‘Sushi is Bad for Your Health’ Says Hollywood Nutritionist

American nutritionist says sushi is bad for your health.

Is sushi really bad for your health?

Sushi… rice, uncooked fish, vegetables and seaweed… apart from being absolutely delicious, it’s probably one of the healthiest things you can eat, right?

Not so, says Hollywood celebrity nutritionist Rachel Beller, to the anger of many Japanese netizens. Beller, who recently appeared on the popular reality TV show The Biggest Looser, is famous for her low-carb recipes and quick result weight-loss plans. Asia is the world’s fastest growing market for diet products, an industry which will soon be worth $200 billion worldwide, but the reaction this article got is about more than just fat, carbs and salt content…

Her views first appeared in the Chinese press before being taken up by Yahoo! Japan where the article quickly topped the rankings, getting almost 3000 annoyed comments, as well as being featured on 2ch.net blogs. The Japanese version of the article refers to Beller as ‘Bell’, and also notes that she is English, when in fact she is American. The original article from the English-language press can be viewed here.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Chinese Media Reports: “Far From Being Healthy, Sushi is Bad For You”, Says English Nutritionist

In her recent book, English nutritionist Rachel Beller said that Japanese food sushi is a “fake health food”. She claimed that it’s high in calories, salt and sugar, low in fiber, protein and vitamins and if eaten in too large quantities, could have detrimental effects on the development of fetuses and babies. The Shanghai Morning Post spread the story.

Beller explains in her new book that “at usually 290 to 350 calories, sushi has as many carbs as 2 to 4 slices of bread”. She also claims that “we’ve overestimated the nutritional value of sushi up until now. But the main ingredient is white rice, white rice makes up 75% of sushi. If you eat it with soy sauce, you’ll also up your salt intake.” She emphasized the point that “sushi isn’t healthy like everyone thinks, it’s actually really bad for your body.”

Nutritionist to the stars says sushi is bad for you, netizens outraged.

Celebrity nutritionist Rachel Beller.

The English nutritionist also advises women who are pregnant, lactating or trying to get pregnant not to eat more than two portions of fatty fish per week. Contaminants from pollution are often present in fish with high fat contents and this can have harmful effects on the health of fetuses or breastfeeding babies. Tuna easily contains mercury which poses a risk of damaging the kidneys or nervous system. Moreover, people in general shouldn’t have more than four portions of fatty fish per week but sushi uses a lot of salmon, mackerel and tuna.

Beller also advises pregnant or lactating women to avoid sea-food and crustaceans. Shrimp, crab and scallops can easily be contaminated by virus and bacteria. These types of ingredients are also highly present in sushi.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


Only foreigners would eat it specifically because they think it’s healthy.
It’s as if they said stuff like yakitori was really healthy.
Please just stop dropping all these arbitrary judgments.


It’s fine as long as you also eat vegetables.
Are there idiots abroad who live off eating sushi 3 meals a day? w


The fact that Japanese people like sushi doesn’t mean we eat it every day. The whole world recognizes that Japanese food as a whole is really healthy.


Well just don’t eat it then.


Always finding some kind of a fault with Japan (笑). Is it unhappiness or envy or something which makes Chinese commies act like this? grr…


No matter what food it is, if you only eat that, you’ll have an unbalanced diet.
It’s stupid to think that you’ll get healthy off eating sushi, but it’s also stupid to deliberately report that you won’t in the news.


Well… it’s not as if the whole country is yelling out “eat this please” like [Korea is doing] for Kimchi


Everyone knows pregnant women need to watch their salt intake!
Sushi is something you eat once a month. You don’t eat it every day.


Everything needs to be eaten in moderation. Everyone knows overeating one thing is bad for your health.


Sushi is a health food? It’s the first time I hear this. It’s definitely really yummy though.


We eat it cause it’s good.
And that’s all.
No one thinks it’s good for their health.
Seems that you lot just decided it was healthy yourselves and eat it because of that.
Is there no tasty food in the UK?


If that’s what you think, is it better to just stop eating all together? It’s useless to try and find one single food with perfect nutrition.


I never heard sushi was a health food. Yeah, if you eat too much it will have effects on an unborn baby, but if you eat too much of anything it’ll be harmful (笑). Anything with raw ingredients has risks in and of itself. What the fuck are you talking about, you idiot.


I dunno what the standards of sushi are like in other places, but it’s probably the case with the standards of imitation sushi abroad.


Chinese people shouldn’t eat it then. You should definitely practice what you preach you anti-Japanese idiots.


You don’t need to eat it!


So you say it looks “gross” but it’s tastier than English food.


Mind your own business.


But Japanese people don’t think sushi is healthy, right? Don’t we just eat it because it’s tasty?


Goes without saying that luxury food always has lots of calories in it (*bitter laugh*). It’s bad for you if you eat it more than you a couple of times. But Japanese people don’t eat sushi every day.

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  • I wonder what the woman like to eat? Sushi might be not healthy if you eat tons of it, but besides vegetables, what can you eat when even bread (pumpernickel for example) is bad for your health/ diet..??

    • Is that a joke? How about fruits, legumes, lentils, mushrooms, fish (certain types), nuts, and grass-fed meats?

      • But most of that what you listed, does not makes you full for a longer time. You have to eat that, to be healthy, sure.. But if you loose wheight isn’t it better to eat a pumpernickel in the morning, which has a lot of carb and fibre, low calorie, and be full till lunch? I don’t understand the whole “no-carb” diets.. I make a diet, I loose perfect weight and I still eat a lot of carb! I loose 1kg to 500gr a week and I eat everyday 3 slices of heavy, original pumpernickel.. After what the “no-carb” people pray, I may be still fat. And very very poor! Maybe it is a joke just to eat that what you listed..

        • Bull. Protein, fat, and fiber make you full. Carbs that aren’t fiber do not make you full. That’s why it’s possible to eat endless amounts of refined carbs and still not feel full, and in fact, this––combined with the hunger-inducing effects of spiking blood sugar––is the technique used in the junk food industry to promote overeating.

          Fruits like apples are filling due to all the fiber.
          Nuts and avocados are filling due to all the fat.
          Legumes are filling due to all the fiber and protein.
          Fish, poultry, and meat are filling due to all the protein and fat.

          I don’t know why you mentioned pumpernickel. I never said pumpernickel isn’t healthy. It’s certainly healthier than white rice. This is because of its fiber (which is a type of carb)––not its total carb amount.

          • Echo_Seven

            Imagine how many problems it would solve, if we could have realtime biometric scanners that could tell you precisely what it was your body was needing at any particular moment. Like, “glucose concentration reaching intra-day high”, or “imminent iron shortage”, etc.

            edit: oops, forgot this topic was two weeks old.

  • vanyuelding

    Japanese netizen so honest ! not in denial like…–> you know , follow my mind lol

    • dk2020

      lmao .. yeah, no japanese denial of history or wartime atrocities at all .. smh ..

      • bluesummers

        We were all thinking it, you just had to say it.


    I’m the only asian I’ve ever heard of who dislikes sushi. I try to eat as little white starches (ex. white bread, white rice) as possible as it has almost no nutritional value and too much carbs and will spike your blood sugar. I also dislike raw fish which is a part of most sushi. I haven’t even tasted sushi in years. If you only eat sushi one a week or so, it probably won’t have much effect on your health. Sushi isn’t a health food, but I don’t think it’s really bad for you in moderation.

    • bluesummers

      While I can appreciate the base nutrition white rice provides, I can also appreciate the protein and vitamins found in seafood as well. Also, the food isn’t drenched in oil and is easily digested since it’s not cooked.

      Then again, like hell I will eat this 4 times a month. I can see families going out and eating it twice a week because it’s convenient and tasty. That’s just too much and too expensive for poor serfs like me and you. Whatever misc. risks the nutritionist mentioned in her article actually becomes more and more real since you’re eating it so much.

  • Ruaraidh

    Sometimes you have to have your guilty pleasures, my own diet is very healthy, except for the amount of clotted cream I eat. I feel guilty sometimes because I’ve heard that you can be very physically fit, but on the inside still be clogging up your arteries. That still can’t stop me eating it though, maybe I’ll die early, but up until that day I’ll be a cream fuelled superhuman.

  • miu miu

    first of all, too much of anything is not good for you, this is number one rule! second of all, did anyone ever tells her that even, too much make up is not good for the skin? obviously not cuz she looks like she had to cover somethin on her face with that much make up 😀

  • Relivash

    Uh, who in theor right mind even thought of sushi as health food?

    • Millions of health idiots (the type of “nutrition experts” who write featured articles for sites like Yahoo and Livestrong) in the West.

  • MeCampbell30

    Southern California is full of idiots that think anything raw or organic is healthy.

    • And they often end up with SERIOUS health problems from improper nutrition. And you wonder why bulimia is a huge problem among actresses in Hollywood.

  • Jahar

    I wasn’t aware that calories are bad for you. Soy sauce is not part of the sushi too. This is all crap. Everything is bad for you, if you have too much of it.

    • Do you really doubt that some things are worse than others?

      Too much donuts and too much broccoli are both bad for you, but that doesn’t mean they’re equivalent.

      There is no nutritional benefit from white rice (other than calories for impoverished people in third world countries), and if you’re an American who dunks sushi in a pool of soy sauce (i.e., the intended audience of the original statement), then it doesn’t take long to reach the point of “too much” sodium.

      • Jahar

        bad and not good are 2 different things. and saying sushi is bad (because people often use to much soy sauce) is like saying salad is bad (because people often use too much dressing).

        • There are lots of these sorts of articles (e.g., on Yahoo) that point out that “salad isn’t as healthy as you think” because of all the fat and calories in salad dressing. I’ve seen this stupid line at least a dozen times.

          What I mean to say is that this kind of retarded nutrition logic isn’t only applied to sushi. And considering the intended audience (nutritional idiots), it’s actually somewhat helpful for them, because I know for a fact that there are morons out there who stuff their faces with tamari-drenched California rolls thinking they’re eating their way to a slimmer waistline.

          • Jahar

            I do think that sushi is healthier than a lot of the crap we eat though. sure beats potato skins and caesar salad.

  • seiko

    I don’t see this as anything new… I thought we already clarified that “raw fish is a catalyst to several health issues and should be avoided” at the bottom of menus at sushi-restaurants…

  • EightNineBall

    Well, I’ve heard a similar report in Australia. However, it should be noted that the same report stated that sushi is very healthy, only when it is prepared by the Japanese using Japanese practices. Most sushi shops around here aren’t truly authentic, usually Chinese or other Asian owned and contain a lot of sugar and overdose of mayonnaise. Most of my Japanese friends were surprised and told me it’s very different in their own country. Of course, they mention it’s better back home.

    Overall though, I’d still eat it whether it’s healthy or not. I’m more inclined to believe it’s healthier AND tastier than pasta, pizza and burgers.

    • Mayonnaise??? In SUSHI???

      May as well use Vegemite.

      • Butsu

        Mayonnaise on Sushi is standard.

      • bluesummers

        Mayo is a good condiment to hold the rice together in rolls.
        It’s also a nice dressing on Japanese salads and a topping on salmon sushi.

      • EightNineBall

        Well, there’s a Japanese mayonnaise like Kewpie. However, some sold here are blatantly of the other kind. The local kind.

      • Chang Liu

        Mayonnaise is very popular and standard in Japan.

    • jigigi jigi

      Sushi is not a health food. In Japan, there is food to don’t eat every day. It was a aristocrat food of Japan. To eat every day and it is possible to come disease as the European aristocracy. Original longevity village was Okinawa. Because they are not in the original Japanese, They did not eat the fish. Such as pork and herbs we’ve been eating together. It was a food of the rustic public.


      Let’s extend the sushi material. Vinegar 6, Sugar 2, bay 2, the other animals shellfishe sushi can not be a health food.


  • bluesummers

    Why do they smile like that? That’s freaky as shit.

    • EightNineBall

      I think the reason why it’s freaky is because her eyes don’t connect with her smile. I can sort of understand, she was made to pose in front of a photo and some people just aren’t naturally photogenic.

      • bluesummers

        Wow, you’re right. She should’ve smiled with her mouth shut. The teeth thing is to much to…bare. Heh heh…..gehehe *snicker*

        • EightNineBall

          It works when the eyes connect. I think smiling with teeth looks very genuine and warm. One of my best friends is a photographer so I picked up some of his technics ;p

    • dk2020

      yeah some people aren’t photogenic .. did u see that close up pic of linette? *shuddrs*

      • bluesummers

        OH god, now you’ve done it,.

  • dk2020

    eh i eat what i want .. sushi can get expensive so i dont eat too much ..

  • Jerry Chow

    Bull Shit! Like that better dont eat anything. Call yourself a noob

  • Kate

    On my way to an all you can eat Sushi buffet as I read this article…..frankly id rather die early and fat then give up sushi.

  • kevin lin

    I was reading some comments above (Yahoo: Japan), I’m offended. I’m Chinese (that was born in the United States) and I don’t know why they were blaming China. Chinese People didn’t even come up with that report. -_-

    But back to the main topic, this woman is just so stupid. I love sushi and her arguments are so stupid. Seriously, NO ONE ever said sushi is healthy. This is the first time I’ve ever heard this too. And 75% is rice which is why it’s unhealthy. Please, Asians eat rice for every meal for hundreds of years now, and look, China and India have the largest population in the world. And for the bacteria part…THIS IS WHY WE EAT SUSHI FRESH! Nobody said to leave your sushi out for 10 hours before you eat it. And which is also why we use ginger and wasabi for Sushi. It won’t guarantee that it is 100% safe but it would definitely reduce the possibility of getting sick.

    And as American, I know that “westerners” are bad at understanding other cultures. She mainly talked about Tuna and how it’s bad as if that’s what people ALWAYS eat. Just like how they think Chicken and Broccoli is all Chinese people eat -_-. And EVERYONE knows that pregnant woman CAN’T have raw foods duhhhhhhh. The problem is not sushi, it’s the raw food or anything else that is cold. I also see “westerners” dipping EVERYTHING in soy sauce, well duh, it’s unhealthy when you dip everything in soy sauce. And you should see how they use the soy sauce, the whole piece of sushi becomes brown (from the soy sauce). Of course this is not everyone, but most of the people I’ve seen do that. And last time I checked, you’re not supposed to dip everything in Soy sauce. There are times where soy sauce should not be used in order to taste the flavor of the fish.

    I’m done. whatever. Her report is stupid and invalid.

    • Actually, you agreed with pretty much everything she said.

      She: Sushi isn’t healthy.
      You: Sushi isn’t healthy.

      She: The 75% rice content is unhealthy.
      You: The 75% rice content is unhealthy.

      She: The bacteria is a health consideration.
      You: The bacteria is a health consideration.

      She: Pregnant women can’t have raw foods.
      You: Pregnant women can’t have raw foods.

      She: Too much tuna is bad.
      You: Too much tuna is bad.

      She: Too much soy sauce is bad.
      You: Too much soy sauce is bad.

      So I’m not sure why you’re saying her report is stupid and invalid when you practically agreed with all of it.

      • kevin lin

        You’ve mistaken, I’m re-quoting her to argue BACK to her statements. I was re-stating her arguments, if you read the next sentence afterwards, you’d realize that I disagree with her. I admit that it may be confusing since I didn’t put quotation marks but seriously, it’s pretty self explanatory. Please use common sense. Her statement was Pregnant woman can’t have tuna…I said it’s not about the tuna, they can’t have raw/cold foods period. But having raw foods doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad for our health; It’s bad for the baby. Cold food is bad for a baby, and raw foods are usually cold…duh. -_- She said soy sauce is bad – period. What I said was, that is a misconception because people like her are using it incorrectly, if “westerners” were to use soy sauce the correct way, it wouldn’t BE unhealthy. Because sushi doesn’t always involve soy sauce, she’s being stereotypical thinking sushi must be eaten with soy sauce.She’s acting like the Bacteria problems are so bad where it’s too dangerous to eat sushi but then I disagreed because I definitely said that the bacteria part is not a big deal since we have Wasabi and ginger. I said “nobody ever said sushi IS healthy” because she was acting like if Japanese people claimed that “Sushi is good for your health” to the whole entire world, which was never the case. What I was trying to say was her article is kinda stupid because she’s trying to rebuke a statement that doesn’t even exist.

        Gosh, I basically had to restate my arguments just cuz someone couldn’t analyze and comprehend what I had written. Did you not read it thoroughly or do you not understand English? I doubt the second option, please try to understand other people’s comments better next time.

        • 1. She didn’t highlight tuna because of it being raw (that applies to EVERY fish in sushi), but because of the MERCURY (which is something specific to tuna).

          2. She said, “If you eat it with soy sauce, you’ll also up your salt intake.” I’m sorry, but this is a 100% fact. This is not debatable.

          3. She never said Japanese people claim sushi is healthy. She never even mentioned Japanese people. Why are you getting as defensive as the netouyo?

          4. Wrong. There are many people who believe that sushi is healthy. I’ve seen it MANY times. So you’re just speaking out of ignorance.

          I understand what you’re saying perfectly. It’s YOU who doesn’t understand what SHE said. She’s correcting a common myth among many nutritionally-minded Westerners that sushi is a health food, and you’re getting ridiculously defensive for absolutely no reason.

          • kevin lin

            1. Yes it’ll increase salt intake but a little bit won’t hurt. She’s putting “increase in salt intake” under a reason why sushi is unhealthy but doesn’t all foods have salt in them? (unless it’s salad or something like that? or if the dish is completely tasteless).

            2. She never said Japanese people said it was healthy but she’s making a report claiming sushi is horrible for your health blah blah…she said this: “sushi isn’t healthy like everyone thinks, it’s actually really bad for your body.” She used the words EVERYONE and REALLY BAD. I mean there’s a difference between just “not so healthy” and “REALLY BAD for you”. She’s exaggerating. And the best argument she made WAS the pregnant women and the Tuna one…which brings me to the next point.

            3. Tuna is not the only thing IN sushi…Of course if you consume too much of something, it’s not good for you but Tuna, people would probably only have 2-3 tuna sashimi when they have sushi, so it’s not that bad, but she’s making it sound like Tuna is all sushi contains and will destroy your nervous system…blah blah. That’s a nice fact but we could eat other stuff too okay? And the pregnant lady thing, that argument only applies to pregnant women, it should be used as a “note” not a individual argument. There are a lot of things Pregnant women can’t have. Tuna is only one of those things. Simply, ignore the tuna and have something else, as I stated above.

            4. People actually think sushi is healthy? I’m not the ignorant one. Those People are! Because COMMON SENSE, it’s not healthy with all the seafood (cough cough cholesterol) intake, of course it’s not the best choice to choose from when you want to be healthy. But it seems like she’s trying to say “just stop having sushi”. And the part of 75% rice? Is she even sure about that? Sometimes the restaurants/supermarkets put extra rice to make the portion bigger so that it fills people up more, there isn’t supposed to be too much rice and rice isn’t even THAT unhealthy anyways.

            5. I’m being defensive because you said I agreed with what she said which is obviously NOT the case…I would have been less defensive if you didnt say that and just simply stated what you disagree on.

          • You should really take a look at the actual, original Daily Mail article linked by japanCRUSH right before the translation part:


            The overwhelming emphasis is on the calorie content of the white rice. You keep obsessing over her mention of tuna and raw fish and argue that those should have merely been minor notes, but that’s EXACTLY how they’re presented in the original article––as an additional disclaimer for pregnant women. In the entire long article numbering dozens of paragraphs, there’s only ONE SENTENCE about tuna being bad. ONE SENTENCE!

            Your comment about being ignorant for believing sushi is healthy is utterly irrelevant. The WHOLE POINT OF HER ARTICLE was to ADDRESS that ignorance. You’re obviously not her target audience. This was published in the DAILY MAIL, for Christ’s sakes. If you spend five minutes on that website, you’ll realize why an article like hers would be necessary.

            You agree with everything she said about sushi EXCEPT for the fact that she said it, as you think it’s all too obvious to warrant even being discussed. No where in her article did she say, “Don’t eat sushi”. Her main points were 1) it doesn’t contain much fish, which means it’s a poor choice for those eating it to increase their fish intake, 2) it’s full of processed carbs, 3) it has a poor mineral:calorie ratio, 4) not just soy sauce but also the pickled vegetables are high in salt, which increases the risk of high blood pressure, which isn’t a problem for most Asians but *is* a problem for the British readers who this article is actually meant for, 5) it’s full of calories, which again isn’t a problem for most Asians but *is* a problem for the people who this article was written for, and 6) the soy sauce isn’t appropriate for those who need to maintain a wheat-free diet.

          • kevin lin

            I mentioned all that stuff you just mentioned cuz you brought it up in ur reply. I was re-explaining myself for you because you mis-took the message of my comment, thinking that I agree with what she says. I was just stating MY opinions to show you that I dont agree with her. So this whole conversation started because YOU thought I had AGREED with her….but then after I had explained my view on why I DO NOT agree with her, you replied back saying “She didn’t highlight tuna because of it being raw (that applies to EVERY fish in sushi) etc”. My point was to prove that I dont agree with her! But you replied to ME arguing on your opinions, that’s not what I responded to you for! I only wanted you to acknowledge that I do not agree with her, not acknowledge that what I said was right. So the fact that you did that makes your whole reply irrelevant -_-

      • Alaina Miller

        Actually, I live in Japan and am pregnant. The doctor says that eating sushi is ok, just not raw land animal meats and raw eggs. The only fish he told me to avoid was tuna. Since I am in the healthy range for BMI I am only supposed to gain about 15 pounds. Just a reminder that every country has a different set of guidelines for pregnancy. Doesn’t mean one is right or wrong per say.

    • RaphaeI

      it was a simple ‘shoot the messenger’ fallacy.

      • kevin lin

        Yes, I agree. I mean…I guess.

    • It was allegedly reported in Chinese media. Maybe the Japanese netizens believed that mainland Chinese who read this article, are more likely to agree with anti-sushi reporting…that’s my suspicion. That said, the nutritionist, and anybody who agrees with her, lacks common sense when it comes to eating.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Why would anyone take the opinion of one random nutritionist seriously? If 90% of the world’s nutritionists agree and they have scientific proof to back up their claim then its different. Until then, more toro in my tummy!

  • linette lee

    So tuna and salmon are not healthy? So why doesn’t she just say all seafoods are not healthy because basically most have some mercury in them. That is so stupid. What about your omega 3? Flounder, catfish, white fish and snapper have low mercury so go eat snapper and white fish sashimi…..which was invented by Chinese and the Japanese stole the cutting technique serving a life raw fish on the table with dipping sauce.

    This nutritionist needs to clarify raw fish is healthy when eating a moderate amount just like any other food.

  • y.m.

    since when was sushi(especially the americanized ones) considered “healthy”? just because japanese cuisine gets a rep for being healthy doesn’t mean every food is good for you. i bet the average Californian eats more sushi than the average Japanese lol

  • Moderate consumption of sushi every now and then, prepared properly is NOT harmful or unhealthy! And, the Japanese commenters online (and myself, as I agree with most of them) have far more common sense than this English nutritionist.

  • adam

    Japanese people are healthy because they eat such a wide verity of food not just because they eat sushi.

  • Marcel Thumpnut

    This story is just a puff piece in an attempt to whip up anti-Japanese sentiment. No substance and probably misquoted. I personally like the comment: “Is it unhappiness or envy or something which makes Chinese commies act like this? grr…”

  • Peter Barefoot

    I can never get used to the taste of raw food. But when speaking of japanese food, I love udon the most.

  • MizKiwi

    Did that picture scare you too?

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  • nizzzaa

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  • gabrieleenotmez

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  • Frank

    Gonna be a cold day in hell when I listen to healthy living advice from a Brit. Lol.

  • Alaina Miller

    Japanese comments have a point. Japanese people don’t eat sushi because it’s “healthy”, they eat it because it tastes good. Only foreigners would think that it is a health food. Anyway, I live in Japan and make Japanese food for my family. There are a ton of calories in Japanese foods, but I think portion size and the fact that if you don’t own a car you are walking everywhere helps with weight control. Plus, there is no such thing as tolerance for being fat. You will be judged and talked about if you’re overweight, especially if you’re a girl. So, I think the social pressure to be thin plays a role in maintaining weight.

  • syaf

    I eat kinda alot of sushi but once in a while but i dont eat vegetables. I am worried.😰😰😰

  • ethansmom

    Hey! spicy mayo on sushi is good, and eating white rice, seweed, veggies, and raw fish has to be a lot better for you than eating a cheese burger with fries and soda just sayin

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