Abe Shinzo Admits Intention To Revise Japanese Constitution

Abe Shinzo admits his intention to revise artlce 9

As the Upper House election approaches, the political parties are pulling out all the stops to gain more seats.

This MSN Sankei article suggests that with Abe’s clear admission that he intends to revise Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, the LDP’s drive to gain more Upper House seats is strongly linked to securing enough support to allow this revision to go ahead.

Netizens, however, have mixed feelings about Abe’s remarks.

From MSN Sankei:

【Upper House Elections】 Prime Minister Vows To Revise “Article 9”; Conscious of “2/3” Rule

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo (leader of the Liberal Democratic Party) has finally broken the “seal”.

“We will revise Article 9, and go on to specify the existence and role of the Self Defence Forces. Indeed, this is only right”.

The Prime Minister was responding to an interview by a Nagasaki international television programme (recorded on July 12; to be broadcast on July 15) while on the Upper House election campaign trail, and clearly stated the necessity of revising article 9 of the Constitution. Even in election campaigns up to this point, Abe had shown a desire to revise article 96 of the constitution, which would assuage the proposed prerequisites for any revision of the constitution; however he has finally shown that he will push on to the “castle keep of the constitution”.

The Upper House elections, for which voting will begin on July 21, has a real possibility of becoming the LDP’s biggest election victory in the party’s history. In a joint public opinion survey carried out by the Sankei Shimbun and FNN, also showed a trend toward a “clear-cut LDP victory”.

Obviously, the Prime Minister’s remarks on the revision of Article 9 take the way things are prior to the election. Still, we can say that these remarks were not made from the margin allowed by an overwhelming position of superiority, but rather they were made because of a sense of crisis.

It is necessary for the LDP to secure 2/3 of the seats in both the Lower and Upper houses for the constitutional revision initiative, and 162 seats will be needed in the Upper House. Excluding the Komeito Party, which is weary of constitutional revision, the LDP must gain 101 seats in the upcoming Upper House election. Even including parties like the New Renaissance Party, which takes a positive stance toward constitutional revision, who have two seats which are not up for election this time, that still leaves the high hurdle of 99 seats left to find for the LDP.

According to a recent public opinion poll, while the LDP will gain 69 seats, there is the prospect that Your Party and the Japan Restoration Party, both of whom are expected to work together will the LDP on constitutional revision after the election, will retain 7 seats each. Between the three parties, this gives a total of 83 seats, still doesn’t come close to the 101 seats needed. The Prime Minister’s sense of crisis, then, is certainly here.

“We should have entered more electoral candidates…”. Such voices have recently been heard from Abe’s camp.

Within the LDP, there are also criticisms directed at party secretary-general Ishiba Shigeru, who retained two candidates in multi-seat districts Tokyo (elected 5 times) and Chiba (elected 3 times)

Following the Upper House election, Abe will have to find a way to co-operate which aims at securing the “2/3 agreement” he needs for constitutional revision.

“Politics is intention, so I would like the Democratic Party representatives to participate in this historical undertaking in line with their own beliefs and ideals, rather than simply aligning themselves with the part. I call on them to go beyond the party framework”.

The Prime Minister stated this in an interview with the Sankei Shimbun on July 4. And then his remarks on July 15 made his own intention to revise the constitution explicit.

“The Democratic Party is destined to collapse. It is co-operation between those in the pro-constitutional revision faction who flee the party which holds the key to making the revision of the constitution a reality”.

So spoke the board of the LDP Constitutional Revision Implementation Headquarters on July 15. (Kano Hiroyuki)

Comments from Twitter:


Are the Komeito Party supporting this? @kiyohiko_toyama


In this election, someone who’d say this kind of thing does not have the heart of a human being. We have to put an end to these “human-like beings”. I don’t want to go to war, so I will definitely not join the LDP!

真野明日人 :

Wow. There it is.

秋成 聖:

There are quite a few frightening things here, LDP.


The era in which, beneath the “nuclear umbrella” of the US, article 9 was a catchphrase, and Japan enjoyed peace, is approaching its demise now, when US military power is weakening due to decreases in US defense spending. A peaceful Japan will become a thing of the past.

矢野敏夫 :

Listen well.
To vote for the LDP is to change article 9.
Is that alright with you?
Because we won’t be able to escape it once its done.


We must block this! RT @k2guitar Will we allow him to do this! RT @asunokaori Unforgiveable!! @iwamototaro: He’s finally gone and said it.


We are against war. I think we should reject any possibility of making the death of Japanese citizens obligatory.


Those bastards who think that the freedom and rights we have, which we went to no efforts to secure, are natural, morals and norms are not to discipline us, but are to be forced upon others, the freedom and rights of others are something to be regulated, but that child porn and comic markets are freedom of expression can fuck off and die.


It’s probably going to far to say that they’re all hikikomori and online obsessives, but if Abe broke the seal because he’s been influenced by the netouyo who don’t go out to vote, then he’s just made his own hurdles a whole lot higher.

萩原 豊:

Right before the election, one week before, finally. An important point of contention. For this to be food for thought for voters, each party should make their stance clear. #election


If you join with the LDP, then military conscription and death in battle are included! @sockskurogohan “This is an issue that goes before right or wrong. Stupid man.

masanori okuno:

I really want to stop this, so please everyone go out and vote! From tomorrow there are regional speeches, so I’ve been to vote early!


Prime Minister Abe, I’ve been waiting for this! I fully agree with revision of Article 9! If we don’t do it, then Japan will become a ruined country! Those who say “We’ll end up going to war” are just massive idiots!


Abe Shinzo’s remarks on revision of Article 9. It’s not like he’s going to be able to win the election by making such a delicate, contentious issue explicit in the middle of an election period…Making light of it! He’s ready and willing to commit election fraud.


So will this put an end to those long years of debate?

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