UN Secretary General Criticizes Japan During Visit To Korea

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon criticises Japan during a visit to South Korea

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has incurred the wrath of Japanese netizens during his recent visit to his homeland, South Korea.

During a press conference in Seoul, Ban suggested that Japan should reflect on its own history in order to repair relations in the region.

Needless to say, the netouyo did not take his criticism lying down, with some even calling for Ban’s resignation over the remarks.

From MSN Sankei:

UN Secretary General’s Extraordinary Warning To Japan: “Japan Needs To Reflect On Its History” — Visiting Korea

On August 26, during a visit to South Korea, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon held a press conference at the Korean Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Seoul, stating with regard to the increasing severity of hostilities between Japan and China and Korea due to issues of historical recognition that “The Japanese government and Japan’s political leaders need to reflect deeply upon themselves, they need to have an international vision that looks into the future”.

He did not mention any specific points; however it is assumed that he had Prime Minister Abe’s remarks that “The definition of invasion is not established” in mind. On the issue of conflict between the nations, it was unusual that the Secretary General expressed in no uncertain terms that the problem lay in the attitude of one side.

While Ban showed that he recognised that having a correct understanding of history was linked to friendly future-oriented relations between neighbouring countries, he also named the Japanese government and cautioned that they changed their attitude. Ban has previously worked as the South Korean Foreign Minister.

Comments from Twitter:

Mr. Kim.:

Ban Ki-moon STYLE!w


The Japanese government should staunchly oppose this. We absolutely must not forgive this dickhead.


Ban, stop talking nonsense.

Takuya K:

He might be the secretary general of the UN, but he’s incapable of being neutral. Plus these remarks are biased toward his own country. That’s the UN for you these days; someone like him can be elected and no one picks up on it.


Even neutrality becomes biased when a Korean gets involved…ultimately he’s just frightened to criticise his own country. Fucking monkey brain.


It really is extraordinary that someone appointed as Secretary General of the UN would make remarks like this. Aren’t they supposed to take the fairest stance as since they are in a global position?


He criticised Japan. The UN has to speak and act from a neutral position. What is the Japanese government going to do about this?!

Makoto Usui:

Koreans are the ones who should fucking well apologise for the Lai Đại Hàn (the children of Vietnamese women raped by South Korean soldiers) during the Vietnam War.


Looking back on history, it’s pretty fucked up for South Korea and China. South Korea’s modernisation is thanks to Japan, the comfort women didn’t exist, and how about China, which is even invading places today?


Just as I expected…Ban doesn’t have any awareness of himself as Secretary General of the UN.


The Japanese government should demand from the UN that this Korean be removed. Can’t Koreans see that it’s because of remarks like these that they’ve lost the trust of the international community?


Is it really alright for the Secretary General of the UN to make remarks that lack fairness and are biased toward one country? I doubt him. He should resign as secretary general.


This guy is definitely a serious idiot. And I guess that the UN is no big deal either, if they’ll let him be secretary general.


Is it really alright for the leaders of the UN to make remarks that lack fairness like this? Don’t employ monkeys in top UN positions.

ひかるん@金剛型7番艦 :

Instead of making remarks like this, get to Syria and do some work. I wonder if Annan would have been as lenient as you.

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