Foreign J-League Soccer Star Pledges To Fight For Japan

Ramos says he'll fight for Japan

Ruy Ramos is a Brazilian-born naturalized Japanese citizen who lead a successful career as a Japanese Professional Football League [abbr. J-League] player from 1977 to 1998. He is also a well known Tarento, appearing in commercials and on variety shows, due partly to his fame from the sports world and partly to his capable command of the Japanese language.

His most recent venture was coaching the Japanese National Beach Soccer team during its qualifier matches late last month. A recent article on news site ZakZak explained how the team fared in the competition as well as expanding on Ramos as a coach. One particular quote in which he passionately declared that he would fight for Japan should war break out, was posted out of context on 2ch. The netouyo reacted in resounding favor.

When put in context with the rest of the article, it is not clear if Ramos [55] is using ‘war’ as a euphemism for soccer or if he is indeed talking about physically fighting. Some commenters regarded it as pandering to the right wing, while others embraced his zeal as a model example of an immigrant to Japan.

From ZakZak:

Ramos’ Ongoing Beach Soccer Coaching Tips. What He Really Thinks…

The Japanese Beach Soccer World Cup team returned home after taking the runner-up place in the preliminaries on January 27.

Japan has been taking part in the Beach Soccer World Cup since 2005, with Ruy Ramos coaching the most recent four teams. On January 25, Japan squared off with the Iranian team, going into a a 6-6 tie. Japan went on to lose the match by a near margin in a penalty shootout [4-5], but Ramos was proud of his team going all out in the preliminaries, saying ‘You did well. I have to commend you all. You were samurai‘.

The truth is, Ramos and the Japanese Football Association [JFA] always associate the preliminary rounds with the finals. On the subject of the World Cup, which this year will be held in Tahiti in September, he said ‘I don’t know if I will be the coach at a World Cup. What am I going to do now? I’m going to drink at a bar and live it up!’. The JFA has stated that they are committed with proceeding with Ramos, however his true aim is to be coach of a standard football team.

The Japanese Beach Soccer Team, with coach Ramos.

The Japanese Beach Soccer Team, with coach Ramos.

Japan has been a regular player in the Beach Cup for a while, but they have been placing in the top 8 since Ramos took control in 2009. Because he stated that ‘even at the Asian levels, there is a lot of intensity’, one could say his key point is getting support from the JFA.

‘If war broke out in Japan, I’d fight. I’m Japanese, after all. Even though I’ve only been Japanese for a short time, I’m still Japanese,’ he said with boundless passion. Even today, as the team arrived back in Japan, he was the only one wearing the Japanese flag jersey. There isn’t a person affiliated with soccer alive at the moment with a stronger will to represent Japan. When the Beach World Cup finishes this year, Coach Ramos will go back to ‘kicking up new job opportunities’.

Comments from 2ch:

He’s so cool w


If you’re a friend, of course you will~

[Note: This is a parody of Ramos’ catchphrase when appearing in commercials. ‘If you’re a Japanese, eat ochazuke‘]


Ramos is a netouyo.


He said it twice because it’s an important thing.


What a true warrior.


By that logic I must not be Japanese! I have Japanese nationality because it’s convenient! There are Chinese people that make big public declarations like that…


Koreans ought to take a page from Ramos’ book.

名無しさん@13周年:(Responding to above)

Nah, instead of taking after him they should just go home.


The prime example of a naturalized Japanese. Completely different from Tokutei Asians.


I’m smitten with Ramos’ manliness.
He can go ahead and fight on the front line!


If he were really Japanese he would absolutely not believe that a war was starting w
Ramos still has his Brazilian mindset, I suppose.


Japanese who have moved to America have also gone on to fight in wars for them. You have to do things like that when moving to a country.


That’s a lot different from the netouyo who run away when push comes to shove www


You guys gotta buy J-League curry!!

[Note: A product he has often been the spokesperson for]


Thanks Ramos! But, Japan is not going to war. You can have peace of mind and continue passing on dreams to the children.


I’m gonna eat J-League curry and become a great soldier, too!


Well then, I’m going to fight so I can protect Ramos.


I’m Japanese, but if war broke out I’d run away and watch what happens to the country from afar.
I’d also tell the kids to not participate and just run away, should war occur.

名無しさん@13周年:(Responding to above)

Where would you run to?


If you say this kinda stuff in Japan, even though it’s completely understood as true, it would be branded as narrow-minded conservative nationalism.

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  • MeCampbell30

    I’m gonna eat J-League curry and become a great soldier, too!”

    I lol’ed

  • gangnamstyle

    stupid white man

    • hun

      silly goose, he’s more of a tannish brown man

      • gangnamstyle

        russians, americans, australians, canadians , swedish brazilian, etc etc , they all white to me, stupid crackas

        • Kevin Miles

          Most western nations have a civic concept of nationalism. I think you will find that there are many many non-white russians, americans, canadians etc.

        • Korean-Americans are white to you? Afro-Brazilians are white to you?

          • gangnamstyle

            you know what i meant dipshit

          • Yeah, I know what you meant. You meant stupid retarded shit.

    • The Enlightened One

      Time for racist slanders from afar!

      Cause it makes the insecure man feel like a big man!

  • Reila90

    Yawn.. just another Gaijin. His words means nothing anyway. He could say different if the opponent was westerner.

    • larry koopa

      don’t be the bitch, bitch! be the cool dude, cool dude! hatin’ people is lame! likin people is rad! be rude bro!!!!!

    • The Enlightened One

      You sir, are a loser!


      Now, you can opt for the runner up prize of not being a douche and stop hating other people because your life sucks or you can go for the grand prize of being an asshole your entire and being miserable in which case you should just kill yourself and GTFO my game show!

  • elizabeth

    That is so politically correct.

  • Kevin Miles

    Why is it so strange that a japanese citizen would fight for Japan? Thousands of immigrants join the armies of western countries and it barely makes the news.

    • cb4242

      Because of the way Japan has and still is a very nationalistic country, it’s not open or accepting of different cultures and ethnicities as the US or Canada. If Japan were more open to foreigners, I wouldn’t think his comments were stupid. Why would I fight for a country that won’t even let me in to a snack shop or hostess bar and treats me like a second class citizen?

      • iliketowritearticles

        Omg you’re so dumb. The reason why the US and Canada is “more open to foreigners” is because they are filled with many different people with different skin color, race, nationality, religion, etc. Japan is a nationalistic country for not introducing other cultures? Lol

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          Uh no, they are nationalistic for letting people in while at the same time wanting them out.

          Actually I don’t call that nationalistic. I call that mixed signals.

        • cb4242

          How am I dumb for stating the truth? So you think Japan is a multi-cultural melting pot? Seriously….if you think otherwise, then I wouldn’t be the dumb one. You’re a bit confused. You made my point for me. Japan, if you speak the language fluently, act and do everything to fit in the society, you will always be an outsider. My point is if Japan wants to be nationalistic, I have no problem with that, but I would never fight for a country that would never accept me or look at me as an equal. If you disagree, then you are not living in reality.

      • Dan Bruner

        I think you’ve got the right idea, but don’t confuse nationalism with not being open to other countries. Speaking from personal experience, compared to the procedures in America, getting a work visa in Japan was relatively smooth. Marriage visas, as well, are not as stringent a procedure as here.

        And work visas are not only given to those with specialist skills, there are immigrants from a variety of countries living in Japan. India has historically had bilateral relations, especially since WWII. It appears, in recent times, restrictions have been eased even further between the two:

        However, I think what you’re getting at with ‘second class citizen’ are things like racial profiling on the streets, right? These, teamed with the everyday microaggressions can make foreigners feel unwelcome. There is an odd duality that they are ‘open’ to foreigners coming in and doing work, but ‘unwelcome’ to the idea of them being there.

        Nationalism could be a completely different conversation all together. Nationalism is something different. I think it’s hard to define a clear divide between patriotism and nationalism. Perhaps the difference is only viewed by one’s perspective. But that’s for another time.

        • The Enlightened One

          China is basically the same way. They want you there to either teach English or trade but anything else is unwanted. Starting a small business or marrying their women or even owning property or becoming a citizen can be quite a hassle if even possible.

  • Relivash

    This would be endearing if one weren’t remembered of the treatment naturalised foreigners get in Japan.

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