Did Abe Lie To Olympic Committee About Fukushima Safety?

Did Abe mislead the IOC over Fukushima to secure Tokyo bid

This Mainichi Shimbun article, which disputes the authenticity of remarks made by Prime Minister Abe during his final presentation for the Tokyo Olympic bid, where Abe reassured the IOC over the safety of contaminated water leaks from the Fukushima dai-ichi nuclear reactor.

The article was the most shared article on Facebook today, with almost 16,000 shares.

From Mainichi Shimbun:

[Prime Minister Abe] Remarks That Contaminated Water Will Be “Completely Blocked” Shows Difference Of Opinion With TEPCO

There have been doubts that “Abe is not reporting the situation honestly” over the Prime Minister’s remarks on the issue of contaminated water at the Fukushima dai-ichi reactor, where he stated that “[the contaminated water] has been completely blocked” and that “it is under control” during the presentation for the Japanese Olympic bid at the general meeting of the International Olympic Committee held in Buenos Aires on September 7.

At a TEPCO press conference held on September 9, there were a series of questions from the press demanding data to corroborate the Prime Minister’s remarks. After the spokesperson had responded that “we want to stabilise the situation as quickly as possible”, the reply showed a difference in the government’s awareness of the situation, as was made clear by journalists inquiring about the true meaning of Abe’s remarks.

In the harbour (0.3 km square), which is surrounded by a breakwater, a sea-facing impermeable wall has been built in order to prevent the contaminated water from flowing into the sea, and an underwater curtain, known as a “silt fence” has been set-up to prevent a contamination outbreak in the harbour itself. Moreover, improvement works have been instigated to harden the soil in the protective embankment using “waterglass” [sodium silicate], a chemical substance that resembles a sticky liquid.

However, the contaminated water rises above the wall and flows into the harbour. From the water held within the silt fence, radioactive materials such as strontium, which emit beta radiation, were detected as 1100 becquerels per litre, while tritium was detected at 4700 becquerels per litre. TEPCO explained that “The concentration of radioactivity beyond the silt fence is at the most 1/5 of that within the fence”, but about 50% of the sea water within the fenced area, within the harbour, and in the sea itself is mixed each day. Since tritium [probably tritiated water] has a similar chemistry to water, it can pass through the fence. The radiation in the seawater at the harbour entrance and for 3km offshore fell below detectable values; however experts consider that “this is simply due to the fact that it is diluted by a large body of seawater”.

Furthermore, the amount of contaminated water continues to increase because of 400 tons of groundwater per day flowing into the damaged nuclear reactor building. Around 300 tons of highly-concentrated contaminated water has leaked from the above ground storage tanks, and there is the possibility that some of this water has flowed outside the harbour through drainage channels that directly connect to the sea. Problems continued due to insufficient strategies, and even now the risk remains: “It’s difficult to say what is to be controlled, but it is certain that we cannot say that it is technically possible for it to be “completely blocked”. (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Prime Minister Abe stated that “The amount of exposure from food products and water is, in all regions, 1/100 (1 milisievert per year)”, and said that this posed no risk to health. According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the level of exposure to radiation from radioactive selenium, including that from foods for domestic distribution, is at most 0.009 milisieverts. However, Kimura Shinzo, associate professor at Dokkyo Medical University, points out that “Even in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima [which is a landlocked city a considerable distance from the TEPCO plant], 3% of citizens have internal exposure to selenium from eating vegetables and so on that are grown in their own gardens. We simply cannot determine how much of an effect this will have at this stage”. [Tokui Shimpei, Okuyama Tomomi]

Comments from 2ch.net:


What the hell are TEPCO pretending to be all righteous for, I mean, you lot should be the sacrifices to make this lie into a reality.


He just stretched the truth for the bid.
Anyway, we got the Olympics, what’s the problem? w


Abe won’t be around to see the day of the Olympic opening ceremony…


Hang on, does this actually mean that TEPCO gave false reports to the government?


Hah, this is because Abe is the guy who once abandoned his administration over stomach pain, right? www
He’s got no problem telling lies.


Well, Abe is a liar just like Noda was, they’re cowards.


Don’t worry about the details.
Just get on with your fucking work, shitty TEPCO.


Yup, all those TEPCO execs should just die.
How far are they going to go selling out their own country? Just die.


Abe Shinzo, Noda Yasuhiko, Hatoyama Yukio.
What did they have in common? They’re all liars.


TEPCO know about a lot of things, but they’ve been told by politicians and bureaucrats to withhold the truth.


“Umm, what I mean by contaminated water, simply implies the contaminated water that usually comes out of my arse, and which has now been completely blocked. I said it in this sense.”
By Abe Shitzo.


The King’s New Clothes, eh?


Abe is awful.


The LDP online supporters’ group need to try harder.
“‘Block’ is wasei eigo [Japanese-made English, ie has a different definition to original English word], and expresses intention” etc.
“under control meant something different in Old English” and so on. [Abe uses the English term “control” in katakana].
I want to their acrobatic defense of him.

名無しさん@13周年: [in response to above]

Nah, the things is, it’s true that to a certain extent the contaminated water is being blocked.
The biggest problem is that he went and said “kanzen ni blocked”
I wonder how that’s going to be translated.
If it gets translated as “perfectly” or “completely” then he’s in the shit [NB 完全に kanzen ni means “completely”].


Guess information about the contaminated water has been completely blocked.

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  • Rutim

    Let the trolling begin!

  • Comebackkid13

    To anyone who follows the Fukushima story, and perhaps uses international sources, as well as Japanese domestic, this shouldn’t be surprising. Not very hard to imagine that they would make false promises regarding cleanup and response during the climax of Olympic bidding.

    • terriblemovie

      I said it before and i’ll say it again. Japan is a nation of bred and born liars. Japanese culture is all about saving face. They’ll tell lie after lie in order to avoid blame and shame. They lie to cover up even more lies.

      This isn’t an unfair generalization. Its fact. They even have a word for it in Japanese- “tatamae”.


      This is why its rare to see a Japanese person accept responsibility when its clearly his/her fault. You see this in TEPCO, Japanese government, Japans interpretation of history, fall of Sony/Panasonic/SHARP, right wingers blaming outsiders on their personal misfortunes, etc.

      In Japanese culture, its more important to preserve harmony and save face rather than telling the truth.

      • Sillian

        What you wrote here is not criticism. It’s prejudice and hate.

        • terriblemovie

          I wrote a cultural observation that is factual. You blew it out of proportion by claiming its hate speech. What utter nonsense.

          Japan has a shame based culture that places priority on face saving over truth. Dishonesty is not only rampant, but encouraged.

          • Sillian

            “Japan is a nation of bred and born liars.”

            And you are talking back to me? Who’s blowing things out of proportion here?

      • parvizr

        You sound an awfully lot like the right-wingers you decry.

      • besudesu

        First off, it’s “tatemae”. And it has absolutely nothing to do with lying or being dishonest; it has to do with what is appropriate for a given individual in a given sociocultural context. There are similar concepts all around the world, although they are rarely articulated as a cultural norm to the same extent as we see in the Japanese case.

        It’s clear that you’re trying to fan the flame wars, so give it a rest.

      • Poppycock

        but that applies to any person and country
        we all have different facades we show to different people that is what being human is
        just read a college essay or a job resume/cover letter

        here in the US we are given liberty and freedom of speech and equality for all
        yet at the same time there is racial profiling
        and we have programs like the nsa that infringe on our right to privacy
        that is what they mean by tatemae and honne
        everyone has it
        You simply choose not to see it
        I don’t see how Japan is any special in this regard

        your tamtemae would being righteous criticizing liars
        but in truth seems you are only looking for negative things to say and lashing out because you harbor special hatred for them for a reason that doesn’t even relate to you

        but I don’t think that makes you a liar
        it does makes you a hypocrite though

        its really pitiful

  • someguy

    Abe is great! He is the hero that Japan deserves! The important thing is that Tokyo got the Olympics, and those pesky Koreans failed to sabotage it. At least, that’s the rationale of us netouyo, www ^_^

    • Dark Night

      You are so right. Abe is the leader Japan deserves. An outright liar.

    • thatguy

      Koreans are great, koreans are always the victims boohoohoo

    • guest

      I’ve never posted before on japancrush chinasmack, ect., just a long time lurker, but holy hell, do these sites have an abysmally high proportion of absolutely retarded posters. It seems to be especially prevalent on japancrush. Do any of the comments above look like they said anything remotely close to what you’re babbling about?

      “Well, Abe is a liar just like Noda was, they’re cowards.”

      “Abe is awful.”

      They’re all pretty much in unison in their condemnation of the handling of the situation. And I’m sure if you actually went to any of the threads or articles where they were talking about this, it would be mostly the same. But I’m sure facts don’t matter to the likes of you, chucky, terriblemovie, ect. You lot are JUST as bad as the worst of the terrible, horrible, “netouyo” you trumpet out at the drop of a hat. The most comical thing, or perhaps pitiable would be a better word, is that you don’t even realize it.

      • someguy

        Let me tell you something, guest. The ones who posted that “Abe is awful” and like? They’re not real Japanese. They’re actually Koreans. Many of them were raised in Japan (but they still hate us), so their fluency in Japanese is native level. But as a proud netouyo, I can assure you no real Japanese opposes Abe.

  • dk2020

    PM Abe is a politician .. lying is a part of the job ..

    • Comebackkid13

      A man of my mind. Great post, great point. However, attempting to spread these views, or even encouraging the employment of one’s critical faculties, relegates you to the uncouth, racist masses of “racist, republican, white america.” I fail to see where the critical pursuit of truth and backward, racist dogmas converge into the same paradigm.

    • parvizr

      Obama was right on that though. The people who are always talking about how evil the state is turn out to be weird conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones. In fact, a lot of the nuclear “scientists” who raise hysteria about Fukushima appear on shows like Alex Jone’s.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    He “stretched the truth”?

    “All Japanese people are horrible people!!! They’re racist and evil!!!”

    There, I stretched the truth too. In actually, it’s more like 1 or 2 Japanese people
    who give a bad impression of their country to the international audience,
    but “all Japanese” is close enough! It’s just a small stretch, right?

    • guest

      Uhhhh….. I’m pretty sure that comment was meant to be sarcastic, as indicated by the “w” at the end.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        I got that, lol. Actually, I wasn’t so much making fun of that guy’s comment, nor of Japanese people. I’m just putting it into perspective how this guy is acting.

        Exaggerating how safe the situation is what I’m trying to focus on. Guess I’ll try to explain the joke next time.

        • Butsu

          Making jokes on here is though!

    • terriblemovie

      more like 8/10.

  • Butsu

    I really think that the rest of Japan will be fine (that inclundes Tokyo) if this situation continues to be same and not get any worse. But ugh, “under control”, yeah nah, not so much.

  • james coleman

    winning the bid was the most priority, Fukushima? let the next PM deal with that.

  • chucky3176

    The bidding for the Games were rigged from the start by a quintet of
    disreputable character and dubious association, including former capital
    governor Shintaro Ishihara, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Education
    Minister Hakubun Shimomura and Japan Olympic Chairman Tsunekazu Takeda,
    scion and successor to a heinous war criminal. Their industrial partner,
    is Fujio Cho, honorary chairman of Toyota Motor Company and chief of
    the Japan Sports Association

    During their promotion campaign for the
    Radiation Games, these five Japanese officials spun outright lies
    claiming that there are zero leaks of radioactive water from the
    Fukushima nuclear plant.

    In a letter to delegates from national committees, JOC chief Takeda
    falsely claimed: “The radiation level in Tokyo is the same as London,
    New York and Paris, like the major cities in the world. It’s absolutely
    safe.” Excuse me, Your Excellency, the SPEEDI radiation monitoring
    system shows the Oku-Tama watershed, which is Tokyo’s drinking water
    source, is massively contaminated.

    At this grandstand speech in the Argentine capital, Abe boldly stated
    a big lie: “Let me assure you the situation is under control. It has
    never done and will never do any damage to Tokyo.” Sir, with your
    permission, may we point out that Japan’s government had to revise its
    own radiation safety limit for food because nearly all foodstuffs
    produced in Japan are contaminated? Can it also be added that the every
    effort of the Japanese government to contain the radiation leaks over
    the past 30 months has failed?

    There is only one possible explanation for the unthinking support for Tokyo of the IOC majority and that is bribery. The total sum spent on wining and dining by the related Japanese organizations, or of briefcases passed under the table, has never been disclosed to the media or the public. Japan is again corrupting the international community with its usual checkbook diplomacy, or what I call “Japan Money”. In exchange, Olympic Committee delegates agreed to ignore the uncontrollable releases of radiation into the the Pacific Ocean, the jet stream and the clouds that drift over Tokyo.

    Here’s the perfect Olympic logo for the 2020 Games. Click on this image to see it.


    • Butsu

      I’m speechless, I really am.

    • tochucky

      Are you going to the 2020 olympics?
      Do you live in Japan?
      Do drink their contaminated water?
      Do you eat their contaminated food?
      If your answer is no to all these questions, then quit whining. it’s not your problem. mind your own business. get a life.

      • chucky3176

        Maybe, probably have, and probably will mean what I eat will also be contaminated, thanks to Japan.

        So you’re wrong, it is my god damn business when it effects my air that I breath, my food that I eat. And even if you don’t live in Japan or Korea, you should be still be worried. Especially if you eat Korean food, considering radiation poisoning has no borders, and the amount of Japanese goods that Korea imports indiscriminately without proper controls.

        • Butsu

          “Thanks to Japan”, you’re implying so much bullshit here mister. It’s easy to say in hindsight, they could’ve done this, they could’ve done that. Yeah, now it didn’t turn out that well. Shit happens. Suck it up you insensitive douchebag. At least you’re not living next to the disaster zone, at least your family didn’t get swept away by a humongous wave of water. Don’t even get me started on the air, I think you should be more worried what kind of air winds from China brings. You’re sitting there, in your warm home in Korea, complaining about a problem that will mostly never ever have any effect on you at all.

          “..that Korea imports indiscriminately without proper controls.”
          And this is a bloody Korean problem.

          Maybe us Europeans are a bit more desensitized because of Chernobyl.

          • chucky3176

            Japanese government official Tanaka Sunichi says he hopes everyone eats lots of fish from the waters in front of Fukushima, and he says he’s being eating produce from Fukushima area without any problems so far, and that he supports Mr. Abe’s comments that there are no problems. ha ha ha ha… Yeah right Butsu.. Japanese government officials are so believable, they never lie, and they are not a joke that they really are. ha ha ha ha…

          • Butsu

            Ugh, nice answer.

        • parvizr

          Korean food’s not gonna be contaminated, don’t be hysterical. Even the people living around Fukushima are eating the food and drinking the water, you think this would all be allowed if the measurements were really that high? Because I think you buy intentionally into the hysteria and ‘everyone-is-lying!’ nonsense just for the sake of your own Korean nationalism.

          • chucky3176

            “you think this would all be allowed if the measurements were really that high?”

            In fact, yes I do. Look at this photo of Fukushima beach, only 40 miles from the nuclear plants in middle of July, only one month prior to TEPCO sheepishly admitting that they’ve been dumping 300 to 600 tons (probably more) of radioactive water per day since March 2011 .


            Did they close the beaches? Nope.

          • parvizr

            Which is an insignificant amount once diluted in the Pacific, that’s why no mainstream scientist is flipping out about this. It’s just the alarmist/survivalist types that go on conspiracy radio talk who peddle this kind of fearmongering.

        • tochucky

          “Maybe” “probably” oh no! Better start counting your hair! Who knows maybe it’s falling off coz of the radiation!
          You’re not even sure yet there you go blastin’ away on your keyboard. A person is responsible for what he/she ingests in his/her body. If you’re so paranoid, then make sure everything you eat is safe according to your standards. It’s like you ‘re eating everyday at mcdonalds and being surprised after a month coz u gained a lot of weight. Geez. Grow your own crops if you want to. Stop blaming japan for your miserable internet warrior life.

        • hey_chucky

          Man i feel sorry for you. You make your own problems. Imagine, you can be hanging out with your friends, playing video games, watching a movie or even kissing a girl right now. but no, you choose to be online spreading your hate on japancrush, a site real japanese people probably don’t bother to go to. So what’s your purpose? you hate japan so much but japan doesn’t care about you. Do you want to influence other people to hate japan? i don’t think that’s gonna happen coz as much as there are bad things about japan, there are also things that are nice and that only japan can pull off. I’m not saying japan or the japanese are perfect. What im saying is why devote your life to spread hate. What if you do catch that radiation sickness and you die. your tombstone will say “chucky, that overly passionate japan hater on japancrush.com” think about it.

      • The Annunaki

        Guess what!!
        people like you are Japanese or some looser who trying to be japanese because have a japanese girlfriend.

        To your Question, i live in japan, have kids in japan and i know first hand that what chucky said is the truth.

    • Sillian

      Why do you even care?

    • Eudaimonia

      “hahahahahaha” is all i have to say when i read your posts.

      Chinese and Japanese ultra-nationalism has gone way too far… and you’re an example of this fact.

      • Eidolon

        I beg to differ. On this site, at the minimum, it’s Korean ultra-nationalism that has gone too far – seen by their transformation of every article on Japancrush that they think has to do with them into a flame war between themselves and the ‘hated Japanese’ who aren’t even on Japancrush.

        • chucky3176

          Only because they (the Japanese) make it so easy to do so. The way they bring up Koreans every time there’s something that goes wrong in Japan. The last spat is about Korea banning Fukushima products. Japanese claim it’s an attempt to derail the Tokyo Olympics. And I beg to differ, lots of Japanese translate this site and print them in their own sites into Japanese. They just don’t have the English ability to respond here, but they do respond plenty in their sites.

          • Eidolon

            The irony in all this is that, that had you been born Japanese, you would just about certainly be one the Japanese neotouyo that you love to hate. For the posts you make on this board and on others show that you have all the traits that they exhibit: fanatical nationalism, persistent victim complex, extreme bias, inability to resist tit-for-fat, and supreme sense of your own group’s moral/physical/intellectual superiority.

            Of course, you won’t ever admit it, but it’s obvious for others watching.

          • ToEidolon

            Sad little Japanese nationalist, you are guilty of everything you accuse others of -fanatical nationalism, persistent victim complex, extreme bias, inability to resist tit-for-fat, and supreme sense of your own group’s moral/physical/intellectual superiority.

          • Sillian

            As someone already said, what do you think your rhetoric would be like if you had been born as Japanese? You could have very well been born as Japanese, Chinese, etc. Original nationality is nobody’s choice.

          • Butsu

            A shitty opinioin piece written by some stupid right wing journo turns into the broad term “Japanese”. There’s no stopping you right?

          • Rutim

            > The way they bring up Koreans every time there’s something that goes wrong in Japan.

            There’s something wrong with you head, not Japan…

        • Michael

          I don’t get it. Where’s the nationalism?

          So let’s review.

          They bribed the Olympics committee, that’s not news. Check.

          Japanese government lieing about and underplaying the seriousness of the nuclear disaster. Check.

          Prime Minister Abe claiming there are no radiation leaks. Check.

          Japanese government making silly and blatantly untrue statements that raise eyebrows, nothing new there. Check.

          Japanese government constantly tinkering and revising nuclear safety limits to humans. True. Check.

          Dubious characters in Japanese politics, politicians with shall we say ‘colorful history’? like Shintaro Ishihara, Shinzo Abe, and Tsunekazu Takeda, cooperating with each other to bring the games to Tokyo. Check.

          I don’t see anything wrong with this post. In fact, it was a pretty good post, pretty much dead on.

          • Eidolon

            All around you. When the very second comment, courtesy of a Korean nationalist regular, declares that “Japan is a nation of bred and born liars”, it is utterly disingenuous to play the innocent analyst. For anyone who’s even spent a fraction of time on this site knows that this sort of behavior is pervasive whenever Korea is mentioned.

            In ignoring the persistently and habitually nationalist behavior above and below, you have, at best, tunnel vision. Shots are, however, you are a nationalist sympathizer yourself, and so the distortions, exaggerations, and sweeping attacks are simply the substance that you breath everyday.

            Japancrush has become a tar pit for Korean nationalists incapable of controlling themselves from online hate splurging, and who yet lack the will / ability to fight the Japanese beyond badmouthing them on websites that they aren’t even present on. The parallel to Yahoo Japan would be ironic were it not so obvious. Me, I think it would be great for both the neotouyo and the Korean nationalists to man up and make a website where they could fight to the death every day and to their heart’s content. Then, at the minimum, we would be spared of their vitriol spilling over to everywhere else.

          • chucky3176

            “Japancrush has become a tar pit for Korean nationalists incapable of controlling themselves from online hate splurging”

            Wow that’s fucking rich! With every second topic in Japancrush blaming Koreans for everything that’s under the sun, you’re going to expect good will from Koreans who read the translated Japanese netizen chattering? Of course I don’t blame Japancrush, because they only show what’s being discussed in Japanese internet. There maybe about two or three, the people you hate (me and Terriblemovie) infesting Japancrush. Meanwhile go on over to the chats in 2ch, Yahoo Japan, Livedoor, any of the Japanese online newspaper forums, how many Japanese talking smack about Koreans everyday to the degree of being stalking territory?

            Get a life my friend. If you can’t handle the fire, get out of the kitchen and stop reading this site, if you expect everyone to hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

          • Eidolon

            I have a life, thanks. The same cannot be said for you, given the amount of time you choose to spend on the internet ‘talking smack’ not just on this site, but several other sites, both Korean and English.

            Oh, and there are a lot more than you and terriblemovie. TheKorean, Isaac, KochiGachi, and various others with less discerning aliases come to mind. But I’m not into the tit-for-tat comparison. It is enough that you admit to being incapable of refraining from talking smack about the Japanese and the Chinese whenever the opportunity presents itself. This suffices to show that you are cognizant of your own actions and what they amount to. This is despite the fact that this site is not your primary vent for hate.

            Whatever the neotouyo on Yahoo Japan believe, you have them beaten on sheer obsession with your raison d’tere. I’ve never seen greater devotion to ‘talking smack’ about another ethnic group till I met two groups of people on the internet – Stormfront Jew/Black haters, and Korean nationalists.

          • Sillian

            Your last paragraph cannot jive with the people who have direct and easy access to the Japanese language internet. In terms of obsession and devotion beyond bitching and moaning, some Japanese nationalist online or offline teams or organizations can proudly take the cake. They are pros. I bet you haven’t seen their extensively maintained anti-Korean database, manuals, tactical discussions, etc. It’s like they are devoted okatus but their interest is anti-Korean stuff. This is largely invisible to non-Korean or non-Japanese-speaking netizens. People like chucky and terriblemovie get sucked into reading all that stuff against their own ethnicity all the time and end up doing the same thing with similar rhetorics. It’s all good if they just want to correct some wrong info or misunderstandings but they should know when they sound obsessed and hypocritical.

          • chucky3176

            That’s because he sympathizes with the Japanese right. He sees what he wants to see.

            Read these interesting article on Fukushima, then read all the cynical Gaijin comments on Japan. It looks like what they’re saying isn’t too far off from what I’ve been saying all along.



          • Eidolon

            The average neotouyo is not a fanatic, and I did qualify my statement with ‘I’ve never seen…’ I’m sure fanatics exist in every country, but on the English language web, fanatical Korean nationalists are louder by a huge margin and do their country no favors.

          • Sillian

            That still depends on which English websites you personally visit. For an international website, youtube has a much bigger userbase than any other websites like this by a huge margin and I’ve seen enough obsessive Japanese nationalists there. There was one example on JC recently. Ofc, I do agree that extreme nationalists do no favor to their own beloved countries.

          • Eidolon

            Japanese nationalists on youtube mainly write in Japanese, and are thus not exactly comparable to English writing Korean nationalists. I’m sure that local language fanatics are the majority in both Japan and Korea. However, it’s easy to ignore them by virtue of not reading their language; it’s not so easy to ignore the flame warring on English writing sites.

        • Eudaimonia

          Bah, i meant to say Chinese and Korean.

    • the cure

      radioactive materials in tap water have not been detected for more than two years.
      prime minister abe has tighten safety limit for food to 100 bq/kg from 500 bq/kg.

      • Bird Flock

        Everyone knows that’s crap. They’re deliberately under reading the radioactivity, and ignoring all the radioactivity. Watch the documentary on Fukushima. What the Japanese government is doing is virtually criminal! They’re lying to you, and lot of people are fooled.

        • Bingo19842

          if you believe its crap, you can do what most of the rest of the concerned japanese citizens are doing. buy your own Geiger counters and test the tap water yourself.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Cancer usually doesn’t show up till many years after being exposed to radiation, so no he DID NOT lie when he said it is safe for the athletes..

    • Rutim

      Cancer usually doesn’t show up up until many years pass since you were born. And there’s sure data on that matter.

      • nitrostat

        u just mad cuz hes actually right…

    • the cure

      radiation dose rate in tokyo is 0.03~0.06 micro Sv/h.
      it’s totally safe.

  • Mighty曹

    When a politician say “it’s under control” you know, for sure, it is not.

  • yurah

    Get ready for the first Olympics with mutants

  • mariposa

    Six months after smashing success at Pearl Harbor, Japanese navy was completely defeated at Midway by US navy, but they reported it was a great victory. There should be a celebration, but nobody ever came back. There was no inquiry. Everybody was silent.

    • the cure

      unlike ww2 era, japan of today is a democratic nation.
      current japanese constitution guarantee freedom of speech.

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