150 Dolphins Wash Ashore In Ibaraki, Prompts Earthquake Panic

Mass stranding of dolphins in Ibaraki, Japan, April 2015

The mass stranding of a species of oceanic dolphin on the shores of Ibaraki Prefecture has struck panic in the heart of 2ch netizens.

Although scientists do not fully understand why mass strandings occur among whales and dolphins, there are those who suggest that the movement of tectonic plates prior to earthquakes might sometimes prompt these events.

And when netizens realized that there was a similar mass stranding prior to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, alarm bells began ringing.

But given that there is no scientific evidence to support the link between mass strandings and earthquakes, is this just online panic-mongering?

From MBS News:

150 Dolphins Washed Ashore On Coast Of Hokota, Ibaraki


Early on the morning of April 10, it was discovered that around 150 dolphins had been washed ashore on the coast of Hokata, Ibaraki Prefecture. At present, the region’s aquarium is conducting a rescue operation.

At around 6:15am, there were reports coming from the Hokota coast, with witnesses saying that “Over 100 dolphins have been washed ashore” and “They are still alive so please save them”.

According to police, there were approximately 150 dolphins washed ashore along 10km of the Hokota coast. The phenomenon of large schools of dolphins being washed ashore is known as “mass stranding”, and the reason behind it is not clearly understood.

“They were alive, too. Makes you wonder if it was done purposely” (Someone who visited the coast)

“Just from the pictures, these are melon-headed whales. It is probably related to the tide somehow, but it doesn’t just happen at high or low tides” (Spokesperson for Ibaraki Prefectural Aquarium, Aqua-world Oarai).

According to Hokata City, rescue operations are continuing.

Comments from 2ch.net:


So it’s happened, huh?


It’s an omen. There’s going to be an earthquake.


Shit. Let’s be careful on April 11. [The Tohoku Earthquake happened on March 11, 2011]


Damn, that means a big earthquake’s a-comin’.


On March 4, 2011, around 50 dolphins washed up ashore in Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

名無しさん@1周年: [in response to above]

And this time there were double that!


Idiots be making a fuss.


100 dolphins, that’s a lot.
Fill up your cars, and buy in plenty of water and natto.


Yesterday I kinda couldn’t sleep, and I felt dizzy.
Just as I did before March 11, 2011 w


What a waste.
Can’t we make them into dried fish or something?


Now’s the time to start worrying about nuclear.


Is there going to be an earthquake?
I’d better make some onigiri


It might be because of an earthquake, but it might also be because radioactive waste has started leaking out and is having an effect on them.


Man, I don’t want to die yet.
I mean, what are we gonna do about the Olympics?


There’s too many dolphins.


Or if not, maybe a volcanic eruption?


Even in other countries, there’s always an earthquake corresponding to the stranding of dolphins and whales.
Now all we can do is calm down and prepare ourselves.


I bet they were chased out of the sea by some sharks that became giant sharks after the nuclear disaster.


Well, everyone’s started preparing for it now, so there won’t be an earthquake after all.

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  • David

    Rescued for dinner? J/K Hey its Japan, if I can’t make the joke about there, where can I?

  • Markus P

    Sushi time!

  • lonetrey / Dan

    AwwwWWwww Hope they’re ok now 🙁

  • Raymond

    They’re protesting whaling.

  • MerrilyMerrilyMerrily 99

    Could it be that FUKUSHIMA RADIATION affected the dolphins.

    Radiation from Fukushima (Japan’s nuclear meltdowns) is pouring into the Pacific Ocean every day.

    This radiation has reached the California coastline.

    This radiation is HOT and detrimental to LIFE and DNA.

    IF this is news to you, go to the highly recommended website ENENEWS dot com to learn more.

    Very eye-opening!!

    • butthurt


    • vonskippy

      Did it effect Santa Claus too? Do you have ANY scientific proof for your guesses?

  • death_by_ivory

    There could be many things that can screw up their GPS.I hope they will be saved.

  • poo

    whats wrong with jc, cs, kb

  • Dark Night

    Nah.. They’re protesting against the illegal dumping of radiation filled water.

  • guest

    How heavy are these dolphins? It’s not like it’s a giant whale so why not team up and drag them back to sea one by one? There is a video that captures the moment a dolphin was beached and then a bunch of beachgoers ran to drag it back to sea.

    • guest

      Oh wait, don’t drag it! I was trying to search for that Brazil rescue video when I found this:


      The dragged dolphins might end up more injured.

      I think if there was a stranded dolphin, I will dig a canal from the shoreline leading sea water back to where the dolphin is. It can’t be beached that far in

  • vonskippy

    Apparently they didn’t have time to swim to Taiji.

  • Dan

    Surprised no-one raced toward the beach with chopsticks in hand.

  • bumfromkorea

    Come on now. We know what this is all about.


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