Celebrity Blogger Shocks Netizens With No Make-Up Photos

Celebrity Japanese blogger Momo with her usual make-up

Celebrity blogger Momo with her usual make-up

Momo, a popular Japanese blogger who also appears on television shows about love and relationships such as “Ainori” [“Love Ride”], recently created a stir over a post on her Ameblo blog, dated April 10.

Having seen a website where girls show half their face with make-up and the other half without, Momo decided to give the trend a try, causing her already popular blog to be retweeted 7,500 times, and climb up the rankings on social network trend site Ceron.jp. The post also clocked up over 10,000 Facebook likes.

While some netizens praised her natural beauty, others were shocked at the contrast between her make-up free face and her usual made-up appearance.

What do you think? Is Momo a brave natural beauty? Or does nature a helping hand?

From Ameblo.jp:

“Half Made-Up Girls”

Yesterday, I found this amazing site.

“Half Made-Up Girls”

Basically, it’s where girls do make up on half their face, and leave the other half make-up free.

It was so shocking, that I’ve also given it a try !!!!!


Yup, this is how I usually am.

And the other side of my face….


This is how my face always looks when I’m not wearing make up.

Looking at it like this, well, it could be worse…


Looking at it like this, it’s really reaaaaallly hideous.

And here we go once more.







So baaaaaad.

Really bad, right?


….put a lot of effort in!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments from Momo’s Blog:


With no make up on you look like Mochida Kaori from Every Little Thing~! You’re cute, so have confidence!!

まる :

You put in a lot of effort Momo-chan!! I’ll do my best too (*^^*)


This post is lovely. This kind of stuff is really fun, I love it! (笑)
Momo-chan, I think that even without make-up your face is very natural and cute☆


I take my hat off to your efforts, Momo-chan!! I thought this on some of your other posts too, but coloured contact lenses really have an amazing effect! I guess because I was born with good eyes I’ve never had much to do with contacts, and I’ve never used them, but when I saw your make-up I was really surprised! Coloured contacts are amazing!! What coloured contact manufacturer would you recommend? It would give me something to think about if you would feature something in more detail about coloured contacts, so I’d be really happy if you’d upload something~


Make-up is amazing, isn’t it!
Just looking at the photos of your face without make-up, then I still think you’re really pretty, like Mochida Kaori from Every Little Thing \(^o^)/
It only looks weird because you’re comparing the two!


Momo-chan, I absolutely love you for making your make-up free face public (*^^*)!
I’m too embarrassed to show people my bare face — do you think that, Momo-chan?
When I don’t have my make-up on, it’s like I’m a different person.
I think it’d be really frightening for others to say that I was misleading them too much with my make-up…


I’ve seen Momo-chan’s face without make-up before, but this is just shocking!! Does your husband say he prefers you with make-up, or without??
Even without make-up, your skin is so beautiful that I’m envious!
How does it look if you wear make-up on your eyes without using eye putty, Mezaik, and coloured contacts?
I’d like to see your face with make-up where you don’t have double-eyelids, and just have the natural shape of your eyes (o^^o)


I think that your bravery is really wonderful, Momo-chan ♡
I’ll continue to look forward to reading your blog (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


This really gave me a boost!
It’s probably really rude of me to say this, but it feels like someone who I felt was really different from me, is suddenly not so different at all (>_<) Thank you! Thanks to you, I think I'm going to try and better myself too \(^_^)/ I'll be checking your blog from today onwards!


Please upload make-up skills!!!! I want to know!!
Especially eye make-up!!!!!
Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase Momo-chan!!!

可愛い(_´Д`)ノ~~ :

L-left, right, left right, it’s…it’s so asymmetrical! When the left side of your face and right side are different, it’s really quite amazing, isn’t it. I mean, even without make up, I still think you’re pretty! I’m jealous…

Comments Twitter:


@kibidaifuku Woow, this is really surprising! Incredible…amazed. Probably anyone can look like Hamazaki Ayumi just by having a good technique! I wonder if anyone can learn to do this with a bit of effort? What should I play around with, and where on my face? Paired-down make-up?!


This is that thing where only half of her face is made-up properly. It’s just too shocking…((((;゚Д゚)))))))


For real…? Frightening….


Momo-chan, I really seriously want you to teach me how to do my make-up.


I think there’ll be a mixed reception for this kind of gap between bare face and make-up, but it’s also a fact that she’s given a lot of girls hope who don’t have confidence in their appearance. As a man, my feelings on this are quite complicated.


Half made-up faces…It’s scary that your face can change this much! ((((;゚Д゚)))))))
Make-up is amazing…
I’m pretty lazy with my make-up, and I’ve even been told by superiors “You don’t wear make-up, do you?” Even though I was actually wearing it (~_~;) Really lightly..


Yup, without make-up it’s pretty difficult to say that Momo-chan is pretty…women are scary ww


Momo-chan, thank you for giving me courage!!
I can do it too!!!
I’ll try harder with my make-up!


She’s so different, that if she’s got her game face on and is wearing make-up in her passport photo, then if she doesn’t have it on when she goes to get on the plane, she’d never make it through immigration.


This goes past the point of amazing and into scary ;;
Do women change their faces this much….?
Her eyes…!! Her eyes…!!

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