Man Walks 1400km To Get Home After Having Wallet Stolen

a man walks 1400km to get home after his wallet is stolen in Fukuoka

One of the biggest stories of the day was that of a 25-year old man who had his cell phone and wallet stolen in Fukuoka, and then decided to walk the 1400km from Fukuoka to Sendai in order to get home.

While the man’s journey was certainly epic, netizens can’t help but point out that the should have just contacted the police or made a phone call to someone using some of the 2000 yen [approx. $20] he had hidden in his shoe…

From Yomiuri Shimbun:

Man Has His Wallet Stolen in Fukuoka; Makes It Home To Sendai By Himself After 11 Days

On September 5, a male company employee (25) from Taihaku ward, Sendai, who had gone missing in Fukuoka at the end of August returned home to Sendai by foot.

A distance of approximately 1,400 kilometres separates Sendai and Fukuoka. The man, who took 11 days to make it home, says that “I panicked when I had both my wallet and mobile telephone stolen on the street in Fukuoka, but I’m so glad I made it home”.

According to the man, after he missed his flight on August 25, his mobile phone battery died. He searched for an internet cafe so that he could spend the night in Fukuoka. At around 10pm that night, the man was threatened by around 5 men on the street, who said “Give us your wallet and your phone”, so he put down his wallet and phone, saw a gap, and escaped.

After that, he slept rough as he headed back towards Sendai. “I bought bread and water with the 2000 yen that I had hidden inside my shoe, and endured the hunger”.

At just past 7pm on September 5, the man came back to the snack bar that his mother (46) runs in Iwanuma. Afterwards, his mother contacted the South Sendai division of the Miyagi Prefectural police. The man said “I never thought that there’d be such a big fuss over me. I’m so sorry to have caused everyone such trouble”.

The man’s mother cried as she saw her son, returning home with his skin deeply tanned from the sun. She expressed joy at his safe return: “I was so surprised, I thought a ghost had appeared. I’m so happy. And I’m deeply sorry for all the worry we’ve caused everyone”.

The man, whose hobby is card gaming, had left Sendai on August 23 to attend a national competition that was being held in Kitakyushu. Putting his precious cards in his shoulder bag, he brought them home safely.

Comments from Twitter:


This is the thing where his younger sister was looking for him on Twitter. I also shared it. I’m so happy he’s safe. I do wonder “why?” though…w


Wow, something like this happened in Fukuoka.
Still, he walked miles and made it back to Sendai.


Impossibleeeeeeeeeee wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


This guy’s amazing.


At the age of 25, didn’t it even occur to him to go to the police? Did he have some reason not to go to the police? Or perhaps he’s just simply an idiot?


There must have been some other way…I wonder if they’ll arrest the perpetrators by finding out where the stolen cell phone is…


Card gamer gets done over, walks home on foot from Fukuoka to Sendai? Don’t get the point.


This is amazing w(゜o゜)w


That last sentence is absurd.


This is amazing, but is it true? I’ve walked from Ko to Higashi Nakano and
Aobadai to Shibuya through the night when there were no trains, but the 20 — 30km took me about 5 or 6 hours. Can you really do 1400km in 11 days?


Well, I’m glad he made it back safely, but usually you’d go straight to the police if this happened. I wonder if it was some kind of forfeit game?


Contact someone using the 2000 yen!www


I’ve done 1400km on a bike in 11 days. Pretty amazing to do it on foot in 11 days.


He’s 25? He probably just thought “What the hell, I’ll walk”.


Amazing!!! The main thing is that he got back safe.

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  • Mighty曹

    His mother should walk him straight to a mental hospital for an evaluation of his thought process.

    • Butsu

      He needed to save face and not be nuisance for other people! He did the right thing.

      • Mighty曹

        That’s very honorable but at the expense of putting his own family in anguish? What if it affects his elderly mother’s health? Would that still be the right thing to do?

        • Butsu

          Well that was just his mother. Imagine the amount of people who would’ve had to get involved if he went to the police. A though choice, but he sacrificed his family for the greater good.

          • Mighty曹

            Alright, if you say so. But Why not just get a loan from the police and pay them back when he gets home.

            ps: Don’t let your Mom read this.

  • Dave

    1400 km = 870 mile
    A consistent jogging pace for me is 8 miles/hr.
    From this, it would take me about 109 hours. Over a period of 11 days, I would need to run at this consistent brisk pace for almost 10 hours a day.

    He walks pretty fast.

    • dwallace37

      You jog at 8 mph? Damn, you’re fit.

      • Brett

        That’s like an 8 minute mile. Definitely not jogging, but not running hard either.

        • lonetrey / Dan

          Hmm for some people (me ._.), that’s pretty good.

          I’m not in the best of shape though. For me, I take 10 minutes to run a mile… And I’m usually out of breath at the end.

          • Brett

            I’m probably at the same end of the spectrum as you now. Although, when I played baseball in university, us pitchers had to run 4 under 6 minute miles everyday. If you didn’t beat 6 minutes you had to run 2 extra miles (for each sub-6 mile) to make up your time. I hate running now, but I miss those days.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            [vader] Impressive.

            Most impressive. KSSSHHH KUUUHHH [/vader]

    • John Snow

      I doubt he really walked the entire way. Considering Fukuoka is on a different Island from Sendai.

  • death_by_ivory

    Not very bright,is he?

    • John Snow

      he most probably hitched hiked but he should have contacted the police. I dont understand these crazy japanese card gamers thought process.

      • dk2020

        I wonder if he was playing Yugioh lol, that’s otaku ..

  • dk2020

    I guess he doesn’t have any friends to rely on for help..

    • Flamel Nicolas

      How he will call them without money?

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Well I know that it’s smelly but surely the money in his shoe would be worth something…

      • John Snow

        go to the police station. . . easy. Dont have to walk across oceans either.

        • markus peg

          John Snow, I was about the say the same thing, why didn’t he report it and get help to get home (repaying once he is back home if need be).

          Is this guy a dumb ass with no one who cares about him or something?…

          • ricardo248

            that why: “And I’m deeply sorry for all the worry we’ve caused everyone”

          • markus peg

            That’s a quote from his mother… I’m saying the man in question should have contacted the police not his mother.

          • ricardo248

            better that he went to the police that’s true, i don’t know his way of thinking why he would walk so far to his home, it’s a bit odd for me.

          • John Snow

            Maybe he went on a walk about. Searching for his soul and purpose in life. Learning the ways of the land. Hitched hike with a trucker possibly too…

      • dk2020

        the money he kept in his shoe .. seems like he’s been robbed b4 ..

  • chris

    i highly doubt that guy walked from southern Japan all the way to Northern Japan in 11 days. its probably just a publicity stunt.

    • Brett

      Most definitely a publicity stunt. The story makes no sense at all.

  • Dynasty

    How the fuck did he walk 1400km in 11 days? If he were to not sleep or rest at all, he’d have to move at an average speed 5.3km/h to cover that distance. Standard human walking speed is about 4km/h for reference.

    • Ranting Pilgrim

      Yeah I call BS on this. The Shikoku Henro Pilgrimage is 1200km+ and it took me 50 days to walk it at an average of 30-40km per day..averaging 8 hours walking each day. And no way in hell he did it in a single pair of shoes, while eating only bread and water the whole time.

  • Zappa Frank

    a japanese Forrest Gump?

    • udon

      is he autistic?

  • yutoutang

    Call the cops you freak

  • PixelPulse

    He could have just called home…

  • Danny

    if nothing else, I applaud his tenacity, although, if I was him, I would have called the police and contact my family and tell them to come get me, but he seem to be the type to not trouble his family.

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  • Whirly Pop

    He should have just gone to a police station and reported everything. I guess he must feel embarrassed to have his mom pick him up but really, it’s not like for some stupid reason so he should have. There must be another reason.

  • Mimi

    Do they not have hitchhiking in Japan?

    Nowadays hitchhiking is frown upon due to killers on both sides – but if I have missed my bus sometimes I wave around a 5 dollar bill at the intersection – I of course only get into cars by drivers who are also women.

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