TV Cook Ashamed of Being Japanese After Seeing Sign in UK

Chef Suzuki Tokiko Prepares Food

One of the most read and most commented on articles on Japanese internet boards this weekend was written by the well-known 88-year-old Japanese TV cook Suzuki Tokiko. Originally intended to be published in the popular housewife magazine Josei Seven, the article quickly went viral after it was published in the online edition of the magazine.

The article describes Suzuki’s vacation in the UK, where she encountered a sign warning Japanese tourists not to enter a private garden in the Cotswolds. Since the sign was written in Japanese, Suzuki felt embarrassed, interpreting this as an indication of the bad behaviour of Japanese tourists abroad.

Netizens commented in the thousands on the behaviour of Japanese abroad, and while some decided that the Japanese need to improve their manners, others noted that Japanese signs in the Cotswolds were common. Surprisingly, no one mentioned how unusual it was that an 88-year old woman’s innocuous travel notes could cause such a stir on the Japanese internet.

From Josei Seven:

‘I Was Shocked at the Behaviour of my Fellow Countrymen’: Warning Sign Written in Japanese Seen in UK

Suzuki Tokiko (88), is the popular cooking expert nicknamed ‘Baaba’ from television programmes such as NHK’S ‘Today’s Cookery’ and ‘Asaichi’. Here, she tells us about British cookery, after having been on a tour of Scotland and the Lake District, the Cotswolds, and then London, for more than ten days.

A long time ago, it used to be said that ‘British food is unappetizing,’ but that is not the case. On my recent travels, I made many ‘delicious memories’ (). And of these memories, the one that touched me most was of mushrooms. I’m not talking about the small, cute mushrooms that you see in Japan, but jumbo mushrooms, that must have a diameter of 6 or 7cm. When sautéed whole, and served for breakfast and so on, there really is nothing more delicious! So much so that I had extra helpings without a second thought.

If I were to cook it…Certainly, I would grill a whole jumbo mushroom, coat it with a little soy sauce, squeeze a little sudachi over it, and eat it. It would be exceptional.

So I stayed in England as though in a dream, but during my stay in the Cotswolds, I came across a spectacle that shattered my dream into pieces.

Please do not enter the garden without permission.

The large sign, written in perfect Japanese, was standing outside the gates of a house. There was nothing else written there. Only the Japanese.

The moment I saw this sign, I was at a loss for words from my intense shame. It troubled me deeply that the sign was only written in Japanese.

‘Could it be?’ I thought, when I looked. Wasn’t that a group of people who looked Japanese, peering inside over the fence, right next to the sign? I almost collapsed from shock when I saw the conduct of my fellow countrymen.

They say that someone away from home should feel no shame, but it is unthinkable. Whether in Japan or abroad, shame is shame. No matter where we go, let us not forget our pride and humility as Japanese people. That is an earnest request from me.

Japanese tourists in a popular Cotswold rapeseed field

Japanese tourists in a popular Cotswold rapeseed field

Comments from 2ch:


Come on, show us a picture of the sign at least!


Isn’t it on Google Street View?


Aimu zapaneezu [‘I’m Japanese’ written in katakana]


A lot of you guys are getting caught up on the term ‘fellow countrymen’ but Governor Ishihara [Governor of Tokyo] uses it quite a bit.


Seems to me that if there had been no sign written in Japanese this old woman would’ve gone in too.


There is nothing so shameless as groups of elderly people.


If you do an image search of the Cotswolds, you can see how they’d all stagger into the gardens.


557 名前:名無しさん@13周年[sage] said this:
‘This is another awful example of manipulation of information.
Since there have always been large numbers of Japanese tourists in the Cotswolds, in various places, like on the railways and on the buses, there are signs to guide tourists written in Japanese. That is to say, this warning sign is also one of those used for guidance. They’re not there because Japanese tourists have particularly bad manners.

I mean, the way someone would take ‘There is one warning sign out of lots of Japanese signs’ is pretty different from how you’d take ‘there is a warning sign written in Japanese’, right?

Look out, here comes your favourite source:


Over 3,000,000 tourists visit the Cotswolds every year: Even if that’s a lot, Japanese tourists only make up less than 2% of this number with around 50,000 going each year. Surely the fact that they go to the trouble of writing ‘Do not enter’ signs in Japanese suggests that the manners of the Japanese tourists are bad.

ノルウェージャンフォレストキャット (愛媛県):

That’s because the cultural standard is such that they write crappy proverbs like ‘a man away from home should feel no shame’.


It’d be good if their manner awareness increased enough for ‘A man away from home should feel no shame’ to become an obsolete phrase.

Comments from Yutori:

ゆとりある名無し :

Out of the 3,000,000 tourists that someone mentioned, how many do you think can’t read English?

ゆとりある名無し :

Even in Japan, if somewhere is even slightly touristy then there will certainly be signs in English and Chinese, and you even see signs in Italian, French, Korean, Arabic. I’ve never seen a place Italians go to though. Anyway, this article might have been written as reprisal for a sign that said ‘No people from a certain country’, but I think if you’re Japanese you’d just think ‘I’ll be careful if I go there’. Or perhaps the article even wants to say ‘This is proof that Japanese are hated.’

ゆとりある名無し :

It’s because Westerners can’t tell the difference between Chinese and Koreans, and Japanese. Can you guys tell the difference between someone German and someone Dutch?

ゆとりある名無し :

In Japan it’s normal to walk on a lawn, but over there they treat them like flower beds. It wouldn’t unusual if a Japanese person stepped on a lawn. There are some experts who are so proud of their lawns they get mad if you step on them.

ななし :

Even if old women aren’t on holiday there are still a lot of them who have bad manners. There are also probably people from other countries who stepped on the lawn and said they were Japanese though.

ゆとりある名無し :

Seems like there used to be warning signs in hotels overseas written in Japanese that said ‘Please don’t take the towels home with you’, so I think that they couldn’t help but laugh at the Japanese and Chinese. I wonder what it’s like now?

ゆとりある名無し :

Because an 88 year old woman was ashamed and told us to have standards, shouldn’t we just take it on board and be careful of doing things that cause bother to others, and have standards ourselves? We shouldn’t be bringing other countries into it, ridiculing them, looking down on others or trying to justify the numbers of Japanese tourists. I think it is just this kind of inferior behaviour that we need to be careful of.

ゆとりある名無し :

If it’s embarrassing to see Japanese guidance signs overseas, then first of all let’s remove all the guidance signs written in hangul in Japan. It must be embarrassing for Koreans, who by their own admission are the politest people in the world, when warning signs are written in hangul: ‘Please flush the toilet paper down the toilet’, ‘This is not a tasting sample’ and so on w

What do you think? Was the Suzuki Tokiko and other Japanese netizens’ reactions reasonable?

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  • Sofa!

    • Bob Loblaw

      Impossibru !

  • Dave Munro

    In my humble opinion, many of us “Westerners” could take a lesson in manners from the average Japanese Citizen. I was in Japan in the early 1970’s and found people to be polite and considerate.

    Any Japanese that I have met here in the UK have not failed to live up to my expectations, I would say that the person posting the sign should perhaps have been more considerate and not just singled out people of Japanese origin in this manner.

  • Simon

    The Japanese are exceptional tourists, absolutely nothing to worry about.

  • elizabeth

    The sign could have been put there because some Japanese tourists did not know how to read English and wandered into the restricted area accidentally. Even their website is in English and Japanese only. That lady probably read too much into it.

  • chucky3176

    A good forum finally to reveal Japanese hatred towards Koreans to outsiders.

    • rainy days

      Sarcasm for Korean?

    • besudesu

      Well, Chucky, I think we can all agree that this is not the objective of japanCRUSH, or anyone who contributes to japanCRUSH.

    • Paul M

      …and a good forum finally to reveal your hatred of everyone not Korean, not that people didn’t already know.

      • the ace of books

        “not that people didn’t already know”

        Hell’s bells, I don’t even read kBANG and I’ve head of Chucky. That oughta tell you something right there.

    • To be honest, as an American of mixed Chinese heritage, I’m mostly interested in seeing how Japanese comments about Americans and Chinese (and more broadly, Westerners and foreigners) compares to that of Koreans.

  • Ruffled Feathers

    Surprising to see how constructive the netizen comments from Japan are. Compare that to the Chinese equivalent on China Smack.

    • besudesu

      I was also surprised at how constructive these comments are! But trust me, they’re not all like that….

      • Kukuku

        We’re talking trends here.

        • Kai

          You guys are largely choosing to see what you want to see. There’s more than a healthy amount of self-criticism and embarrassment among Chinese netizen comments on stories of a similar nature. Refer to the London Olympics media sign story.

    • Adrianojapan

      Compare japanese with chinese is just like to compare russian with french.

      • anon

        Grey Goose?

      • YourSupremeCommander

        or chicken with KFC

        • Gaijin gaijin

          Or Borsche with provincial hot pot.. Lol

      • Gaijin gaijin

        Lol. The French and Russians have a very long mutual fascination, you know that right..? …sigh…

    • Guest

    • ASDF

      Surprising to see how constructive your comments are on JapanCrush. Compare that to your own equivalent on ChinaSmack.

      • Ruffled Feathers

        Ooh nice trolling there. So criticism is unacceptable in your mind? My comments on China smack are mostly negative because, 1. the stories I comment on tend to be negative as well, 2. I have reason to vent on this site, like many others do. The point I was making is that Chinese netizens seem mostly hostile, especially in a story like this one, which involves foreigners; these Japanese netizens, on the other hand, seemed more open and impartial. Perhaps the fact that I am more negative on China smack has a correlation to the general Chinese negativity towards us, both on the internet/this site and in the world around us There’s a word for this, it’s called reacting..

        • ASDF

          Chinese people and Westerners are hostile to each other due to intense rivalry and political differences. Go on a site like Youtube, you’ll find that content related to Chinese people tend to be hostile as well. The hate goes both ways. In the past, hostilities between westerners and citizens of imperial Japan were just as high, but since Japan has become a subservient puppet state to america, the hostilities have naturally died down. My sincere condolences to the Japanese nation.

          • Nah, the Japanese just grew up, that’s all. They’re called a developed, civilized nation for a reason.

          • Alice S

            Does the intense rivalry and political differences include part Chinese people too?

          • Gaijin gaijin

            Lol, that makes you an ” apologist” huh..? Trust me, Japan is still an empire, and your ignorant fawning is embarrassing.

            Japan is a nice place, so are many Japanese..but….!!! Racism is EnDEMIC to Japan as a government, in industry and ( big surprise…?) society.. Sure they don’t go in for burning flags… But it’s real racism at every level…

            I have to deal with their racism everyday..( yes, EVERY day..) so tell me about the ” purdy rabbits” again George..?( movie quote..)

            Japan is at least as racist as any country anywhere, and before you try to ” re educate me ” on the subject, I live here NOW in Japan, speak the language, studied the history and generally know more about Japan in every aspect than the Japanese do…( no, really..)

            Japan is a place with constant ” eyes ” on all.. Catch is, that means foreigners cannot walk 2 feet without being observed with 10 fold attention.. They routinely laugh at you, racistly made the most laughable generalizations and cock eyed theory over ” foreigners.. And so on.. No matter what, they are NEVER even remotely ” sorry” to offend you or hurt your feelings.. Being collective cowards is the main game, here.. They are terrified of not going along with THEIR Japanese countrymen, ALWAYS…

            So, as the weakest target, they pick on foreigners without mercy or even a pinge of guilt.. IF the foreigner should get angry, now. It’s his fault… Welcome to a Great Wall of racism, one EVEN the other Asians can not penetrate.

            Japanese DO behave badly on holidays, though. Hardly in the criminal sense.. Don’t imagine they’d accept the same rule breaking..( often deliberately done here too, by them..IF they can get away with it..) not from you, as foreigner..the most racist here will single you as foreigner out for a rule lecture, while the Japanese around you break that rule casually.. To be fair ” persona non grata white person isn’t expected to fit in( nor permitted, either..)

            The poor Asians MUST fit in..( but forever be second class humans in all things..) considering Japan has repeatedly had signs as bad as that Chinese one, they got a bloody cheek to be offended, if they actually were.. The sad truth is they are less offended than they ought be. And deserve to feel.. They basically don’t care, and also won’t care tomorrow when they are racist rude or cruel to firuegners

          • Gaijin gaijin

            So cut the crap about poor Japan..ok..? And their hospitality CAN be great on a adhoc basis.. But mo te na shi モテンッシ。。my ass.. Hospitality in Japan does not come with the basic respect and consideration they certainly do expect from you in your country, wherever it is, so think about it…

            Fact foreigners have no legal rights in Japan under the law, none. Fact endemic institutional used racism pervaded even the law here.. ( the media routinelyportrays ALL foreigners as criminals. ) as a foreigner. You have double chance of this series AT EACH successive turn… Suspected by police of a crime, arrested, held without charge for several days.. ( no translator, let alone a lawyer) charged, tried, convicted. X2,x2x2,x2x2x2. Yes, you may imagine it plausible if at any point we stared with a higher rate , but this chain is concrete Proof of racist application of the so called law… It’s also NOT accidental, incidental either, it’s deliberate .. Yes poorr Japanese…!

          • Gaijin gaijin

            Try stepping where you offend Japan, see what they do…

            Won’t be some discreet sign in a language ( nearly) no one else can understand, no then and ONLY then it’ll be in 5 or more.. ( refusal to obey is NOT optional)

          • Gaijin gaijin

            Your point is plausible, and utterly inaccurate, the Chinese government is currently flexing it’s bully muscle on Japan, whatever they can convince the Chinese people to believe is doubtful, though a real concern in future. ( vis a vie a condition like North Korea, which is thankfully doubtful..)

            It is about that old ( dangerous ) political game, some one to hate, so you forget about the leaders..

            Again however, Chinas new mythology over Japanese islands echoes the very same BS crap the ( right wing ) Japanese has maintained over it’s so called islands to the north.. For the record, Japan claimed Taiwan several years before Hokkaido, and betrayed the Russians for the ” northern islands during war in a deal for Russia’s claim to ….Manchuria ( china…..) adjacent territory.. Irkuskt DOES not, not not belong by ANY logical nor moral claim too Japan… The Russians claimed it in revenge for Japan’s betrayal… Russia also had equal activity in Hokkaido to Japanese traders for 400 years… Bigoted bs island claims is a trick learned by the Chinese from Japan…

            Being hypocrites the Japanese right wing even accuse the Russians of ” sneaky duplicity” for claiming them after the ( Americans ) made a peace.. Conveniently forgetting their own brazen duplicity, when they took arms and stole back what they’d promised Russia….. ( notice that the Chinese know this was in order to keep a very large chunk of China, forever…) 70 years on, Japan officially maintains Russia must return her islands… Hmmm… ” not sorry” rings a bell, I think….

          • Gaijin gaijin

            Chinese GOVERNMENT, Western GOVERNMENT, and not quite, actually are they hostile , and not over so called rivalry or ” differences” unless you mean a one party state vs a us empire of hypocrisy.. As for their interests , china and the west NEED each other rather too much for ” rivalry” either.. Again, plausible but utterly inaccurate . On a people to people level, by which I assume you mean real people, both in Taiwan and mainland china I’d venture Chinese people have never been MORE friendly with the west in 5000 years… And much of the rest of the world, including Japan.. If Japan deserves a serious kick in the ass for being such pricks to people, which they do, I for one hope they get it and learn something from it finally..

            Mesnwhile, the Chinese GOVERNMENT is way out of line in it’s recent stance against Japan, and sooner or later they will have to learn to play nice, the WEST and ALL of east Asia will MAKE them.. That sht has hurt China economically, and every Chinese person with any sense knows it, including the party heads.. China plays a bluff and bluster game, but they play it insincerely and everyone knows they ought to stop, even them…

            Any questions..? No..? Good..

        • Chom

          When I look on Chinasmck, I not only focus on the stories, in fact the netizens reactions to the stories are what matters more, and unlike you I don’t see that they are “mostly hostile” in fact it is the opposite. They are often embarrassed, complaining or joke about China self-deprecatingly.

          Below are just two examples that can illustrate that most of the comments are not hostile towards foreigners:

          French guy gets cheated:

          There is not one Chinese comment that is hostile towards the French guy in that case. Most of them are complaining about the taxi driver/Chinese society/Beijing taxi drivers. What Kai said is correct, you are seeing what you want to see, and there certainly is “more than a healthy amount of self-criticism and embarrassment among Chinese netizen comments”

          British man feed homeless:

          This story has 20 Chinese comments, I counted 4 that were in any way criticizing the guy, and only 2 of those could be described as “hostile”

          • Ruffled Feathers

            That’s nice cherry picking there. Now tell me about anything relating to Japan, black people or foreigners who cause a ruckus and you will see hatred across the board.

  • Drecks

    Signs like this aren’t too uncommon in Japan either, barring foreigners from using some establishments. Let them taste their own medicine.

  • haha imagine waking up, looking out into your backyard and finding a bunch of japanese tourists wandering around! haha

    • Raminess

      This actually happened to me once, except it was in my own back yard. Last summer, I was getting the pool ready when a group of 6 Japanese youths, maybe the ages of 18-21, happily strolled into my back yard and started taking pictures and putting their hands in my pool, probably to test the water temperature. Nevermind that I have no idea who they are. They were guests of my stepsister’s father who was in the adjacent apartment, but I still found it strange that they thought it was perfectly okay to leave the apartment, come to my back yard, and just make themselves at home.

  • Jay

    The people leaving comments here do not seem to be aware of the act that the Japanese tourists are well known for just wandering into people’s private property. They act as if its a model town and not somewhere where people actually live. So the signs are put there to warn them not to do this behaviour. There’s nothing else to read from this others than that the Japanese tourists are without realising it, being very rude and invasive to the locals.

    • Kai

      Yeah, the “without realizing it” part. I don’t think most people intend to be rude or invasive.

      • The wording of the sign heavily implies that the garden’s owner is just trying to leave a gentle reminder to any Japanese tourists not to unintentionally cross any boundaries. If they had been victims of malicious Japanese tourists damaging their property (unlikely) it would have been worded in much stronger terms, trespassing (entering private property without permission) is a crime in Britain.

  • Cleo

    Chinese haven’t discovered any reason to visit the Cotswolds yet whereas the Japanese are/were insane for Hugh Grant and seeing him on a minibreak with GermanTexan Bridget Jones must have been too much for them. If China erected such signage all over the Mainland, it would only be appropriate considering how “rude” the Japanese “trespassed” into China. They won’t even let Chinese strawberry growers deviate from the side of the street leading from work to dormitory in Japan but look at how they rampaged all over China.

    • Ruaraidh

      Mao killed far more Chinese than the Japanese ever did. But I bet you’d still crawl a mile over broken glass just to kiss his posterior.

      • Kai

        Come on, guys, let’s stick to the topic .

        • Kukuku

          Watch out guys! “god” is N-GU-REE!

      • Idiots read things without analysing the information. Yes, I am calling you an idiot.
        I would say it is quite well known that the deaths of many Chinese under Mao were accidental and not deliberate e.g. The Great Leap Forward.

    • royaljester

      Yet another inane troll post by Cleo

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Hmmm, I really don’t know who’s right or wrong, but I like how “ゆとりある名無し” puts it. He/she chalked it up to culture clash and the different behavior each country’s citizens view lawns/gardens.

    • besudesu

      Yeah I think that was also a nice way of putting it!

  • sencrazyisland

    the japanese are near perfect tourists. i worked at international hotel. japanese are #1 guests. so polite, clean, safe, respectful. russians, british, chinese are the worst.

    • Gaijin gaijin

      No Koreans been there yet, then, obviously..or Aussies.. ( I am one, so Aussies taking offence, take the gate too, and yes I mean it, cancel that trip to Bali please..?)

  • Kate

    The Japanese have been ranked as the most polite foreign tourist in the world, I guess some just don’t realize they aren’t suppose to walk on private property, although I would personally find it fun to have a Japanese tourist on my property, Id show them around, cook them some food, learn some Japanese and enjoy the company ☆★☆

    • ASDF

      Yeah and if they were polite people from a poor developing country like China India or the Philippines you’d probably just kick them out regardless of their behavior.

      • Kate

        You must think Im a very mean, snotty person. Im not and have nothing against anyone from those countries. If they were polite tourist, Id extend the same pleasantness ^_^

        • Ruffled Feathers

          Ignore him, he’s just going around trolling all of us who have criticized China on China smack, and can’t take it that we like the Japanese more because they are nicer than the Chinese.

          Btw, your first comment was very sweet.

          • Alice S

            Does ‘Chinese’ include the part Chinese?

  • Ruaraidh

    Pretty much all tourists are inconsiderate to some extent, it’s a fact that they don’t come from the same culture and hence aren’t sensitive to the same issues as the locals. As long as it’s not intentional and they at least try to be considerate they should be given some slack.

    If I was going to take offence at every little thing foreigners did, I’d end up like Chucky, calling for all foreigners to be thrown into the sea. That having been said, I have previously shouted at tourists when I’ve seen them spitting in the street.

  • MrT

    Maybe there Grandfather did stint at The Bridge on the River Kwai…

  • I have friends in France who have said Japanese tourists (or perhaps they were Chinese or Korean…..East Asian I guess you could say) just openly take pictures of them and the citizens going about their day to the point of borderline stalking. i.e. You’re walking with your girlfriend and they take pictures of you while you walk and take flicks as you sit down at the restaurant and order, as if they’ve never seen European people before in their life. I also heard they take pictures of weird things like leaves.

    • Chom

      LOL..I think you mean you think its weird they take pictures of leaves; not that leaves are “weird things”

    • anon

      Beats filming a plastic bag swirling in the wind?

    • …I took pictures of leaves because I think fall leaves are beautiful. I know I’m weird but I don’t think leaves are weird to take pictures of…

    • elizabeth

      Yes, especially autumn maples leaves. They are beautiful, more so than some flowers.

    • Kate

      I know when I lived in Korea, I always had a lot of Chinese guys take my picture, some would ask, some wouldn’t.

      • Alice S

        How do you know they are Chinese? Do you want to bet $25 on it? Are you so sure now?

  • Nilerafter24

    See this here. These are intelligible and well-thought out comments.
    Though I know Japanese can also be racist/discriminative in the exact same aspect (signs not allowing foreigners, black people in certain places etc), the way the netizens respond to this issue is top class. No insults, no self-pity, no third-party blaming. Nice intelligent reasoning and reflection.
    Maybe the comments were cherry-picked? I don’t know though I much doubt it.
    Huge contrast between these comments and what the comments probably would have been like had it been Chinese netizens (majority).

    • anon

      Maybe you should read those netizen comments instead of assuming the worst of them. From what I’ve read and what Fauna has translated before, you’re being quite unfair here.

      • Bob Loblaw

        I must say I have the same feeling. And felt the same way when Korea Bang went online. Koreans and japanese netizens just seem less prone to spill out nonsense.

        I’ve been living in Japan a few years ago and had the same impression. People mostly have a better critical sense.

        I am aware I might be biased as I’m a little embittered after 3 years in the Beijing hell though.

        • ASDF

          I noticed that the very same people seem less prone to spill out nonsense when commenting on JapanCrunch or KoreaBang compared to on ChinaSmack. I am aware I might be biased as I’m a little embittered from reading the crude tasteless Disqus comments on ChinaSmack. If these comments are a reflection of how you guys act in these three countries, then the differences in treatment you receive from the people of those countries is understandable.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            “If these comments are a reflection of how you guys act in these three
            countries, then the differences in treatment you receive from the people
            of those countries is understandable.”


            These comments are a reflection of how we’re treated by the locals in these countries.

          • ASDF

            Chicken and the egg. Which came first. You started it, He started it. Meaningless argument. Chinese people and Western people hate each other. Thats just the way it is.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            “Chinese people and Western people hate each other. Thats just the way it is.”

            I can’t argue with that, however, it’s not everyone. As for me, I I came here with an open ind and feel I got shitted on, and continue to get shitted on. In fact I just got shit on three times just now for simply going outside with my wife. My angst, at least, is a reaction to how they treat me

          • elizabeth

            Maybe you are an accidental victim of a negative image projected by other western males who go to China and sleep with many of their women. Maybe that’s why the Chinese tend to use ‘laowai’ offensively on you when they see you with your Chinese wife.

            I am not excusing their actions, but perhaps it’s the image that some westerners portray that give others a bad reputation.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            “Maybe you are an accidental victim of a negative image projected by
            other western males who go to China and sleep with many of their women”

            Well, what’s wrong with that? Although I don’t do that myself, many people come to the West from foreign countries to fuck white women, maybe as their sole intention for coming, or it’s simply incidental. In any case, that’s nobody else’s business. It’s just another example of the general feeling of negativity and xenophobia here, and how backward a lot of people are. Maybe you have it easy here, but for a lot of us, there’s a constant struggle to keep our dignity.

          • elizabeth

            Yes, maybe it’s easier for us because foreign women are not known to do that sort of thing with Chinese men. Not that I know of. You’ll just have to live with it if you want to be happy in China.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            That’s probably true, if we’re being realistic, but wouldn’t it be nice if they were more accepting here. You’re clearly very resigned to accept whatever they say and do here, regardless of whether it’s offensive or not.

          • elizabeth

            If I am not happy, I go home. It’s that simple. So far, nothing happened that bothered me so that I have to rant about the Chinese and harp on it everyday, not the least on JapanCRUSH.

            The measure we give will be the measure we receive.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Well, I have a job, a family and a life here, so the old ignorant adage: “if you don’t like it, fuck off”, is not really plausible for me.

            “The measure we give will be the measure we receive.”

            Well, that normally applies in a civilized country, but low and behold, China is not that civilized. I just said they insult me for being with a Chinese woman, which you condemned, by the way. So the measure I give is just living my life, and the measure I receive is hatred?! It doesn’t really add up does it?

            Another thing, what’s wrong with complaining now? Moreover, I’m not the only one who vents here, and as for doing it on Japan Crush, well you and ASDF were trolling me, so you’re kind of perpetuating it aren’t you?

          • haotian

            Hey dude, not sure how else to contact you. I was banned from Chinasmack. Kai sent me an extremely long winded email about it. If you want to talk more, send me an email to [email protected].

            Reply to this to say you sent it, because everything goes into the spam folder. Take it easy, and thanks for your support.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Ok it’s done

          • Alice S

            Does the hate extend to part Chinese people?

          • Yes. Most Chinese males think maternally part-Chinese males are descendents of race traitors.

          • Gaijin gaijin

            Wanta know how bad Koreans can be, try asking around EVERYwhere in Asia.. Korea is hated for a reason, I’m afraid, regardless of those nice ones you see.. Koreans abroad lie chest and steal, they are bigoted against everyone, are disrespectful of cultures, people and basic dignity of others, they have no manners, no class and no shame. they suck, and suck badly…

            .. If you are Korean and this ain’t you, never mind whinging or whatever to me, YOUR own people taught me to HATE Korea, and I am certainly NOT alone.. tHINK about it…, try taking responsibility for your compatriots before all the world despises you with THOSE shameless Koreans…. Really…..

        • 21tigermike

          *high five* BJ was hell. Congrats on making it out of China.

        • Gaijin gaijin

          Try LIVING in Korea, you won’t go unscathed there buddy, I’m afraid.. Meanwhile try getting out of Beijing, northern Chinese especially can be exceedingly warm and friendly and honest.. Warmth is on in Korea, except for the lying cheating type Korean… Same basic total lack of public manners, I’m afraid, but with WAY more bigotry in Korea, by the way..

          Japanese are ” mostly harmless” except you are forever expected to accept that second class non citizen is your role.. Fair for foriegner is a perpetual non stater… Period.. Mind you, try getting residency in China, Taiwan maybe…

    • Jules

      Maybe I don’t have enough experience in this respect, but I feel in one respect Chinese are more western, and Japanese are different. I think we (westerners and Chinese) always blame someone else for problems. So what if Chinese aren’t blaming foreigners, they’re also blaming waidiren, city people, 90s kids, and so forth. America is shockingly similar. Japanese often have this collective self-shame that’s often the exception, not the norm

  • I am impressed with the amazing level of civility and reason from the Japanese comments, especially compared with the Chinese comments on chinaSMACK, which could be easily compared to jumping head first into a vat of fresh acid. I didn’t find a single Japanese comment referring to the linguistic equivalent of “Grass mud horse” or “your mother’s B” . Could it be just a different demographic that we are seeing here? Translation differences? Or are Chinese netizens really just a bunch of socially repressed evil trolls?

    • ASDF

      Correct. Chinese netizens really are just a bunch of socially repressed evil trolls. I am impressed by the amazing level of civility and reason from your comment.

      • Ruffled Feathers

        “Correct. Chinese netizens really are just a bunch of socially repressed evil trolls.”

        Yeah, just like you. I just read through all your posts from this morning, and the majority of them are simply trolling people who criticize China a lot. Surely you have something better to do?

        • ASDF

          and you’re just criticizing anyone who’s Chinese. but you’re obviously more constructive than me because i’m Chinese. Why did you bother to read through all my posts? I’m flattered. . .
          actually it’s ok don’t wanna know. Yeah you’re right, we’ve been bickering for awhile now. Go finish up your “reactions” for the rest of my posts if you like. I don’t care anymore. nobody actually reads this shit anyway. Cya.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            .I don’t care anymore. nobody actually reads this shit anyway. Cya.

            Yeah you don’t care that’s why you trolled everyone this morning because they criticized your beloved “motherland”. Very convincing.

            Also just because I criticize, doesn’t make me wrong. A lot of expats vent on this site, that’s part of the purpose of China smack. This is the one place where a lot of us can come and blow off steam about the issues we face in this country day to day because you guys simply won’t evolve or accept anyone different to you.

      • I was going to go with a difference in demographics, but OK… we’ll go with evil trolls. And just for the record I lack total civility and reason, especially after 750ml of Gaoliangjiu. But that’s just me.

  • Kim

    British food is fucking disgusting.. no foreigner wants to eat that shit.. UK is home to bad food, and people with bad teeth lol

  • donscarletti

    Plenty of signs in Japanese, particularly in the Lake District and around the larger museums in London, I can only read the Kanji (Kana to me looks like someone’s been trying to unclog a ballpoint pen), but it seems like it is mostly there to welcome tourists rather than admonish them.

  • Hokit

    “Ashamed”? Poor woman – that’s the self-depreciative mentality typical of her countrymen. If I were a tourist and was confronted with such sign targeting my ethnicity explicitly or implicitly, I’d kick up a stink. Clearly the Japanese translation was a discreet ‘fuck you’ to a specific race.

    • Hokit

      Scratch that. I mis-understood the sign’s message. Maybe it was merely a way to warn away trespassers and a good number of them happen to be Japanese (or claim to be).

  • expatrick

    I don’t know why Japanese tourists are so highly rated. They are pretty rude to Gaijins, especially if you have blonde hair. Always trying to touch you and take pictures with you – it’s nice if its young girls, but creepy if it’s japanese guys. Also, Japanese people seem to have no sense of privacy, maybe because they’re country is so dense and they’re constantly stepping over one another.

  • Flora

    It’s not just impolite, some of these signs are meant for the tourists personal safety. I don’t know how it is in Europe, but in parts of America, “strange people in your yard” = “time to get the shotgun”.

    Some people are touchy about their property.

  • 21tigermike

    Let me know when all the ‘No Foreigners Allowed’ signs are taken down. 2020 is coming fast.

  • Alice S

    It is unfortunate that there are incidents where Japanese have gone wandering into private gardens.

  • Lulu

    …my first impression is that the writer had mistook a group of Mainland Chinese as Japanese.

    Do Japanese people still travel aboard in tour groups? I thought that stopped after Japan went broke?

  • Gaijin gaijin

    Kinda hard to imagine Japan’s rowdiest and rudest tourists trekking off to the Cotswolds, somehow… I hear the girly bars are a bit thin on the ground..

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