Clear LDP Victory in Japanese Elections, Netizen Reactions

Abe Shinzo will once again return to power as Prime Minster of Japan

As real-time election results confirm the victory of Abe Shinzo and the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), japanCRUSH brings you netizen reactions.

Although the LDP victory was not entirely unexpected after the fall in popularity of the Democratic Party, many voters did not expect the overall majority to be so high. As the last few election results come in, the LDP is clear front-runner, with over five times more seats than the Democratic Party, which won the second highest number of seats, closely followed by the Japan Restoration Party.

From Yahoo! Japan:

One Red Rosette After Another: Abe and the LDP Smile At Victory [December General Elections]

The Liberal Democratic Party, whose ardent wish to regain power has become a reality. In the party headquarters in Tokyo’s Nagatacho, party leader Abe Shinzo and the secretary general of the party Ishiba Shigeru among others placed red rosettes above the names of elected candidates one after the other, with smiling faces.

The balloting centre was filled with an atmosphere of excitement as over two-hundred members of the press poured inside. At around 8pm, the same time as voting finished, the party secretary-general and other members of the LDP sat on the stage watched the television closely, without relaxing their expressions even though each television station reported that the ‘LDP-New Komeito Party coalition wins over 300 seats’.

At around 8:45pm, when secretary general Ishiba, suntanned from the campaign tour, took to the stage, there was finally a genial atmosphere. With smiling faces, the secretary general of the LDP and other leading members stuck around 150 rosettes up at once.

Just before 10pm, party leader Abe was greeted with applause as he took to the stage in the balloting centre. He shook hands firmly with Ishiba, and added a further 30 or so rosettes.

In a television interview, Abe said with a somewhat hoarse voice, as though he was focusing his thoughts ‘This does not mean that people’s faith has been fully restored in the LDP’

On the other hand, when asked about specific issues he was going to address as the next leader of Japan, he spoke with strength: ‘Last time the LDP was in power we were over-confident. This time, we have to keep a sense of balance.’

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


Please do your best without becoming arrogant or resting on your laurels.


Congratulations on your election. I want the LDP to engage with China and Korea with a firm attitude that will not allow for invasion. I want you to bring Japan to its feet again, so that our nation does not become overrun with naturalised Japanese citizens and foreigners resident in Japan who grew too big-headed under the Democratic Party’s rule.


Well, I feel like I just woke up from a dream. The difficult part is from here on in. You have to clear the air, which has been poisoned by anti-Japanese nations in Asia.


News flash: Sengoku Yoshito lost.


Crushing defeat of Democratic Party — BANZAAAAAI!!


Your party only got votes through a process of elimination, it was the LDP that was the cause of everything that has made Japan bad.


The LDP’s great victory was due to how bad the Democratic Party rule was. Rebuild Japan diligently, without misunderstanding the reason for the LDP win.


Focus and do your best! Show us a new LDP! And please don’t join with the New Komeito Party!


Ah, LDP, don’t drop your guard after your victory!


It was obvious. Congratulations on winning the majority vote.


But please. I’m begging you. Don’t join together with Soka Gakkai [The New Komeito Party, the coalition partners of the LDP, are said to have links with Soka Gakkai].


Still, let it only be today that the LDP is happy about its victory, and from tomorrow please rebuild Japan, which has been destroyed by the Democratic Party over the past three years. And then, so that power will not fall into the hands of a shit party of liars like the Democratic Party, make December 16 a national day of celebration as the ‘Memorial Day for the Destruction of the Democratic Traitors Party’(笑)


They won because of the proportional vote. They should lose. They were saved by grandfathers. The system just isn’t a good one.


I expected it, but the resounding win that exceeded my expectations.


Although I have no reason to side with the Democratic Party, if you compare the results of their three and a half year rule with around fifty years of LDP rule, then they’re still the better option, aren’t they? The LDP wasted tax, continued to create unnecessary roads, bridges, and public buildings, and made us a country with a huge debt. They made a mess of Japan, and in the end nothing was left. But the responsibility for that lies with all of Japan. Votes that have no meaning and just go with the flow. We still haven’t cured that tendency to just vote for those with the loudest voices, or those who are most popular. This time, for instance, this applies to those who voted for the Japan Restoration Party…Anyway, it’s no good if we don’t raise the quality of our citizens.


I had no idea that there were so many people who wanted the return of the LDP to power, a party who will increase nuclear capacity and who worship profits and money.


Don’t let your guard down now you have won. If you are useless and make a mess of things, you’ll lose power again.


Congratulations! Quickly surround yourself with a reliable cabinet!


It was a clear majority. Abe, please take on board the expectations of Japanese citizens.


Those beautiful red rosettes are in full bloom!

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