japanCRUSH finally joins chinaSMACK and koreaBANG to complete the East Asian triangle. Now things will really get interesting. With huge netizen communities that influence popular culture, and fascinating social phenomena, Japan demands attention. So we’re giving it attention. And with anonymous commenting systems, the Japanese netizens don’t hold back.

From viral videos to political posturing, societal scandals to social network news, japanCRUSH is the place to come for whatever is making waves on the Japanese internet, and to engage with what Japanese netizens are talking about. And who knows, we may even have the odd beauty queen or herbivore man.

We don’t select our articles: Japan selects them for us. It may sometimes seem as though the stories are representing a lesser-known side of Japan, and that may make some people uncomfortable. But at japanCRUSH, we also understand that humans, particularly those with access to the internet, are capable of everything from the very very bad to the truly amazing. No matter where they are from.

If it’s trending in Japan, you find it at japanCRUSH.

And why ‘crush’? You’ll see…(^3^)

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