Effigies of Abe Burned During Anti-Japan Demos In Korea


Chinese media outlet Xinhua reports anti-Japan demonstrations by Korean protesters outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul.

When the article was reposted online in Japan, netizens took to 2ch and Twitter to express their outrage.

From Xinhua:

Demonstrations In South Korea, Effigies of Prime Minister Abe and Japanese Flag Burned — Chinese Media Reports

On April 25, demonstrations opposing Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s remarks involving history, and his acceptance of the cabinet’s visits to the Yasukuni Shrine, were held outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul.

The participants burned effigies that resembled Prime Minister Abe, and strongly opposed Prime Minister Abe’s denial of Japan’s history of invasion, and the fact that he supported the cabinet’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine






Comments from Itai News:


Their actions are the very definition of barbarian.


That’s hwabyeong for you.


We need to exercise some restraint in travelling to South Korea…


The more the do it, the more it has the opposite effect.


A daily scene for the Koreans.


Hey, Shit Back Crew, here’s your chance~


I’m sorry, did you say you were a civilised, first-world country?


The right-wing shift in South Korea is pretty extreme. Has been since the old days, though.


Why the hell do we have to make friends with a barbaric people who kick off every time something doesn’t go the way they wanted? Tell me that, Mr. Shit Media.


Don’t they sell more Japanese flags in Korea than they do in Japan.


They really are an aboriginal people.
Don’t they have any shame?


They do shit like this all year round. They’re just idiots.


This is dangerous. Better issue a ban on going overseas quickly.


They do this kind of thing, but they can still say “oh that’s discrimination, that’s racist”. All that can be said is that they have “no concept of shame”.


When compared with this, anti-Korea demos in Japan are pretty docile.


Demos where they burn effigies of the Prime Minister are unforgivable.
Doesn’t the Shit Back Crew have something to say about this?


Before relations between Japan and Korea get even worse than this, the zainichi had better go home.


Let’s spread this news, Japanese who go to Korea are in a dangerous situation.


They really are barbarians. A textbook example of narrow-minded nationalism. Japanese media, report this!


Yeah, carry on doing stuff like this. Expose more and more of your bad behaviour to the world.

Comments from Twitter:


I wonder what the Shit Back Crew will think when they see this?


This is amazing…I mean, this is the racism and the hateful actions of Koreans that we’ve become used to seeing. If anyone is surprised by this, please learn the reality of South Korea. In Korea, there are demonstrations, and they burn effigies of Prime Minister Abe and the Japanese flag.


Travelling to Korea for Golden Week is dangerous~ Feels like even our lives may be in danger.


This is a strong protest against Abe’s denial of the history of Japanese invasion, and because he supported the cabinet when they went to the Yasukuni Shrine.

Hideyuki Nishi 西 秀進:

Here it goes again….


They’re doing it again today. I don’t agree with either side [Japanese or Korean]. But the issue should also be dealt with from both sides.


So are the Japanese people who are crazy about Korea just going to keep quiet?


Citizens of Japan, please do not, under any circumstances, imitate this country, and do things like burn Korean or Chinese flags. The whole world is watching.


It’s probably only “one group”, but still, Koreans tend to do this kind of stuff.


This is awful. What the hell do they mean, racist this and that, this is the true face of that country. They should watch out.

山田 太郎:

So are the Japanese going to still continue to have diplomatic relations with such a country? There’s nothing in it for us, not culturally, in terms of economic development, or anything.

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