Lamborghini Hits Pothole In Aichi Road, City Pays For Repair

When the under-panel of a Lamborghini was damaged after it hit a pothole in a road in Aichi Prefecture, the city agreed to pay out 2,000,000 yen [approx. $20,000] to repair damages to the car.

Although this particular road is maintained by the city council, and therefore any damage incurred to cars traveling along these roads is the city’s responsibility, netizens are astounded at that the city will pay out, with many arguing that if someone can afford a Lamborghini, they should easily be able to afford to repair it.

From Asahi Shimbun:

City To Pay 2,000,000 Yen In Compensation For Damage To Lamborghini — Owariasahi, Aichi

Owariasahi city will pay around 2,000,000 yen [approx. $20,000] in repair fees because when a sports car by luxury Italian car-maker Lamborghini was driving along roads in the city in Aichi prefecture, a pothole in the road damaged the body of the car. The compensation will be paid from the damage insurance policy held by the city.

The relevant bill was passed at a city council meeting on 26 September.

According to city representatives, at around 3pm on August 14, the car got stuck in a mortar-shaped pothole on a city-maintained road in Tomei Nishimachi, Owariasahi. The road surface appeared to be flat, however there was an indentation around 4.5m long, and 8cm deep at its deepest point. When the car passed over this part of the road, the under-panel that protects underside of the car body and the back bumper were damaged. The car was insured.

The indemnified repair fees amount to 2,012,500 yen [approx. $20,477]. Repairs to the car have already been completed, as have repairs to the road surface.

Comments from Twitter:


Ah, so now we can all relax and buy Lamborghinis too.


Don’t you reap what you sow?


Is this for real? (°°;)


Whhhaaaa! Can I sue them too? Every morning when I leave my parking spot, my bumper is all gouged out and everyone looks at me with pity!


A lot of people are saying in the comments that it’s impossible, but I guess there are a lot of people who didn’t know that if your car gets damaged because of damage to the road surface then if you claim they’ll fix it for you.


He needs compensation???


Huh? For real? Well, I guess that it’s bad if it’s an unavoidable situation on the road that you can’t clearly check for yourself.


The city’s gonna pay for this? (;´Д`)


Is this because it’s a luxury foreign car? What if it was a Japanese car? What if it was a K-car? If the city pays for city roads, then will the country pay compensation for a national road? Someone please tell meeeeee…..|ω・`)ノ

Hirao Takashi:

Bet this guy is the spoiled rich son of a Councillor…


Absolutely no reason for the city to pay.


…WTF?? Dude, if you don’t want to damage your car don’t drive it.


Yup, a rich miser for sure.


Wow, they really treat you differently if you have a posh car.


Whose car was this anyway?


Well, if they allow this one, they’re gonna have to pay out time and time again.

夏那瀬秋穂 紅楼夢O-24a:

The state of the roads in Aichi Prefecture are pretty awful. They’ve recently started repairing the roads in my neighbourhood though…


Isn’t it his fault if he didn’t notice a pothole that size?

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