Japanese War Criminal Ice Cream Goes On Sale In China

Chinese ice-cream store chain “Iceason” has released a controversial new ice-cream. That’s right, for the hefty price of 30 yuan [560 yen; $5], you can lick a Japanese war criminals face until it melts.

The chain’s Tojo Hideki ice-cream comes in five different flavors, and is on sale to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Japan’s defeat in China. Yahoo! and Twitter netizens responded to the news with a mixture of disbelief and disgust, but many remained pragmatic, pointing out that this is one expensive frozen treat.

Given the historical controversies and territorial disputes that still plague Sino-Japanese relations, maybe it’s not so surprising that such a product should appear. But is this a delicious way of commemorating the past? Or is it just in bad taste?

From AFP:

“Tojo Hideki Ice-cream” Goes on Sale In China To Commemorate 70th Anniversary Of Anti-Japanese Resistance

Tojo Hideki

Tojo Hideki

[AFP=Jiji] An ice-cream store located in Shanghai, the commercial center of China, is selling ice lollipop in the shape of the face of former Japanese PM Tojo Hideki, who was executed as a war criminal, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of China’s successful anti-Japanese resistance during WWII.

The tagline for the lollipops in the shape of Tojo’s face, which are being sold by ice-cream store “Iceason” reads: “Eat a Japanese war criminal with 10,000 others”. On a poster displayed in the store’s central Shanghai branch, are the words “Don’t forget national disgrace” alongside a picture of the product itself, Tojo Hideki’s face in the form of a chocolate ice-cream lollipop, which even has glasses and a mustache.

Another branch in Shangai’s financial district started selling 5 different flavors of the “Tojo Icepop” (vanilla, blueberry, mocha, mango, and tiramisu) on September 2. However, at lunch time there were virtually no customers buying the lollipop, which sells for as much as 30 yuan (around 560 yen [$4.67]) a pop.

As relations between Japan and China are characterized by a tense mood due to territorial disputes and historical awareness over the war, the Chinese government is due to hold a military parade commemorating 70 years since the victory over Japan at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on September 3.

While online people feel about the “Tojo Icepop” that “it’s just an ice-cream. There’s no reason we shouldn’t eat it”, there were also users who thought that “making an historical situation into a food is inappropriate”.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


The idea of this is…weird.


I’m not sure of them as a people.


Commemorative ice-cream or not, I don’t think this thing is worth 560 yen.
Kinda seems to me that for 560 yen you could eat something much tastier in China.


It’s because they can do things like this that I think China is a horrible country.


So childish, can’t even be bothered to argue against this.


And now I realize why we have the term “cultural standards”.


I reckon Haagen Dazs is much better than that.


560 yen for an ice-cream? What a bloody rip-off!


I mean, even if I were Chinese I wouldn’t find this funny.


The idea of it is childish, I’m just disgusted by it.

Comments from Twitter:


560 yen is expensive! Did anyone actually buy this?


So they’re so obsessed with Japan they’d go this far, huh ~~.
Good children. How about learning a bit more about the historical reality?

Yasuaki Madarame:

It’s no surprise these aren’t selling. They’re just way too expensive. This would be something like the equivalent 3000 yen [$25] for an ice cream in Japan.


This is kind of awful…


Come on, you can only call this trolling. What’s more, since there is often a contaminant mixed into food made in China, you’d probably get sick after eating it.


I myself wouldn’t put anything as horrible as that in my mouth, but I guess they really love him?


Just what we’d expect of China. They’ll turn anything into food. Idiotic idea.

shimizu toshi:

So they dare to insult a former prime minister of our nation, eh?
They know absolutely nothing about the real story behind the Tokyo Trials, they’re just an uncivilzed nation that was made in the postwar period.

Baron Kaneko:

Hilarious w


Every nation has its idiots.

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  • zachary T

    hmm. that is in bad taste. Perhaps an equally distasteful Japanese company could make a “mao sandwich” in the likeness of Mao Zedong’s face in honor of the millions he starved in the 50’s…30% of the sandwich could be pre-eaten, afterall acording to the CCP ” Mao was only 30% wrong”….

    • Balkan

      Well, the key difference would be that Mao never invaded or ordered invasion of Japan and killing of Japanese civilians, while Tojo ordered the invasion of China and was responsible for mass murders of Chinese civilians. Any crime Mao committed was in China, not in Japan.

      • zachary T

        There are some Tibetans, Koreans, and Indians who disagree that his crimes were confined to China.

        • Balkan

          Tibet is in China. There was a border war between India and China, so one would argue that Indians killed Chinese too. In the Korean war, China intervened on behalf of North Korea because the US Army was at the Chinese border and they had warned they would intervene if the US Army crossed the border between DPRK and ROK. Unlike Japan, China did not colonize or annexed Korea. Today there are many people in Japan who argue that Japanese brought prosperity to Korea and that Koreans wanted to be colonized by Japan. It’s very unique for a democratic country to be in such denial.

          One can discuss China’s role in wars, but one things is for sure: China never, under Mao or not, invaded Japan and killed Japanese civilians. Today, Japanese officials claim that Chinese communists invented Nanjing massacre – I think that says it all.

    • jin

      Here’s a fact for you, communist back then meant work together and eat together, some people are lazy and didn’t want to work, so the people that did work, had to share their food. In the end nobody wanted to work for others and many starved to death. Can’t really blame Mao for that. Since China is huge and internet and phone(nationwide) didn’t exist back then in China.

      • zachary T

        You don’t know the real history of Communism. it was never ” work together, eat together”. it was murder the “rich”, take their place and enslave the rest.

        • bob

          You’re the one that doesn’t know shit but pretends to. Go read up on real, non white-washed, neutral history. It’s amazing how many brainwashed idiots all over the world think that others are brainwashed when it is themselves who are brainwashed.

          Not that Mao was any good; he wasn’t.

  • Hiz Oku

    Yeah it’s in pretty bad taste, if it were just the ice-cream it’d be tolerable but the slogans used to advertise it is a bit much.

  • Dan

    not going to lie, this gave me a good laugh!

    I’m ok with this idea… but I can see why some people would be offended. Either way, legit marketing strategy if their goal is to garner tons of publicity/controversy sell products.

  • Dave Park

    If no one told me, I would say it resembled Mahatma Gandhi.

    While I think that this ice cream is sold more for controversy than sales, I have to say that I’m more concerned by some of the Japanese commenters who think that the Japanese Empire was an innocent country in WWII.

    • Dan

      Revisionists influencing their country, these are the embarrassing results :/

      • Dave Park

        This island mentality…

        • Dan

          island mentality? Idk, I would like to think that the Japanese has the capacity to not have an innate “island mentality”.

          Hopefully, if revisionists ever got out of the way their skewed historical views can be fixed.

          • Dave Park

            I’d like to think that too but revisionists, activists, and racists prove otherwise.

            Note: I know that generally the Japanese people are good and kindhearted. And that revisionists and supremacists only make a small percentage of the Japanese populace and mind frame.

          • emanon

            “I know that generally the Japanese people are good and kindhearted. And that revisionists and supremacists only make a small percentage of the Japanese populace and mind frame.”
            I’m glad to hear that. I thought you thought otherwise. I think many Japanese are just political apathy (though I don’t think this is good). Extreme right wingers are only some but very loud. The loud people stand out so much because the general ordinary people are quiet.

          • Dave Park

            I agree. I found that most Japanese people, especially young adults, don’t really care about politics too much.

            But it’ll be an unfortunate future for Japanese kids learning history from revised textbooks that show whitewashed facts.

          • COYP

            Why would it be an unfortunate future? Do you think the UN will impose sanctions or a vengeful god will strike the Japanese down because they dare to disagree with you?

            The Japanese will continue to acknowledge if gloss over wartime atrocities in their textbooks (much as every former colonial power does).

            The Koreans will continue to avoid mentioning the pacific war (including Hiroshima) in the their textbooks and maintain they liberated themselves with zero help from the Americans and not a single Korean collaborated with or benefited from Japanese rule.

            The Chinese will continue to maintain that conscripting peasants with pitchforks against a heavily trained and armed Japanese army with advanced weapons while the commie army cowarded in the countryside was a good idea and the fact that most of the victories against the Japanese being from the eventual Taipei bound nationalists was a mere coincidence….also Mao killing more than Hitler didn’t happen.

            Both nations will then ask Japan to correct its history and get all surprised and angry when Japan laughs in their face at their hypocisy.

            The rest of the world continues not to give a fuck.

          • fukuyu

            I honestly don’t get how Japan dares to mention that their colonization benefited Korea and Koreans should be grateful to Japan. All the fucks that Japan did to Korea was for Japanese own good or because USA forced them to.

            It’s like white Americans saying blacks that they should be thankful to white masters because without slavery they would still be in Africa starving to death.

            Also I’m sure Japan also benefited huge from Korean war.

  • Seoul88200270Korea

    Tojo Ice Cream, lets eat him. Head first. LMAO.

  • PeninsulaToday

    Eating Tojo. Cool summer.

  • PeninsulaPeacePress

    ( Tojo) Person that needed to die for peace.

  • NorthEast

    Japan cannot go beyond WW.II level.

  • ytuque

    Tojo didn’t kill as many Chinese as Mao did.

    • Disqus4Peace

      Both killed many Chinese.

      • ytuque

        You missed the point….

        • Disqus4Peace

          Clarify your point.

          • ytuque

            If you didn’t get it the first time, there’s no point explaining it again.

          • Disqus4Peace

            Your point need to be clarify. Simply you do not make any sense.

          • ytuque

            More correctly, you could not make sense of it.

          • Disqus4Peace

            More correctly, your logic does not make no sense.

          • ytuque

            Perhaps, you could find a middle-school student to explain it to you.

          • BaekSan

            Go read history. Do you know what reading history means? Fruitcake?

          • ytuque

            As you’ve been politically indoctrinated versus educated, there’s no point discussing history with you.

            And you’re calling me a “fruitcake”? Seriously, 6-year olds come up with better insults.

          • AmadeusCho

            Self denial is a fruit cake. You idiot.

          • Dan

            Perhaps their first language isnt English. or some other circumstance. try not to make yourself look like the bad guy here…

          • ytuque

            They understood….. Even google translate can handle syntax that simple.

    • fukuyu

      That doesn’t justify what he did.

      • ytuque

        Obviously not, but Mao is idolized and Tojo is not.

        • fukuyu

          Mao is still Chinese and Tojo is not. It’s not the same when you get beaten up by your own brother and when you get beaten up by some stranger.

          • ytuque

            Very few Russians idolize Stalin, and the same could be said about Germans and Hitler.

  • bumfromkorea

    What a revealing moment (one of many, of course) for Japan and her people. Reminds me of the “controversy” when The Producers (musical) was played in Germany. Of course, the “controversy” for the Germans came from the display of swastika (regardless of the context) rather than the musical making fun of Hitler and the Nazis as a bunch of homoerotic clowns.

    Meanwhile, in Japan…


    • Papi

      Is it the sailors that offend you? Young men who choose to help defend their country must make a draft dodger feel very ashamed.
      Can’t be the flag as thousands of Korean men volunteered to fight under it.

      • bumfromkorea

        I honestly can’t tell whether you’re trolling or you genuinely believe that your argument is sound. And that’s just incredibly sad.

  • Disqus4Peace

    Island mentality kills people. Even toward themselves.

  • KenjiAd

    Just a publicity stunt. But Aoi Sora ice-creams would have sold 100 times more. lol

  • donscarletti

    If you ask me, Tojo took the fall for Emperor Showa. The Americans had to hang whoever was responsible for the unprovoked actions at Pearl Harbour, Mukden and Marco Polo Bridge as well as the despicable treatment of captives and civilians.

    Everyone knew that since Emperor Meiji, the Emperor had held near absolute power in military affairs and it was obvious who’s hands the blood was on. However, it was convenient to hang Tojo rather than Showa to placate and pacify the population. Tojo, the loyal Prime Minister to the end, was more than happy to sacrifice his life for his emperor, and this is how it all ended.
    All a bit of a joke really.

    • fukuyu

      Pfff.. Tojo tried to kill himself because he was too afraid of what America would do to him and at the end of the trial he blamed Showa for everything. He wasn’t a noble man

  • DisqusDirect

    Do you want Ice Cream sickness?

  • Disqusychology

    Sick cream

  • Kenpachi Fried Chicken

    I would like to try one.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Everyone is missing out the most crucial question of them all: How does it taste?

  • Outlook

    Mentally screwed up product…. imagine Hitler ice cream?

  • Sad Clown

    Gross. I would think an ice-cream in the likeness of, say, Sora Aoi, would be a lot more…appetising (would totally lick that.)

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