North Korea Threatens To Obiliterate Japan If There Is War

North Korea threatens to obliterate Japan as tensions heighten in the region.

As tensions heighten between North Korea and its immediate neighbours, an editorial in the Worker’s Party of North Korea organ paper, the Rodong Shinmun, carries direct threats to Japan, stating that it has the capacity to obliterate the nation.

Such rhetoric on the part of North Korea is nothing new, and Japanese netizens commenting on Yahoo! Japan demonstrate a fairly laid back attitude, despite the fact that both South Korea and the U.S. have raised their alert levels in response to these newly-articulated threats.

From Jiji News:

“Japan Has Nuclear Facilities”, But If It Comes To War There Will Be Destruction, Threatens North Korea.

An editorial dated April 10 from the North Korean Worker’s Party organ, The Rodong Shinmun, emphasised that “Our army possesses sufficient second-strike capabilities to obliterate countries such as Japan”. In addition, it warned that “Throughout Japan, there are numerous American military bases and nuclear facilities, as well as military installations”. The editorial went on to threaten:”If there is war, Japan will be unable to escape the immensity of damage it will face, which will hardly compare to the nuclear calamities of the 1940s (in Hiroshima and Nagasaki)”.

The editorial was entitled “Destruction Is The Only Thing That Japan’s Hostile Machinations Will Bring”. Within the editorial it was even claimed that “Japan is stepping up preparations to accommodate a new Korean war in the Korean peninsula. In modern warfare, which places importance on mid- and long-range attacks, Japan will be unable to escape becoming the target of our second-strike capabilities”, and warned that Japan was within range of North Korean missiles.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


The Korean people, both North and South, really do have an exceptional capacity for harassing people.


Oooh…ooooh…so what?


Right, so what are you trying to say, North Korea?


These guys really are hopeless.


So what? Over where you lot are, do you even have that product of civilisation that we call “electricity”?


They have those in South Korea, too. You still manage to fuck it up even though you have no earthquakes, no tsunamis, and no missile attacks.


The entire world already knows this. Even if you don’t say it.


So they’re basically threatening to fire nuclear missiles at Japan. Even if they don’t use nuclear weapons, conventional weapons alone can cause enough damage that it would compare with nuclear weapons.


But Japan still doesn’t have weapons. If we wanted to, we could have them, but we don’t bother associating with low-level countries that threaten the entire world with nuclear weapons in this day and age.


And so what? You’re targeting us? With those innaccurate missiles? w


If it so happened that North Korea came and attacked Japan, will the UN take responsibility, having protected the North thus far?


Nothing barks as loudly as a weak dog.


Obviously, we’re one of the targets…loads and loads of us think so. I guess the only ones who don’t think so are the left wing parties like the Democratic Party, the Social Democratic Party, and the Communist Party, I guess.

まだコメントはあり ません(wah…)さん:



And so what. Can you just do it already? Go on, do it.


They definitely do [have missiles that can reach Japan], but so what?


We’re waiting for you, where are these missiles, you fat fuck.


So? So? So-so-so-so and so?


Now’s your time, Mr. Fukushima, Social Democrat. Go to North Korea, and stop the war. It’s such a fantastic scene. Stop complaining about Japan’s domestic situation, and get your arse over there right now.


Twisted logic yet again.

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