence to confront an issue is not hindered by such flailing emotions.

          • Butsu

            Vietnam has far more problems and shaky relations with China than Japan, by a long shot. Vietnamn and Japan has a number of joint researches. Last year Philippines and Japan had a series of military exercises. This year Japan donated them ships worth a lot of money. Also the amount of money Japan invested a lot of money in the Philippines over the years as well, I’d say they have rather good relations. The relations with Taiwan are good as well (although the Senkaku dispute).

            Not saying this is the best relations or anything, but they’re not bad. And there is hardly no political circlejerking like Japan – China – South Korea.

          • KMF

            Those are very superficial reasons – they are trade and business, not at all related to deep seated feelings and sentiments that arise when the japanese try to do something stupid like claiming they never did anything wrong in ww2 related to comfort women.

            I think you missed the point about SE asia not reacting when japs try to pull some thing out of their asses. That’s because to SE asia it’s not something that even merits a response – to them the only that matters is whatever anyone says can’t change the facts and they know it well. The older generations and even young ones know perfectly well the crimes committed by the japs; they only stay silent because there’s bigger fish to fry.

            US and others have also invested much more than japan in that area. Japan is hardly even a major investor in SE asia and if you ask any one from that region they love and adore japan for such ‘charity’ all you will get is a derisive laughter.

          • Butsu

            How are they not a big investor? They’re the biggest investor in Vietnams case for example. Anyway, I’m done here.

      • Comebackkid13

        Although, I sympathize with your indignation. With all the racial slurs you are hurling, you have unfortunately become the pot calling the kettle black. =(

        • KMF

          Not if those words are perfectly correct in dealing with the topic at hand. Let’s call it out like it is.

          This is more like a waiter who missed a day in year calling out a fool who doesn’t even come to work half a month for two years.

  • Butsu

    Never liked this guy nor his little agendas he used to throw around during his mayor period. For example the witchhunt on people who had tattoos. Isn’t Ishihara in the same party too? They just need to wait for Abe to join the fray and they’re all set :’)

  • Wow, when Tokyo lost the Olympics 2020 bid they can blame it on both Hashimoto and Naoki Inose’s stupid comments.

    Can’t these guys just shut up for the sake of Olympics?

    • KMF

      I’d say Madrid is a more fitting place. With all the economic downturn there, Spain could really use the investments. Istanbul is out of the question what with all the human trafficking and muslim extremism that is starting to (if not firmly entrenched despite all the bitching and moaning to contrary) seep into their social fabric.

      Tokyo? No more olympics in japan. They need to check themselves before mouthing off like this.

      • Actually i’d rather have Istanbul than Madrid.

        istanbul is beautiful, and it still retains its secular roots and with the improving situation in Turkey (with the ongoing peace talks between the Turkish government and the Kurdish PKK), Istanbul is in a good spot.

        Madrid is okay, but the place is filled with everyday protests by Anarchists and it’s not in a good shape.

        • KMF

          Considering the relatively volatile situations in the middle east, I think some protesters are preferable. The issue is not politics, but rather cultural and matter of fundamental differences in what it means to be a host to the Olympics.

          Simply put, middle east along with turkey has much greater chance of terrorism and other related crimes then relatively simpler issue of protests in spain which definitely has greater possibility of resolving itself by 2020.

          Istanbul’s (or rather Constantinople) Hagia Sophia is indeed a great sight, but objectively speaking, cultural and political situations as well as volatile nature of the region itself along with greater experience of Spain being capable of hosting such international events, and also the greater possibility of stability and security by 2020 for Spain makes it a much more attractive choice.

          • Ami

            Lmao “Constantinople”.

            I don’t think you know much about Turkey… or Spain, for that matter. The most terrorist attacks that have happened Turkey have been near the syrian border and they aren’t that common. Turkey is major rising economy while Spain is in a sad spiral with no real breaks. Turkey is secular and the islam there is moderate. Cultural conflict? If the olympics can be held in Greece, they can be held in Turkey.

            Anyway, all countries get a lot of their shit together (Even if temporarily) when ever they host some major global event. Look at South Africa and Brazil.

          • KMF

            Last time checked, spain wasn’t the place where there’s an armed, volatile active ethnic insurgency going on who wants to secede from the nation using methods of bombing and hostage taking. ETA was quited down LOOONG ago. Also, black september wasn’t exactly waging and all out war before munich either. Turkey is not some ‘major rising economic’ power – it’s nothing but a fly buzzing on the side of EU and United States with deluded dreams and fantasies about the old glory days of the Ottoman empire which was brought to ruin by their own slaves.

            If muslims can claim jerusalem, a city that was built and belonged to others for almost a thousand years before islam even came into existence, then it’s perfectly justified to address an invaded city by its first given name no?

            Where, realistically, would one expect a greater chance of security threat and instability? At the crossroads of the world known for its decadence and denied but true record of crimes, terrorism, and blind ignorance, or at the far end of Europe? At the region closer to one of the most destabilizing areas of the globe, or one farther from it? At the area stained by cultural norms that give rise to all kinds of ignorance and massacres as proven by their actions despite all the empty words to the contrary, or at the other end of it?

            You are exactly the kind of a fool who can’t open your eyes long enough to catch up with your mouth when you pipe up to defend something out of impulse and bitchy attitudes.

        • I’d be for Istanbul too. Madrid actually shares a lot of commonality w/ Istanbul especially in terms of architecture (both having been a major city of BOTH Christian and Islamic kingdoms), but Istanbul is absolutely more beautiful than Madrid.

          My only concern would be, as you mentioned, what PKK will do if a juicy target like an Olympics is set in Istanbul. I would not put it past them to pull a Munich.

  • Rutim

    Maybe I don’t like his points but from the quotes I can see he said there’s no evidence to any forced prostitution… This part:

    >“The comfort women system was necessary” when asked about the
    issue of forced military prostitution under the former Japanese
    military. Hashimoto further stated that he encourages the use of the sex
    industry in Okinawa by troops stationed there.

    isn’t reporting what he said… Not that I’m judging him but there should be a whole passage of what he said sentence by snenetence as he’s a smart guy and wouldn’t say that in the public. chucky, I need your Japanese skills on this one!

    • KMF

      I’d say we should also rape more japanese women and then claim ‘it was necessary’ 🙂


      • Rutim

        The system worked until 1990 in South Korea for American troops as well…

        • KMF

          No American commander ever put a sword and gun to women’s head and declared that it’s their ‘sacred duty’ to ‘comfort the soldiers’. The individual crimes committed by US troops were literally few bad apples in the bunch, some even less then crimes committed by ROK troops (raping a local nurse, female doctor, assaulting women around the base neighborhood) never get the same media coverage but is instead hushed up by the local military.

          It’s only the bitchy attitude of locals and attention-grubbing local media that our guys get that amount of bad rep. Others are just better at hiding their crimes and coercing victims to remain silent. There’s a reason why, no matter what nationality the military is, the local real estate values go down the drain when one of its bases decide to set camp in a neighborhood. Give a bunch of 19-20 somethings lessons on how to kill and be aggressive, then keep them under constant pressure and strict rule of force, and it’s obvious they would be just itching to let out some steam one way or another.

          Our crimes are headline grabbing precisely because they are exceptions. Theirs is pretty much a given, with victims either intimidated into silence (to who are they going to complain when the institutions and establishments are just jealous they didn’t get in the action?) or paid off pittance then intimidated.

          IJA and japan actively planned to commit a wholesale of rape and violence against women by using them as ‘comfort women’ for their soldiers, deceiving them with false promises of factory work and secretarial positions. These women were then dragged off to work as laborers in mines and coal refineries, and during nights they were raped and beaten by japanese who sought to use these women as they saw fit.

          I have no sympathies for japanese women raped by foreigners or soldiers. They made their bed, and now they sleep in it. Even if whole of ROK divisions or PLA forces swooped into tokyo and started raping every japanese women on sight, it still would not be enough given japanese attitude of cheeky impudence in the face of their crimes.

    • chucky3176

      Rutim, I already posted the translation. Scroll down below to my first post on this subject. This seems to have shocked some people overseas, but it’s met by very calm and not much responses from South Koreans. This news hardly made the front pages, and the story completely got buried. I guess this kind of stunt by Japanese politicians has become so common, South Koreans just expect this type of behavior from Japan, and have become immunized.

    • Morricane

      Well, AFAIK there actually is no evidence (as in documents, etc.) outside from accounts by survivors.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Oooooh, I am staying out of this one.

    • KMF

      Don’t puss out now. It’s like they are asking to be raped for this one. How great is that?

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Because there are a half dozen others like him that are more powerful and more dickish.

        Waste of good rage.

        • KMF

          Good answer 🙂

  • Elf Queen

    This is all over in media outlets.I have found it in many languages,and they all said he should be replaced immediately.This was incredibly stupid of him. There are many people who dont know or forget about this heinous episode in history. WTG for reminding them! There are many people from all over the world who will start looking at Japan differently now.A politician should work for the country,not against it!

    • Paulos

      “There are many people from all over the world who will start looking at Japan differently now.”

      Not sure I agree. These are the main reactions I’m expecting:

      Anti-Japan camp: Everyone will remain anti-Japan, of course.
      Pro-Japan camp: Everyone will argue that the media backlash is proof that most Japanese disagree with this politician’s statements and will continue to point to Japanese culture, technology, etc for support.
      Neutral camp: Nobody will be surprised as these WW2 foot-in-mouth moments are certainly nothing new and are unlikely to stir-up anything that hasn’t already been stirred-up ad nauseam.

      Disclosure: I’m in the third group.

  • So…….. would it have been ok for the wives they left at home to sleep around? They needed to relax their sexual energies too! If their wives (only the ones who didn’t creep around) could not have sex, soldiers can control themselves as well. I don’t think I even wanna go deep in this discussion because all it’ll do is piss me off even more… But my favorite comment:

    “Right, the thing is, Hashimoto says the comfort women were necessary. Well, Hashimoto, don’t lump the rest of Japan in with you.”

    • dont worry honey, I will comfort these soldier’s wife. Physiologically and emotionally… There, there…

    • linette lee

      no, the japanese soldiers should have just brought along their wives and used them as comfort women for themselves. lol.

      • KMF

        And with their superiors. I wonder how many of these so-called ‘patioric’ japs would be willing to see their wives and mothers and sisters passed around through their bosses like a piece of meat?

        So shallow and petulant. As expected of them.

        • linette lee

          I didn’t say let the japanese wives be passed around like a piece of meat. I was just saying let each wife comfort her own husband. No women should endure rape. That is just nasty.

          • KMF

            That’s the correct reaction. I was endorsing your opinion, but also provided the context in which it would only be fair to work out that way seeing as how japs are eager to justify the comfort women issue.

            No free lunch, no?

  • Now, before the “Tenno Heika Banzai!”-Gaijin squad arrive in full force, let’s make one thing very clear.

    Toru Hashimoto. Age FORTY-THREE. Has been in charge of Japan’s equivalent of Los Angeles or New York since 2008 (elected THRICE).

    Not a fringe minority. Not a crazy octogenarian babbling in some rural province.
    He’s a mainstream politician.

    • KMF

      LOL @ “Tenno heika banzai!”

      Is there anyone actually stupid enough as foreigners to have such attitudes? I never understood such insipid ignorance of some foreigners in japan who are so pro-japanese. You would have to be pretty low to think such self-serving ‘pride’ of the japanese are anything but childish insistence of their impotence.

      • basicx

        Most of the nationalist weaboo types I’ve come across are anime/hentai/japanese culture obsessed losers, who latch onto Japanese culture and adopted it as their own, because of course they’re rejects of their own society. So when these weaboos hear someone insult their great motherland nippon, they become angry and develop such delusional attitudes and beliefs.

        • KMF

          Good to know. It takes people with childish mentalities to empathize with another of their kind. What’s even more amusing is that the whole reason those losers consider japan that way is because they partially correctly believe it is easier to fuck over even for someone like them.

          • basicx

            Yeah, how a lot of them view Japanese girls (or Asian girls in general) is extremely creepy since they’ve been brainwashed by anime and Japanese porn.

          • KMF

            If you put in just a little bit of REAL pressure, the reality is not that different 🙂

            Which is really sad and pathetic.

            Not that I endorse exploitation of women of any kind…but japs will be japs.

          • Jurippe

            Don’t you mean you don’t endorse the exploitation of women of any kind except for Japanese? Because you’re pretty much calling for the rape of Japanese women all over this comments section.

          • KMF

            hashimoto’s double speak can be turn on its head 🙂

            I am just demonstrating how ridiculous it sounds, and that tables can easily be turned if anyone was even remotely willing.

            Try to read between the lines and focus on the intent of the dialogue.

          • Jurippe

            If the intent was satire or absurdist, it only came across as hyperbole.

            Plus when I read between the lines, I just see rage. There’s not a lot of dialogue to be found for “People should just rape more jap women.”

          • Only to the “Samurai”-level members (and above!) of the “Tenno Heika Banzai!”-Gaijin Squad.

          • Jurippe

            The funny thing is, currently, I live in a city where it’s saturated with South Korean and Mainland Chinese nationals, and few of them seem to hold any anti-Japanese sentiment. Most of them seem to ignore “politics” or if anything seem to hate the politics of their own nations far more.

            But, maybe that’s why they left in the first place. That seems especially true for mainland Chinese.

          • KMF

            Try opening your eyes a little you might actually start to see.

          • Jurippe

            Or you could work on your subtlety. Clearly it’s not your strong point.

            I don’t disagree with your points, but if you’re trying to mimic how ridiculous Hashimoto sounds, you certainly have a ways to go. And honestly, I’d rather you not go down that path anyways.

          • KMF

            no one’s mimicking such pathetic attitudes he mistakes for ‘tenacity’ or ‘ideas’. It’s actually going above and beyond theirs and address their core intent in such a way that puts it somewhere beyond their ability to fully comprehend. That is, until the rooster comes home.

            Judging by your reaction, I think you use some hard experience to know what this means. I would rather not have you face them seeing as you are pretty damn dense and naive, but really try to see things beyond what’s comfortable and I think it will come to you in time.

          • Jurippe

            Judging by my reaction you gauged my entire life history?

            Quite the foresight, considering I come from a country that was pretty much decimated by Japanese in WWII as well. I just don’t see how pretending to be a raging nationalist crazy to call another raging nationalist crazy can possibly be productive (or help you get your point across).

            “I am just demonstrating how ridiculous it sounds, and that tables can easily be turned if anyone was even remotely willing.” So, if you’re demonstrating how ridiculous it is, then how are you doing it if you’re not going to mimic him? If it’s parody or satire, you’re not doing it right. This leads to the last part of being ridiculous, exaggerated rage.

            Also, top marks on the petty name calling.

          • KMF

            Now that’s pretty damn far out there. Are you really rolling your head trying to figure out what I am saying? It really should be coming to you naturally seeing as I pretty much put up a neon sign telling you what you should know.

            Pipe down on the frustration and don’t try to second guess when you asked a question and someone answers to directly. Don’t try to mouth off when you don’t have the full grasp of the picture.

            Go back, read my words, and THINK. You started off wrongly and ignored every possible indication to change your course. Don’t get bitchy because you haven’t got a clue what others are trying to say here.

          • Jurippe

            Actually, I’m neither flustered nor frustrated. I simply skimmed through the comments, saw posts by Chucky that often have a modicum of rational thought in them followed by your posts that parrots everything he said but with solid shade of red in it.

            So, I take it your neon light has no power and it was pointing to Chucky’s posts? Good to know.

          • KMF

            Of course. Very emphatic denial. Thanks for letting everyone know.

            Why did you even bother to go back that far? Just ask directly if you are so damn interested. Also, easy to swallow does not mean ‘rational’. It is necessary to understand you cannot attempt to warp facts to fit your perceptions, but rather broaden your perceptions to correctly view reality. Only then can you make true choices and solid opinions. You seem to be doing neither and making superficial comments about what you think instead of what you should see.

          • Jurippe

            Of course, all I commented about was how you essentially said you did not condone the exploitation of any women when you certainly do. You’re the one who’s turned one post about your contradiction into something it isn’t.

            I actually didn’t go back at all, in fact, I’m replying quickly because I’m not even moving the page.

          • KMF

            Right right….now you are right back where you started which I should remind you was explained at length in multiple comments.

            Think a little. You are going in circles here with nothing better to refute what I said.

          • Jurippe

            There’s no circle because I never left, and you’re deriding my comprehension.

          • KMF

            This comment section proves you otherwise….I answer directly, you go off in another tangent. I answer directly again, you try to find a new way to, for the lack of better word, bitch.

            All the while trying to maintain the illusion of rational ‘ascendancy’ by the sheer delusion of convincing yourself you are right because it’s easier on your fragile ears.

            Do you even listen to yourself here?

          • Jurippe

            Actually, the comment section would prove me right. I said that you’re contradicting yourself, you said that I’m unable to read between the lines. I said your ability to create anything between the lines is lacking. Then you accused me of not being real enough to understand the issue, even though we don’t diverge on the issue of comfort women at all.

          • KMF

            Am I now responsible for your inability to understand direct answers to your failures in understanding?

            Here you go: Take a very simple look at japanese actions versus their words, and also take another good look at how they are acting as if wishing to return to 1930s days of ignorant facism as if it is a glory day of bygone era they don’t want to let go. They also do not fully comprehend any ideas about what it means to be in their proper place in this world when placed next to others. They do this blatantly, and when that doesn’t work they attempt to not-so-subtly justify their failings by blaming other for not being down to their level, ironically just like you.

            Then take another look at your superficially pseudo-intellectual comments that lack any ground on reality, and take a second look at my comments you so amusingly dismiss as ‘lacking’. You might just need to realize you are lacking too much to realize your comments don’t line up with reality as opposed to mine.

            You wrote in a very shallow and superficial manner. Ask a simple question about whether your words match up to facts and reality, not whether it coincides with whatever you would like to believe about this topic. Remove your attempts at warping facts to fit your narrow-eyed views, and you might just get somewhere instead of chasing your own tail and repeating already refuted attitudes that has no substance.

          • Morricane

            A suggestion: if you want people to take you seriously, first stop trying to come off as a 14-year old racist throwing a fit. (I hope you are not…)

            You’ve been spewing insults on entire peoples in basically every single sentence you write and then ramble on about “immaturity” and “childishness”, so basically all you do is contradict yourself.

          • KMF

            You might want to reconsider that VERY mistaken attitude about how you try to play at seeing other people’s words instead of the intent behind them. I think your superficial attempt at trying to portray this, as you so ‘maturely’ put it, a 14 year old racist throwing a fit’, is a very predictable but really shallow attitude with a frankly cheap understanding of what it means to deal with each topic accordingly. You should not raise your attitude without knowing you obviously have not taken a step above that same level of mentality.

            Let’s ask a very simple question: Is it not as I have said? Does it make one ‘racist’ to point out case by case, point by point, the essence of the topic at hand the way it is and put forth very simple examples of how such things doesn’t deserve more than a mere derision often given to an adolescent child throwing a fit?

            Your attitude at trying to play this off in a way you think you can deride really shows the kind of shallow condescending attitude other non-westerners find so amusing.

            This is, as incredulous as it may sound, exactly how it is. No depth. No complexities about them. Plain and simple child throwing a fit. This coupled with violence and disregard for common courtesy is ultimately the only thing they fully understand, as their actions and unspoken intentions have amply proven time and time again.

            I suggest one thing for you: Before you try to make a suggestion about someone’s words with shallow sense of what constitutes depth, you should check your self about what it means to actually perceive things as they are. As it stands, you are the only one rambling about throwing cheap words around while obviously having issues with, as you put it, ‘racism’ and ‘maturity’.

            Address the issue as it is. Content is secondary to the core issue being addressed here. Do you believe you should blame the caption for the image that is displayed above? Or can’t you stomach things the way they are and mouth off some cheap insults that makes others not take you seriously?

          • Morricane

            I apologize for having assaulted your personal integrity.
            However, if you have a point that you’re trying to make, why not simply state that as it is? Then no one would need to read between the lines. Subtext communication in written form doesn’t work as well as in real life.
            For example, you stated somewhere here that Japan is a major “importer” of illegal human traffic. Can you elaborate on that (ie. guide me to sources?)

          • KMF

            This here’s subtext and ‘reading between the lines’ is actually an elementary and basic form of communication that really doesn’t even deserve to be called that. Only because either a) cheap and easy to bend people like Jurippe or you are using semantics to play words games did I feel the need to needlessly emphasize the obvious nature of these messages, and b) some people are just not all that sharp in terms of interpersonal communications or listening to things beyond what they tell themselves, that I was moved to clarify word by word exactly what it means when describing this particular topic.

            As for the statistics, sources, and so forth, please do the research that would only take you less than a minute. UN reports and independent investigations by NGOs as well as reporters and organizations all confirm this to be true. All you have to do is type it in. Spoon feeding you then getting blamed for spoon feeding accurate information because you can’t swallow them is a pretty infantile trick.

          • Morricane

            Read. How dare you to show me something that doesn’t fit into my little revisionist pro-japanese anti-all-that-is-not-japanese world-view! Now I have to deny one more part of reality! ;___;

            No, seriously. You’re actually fucking funny for a troll.

            …answer to the other thing you wrote me overnight since I’m too lazy to scroll up…: I don’t mind being called a revisionist if you so like since, astoundingly(!), it’s the raison d’être of historians to reevaluate established paradigms based on the reexamination of facts. And that conduct in itself (which really is nothing else than the usual procedere of research) is a pretty accurate description of the neutral meaning of the term “revisionism”…and happens to be my job, duh. The other connotation of revisionism, and you are trying to evoke that impression on your readers, describes the denial of historical facts in an attempt to falsify history, usually with the intent of legitimizing a certain ideology (on a sidenote, the US have always been *very good* in that regarding their own atrocities).

            Anyway, in your usage of the term, it would be hard-pressing to say that you are talking about established paradigms, but rather you are using it to marginalize everything that conflicts with *your personal opinion* (or the opinion you try to present in your trolling endeavour), which, actually, is pretty hilarious.

            If it weren’t so off-topic I actually would love to read your certainly masterful opinion on the droppings of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki just to prove me that my view of you is wrong. Since the usual argument goes along “it was necessary” it actually sounds strangely familiar to a certain argument presented in the original article here. Of course we can also choose another topic.

          • KMF

            Finally fuckin bitching and moaning when you can’t get your attitude to work for you isn’t what anyone would call well-thought out, or as you would put it, ‘mature’. What’s the matter, you can’t get your point across when you finally realize you are standing on a shaky ground with only your mouth and attitude to fall back on? Your shallow degree of self-assurance really doesn’t do you any favors. I have refuted all your points case by case, and now you bitch and moan when you can’t get your way.

            Your tired old tactics of over emphasizing falsified aspect of history and fault of others to justify your failed infantile attempt at taking cheap shots is nothing new, and most people are more then happy to just laugh at such ‘attempts’. Tell me, if you even have the experience, whether US system glosses over historical faults by marginalizing facts as ‘incidents’ and devote few pages of text books for tragedies in its history. Or do they publically make efforts to address such issues with black history month/native american history week, and so much opposing view points that receive federal backing to the point of seeming like severe self-hate? Go ahead and try to refute anything I have said point by point with something other than exactly the kind of attitude you hate so much: “I want to believe whatever I want be and facts be damned”. So far you have only thrown in pathetic attempts at flinging insults that all misses their mark by a mile thanks to you having no grasp at the reality of your position in this matter. Most likely since you make a point of deflecting and ignoring any issue and facts that doesn’t work for you unlike how I addressed every single one of them point by point and as directly as possible.

            You obviously have no idea what it means to research history, only amateurish ideas about what revisionism is and basics of historical research in general. The fundamental point of the historical research is to set forth a hypothesis on historical backgrounds, then attempt to discover facts and connections which eventually influences the conclusions to what best addresses the facts of the times past. Hypothesis is meant to be challenged and eventually reformed into conclusions, and it’s not the role of factual evidences to be warped to fit your little fantasies about being absolved of war crimes. A 6 year old can play the same game and probably better then you are doing.

            If your idea of history is anything other than over emphasizing ‘guilt’ of other nations based on wishful thinking, try to point it out in a way that doesn’t elicit derision and laughter from people who obviously don’t have time to listen to your bitching. Tell us how actions of the japs or your pathetic attempts at playing contrarian is more convincing then my points showing exactly why you are playing at a failing game. Your idiotic point about supposed ‘evils’ of US is a pretty old and trite trick exposing the fact that you have nothing else to offer but your fantasies about hoping screaming the loudest or giving mouthy one liners will change anyone’s mind about your lack of reason or objectivity.

          • Morricane

            Wow, you’re fast at typing.
            As I said, it was off-topic.Regarding the fact that the japanese plainly suck at dealing with their own past, I never even remotely refuted that. Neither did I try to defend that line of thinking. So what exactly is your problem lol
            Argument for the sake of? 🙂
            Of course I do not have experience with US school textbooks. That the scientific world is highly critical is a different matter.
            Thanks for explaining what historical research is, at least something we agree on.

          • KMF

            LOL now this is a laugh riot. You bitch and then is stupid enough to think you are in a position to mouth off at someone about ‘problems’.

            Funny, your comment runs exactly the opposite of what you just said before, with not-so-subtle attempts at deflecting jap guilt in war and trying to sound off about historical research that now you apparently never mentioned at all 🙂

            You said the exact opposite about scientific research then don’t have any reasonable point to refute when you get told off with facts. Do you enjoy making a fool of yourself and jumping off like rats from a sinking ship so obviously?

            Do yourself a favor that keep that mouth of yours shut. It’s better to be seen as a wise man in silence, then be proven a fool by speaking out. It is also better to be thought a fool in silence than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

          • Morricane

            Actually, I’ll do just that: stop feeding the troll.
            Feel free to think whatever you like of that.

          • KMF

            ‘Troll’. Now there’s a joke for you.

            Do yourself a favor and think a little before piping up with nothing else to back up your mouth.

        • Jurippe

          Sounds about the same as ultra nationalists in any country. Trucker trash from the deep south anyone?

          • basicx

            That put a hilarious image in my head of a redneck wannabe Japanese kid, with a Confederate flag in his room next to to his pokemon toys, who goes online to talk shit about Blacks, Mexicans and liberals.

          • Jurippe

            Less funny, more scary.

          • basicx

            Yep, yet you see the exact same thing with non-Japanese who have somehow adopted extreme right-wing Japanese views.

    • chucky3176

      Many people also widely believe him to be the future PM material. You are right, at some point, the electorate who vote these type of guys in year after year need to be taken to task. Without that massive popular support, they would never thrive. But they do because the majority of Japan, likes their messages.

      • KMF

        If this fool becomes PM, there will be war. There will be blood. Japanese blood. Koreans and Chinese are sick of cheeky behavior by japs about who was in the right on ww2, not to mention the crimes committed by japs all across east and south east asia.

        The fact that this fool is gaining enough traction to be openly touted as potential PM is reflective of amusingly desperate and frightened insecurities of the japanese whose downfall from artificially created economic clout over east asia is inevitable.

        • chucky3176

          There will be no war. Abe got to be the PM, and there is no war. It will just mean worsening relations, and more shrinking commercial ties.

          • KMF

            Most of those destructive wars are, by definition, a surprise. As in, unpredictable.

            It’s about time they settled this once and for all. People are acting up like brats having forgotten events of 1945. Same shit, different day.

            Except this time, screaming and desperation will reach new levels. Japs are playing with fire and they don’t realize it’s not like last time when they could tick off anyone by surprise and whore-earned tech that gave them the edge.

    • Morricane

      Aren’t mainstream politicians a pretty big minority? 🙂
      But yeah, how the fuck can someone in an exalted position spout this nonsense. Self-awareness hello?

  • linette lee

    wow…unreal. If I was a japanese politician, I will shut up about anything that has to do with japan wwII atrocities. The more they talk the more evil they look.

    It was necessary to rape women and have sex slaves for the japanese soilders in order to support military discipline? What??? What kind of military discipline is that? So that explains what they did in the 6 weeks period after they captured Nanking and raped 20,000 to 80,000 women young and old. Killed and many jailed in those comfort women stations they set up through out China. You tell us they were voluntary prostitution. wow….unreal.


  • “It’s important to listen to what he said as a whole”. it actually make sense. What he must meant is that the soldier also need sex to keep morale up. These are the physiological needs: breathing, food, water, SEX, sleep, homeostasis, excretion. Just mention comfort women then there will be all kinds of uproar. He should have said sex worker. Sex worker is necessary for morale.

    • KMF

      So foreigners, chinese and koreans, and US soldiers raping jap women is ok since it is necessary for morale? Good point. Who cares if they are willing or not. They are just whores anyway.

      • Sex worker is consensual, meaning, the female sex worker can refuse service to male soldier even if they were offered money. They prefer to be called Sex Worker. Not whores. Breathing, food, water, SEX, sleep, homeostasis and excretion are necessary for anyone’s morale.

        Here is an interesting blog by Matthias Lehman in regard to sex worker.


        • KMF

          Are you really arguing semantics? Do you even know that japs never asked for consent for all those women they took away to be raped at the point of gun, coercion, or by misdirection?

          You are pathetically defending those with same lame tactics. I could repeat exactly same childish BS after I rape somebody and I am sure it will make sense to you.

          • Hm, now youve piqued my curiosity… Do try and I will tell you if it makes sense or not. Hypothetical of course.

          • KMF

            You have no idea what they fuck you are talking about. How about this for hypothetical sakes

            I rape your japanese girlfriend against her will in an alleyway. She became poor, desperate, but pretty and vulnerable. I lie to her about taking her to a good restaurant and a nice trip to the movies, and give her a few ten thousand yens for ‘advance’ to buy her a few clothes. But once she gets to a place where no one can see, I call in a few buddies and we drag her screaming body over to the pre arranged place where we repeatedly rape her. Then we imprison her, cut off all connections with the outside world, constantly drug her, and pimp her out to be gang raped by 30 men everyday. She once tried to kill herself by running head first into the wall to smash her head in. Didn’t work.

            When found out, I make claims that she was serving her ‘clients’, that she took my money willingly, followed me willingly, and that she is of poor moral character and therefore untrustworthy. I show that she is poor and vulnerable, easy coerced/led on by men, and that now she enjoys having sex with multiple men which was imposed upon her through years of abuse and rape with constantly looming threat of violence, but good luck trying to prove that other than incoherent and broken words of a ‘whore’. Institutions don’t care for the woman, they are part of the scheme since many of the ‘clients’ aka rapists are also in high postings around the establishment. You try to plead to lawyers, cops, NGOs, whatever the fuck you can. No one cares about your girlfriend and makes snide remarks about how they bought her off the other day and how good she tasted.

            Now replace every time I said ‘I’ with jap.

            Get the picture?

          • Guest

            Admit it. You were jerking it, while writing this passage.

          • KMF

            LOL now that’s sick. No.

            Were you?

          • You do have talent in writing but it could use a little more embellishment…. perhaps a touch of simile or onomatopoeia. I do enjoy reading sentences that use onomatopoeia .

          • KMF

            You call that writing? I thought you might like that.

          • nitrostat

            you do show a lot of interest for a guy that seems disinterested in the subject… changing subjects much? or nothing better to say?

          • fes ifeaifwa

            die a painful death

    • chucky3176

      May I remind you, even he admitted that these women were forced, and that Japan should consider their feelings.

      But telling the world that the glorious Imperial Japanese forces needed to have sex with these forcibly recruited women was necessary, rubs the people the wrong way. If Japan didn’t prance around Asia, invading other countries, they wouldn’t be in that situation in the first place.

      I guess either Hashimoto’s double speak got you confused too, or your desperate attempt at defending Japan at all costs, on the indefensible, has made you go out of your mind.

      • I meant sex is necessary chucky, not comfort women is necessary for morale

      • KMF

        I said it, and I will say it again. Let there be more raped japanese women by US soldiers and foreigners. After all, japanese should not mind.

    • Jahar

      If you consider “comfort women” to just be “sex workers“, I aslo agree that there’s no doubt that providing sex workers to the military will be beneficial. I don’t think anyone can doubt that. By saying this, you’re not condoning forced prostitution, you are just stating that having an outlet for the soldiers helps. The problem is, by saying it, the overly sensitie pc types just hear ” I think raping people is great!!!!!”, instead of rationally considering it.

      • KMF

        That’s a really cheap cop out. It doesn’t even merit a serious talk. The essential sentiment and core argument behind the comfort women issue is about rape and violation of women. No one who is hearing this thinks he’s just talking about physiological stress relief issue of soldiers.

        It takes a rational person to realize how this infantile word play is really nothing more than trying to justify the comfort women issue. It takes a pseudo-intellectual fools who can’t tell left from right and only enjoy playing at being contrarians to think this ‘argument’ is anything but a fool mouthing off.

        Everyone likes to feel smart. Especially the stupid ones.

        • Jahar

          you argument here is that people are hearing things other than what he is saying. Tell me where he said rape is okay, and I’ll give up. I don’t put words in other people’s mouth.
          I don’t think forced prostitution is okay, but lots of things happen in a war that aren’t okay. Even justifiable things.

          • KMF

            No. My argument here is that this fool is perfectly aware of what the real problem and core issue here is, but is still pretending to preach about ‘perfectly innocent and separate’ issue ‘purely of physiological well being of soldiers’, and then not so subtly advocating the idea of justifying rape and mass kidnapping simply by putting those together side by side. You are playing a bitch tune together with this fool by putting on that cheeky attitude “I never verbally said —–” when everyone knows that’s the issue being addressed. He can no more claim to be arguing semantics like a child with delusions of sophistication than I can do the same for holocaust, rape of japanese women by foreigners (which actually makes more sense and in more justifiable then this fool, believe it or not), or any other crimes committed by others.

            Restrain that cheeky attitude of playing word games. Tables can easily be turned on you at any given moment. Shall I rape some one then argue about the victim’s life style and my own situation to not-so-subtly attempt at justifying the situation to something more sympathetic?

            No one is putting words in this lawyer’s mouth. No one is fooled by this ‘lawyer’s’ cheap tactics and word games. I can also advocate a complete gang rape of japanese women or anyone else, then attempt to justify them in twisted context afterwards without even mentioning any direct justification for such actions.

            No one is misunderstanding his cheap and infantile tactics here. I can use his exact same tactics and weaseling words to not-so-subtly justify pedophilia of some catholic priests or buddhist monks.

          • Jahar

            Cheeky attitude? I was just raised to use the facts. the fact is, he didn’t say what you are saying he did. If I start judging you on what I think you mean instead of what you say, then I will think you are an oversensitive pc nancy, probably chinese, law-breaking, japan-hating racist.Wildly arrogant and superior.You think all Japanese people should die, and anyone who disagrees with you for any reason are incompetent morons who deserve no respect.
            Any of this true? Is this an accurate assessment of what you are saying? Shopuld I go around the internet saying that this is what you really mean?

          • KMF

            Cheeky fuckin attitude is what you have. You start bitchin about judging others, why not look in the mirror? What, you can’t take a little prick to your soft spot about japs you could care less for? You obviously can’t make assessments without looking at facts the way they are, only how you want to see them.

            The fact is, you don’t get the context and core problem in the issue by playing semantics. No one looks at the comfort women issue about ‘well being of stressed soldiers’ or any other shallow word play that not so subtly tries to say ‘it was necessary’. He is condoning rape and kidnapping of women planned by japanese and imposed upon its imperialist oppressed peoples of east and SE asia. I have said repeatedly how they attitude and ‘rationalizations’ could be used to justify every single case of rape and violence committed by foreigners and foreign troops against japanese, particularly japanese women. If they are justified, then we are more so, by their own reasoning.

            It doesn’t take a chinese or korean to look at the facts and realize just how infantile your interpretations and his words are. Don’t throw around ‘racist’ and ‘chinese’ like some kind of magic words to justify your failures in propping up a weak and pathetic revisionist arguments that try to erase its responsibilities for its crimes. That’s a petty children’s argument that’s been beaten to death already. Tell anyone whatever you want about anybody, and try not to come off as some pansy PC fool with barely any understanding about shit on the internet. It doesn’t take even an amateur to see how pathetic these jap revisionist arguments are, and those like you who abet in his sniveling excuse making circle jerk by refusing to see that he is indirectly addressing the issue by saying ‘we are not culpable and further more it is completely understandable’. You have to be really naive or bent on justifying these criminals if you think he is not trying to whitewash jap actions during ww2.

            I have addressed you and other opinions based on what the facts are, and they are pretty damning for this particular issue. Whether you like it or not makes no difference in how it is, and if you don’t have the guts to stomach it as they are, then I suggest you check yourself before thinking you know anything about anyone. Nice try playing the internet detective but it just goes to show how predictably obvious your line of thought is: out of touch with reality and casually jumping on most comforting conclusions that are, unfortunately for you, wildly off course 🙂

          • Jahar

            wow did you have a hard on when you wrote that? You didn’t really read what i said, did you? I didn’t say that was my opinion of you, i was just making an example.

            I think the issue at hand is very understandable. I don’t think it’s okay, but understandable. And 100 years ago I’m sure any general would tell you the same thing. Again, not that it’s right, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. As I said before, bad shit happens. He is an idiot for putting voice to his thoughts though.

          • KMF

            You have little understanding of what your own statements imply. I could repeat that same rhetoric for anyone raped by the army and the connotation would be just as irrational. It’s same as saying the jewlery store was at fault for making me rob them because I was poor and they displayed their expensive merchandise openly.

            I could just as well beat you within an inch of your life for looking at me the wrong way, and maybe I will be ‘understood’ for doing so because ‘that’s the way it is’, at least by your logic.

            Do yourself a favor and stop the lawyer bitching and arguing semantics in this kind of topic. Otherwise, you will earn nothing more than either dismissive laugh or point by point refutation of your non-existent defense for this fool for which you don’t appear capable of being taken seriously.

            This issue is not something a lawyer with his tongue should attempt to weasel his way into.

          • Jahar

            i said nothing about rape, i implied nothing about rape. All i can gather from what you are saying is that people’s words mean nothing, what you think they mean is what’s really important.

          • KMF

            I explained why your ‘defense’ of this topic is really nothing but either a very naive understanding about topic at hand or willful abetting of denying criminal past of culpable people. You have done nothing but to keep repeating you don’t see the connection when it is painfully obvious. Read how I can easily justify rape of anyone and it is you talking in that same tone.

            This has nothing to do with ‘what I think’. I have made it painfully obvious how factual this is. Either accept it as it so, or don’t speak at all.

          • Jahar

            Not once have i denied any criminal past, nor have i a naive understanding of the topic. My point is that if you connect what he said with what you think he means is taking a leap that is very easily abused and can be used by just about anyone to justify just about anything. ” you said this, but i think you mean that, so it’s okay for me to kill you”. This is why we have laws. To stop people like you from making decisions based on what you think is in someone’s head.

          • KMF

            Explain clearly where you don’t see any connection and only ‘leaps’. If this is not some childish attempt at word games, you better put up a good reason for your opinions.

            Clearly state your understanding of the topic and my ‘leap’ at hand and make a point about it. Otherwise, you are guilty of very thing you are throwing around against other people. I have addressed your questions and points with facts about how these issue are being perceived as well as communicated. His perceptions of what is and is not is irrelevant in the face of the fact that this is nothing more than a pathetic lawyer’s attempt at infantile word play.

            Why is this more valid than yours? Because past events and continued series of willful ignorance on the part of the perpetrators as well as their hypocrisies speak louder than empty words or lawyer games. Anyone and spout or parrot words to suit their needs on any given occasion. What lends credibility to their words is the weight of their actions, and they have proven time and time against they have no other interest then essentially refusing to maintain any proper responsibility and hoping to absolve themselves of these crimes by willful ignorance, criminal acts of revisionism, and eventual absolution for any wrong doings in the biggest war mankind has seen.

            You are using cheap semantics to cover for the fact that you don’t like someone not allowing you to weasel your way out of situations by smart mouthing your way through. My take on their words, if it is not already obvious and painfully and pathetically transparent, is backed up by plenty of facts both past and present. The only one refusing to see the obvious because it does not suit your needs is you. It is irrelevant whether you like it or not. Your feelings will have to align themselves to reality, not semantics, and certainly not wasted on playing this idiotic lawyer games about interpretation of words to your benefit irregardless of facts present.

          • You are right, I do not condone rape. I do not see how he manage to read that in my comment. Partly I am to blame, a Machiavellian view are generally not accepted as it does not consider morality but just advantages, so it gives the self-righteous something to huff and puff about. Even if I were to put my morality aside and write strategy wise, I will not condone rape. Not just because I believe its wrong, but because its risky. A successful invading forces will have its soldier and the public to content with. They cannot afford to risk upheaval and rebellion by the already discontented population, if they wish to retain the place. Rape will do exactly just that. Enrage the public. Which is what the Japanese imperialist soldier did wrong and was defeated

            it means I do not deny the comfort women issues, KMF, in case youre reading between the line and somehow didnt arrive to this conclusion. It is why I wrote Sex Worker, not Comfort Women, for soldiers. By the way KMF did you read that blog link I gave you? you will understand the differences between force prostitution and sex service between two consenting adult.

            In addition to this, he is on a crusade against the Japanese. There is no reasoning with him as he is hell bent on getting Japanese’s blood. Which is what crusader needs. Not to see reason and unbending in its will to destroy. There is no need to get work up over this, just humor him and move on, its weekend. I do appreciate you standing up to the fact that I do not condone rape. Good day to you sir.

            By the way KMF, you can wish for the Japanese to be rape all you want. The percentages of them being rape will be very low. Forgive me for ruining your fantasy, I do not make it a habit to do so to everyone.

      • nitrostat

        woah… i think you are missing the point… the big point… you are right.. sex is a necessity, but what will you do when there is no one to give it to you? forcefully take it? does that make it right? another thing you’re missing is the fact is Japan’s denial in forced sex, and calling this as “hired sex workers” when simply it wasn’t the case. add insult to injury, they leave it out of important govt and text books. To keep things in perspective, its like the german’s denying the death camps and gas chambers… yea I’m sure that will go swell with the jewish folks

        • Jahar

          I didn’t miss the point. I chose not to speak to it, but to the point of what he actually said. And it’s not like the germans denying gas chambers at all.

    • Morricane

      If you want sex and have no willing partner, then just masturbate like everyone else!

      • Uf how vulgar! how can you write that in public? just hire a sex worker and you will have a willing partner.. or just seduce one of the local.

  • “Japan made provisions for comfort women mainly using Japanese women who were highly-paid, and not forced, but the outrageous behaviour of Korea in Vietnam knew no bounds. It’s Korea that needs to reflect on their behaviour and pay reparations.”

    Talk about twisting history.. or as the Japanese love to call it “fabrication”.

    • KMF

      Just let them know we can make ‘provisions’ for their women too.

      Serious LOL here people.

  • aadfasdsd

    “Japan made provisions for comfort women mainly
    using Japanese women who were highly-paid, and not forced, but the
    outrageous behaviour of Korea in Vietnam knew no bounds. It’s Korea that
    needs to reflect on their behaviour and pay reparations.”
    omfg. Some of these responses from Japanese…I wonder how brainwashed these guys are.

    • Morricane

      Frankly, I only met one Japanese person in real life so far who actually said these comfort women did it out of free will.

      But yeah, wasn’t the internet always the place to show off your lack of education and decency? 🙂

      • How about the polling booth? Hashimoto was elected THREE times into office of power over what is essentially Japan’s Los Angeles/New York. And let’s not forget the TWICE elected Abe and Ishihara.

        The fact that calling these victims prostitutes isn’t a political kryptonite demonstrates what the Japanese public *really* thinks about their country’s dark past- excuse me, a noble attempt to liberate Asia from the clutches of evil Americans.

        • Morricane

          Yeah, it puzzles me just how people like that can rise to the positions they are in.

          • Well obviously Japanese voters voted him in… which tells me the Japanese people either agree w/ Hashimoto and his ilks’ views, or they are apathetic. Neither is good news for Japan and her neighbors.

            With Xi in power in China with a LOT to prove, I’m gravely concerned that the new, ultranationalist/militarist Japan will severely miscalculate how belligerent Xi’s China can be.

          • Morricane

            True. A lack of political and historical awareness however, is not exactly just a Japanese problem. (and I have to admit that I’m not as informed about the current Chinese leadership as I should be)

          • Jurippe

            Sometimes I wonder if it’s people who just agree or not. People vote for their representatives for some many aspects of their platform. Much like how many Americans vote for Republicans because their rich, not because they’re racist. Either that or voter apathy is high in Japan, but that’s quite true anywhere you go.

          • Americans vote for Republican because of various reasons. They don’t vote for, for example, Todd Akin, because he said something that was a deal-breaker no matter what his political position was.

            By the Japanese voters voting for people like Hashimoto *despite* the fact that he said something that really should be unacceptable, Japanese voters are demonstrating that the glorification of the horrific atrocity-laden monster that was the Empire of Japan is not a political kryptonite.

            In Germany, glorification of their dark past is a crime. In Japan, it’s fast becoming a political necessity.

  • Morricane

    From what I read he already commented his own statements saying that he
    never condoned comfort women (although it was inevitable that it happened at the time blahblah), but the point he wanted to make is:

    It’s not fair that only Japan gets critized over and over again while no one
    ever critizes an European country or the US for what it did in the past.

    Source: Yomiuri Shinbun (Japanese)

    What exactly does he expect to hear when talking about these sensitive topics? o_O

    • KMF

      Very typical of the japs. Deflect blame and try to portray others as worse off then them using any face-saving excuse they can scrounge up from the bottom of the barrel or whatever they can imagine.

      The problem here is the fundamental psychological flaws and lack of understanding in japanese psyche about what the world is. MacArthur once said, “Japan is a nation of 12 year olds” in describing their mentality. Of course, typical ‘enlightened’ liberals and bleeding heart ‘professionals’ threw cheap tantrums about ‘racism’ and ‘shallow chauvinism’ while having little experience and knowledge of the reality on the ground.

      Why are Germans, Russians, or even Chinese more easily forgiven then japanese? Because japanese attitude is the most, for the lack of better word, impudent and cheeky out of all those who have committed certain crimes. No one can accept those whose words and actions radiate casual dismissal of their position in the world, as well as most elementary level of understanding about power and its true meaning. No one respects those whose culture is empty and only buttressed by excuses, lies, and the mentality of 5 year old child attempting to cover up wetting its bed sheet.

      Call spade a spade. Your feelings will have to align to facts. Not the other way around. Anything less is but an avoidance of responsibility.

    • Raminess

      The problem is that only Japan practically INSISTS on either glossing over or outright denying the use of forced prostitution. That’s what he simply doesn’t get. And I don’t see how it can be made any simpler for him. He just wants to shut his eyes and block his ears and not listen to common sense and reason.

      It’s not that other countries committed atrocities during war. Is that other countries acknowledged it and apologized and didn’t go on denying it. It’s like he’s trying to acknowledge there was forced prostitution BUUUUTTT… you know, get over it already! Your grandma was probably a paid whore anyway! That’s the idea he’s putting out. That it did happen, but chances are, it was from one’s own free will.

      • KMF

        All the japanese women raped by US soldiers ‘probably did it out of free will’ too. That’s actually much more plausible, considering how japanese women constantly flock to foreigners like rabbits. So next time a japanese women or girls get raped, we will INSIST that they are just jap whores.

        I don’t think japs are capable of realizing just exactly how much their people are limited in terms of views and perceptions. It’s almost like dealing with an autistic child.

  • Butsu

    I find it a tad bit intresting because according to the BBC article I read yesterday:

    “He acknowledged that the women had been acting “against their will”.
    He also claimed that Japan was not the only country to use the system,
    though it was responsible for its actions.

    He said he backed a 1995 statement by Japan’s then-PM Tomiichi Murayama, in which he apologised for war-time actions in Asia.

    “It is a result of the tragedy of the war that they became
    comfort women against their will. The responsibility for the war also
    lies with Japan. We have to politely offer kind words to [former]
    comfort women.””

    Now if he supports this, it does feel like he’s just trying to stay relevant, by any means necessary.

    • The implication of this is a lot more ugly than I want the situation to be: not only are such arguments tolerated in Japan, it has become a political necessity to make such arguments in public.

      • KMF

        Japan’s digging its own grave….they really haven’t learned their lesson from the last time. They will have to be made to suffer for their ignorance.

        Throughout history, they have merely survived by the virtue of the fact no one really wanted a wasteful island full of nothings and a few freak storms. I can’t believe anyone would be foolish enough to think this gives a kind of ‘mandate’ for anyone, but they do. They are in for a VERY rude shock trying to mess with other people now.

    • chucky3176

      As Rutim pointed out in this transcript of his speech.


      He did not mention the comfort women were forced against their will.
      He is sorry, the war caused all these suffering, not the Japanese forces.

      Japanese way of indirectly going about of saying that it wasn’t Japan’s fault. It was the war that caused all the suffering. That is why he supported the 1995 apology, but not because of the misdeeds of Japan.

  • Pingback: Japanese Web users debate whether politician was right to call wartime sex slavery ‘necessary’()

  • chucky3176

    I see Butsu and Gerhana are trying to excuse Hashimoto by showing only bits of his speech (ironic that they’re the ones who are complaining that everyone is only looking at the part of the speech) and trying to paint an entirely different more positive picture of Hashimoto. This is how the typical Japanese apologists operate. Let’s look at the entire picture, shall we?

    HASHIMOTO: “As Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said, there is not an established
    definition of aggression among academics. But Japan was defeated in war.”

    ME: “did not establish definition of aggression? WTF? Japan, an ally of Nazi Germany, was the country that invaded Asia, Mr Hashimoto. Japan also carried a sneak attack on Americans at Pearl Habor, these are established facts that are only challenged in Japan. This is an incredible statement to even make. I can certainly understand why even the Americans who see this speech are upset now.

    HASHIMOTO: “We must acknowledge that what Japan did was aggression as a result of that defeat.

    ME: Translation: the only thing we did wrong was that we lost the war. Notice the last words, “result of that defeat”. Mr. Hashimoto’s code words wrapped up in self pity. Holy Jesus.

    HASHIMOTO: “It is true that Japan caused great suffering and damage to neighboring countries. Japan must reflect on it and apologize.”

    ME: OK, if that’s the way you feel, fine. So far so good.

    HASHIMOTO: “Japan must make its own case when it is unfairly insulted over something contrary to the truth. Why has only Japan’s comfort women issue become the subject of international discussions? Labeling Japan as a “rape nation,” the world has accused Japan of abducting women through a nationwide campaign and having them serve as comfort women. On that point, we must point out what is incorrect.”

    ME: What is the truth? So the Comfort Women weren’t forced, they were volunteers? No one is labeling Japan as a “rape nation”. Where the hell is he getting this? So he’s denying that the Comfort women were forcibly/fraudulently recruited, and forcibly held to provide sex for front line troops on the battle fields.

    HASHIMOTO: “There are those who became comfort women against their will and they are a product of the tragedy of war. Japan also bears
    responsibility for that war. We must understand their feelings and make

    ME: Wait a minute, I thought he said the comfort women were volunteers, now he’s saying different. So which is it, Mr. Hashimoto? Can you make up your mind?

    HASHIMOTO: “In those days, not only Japan but also other countries used a comfort women system for their military.”

    ME: So which country went and invaded other countries, took their women by force, and turned them into Comfort Women, other than Japan, Mr. Hashimoto?

    How does this excuse Japan and their selective memory?

    HASHIMOTO: “With bullets flying like a rainstorm, soldiers were running,
    risking their lives. If rest could be provided to an army of such
    overwrought warriors, anyone can understand that a comfort women system
    was necessary.”

    ME: The allied forces didn’t rely on sex and rape of women of conquered nations, and they still beat the crap out of your Imperial Japanese forces, Mr. Hashimoto. And you still don’t get it. It’s not that Japan did bad things in the past which is the problem. It’s the refusal and the inability to deal with history that is the problem. But then again, how can Japan be faulted for this, when the US failed to dismantle the upper apparatus of the Japanese government that were responsible for the invasions. Instead, they were kept in power, and their children and grandchildren became today’s Japanese governments. It is not surprising that these people will spread a different version of history of their own parents who were in charge at that time. Even most of the convicted Japanese war criminals were prosecuted only for crimes against allied soldiers only. Justice for Asian victims were completely overlooked and bypassed.

    HASHIMOTO: “But Japan is seen as a rape nation because of campaigns by South Korea and other parties. This is the most important point in question.”

    ME: There it is again, blame the evil Koreans again. It is in Japanese psychology to blame everything on Koreans, instead of looking inwards and examining Japan’s own behavior.

    HASHIMOTO: “If evidence is found, we must recognize the claim. But a Cabinet
    decision made in 2007 says no such evidence has been found. We must make
    that point clear.”

    ME: They can find all evidences as much as they like, but people like Mr.Hashimoto, even staring right in the faces of evidences, will still refuse to acknowledge it as evidence. So what happened to the “new” evidence that was found couple of weeks ago in allied archives, which forced Shinzo Abe to eat humble pie? And you have to remember, Mr. Hashimoto is the same guy who supported the 1995 Murayama statement about the comfort women. This is why that Murayama statement is not worth the toilet paper that it was printed on. How many Japanese politicians who supported that statement, think like Hashimoto? Probably many. Why does Japan’s apologies have so many conditions attached? Do they really feel sorry, it doesn’t sound like it at all when all they do is continue to shift blame, excuse, lie, and speak Double speak, as what Hashimoto has done.

    • Rutim

      >ME: “did not establish definition of aggression? WTF? Japan, an ally of Nazi Germany, was the country that invaded Asia, Mr Hashimoto. Japan also carried a sneak attack on Americans at Pearl Habor, these are established facts that are only challenged in Japan. This is an incredible statement to even make. I can certainly understand why even the Americans who see this speech are upset now.

      He’s a lawyer so he probably knows what he’s talking about. Those definitions varies throught the documents and past. I think that’s pretty stupid to talk about that but it’s the world of lawyers, so not much could be done.

      >ME: Translation: the only thing we did wrong was that we lost the war. Notice the last words, “result of that defeat”. Mr. Hashimoto’s code words wrapped up in self pity. Holy Jesus.

      Yes, he’s right again. There’s even ‘history is written by the victors’. And that’s true. Holy Jesus. US somewhat can do that with every country around the world.

      >ME: What is the truth? So the Comfort Women weren’t forced, they were volunteers? No one is labeling Japan as a “rape nation”. Where the hell is he getting this? So he’s denying that the Comfort women were forcibly/fraudulently recruited, and forcibly held to provide sex for front line troops on the battle fields.

      Yes, he denies that, show him the proofs. But if any Korean or Chinese, or anyone else in the world haven’t found it yet it’s more or probable that we won’t see anything like the future as well. And yes, you can see some users who name Japanese as ‘rapist’ even around here.

      >ME: Wait a minute, I thought he said the comfort women were volunteers, now he’s saying different. So which is it, Mr. Hashimoto? Can you make up your mind?

      Can you link me a piece where he had said that (preferably in Japanes) as I can’t find it. (seriously, there’s no irony). I can only find the one when he stated that forced prostitution is a tragedy of war.

      >ME: So which country went and invaded other countries, took their women by force, and turned them into Comfort Women, other than Japan, Mr. Hashimoto?

      Germany during WWII or even earlier used the same system of brothels for their soldiers. US ended such a nice relationship with Korea in 1990 if I remember it well. Here’s fun fact about German front brothels (there were around 500 of them around Europe in peak). Himmler approved those when he learned that just one day after they took over Warsaw some 30 SS officers took 40 or 50 Jewish prostitues to cheer themselves after victory 🙂

      >ME: The allied forces didn’t rely on sex and rape of women of conquered nations, and they still beat the crap out of your Imperial Japanese forces, Mr. Hashimoto.

      In Europe they hanged their soldiers if they could confirm a rape.

      >ME: There it is again, blame the evil Koreans again. It is in Japanese psychology to blame everything on Koreans, instead of looking inwards and examining Japan’s own behavior.

      You know how much would a woman get in jail if she had accused a man of a rape without any evidence ruining his life and career? That’s the situation he’s talking about.

      • Morricane

        “He’s a lawyer so he probably knows what he’s talking about.” – only if international law is his field of expertise. And yeah, if, with aggression, he means aggression between nations, then we really have something to discuss. Of course it was perfectly fine back in the day to hand your opponent a declaration of war and then invade.

        And aren’t the trials after WWII the most arbitrary example of Victor’s Justice in recent history?

      • KMF

        Typical jap excuses. Blame other’s small infractions for its blatant crimes. You realize any one of such tactics and excuses could be used to justify crimes committed by non-japanese against japs and no one will give a shit what the japanese excuses will be no?

        History is not written by victors as much as you like to believe that so you can have a circle jerk about being the victim. Otherwise, there won’t be extensive internal discussion in US about atomic bombings, firebombing of dresden, or controversies about My Lai or Sinchon.

        Your other points about him not saying they are volunteers is squarely slapped out by exactly what he said. Read harder. Have your selective perceptions gotten to the point where you can’t even read the fine print on the article anymore? Pathetic.

        There are plenty of proofs. However in wartime it is so difficult to prove something beyond shadow of doubt that japs and spineless things like you try to bitch and moan about making excuses for every infration using every bit of imaginary excuses that have only slimmest tangents in your fantasies about absolving any responsibilities for the war crimes.

        Allied crimes were exceptions. Individual actions. Japaese crimes were directly or indirectly approved at the highest level and set forth as a national policy.

        His cheap lawyer talk and your pathetic cop outs do nothing but further degrade your own positions. International laws mean nothing in war, as japanese ignorance and now-flailing excuse making exercise amply demonstrate. With your attitude of bitching out for every single events they are are culpable of, you would also make a good lawyer for japanese revisionism.

        • Rutim

          Any arguments aside from blabbering ‘Jap monkeys’ around? Chucky at least uses some quotations, arguments etc. You give nothing.

          I read that some old granny from Korea would like to meet with Hashimoto and show him some evidence. I already feel poor for her as he’ll probably destroy her arguments in no time… That’s sad but true.

          • KMF

            I just outlined every single point to refute your evidence. You have once again simply refused to acknowledge them. Refute my points if you can instead of mouthing off about what only suits your little feelings.

            Otherwise, you might just be talking in your head about whatever makes you feel better defending the undefendable.

      • chucky3176

        Rutim, please read again. This is Hashimoto’s own words .

        HASHIMOTO: “There are those who became comfort women against their will and they are a product of the tragedy of war. Japan also bears responsibility for that war. We must understand their feelings and make consideration.”

        This part of the speech has gotten him into hot trouble with the Japanese nationalists and Shinzo Abe who had to make a public statement yesterday, refuting and denouncing Hashimoto’s problematic words on this part of the speech. Abe has distanced his party’s position on this regard. It is quite amusing to see that even the history revisionists themselves can’t get their acts together.

        • Rutim

          That’s a mixed quote to tell the truth. Here’s the full text:


          And no, by ‘comfort women’ he doesn’t mean only Korean and Chinese during conflict with Japan I suppose… More about the victims of every bigger conflicts around the world in the past.

          • chucky3176

            After reading that transcript, you’re right, nowhere does Hashimoto says they were forced sex slaves. He suggests they were hired prostitutes who were needed to keep the moral of the troops. Why there are discrepancies with this and the Asahi newspaper’s report, and the JapanToday’s version.


            Anyway, it reflects even worse on him now, as he practically calls all the Comfort Women as whores. It also throws into question the 1995 Murayama apology, since Hashimoto was one of the backers of the apology. Not that it matters that greatly since no-one takes that self serving apology seriously.

  • Angry Asian Guy

    They just won’t stop, they keep coming up with more stupidity each day. Shinzo Abe cynically poses in front of his Zero Jap. Fighter plane with the number 731, intentionally referring to the infamous Japanese Germ warfare unit 731 where many Chinese, Koreans, and others were experimented on. Have a look at this idiot proudly posing in front of his pappy’s war machine.


    This is just one guy right? Just one man who doesn’t represent the good silent majority Japanese right? Right? That’s what we’re lead to believe. So where’s the outrage, how does he keep his job? The silence is deafening.

    • Rutim

      lol, now numbers are becoming a problem for Koreans?

      lol, I didn’t know there are prohibited numbers 🙂 lol, yeah, they even transported Koreans there? Koreans experiment on Koreans in the north if you’d like to know.

      This madness went too far it seems…

      • chucky3176

        Just a number? Either this was intentional (I am sure it was), or just unintentional coincidence, it doesn’t look good at all either way. As posted above already, this blogger explains why it probably was intentional.


        Not mentioned yet, Abe must have been fully aware what the number 731 represented because in 2006, he was wrapped up in a full controversy where he complained he was unfairly being portrayed by being linked to the Unit 731 by a media outlet. I am pretty sure this is his way of thumbing his nose at all his critics in Korea and China.

        Even if this was not intentional, it doesn’t get Japan off the hook. Ask an average Japanese what unit 731 means. I’m sure they’ll look at you with a blank look, because most Japanese are not taught about the Unit 731 and they have no clue what that unit did.

        If this was not intentional, someone in Abe’s public relations office, should have figured out that this could turn into a problem, before printing the picture. But if they didn’t know about the significance of this number, the question is why not?

        Out of dozens of planes he could have used, he had to pick this one. It’s coincidental as Bin Laden taking a picture in a jet plane with the number 911. It’s not just a number, it’s a combination of all the actions and words Mr. Abe has recently said, which makes people suspicious of this picture.

        • Rutim

          I don’t know as I’m not the one who picks up the plane I’ll take flight by any number. And I hope you’ll never take a flight in KE731 as well as you’ll be straight chinilpa or whatever they name those in Korea!

          But seriously, there’s no point in talking to you as you already know that was intentional and played by Abe to piss off Koreans.

    • KMF

      Your name made you instantly pathetic before you even started mouthing off.

      That being said, this abe fool is not much better either. He doesn’t even have the backbone to backup his words, what with getting bitchslapped by Obama and park after her congressional speech.

  • Mighty

    Haha… Hashimoto is a pimp.

  • ChuckRamone

    That’s like saying lifting weights and martial arts training are necessary to be a good wife beater.

  • hellohello


  • hellohello

    “Comfort women” means “women who worked as prostitutes for soldiers”, not “sex slave”. South Korean government and American military created “comfort women” system after the Korean war in South Korea. Google “GI korea prostitute america”. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/08/world/asia/08korea.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

    • hellohello

      And Hashimoto admits “Comfort women” system is bad anywhere in the world.

    • hellohello

      He said “it was regarded that comfort women were necessary at the time” (because wherever there was a war and young soldiers were, there were a big prostitution ring catering soldiers, not only Japanese soldiers but American and Europeans too), not that he thinks it’s necessary now. A lot of things were lost in translation.

      • Schmidt, Custodial Engineer

        I don’t remember any whores in Iraq when I was there. The locals would probably stone her to death anyway. All around, you’re in a war, you’re not there to fuck, you’re there to fight, you need to be aggressive and keep your head in the game, jerk off in sock and drive on. It’s a discipline issue and backwards thinking of politician to say.

      • john roberts53


    • So what you’re saying is that the sex slavery victims must be whores because the Empire of Japan (and its descendants) called them whores?

      Great logic, 2ch netouyo troll. Now crawl back to whichever armpits of society you came from.

  • toyou

    “In 2003, the Korean Institute of Criminology announced that 260,000 women, or 1 of 25 of young Korean women, may be engaged in the sex industry.” It’s not because Japanese are forcing them to do it. It’s all their own action for money. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_South_Korea

    • john roberts53


  • lonetrey / Dan

    Nothing new about this…

    Ever since I learned about the Rape of Nanking, I’ve only had this sense of the “denial/apologetist/revisionist” vibe from Japanese government officials whenever words come out of their mouth about topics related to women and the military….

  • Mayu

    Right, the thing is, Hashimoto says the comfort women were necessary. Well, Hashimoto, don’t lump the rest of Japan in with you.


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