Free Burger If Order Takes Over 60 Seconds At McDonald’s

McDonald's Japan will give a free Big Mac to anyone whose order is not completed within sixty seconds.

In recent months, McDonald’s Japan has made the news with Japanese netizens several times, be it through the Twitter escapades of high school students or the announcements about the company’s decreasing market share in Japan.

This time, netizens have reacted to a recent marketing ploy by the company that promises a free coupon for a hamburger to any customer who doesn’t get served within sixty seconds of paying for their order. Fast food at its finest? Or a one-minute warning for a company running out of ideas?

McDonald’s: If Order Takes More Than 60 Seconds From Payment, Free Big Mac

On December 20, McDonald’s Japan have announced that they will give any customer in their stores who isn’t served their order within sixty seconds after they have paid a free coupon for a ‘Big Mac’ and other hamburgers (excluding certain products). This is being implemented in all 3300 stores in Japan from January 4 to January 31 2013, between 11am and 2pm.

Even in cases where they can serve an order within sixty seconds, they will still present customers with a free coupon for ‘Premium Roast Coffee S-size’.

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shota shimizu(chama):

When it gets to this point, usually you’d be so suspicious of getting ripped off somehow.


What! Is this a rip-off of pizza delivery services that give you the food at half price if they don’t get it to you within 30 minutes? I wonder whose going to count down the 60 seconds (つд⊂)


This offer is so idiotic. They call it a company but it only ever seems that they’re belittling part time work. And they give the food and drink industry a bad name!!


There are some really crowded McDonald’s, will they really be OK? Consumers will be happy about it, though…(;・∀・)


I wonder if they’re going to make up the money by deducting it from the wages of those screwed-up part-time kids…? Their losses will be made up for through salary budgeting, and then if people come because of the buzz, the management will be ecstatic.

六本木 セルベッサ 根本真一郎:

This is amazing☆


I feel sorry for the part-timers, and because I work nights my lunchtime is pretty limited to I won’t benefit from it, so who does?


They did the same thing a while back. I remember getting a free coupon for a hamburger because of it.


Why are they doing such stupid things…?I feel sorry for the staff.


It’s a good idea, so hurry up and do it.


All this empty talk from some executive’s desk will mean that the people actually working in the restaurants will be angry and struggling…

松本 凌弥:

If they do stuff like this I reckon it’s going to leave them in even more of a mess


What the hell w McDonald’s is straying too far…


They always make me wait about five minutes


Looks like McDonald’s is going to start time attack. (Only for the staff) Ah, ‘McDonalds’. Still haven’t learned…


The minimum-wage part-timers are going start frowning…They’re removing menus and stuff, they’re going astray.

キタザワ ヨシヒロ:

So let me get this straight. This is basically an advert for their free coupons.


I think that the sooner they do it the better.


Those part-time kids are going to suffer! It’s a stupid plan, McDonald’s CEO, you try working in a workplace that’s 40C.


So to put it another way, it means that up to now they’ve been putting out orders within about sixty seconds….?


I can see it now….the pizza guys forming a line, stop watches in hand…


Seems like they’ve already even prepared an hourglass, but hamburgers and coffee can’t take more than 60 seconds, right? Well, I’d be happy if a got a free Big Mac though.

ayaka. imoto:

I’m such a sucker for the word ‘free’(笑) I’m happy ♥

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