Italian Jockey Bows to Emperor After Win, Video Goes Viral

Italian Jockey Mirco Demuro bows to the Japanese emperor following a horse race, the video of which soon becomes viral amongst Japanese netizens.

This clip of Italian jockey Mirco Demuro getting off his horse and taking a deep bow on his knees towards the emperor and empress after winning the Tenno Sho [Emperor’s Prize] has gone viral, gaining over 1 million views since being posted on October 28.

We include the original video of Demuro’s impromptu act of reverence towards the Japanese royal family upon his victory, along with a selection of comments from netizens who saw the video on YouTube.

From YouTube:

Comments from YouTube:


Thank you. Demuro (;_;)


Even though I knew that he knelt down, when I actually saw the video I instantly shed tears.


If a Japanese jockey did it, they’d be seen as being extreme right wing and he’d be get a viscous beating. Sigh.


Some are saying Japanese jockeys don’t do it but they do, Demuro has done it like a knight, and Japanese take a deep bow, it’s just a different way of saluting. Anyway, it doesn’t change the fact that Demuro is awesome being able to pay respect to another country’s king (emperor). I’m in love!!


With this Demuro has become a jockey that will be loved in Japan forever. Even if I don’t win next time I’d forgive him w


Jockey Mirco Demuro is wonderfully graceful. A person that is courteous is beautiful. Although, it’s hypocritical that when a foreigner does it it’s praised and when a Japanese does it people say he’s extreme right wing or a militarist.


He’s truly wonderful as a person!! This world isn’t a bad place after all!!


An Italian has taught us what position the “emperor” is to us. Public broadcasters should be ashamed


Showing respect to the emperor is proper. I’m moved that Demuro has done it after getting off his horse. Within the Japanese there are many who are no good, those like Diet Member Hamaguri who rudely said ‘Sit down!!’, and there are those who sleep in front of the emperor. Democratic Party politicians are a bunch of traitors and Zainichi Koreans.


Everyday, anti-Japanese media try to devalue the imperial family. Those sorry souls that don’t understand the real beauty of this act, they’re our enemy. I was moved.


Even with so many people on the internet and at the racing tracks being moved and praising him, there are those who are not happy. I feel resentful that those people try to put Japan down.


Apparently it’s against the rules to get off the horse at this point, but Demuro has taught us that there’s more important things than blindly following rules. This is a bit of a stretch, but I feel that there is something more important than blindly protecting the constitution.


I praise the JRA for not making him disqualified because he got off his horse. Mr. Mirco, please come to Japan again.


I think I saw a European knight. Mirco thank you, even if I didn’t win. Don’t lose out, Japanese bushido!!


How courteous!!
The emperor is not a man of power. He is a symbol of our independence. Bowing to him means showing respect to the ordinary citizen, I feel that I would like to pay respect to him.

四 乙:

To be honest, with countries surrounding Japan I have been anxious, but I felt relieved when Demuro showed respect to the imperial family. I thought it was some positive news, at last.


Thank you for the moving video. Japan should be friendly with countries who are courteous. We should be friends with countries that have decency!!

Hinako Shibainu:

I saw something great!! The smiles of the emperor and empress after that is even greater!! Japan has such treasure that are worthy of praise!! This is what we call being cultured. People who can’t appreciate this, go to countries where that’s normal.


Sir Demuro, I want to say that it is us who should be thankful. I was moved by the crowd cheering when you bowed. The emperor and empress have extraordinary class. I have become revitalized from watching this; I feel warm inside.


That’s like a European.
That’s like an Italian stud.
There’s history, culture and tradition, I’m impressed.

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  • dim mak


  • rainy days

    Oh…right wing everywhere…

  • Bruno

    Good stuff

  • henryezra

    the emperor is not the son of Sun God, Japs!

  • BlackOut

    Well, I guess he is the first foreigner who did it on public. That’s why his act has gained so much attention.
    Whatever his intend, courtesy is a nice thing.

  • helloworld011191

    *Sigh* At this point, it’s just sad how the anti-S. Korea, anti-China netouyo is fueling the S. Korean, Chinese Internet’s anti-Japan nationalists and vice versa. These people need to stop obsessing over reading negative foreign comments / news articles on the Internet about their country and just try to keep a positive attitude about all this.

    Who knew that the Internet would breed such a group of people . . . I mean, I can understand S. Korean, Chinese, and Japanese people seriously getting pissed off reading the other country’s Internet comments about their own, but my god just because that’s the way things are now doesn’t mean that the future will never change.

    • Sillian

      That’s a typical vicious circle. It’s sorta hard to get the balanced perspective unless you consciously try. I facepalm whenever I stumble on nationalists who claim they learned the ‘truth’ from the internet. No, the real truth or the endeavor for the truth can be safely found from *peer-reviewed* publications from academic institutions around the world. It makes me dizzy to realize how many propaganda bandwagoners exist on the internet and how many people are affected by them. Some of them have mastered the way to deliberately mix some truth and lies together to make their campaign look more plausible. That’s much worse than simple cursing and trash talking. For heavy internet users, it takes some effort to stay positive and fair.

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    Outdated feudal gesture.

    • PixelPulse

      Eh, I think he was just being polite. Old gestures arent the worst thing you can do.

  • Lovely

    japan is much more civilized than China, which is a very scary country on many levels, and as uncivilized as muslim territories. .

    • A Lu

      What does your comment have to do with this article?

      • Lovely

        everything and nothing.

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          Well I believe the ‘nothing’ part.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    This is probably the only country where the royalty is still revered. Everywhere else, it’s just scandals, and gossip

    Not sure if that’s good or bad.

    • I take it you’ve never heard of Thailand…

      • Southernortherner

        i laughed thanks matt..

  • Hokit

    It’s kind of pathetic how much attention this has been getting. The gesture, as one had mentioned, was simply an act of courtesy you’d expect towards any royal dignitary. If that jockey was competing in front of the British royal family, he’d do the same and I’m positive the British won’t react by treating him as some sort of a national hero.

  • PixelPulse

    I didnt know Japan still had a royal family.

    • Lovely

      I only knew because i remembered some story a few years back about some princess or whatever being under pressure to have a son. whatever happened with that?

      • PixelPulse

        Yeah I read that article after looking up the royal line. Sounds like they dont really have much options then to take out the law stating males can only get to the throne.

  • Zappa Frank

    thanks to general Douglas MacArthur japan still have the emperor.

  • BallsOnFire

    He was being polite and respectful.



  • redgirls

    Is it me or is that horse getting a wedge?

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