Video Of Foreigner Getting Beaten Up In Korea Goes Viral

A video of Koreans beating up an American tourist goes viral in Japan -- but sources say it is a hoax.

A video of Koreans beating up an American tourist goes viral in Japan — but sources say it is a hoax.

A video of an “American” tourist in Korea, who gets beaten up by some Korean men when he asks in English for directions, has gone viral on the Japanese internet.

The video, largely thought to be a hoax, shows the tourist, who some say is a Canadian rather than an American, eating a live octopus and later approaching two men to ask where Namsan is. The men answer him in Korean, and then begin to hit him.

Naturally, the video immediately inflamed netouyo tensions when it was posted on a popular blog, and has now received almost a million views, largely from Japanese and Korean internet users who failed to realise that the entire thing was staged.

The comments below are from a thread, but you can check out more on debate over the video by clicking on the YouTube link below.

From YouTube:

[Fight begins at 2 minutes]

From Itai News:

[VIDEO]: American Who Asked The Way In Korea Suddenly Gets Punched And Floored

1 名前:影のたけし軍団ρ ★:2013/09/17(火) 16:59:23.96 ID:???0 [OP]

An American publicly uploads a video of his travels in Korea. In the video, there are scenes of him eating a live octopus, and walking around town. But there is a striking scene in the middle of the video.

When he asks two Korean guys the way, one of the men gestures “Fuck off outta here” with his hand. However, the American replies, “I don’t understand Korean”. Then, immediately afterwards…

The Korean men start hitting the American guy. Perhaps they are angry at being filmed, or perhaps they are angry at the man’s persistence, but they behave strangely by suddenly punching him. Of course, this scene has also made it to YouTube.

There are lots of these violent incidents against Japanese people in Korea, but as we see in this video, it seems that it is not just Japanese people, but rather that these violent acts are being perpetrated against other foreigners too. It seems that this American was safe in the end.

In the comments section of YouTube, the following comments have been written:

・ I’m sorry for writing in Japanese….but I really hope that the person who uploaded this video didn’t have any injuries.

・Psychopaths Korea

・I would like this guy who was injured to come and have fun in Japan.

・Did he really go from asking a friendly question to getting floored in just 30 seconds!!!?

Looks like it’s now dangerous for men to walk alone in this country too.

I guess now Korea has become one of those dangerous places along with Somalia or Johannesburg?

Comments from




Knew it.


This isn’t unusual, it’s the norm.


Seems like nowadays Koreans aren’t even human…


Everyone knows mentalists have no common sense.




Really frightening. Wouldn’t like to get involved in that (´・ω・`)


Dear world, this is hwabyeong


Korean version of the Shit-Back Crew


Such a typical gook face, LMAO.
Doesn’t look like he had any surgery, huh.


Guess they’re just angry because they’re getting filmed without permission. Plus Koreans in particular hate Americans.


Foreigners, come to Japan!
Everyone is kind and nice.


Guess he thought that he was being made a fool of because he couldn’t speak English?
Blatant inferiority complex.


If this was Japan, we’d be apologising, “I’m so sorry, I don’t speak English”


The American guy is in the wrong here w
Everyone in the world knows that it’s dangerous to carelessly approach a stray dog.


There is no hospitality in Korea.


Kinda felt like the gook thought he was being mocked by the Yank.
It’s weird to film when you’re asking the way!


What a brilliant video!!
People all over the world should watch this!!

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