‘Dump Men Who Don’t Pay Out At New Year Shrine Visit’, Says Site

Offering boxes at a Shinto shrine in Japan.

Offering boxes at a Shinto shrine in Japan.

In Japan, it is tradition to visit a shrine (or sometimes, temple) on or soon after New Year’s Day. The practice, known as “hatsumōde”, involves wishing for good luck over the coming year, and millions of visitors go to shrines at this time to try to ensure good fortune.

Many visitors to shrines will buy new protective amulets (o-mamori) and return the old ones to to be burned, while also making a small offering in an offering box before the shrine they pray at.

But a recent article from a website for women tells readers that none of the spiritual stuff really matters. If your guy is flipping small change into the offering box, then it’s time to give him the push. On the other hand, if he’s tossing the 10,000 yen notes [approx. $83] in, then he’s a keeper.

Unsurprisingly, this has enraged the good gentlemen of 2ch…

From Buzz-Plus.com:

Break Up With Him Immediately! Characteristic Of A Guy Who Will Make A Girl Unhappy: “Guy Who Puts Small Change In Shrine Offering Box At New Year”

How much should your boyfriend offer to a shrine at new year

Everyone knows that an offering should be at least 1000 yen [approx. $8]. A guy who throws in some change — jingle jangle (lol) — just seems like he’s poor, and this shows that he doesn’t have future potential.

・ Swap Him For A Boyfriend Who Does Have Potential For The Future

It’s common knowledge that a shrine offering at New Year should be at the very least a 1,000 yen note, is usually a 5,000 yen note, and if he’s a gentleman it’ll be a 10,000 yen note. For example, even if a guy doesn’t have money, he should be too embarrassed to be able to throw small change into the offering box in front of the woman he loves.

If your boyfriend put small change in the offering box at the shrine, break up with him immediately and swap him for a boyfriend who has more potential for the future. A-ko (43) a woman well-versed in the ways of love who has dated more than 100 men to date, has this to say:

・ Get Back The Good Luck Sucked Out Of You By ‘Small Change Guy’

“Ending up going to worship on New Year’s Day with a guy who throws small change into the offering box is in itself something that is a bad omen, so you need to drive away the bad luck, right? First off, reject his calls, delete him from LINE, and when you are single drive away the bad luck. Go around visiting power spots to get back the good luck that small change guy sucked out of you”.

・ Nothing But Unhappiness Awaits

For a woman, what kind of guy she goes out with is a major point. If he’s poor and has no common sense, there is only unhappiness awaiting the relationship. Your boyfriend didn’t throw small change into the offering box on New Year’s Day, did he?

Comments from 2ch.net:


Well a woman who whines about stuff like that is hardly the kind of woman you’d marry.


“He should be too embarrassed to be able to throw small change into the offering box in front of the woman he loves.” The New Year shrine visit is hardly the time to be pretentious or to keep up appearances.


The author of this article shouldn’t be making new rules like that…
Honestly, the shit media and its shit writers are all just scum.


“A-ko (43) a woman well-versed in the ways of love”
Shut up www Makes me wanna punch this woman.


She’s 43.
If so, then she’s on the shelf already.


Almost everyone puts small change in, what the hell is this writer doing, making new rules.


This article is lower than trash.
I reckon that the loser who wrote this and the media that published this needs to go cast off their bad fortune.


Aww, and the sound of change going into the offering box is so good, too.


Wouldn’t a girl be all like ‘if you’re using 10,000 yen notes, you should use them on me!’?


“Everyone knows that an offering should be at least 1000 yen”
Where does everyone know this? In some other country?


My father has been putting 1000 yen in the offering box every time he goes to the shrine, but he’s always out of work, so what gives?


I go around to loads of shrines, but I only give offerings to the gods I like.


This is basically what you do if you want to end up like the 43 year old, right?
Better to do the exact opposite.


This is stealth marketing by the gods.
If someone threw in a 10,000 yen note, I’d be dumbfounded.


They’re confusing yen and [Korean] won in this article.


The amount you give as an offering is completely irrelevant to the gods, but I guess its important to women?

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