North Korea Fires Two Missiles into Sea of Japan, Reactions

News breaks in Japan that North Korea has fired two missiles into the Sea of Japan

We interrupt our usual schedule to bring you the initial reactions of Japanese netizens after the news that North Korea has fired two short-range missiles into the sea of Japan.

Given that the news broke in the late evening in Japan, many netizens still can’t believe that missiles were fired at all, while others suggest that the missiles ought to have been aimed elswhere…

From Yonhap News:

North Korea Fires Two Short-Range Missiles Into Sea of Japan

[Seoul, Yonhap News] According to an informed source in the Korean military, the North Korean army, currently undergoing training, test-fired two short range missiles, taken to be ‘KN02’ missiles, into open water on the East Sea on the evening of March 15.

The source analysed the purpose of this as being to test the capabilities of the missiles, and stated that it was unrelated to the national-scale military drills that are currently being undertaken in North Korea, seeing it as something carried out on the scale of a single army unit.

It is assumed that North Korea is repeating test fires in order to extend the range of the surface-to-surface short range ballistic ‘KN02’ missile, and to improve the ‘KN06’ surface-to-air missile. ‘KN02’ is a mobile weapon that uses solid fuel, and is an improved version of the old Soviet short range missile ‘SS21’, with a maximum firing range of 120 kilometres.

On March 13, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, the First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, inspected firing drills that were aimed at Yeonpyeongdo and Baengnyeongdo, which are South Korean territories in the Yellow Sea that act as a maritime demarcation between North and South Korea.

From 47 News:

North Korea Fires Two Short-Range Missiles Into Sea of Japan

Yonhap News reports that the North Korean Korean People’s Army has fired two missiles into open water on the side of the Sea of Japan, which appear to be short range ballistic missiles.

Comments from Twitter:


Is that all 47 News is going to say?


Oi oi, what do they think they doing!? r|`皿´|г What~!!

Where the hell are they firing those things! w What you want to go and fire them into the sea for? ww There’s a perfectly good target very close to you already. Do you know what I mean? That’s right, SEOUL!!


North Korea has fired two missiles into the sea of Japan. (;´Д`) Korea and America said this would happen…


Huh? Did they fire them out of the blue?


Wow, North Korea fired missiles into the Sea of Japan? I guess that we must be prepared for stuff like this, but how can we best prepare….


For real…just stop it, stop doing stuff like this!! I mean, they’re obviously not working yet anyway!!


Shouldn’t you be firing at Seoul? ww


You’re firing them in the wrong direction…so disappointing.


Is it true that missiles are heading for Japan? Oh, I’ll just go and stop them.


Huh? Sure it’s not Seoul? The Dear Leader is mercilessーー


Seems like North Korea fired some missiles….

高橋 渉:

Seems like North Korea has fired missiles toward Japan. I mean, I want do ask that hapless fool ‘what has the whole of Japan done to you?’


Frightening (+_+)

Kaoru Kusaka(脱原発に一票):

The government’s resolute response will be…What? You mean you’re not even going to make a sound, Mr. Abe?


Foolish country, North Korea…


Is this for real!?


Is this true!


We’re on the verge of war!


Happens all the time, so it didn’t even surprise me.


Stop besmirching the Sea of Japan!


Let’s try taking this positively for once — they’re trying to resolve the Takeshima dispute for us!

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