60% of Men, 50% Of Women Between 18 And 39 Have No Partner

60% of Japanese men and 50% of Japanese women have no partner

A key issue for the Abe administration is to tackle Japan’s declining birthrate.

Now, the 2013 edition of the annual report issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has been unveiled, revealing that over half of men and women not only don’t have a partner, but they don’t even have a friend of the opposite sex.

Netizens were shocked at these percentages, making this one of the most tweeted about stories of the day.

From Yomiuri Shimbun:

60% Of Young Men And 50% Of Young Women Have No Partner

On August 26, the 2013 edition of the Annual Health, Labour and Welfare Report was unveiled.

This is the first edition of the report in which has dealt with “young people” as a separate theme, and one of the report’s special features was to analyse why young people are getting married later and the rate of unmarried people is rising, both of which are linked to the declining birthrate. The report stated “One cause of these problems is in the difficulty of finding your ‘ideal partner’ by yourself”.

Once the white paper is reported at a cabinet meeting in mid-September, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is scheduled to publish the report.

Under the subtitle “Investigating Young People’s Consciousness”, the report analysed how young people felt about marriage, childbirth/child raising, and work.

Regarding marriage, the white paper indicated that “There is a limited number of young people who have a partner they who could possibly be a candidate for marriage”, based on results from the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research (JSPSS) survey (2010), such as (1) Just under 90% of unmarried people aged between 18 and 39 want to get married; (2) More than 60% of men and 50% of women have neither a partner of the opposite sex nor a friend of the opposite sex.

Comments from Twitter:

ゆでりんゴー【ししし妖怪】 :

Uh-oh…! RT @aira69: A lot of my friends are like this…

宮崎 歩@狂犬野郎:

They say that just under 90% of unmarried people aged between 19 and 39 want to get married, but my desire to marry is zero.


Let’s date, baby.


This is basically self-harm, but I don’t even think man, I want to go out with her.


I wonder if the fact that there is a 10% difference between men and women is because of a difference in the number of people.


Don’t worry guys, there’s still time w


A lot of young people don’t have lovers, huh. And love is so special, too.


Straight guys and girls have so many places where they can meet each other, so why the hell aren’t they out there getting know each other! The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is definitely all like “What are you talking about? You faggots are the ones increasing the number of unmarried people!” (^_^;)


When I saw the headline, I thought “Oh, I guess that about half of them have someone to date, then,” but it seems that actually this is the “percentage who don’t even have a friend of the opposite sex, let alone a partner”. I really really wish that they would stop producing headlines that invite misunderstandings. #decliningbirthrate


Hah, 10% more guys (;^ω^)


Ultimately, in the old days people mainly had arranged marriages, so even people who couldn’t find love could get married. These days, the way things are structured is that can’t find love= can’t get married, so the number of unmarried people is rising.


I don’t have a partner either…Is it because I’m an otaku? Because I’m a hentai?


Is the percentage difference because of two-timing?


I wonder how much of the LGBT population is in there?


Huh? Seems like those percentages are a bit weird……_(:3」 ∠)_I don’t have a partner though …_(:3」 ∠)_


Now’s the chance for those red-blooded nikushoku middle-aged men to come out!


These proportions are a bit weird…doesn’t this mean that a certain group of men are only going out with other men?

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  • Ana Belen Ruiz

    Less population density, good. *grumpy cat*

    • Zappa Frank

      not for japs or japan.. a decline of birthrate is a huge problem for a country, altough quite good if it’s for the world.

      • iqq

        the decline would be more beneficial it it were to be in third world countries instead.

        • Zappa Frank

          not necessary if you consider that their earth’s resource consuption is lower by far.

          • kill_you

            You don’t wait for the cancer to metastasize before you cut it out.

          • Zappa Frank

            nonsense. a decrease of population in an african country may have almost no effect on earth’s resource and a fast development is unlikely, besides if you ask me they also may have the right to use as much resource as we use, even more because many of those resources are africans. Problem is not population itself, but resource consumption. In my opinion problems are more with fast developing countries and already developed countries.

          • JC

            Why don’t we all reduce ourselves to living like Africans then?

            What utter nonsense. If Africans could, they would seek out the exact same living standards richer countries have, so why blame others for doing the same? Because they’re already successful?

            The world is not a community for sharing resources, it is a competition for them. Just because a bunch of childish westerners go around telling people to be nice and share doesn’t make it so. When push comes to shove, all empathy and ethics fall wayside for tribalistic competition. Easy for the West to preach about high-minded ideals when they already have the greatest wealth in the world.

          • Zappa Frank

            we all still trying to reduce emissions, reduce energy consumption and so on if you didn’t notice. I’m not blaming anyone, i didn’t give any judegment and i don’t understand form where you take it out.
            I don’t know where are you from, if you would tell me..

          • AgainstBlack

            Their consumption is lower because they’re less productive. Japanese consume a lot because they’re highly intelligent, productive with a big export led economy. You wouldn’t notice 100 million Africans disappearing, you WOULD notice 100 milion Japanese disappearing. Africa produces nothing, it only consumes food aid.

          • Zappa Frank

            i don’t want to turn this in a racial, or rather racist, discussion. However what you said is in accordance with what i said because you wouldn’t notice 100 milions of africans by their resources consmptions but you would notice a developed country’s 100 milions of people, it makes obvious that developed countries’ population are the biggest problem when we talk about earth’s overpopulation

          • AgainstBlack

            You miss my point, my point is that Africans do not consume as much because they hardly produce anything to actually exchange for goods to consume. Everything they consume is GIVEN TO THEM.

          • Zappa Frank

            i didn’t miss it, but i wanted to talk about overpopulation and resources consumption. What you say about africans doesn’t seem related with what i’m pointing out.

          • yeah meanwhile our forests are disappearing thanks to your extreme intelligence and consumption. So intelligently radiant we can feel the radiation in the other side of the pacific. If all the world were to consume as you “first world” countries then we would need 3 earths in order to sustain it. Well done, kid, you, your 19th century thoughts based on unlimited resources and your cold war terminology.

    • linette lee

      The less population the better. Countries like India and China should stop making babies. lol. I know. China has one child policy, then Japan should have 3 children policy. Fine them if they won’t do it. Force them. lol.
      ok..maybe not. Maybe the gov’t should have incentive like get marry and get tax reduction. Or get marry and have three kids you get housing assistance. Give them gov’t condo apartment. Things like this.

      • Zappa Frank

        free kindergarten is a good solution

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        Yeah Yeah! And they should have a promotion video! For example, just like the horses, you grab their d**ks and you start juicing them. Then you put it all in a jar and you throw it all over women in the street so as to raise awareness about the issue….wait a minute! This could be the scenario for a new AV film!

    • guest

      ana is right. the real frank zappa would have thought this frank zappo to be a total goofball.

      japan is the size of california with 1/3 less livable land. what idiot would say adding 80 more million people to california, while taking away 1/3 of it’s real estate, is smart planning for the future? for nations with more than 20 million people, japan is 3rd in population density behind india and bangladesh. japan will have around 100 million in 2050. that would put them 12th place TODAY. 100 million would have been 3rd place in 1900 and 30 million ahead of new superpower, america. india had 230 million in 1900. not that long ago. india is 1/3 the size of america and will have 2 billion people around 2100 even with new birth control initiatives.

      japan had 40 million in 1900. 80 million in 1950. the roman empire at it’s peak at had about 80 million. it covered all of europe, 1/2 of middle east, all of mediterranean coastal africa. people have lost their minds about “healthy” population. it’s obvious humans had a MASSIVE population boom the last 50-100 years. we’ll be just fine if we go back down to 5 billion some day. that’s 5 times as many people that were on the planet in 1800.

      • Zappa Frank

        you like repeat things don’t you?… your comprehension of this things is quite childish, but you compensate with your rudeness.
        i’ve just said that a low birth rate, or better an ageing of population, is bad for japan, and indeed it is, you don’t seem to have a clear idea about how a huge crisis could affect peoples lifes nor you seem to understand the relation with the ageing.. i’ve never said that japan need to grow as population and so on. Just that, at least in the near future, they will have to face some troubles.

      • Jay

        The entire human population of the earth can fit in Texas. Size of land is not an issue.

        • Not when you include yo momma.

          Seriously, though, a human occupies more than just the physical space via which he or she exists. Every single human occupies farmland, water reserves, water filtration space, oil reserves, oil processing space, retail space, living space (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage), one or two automobiles (or at least seats on public transportation), power generation space, space in a classroom, space in a workplace, and space to dump all his or her waste products aggregated over the span of his or her entire lifetime. Confining the entire human population to Texas would be nothing short of a concentration camp that would probably lead to widespread starvation and disease. Small city-states like Singapore and Hong Kong can deal with it because they import all their resources and export all their waste, but it’s probably not a good idea for a country of over 100 million people to operate at this density.

  • master chief

    instate a government arranged marriage law? Or make it ok for men and women to casual sleep around with lotsa partners

    • hang

      If they want to raise bithrates, they would have to lower average incomes, decrease education, move people back to rural areas.

      Being wealthy, urban, and educated are all things that significantly contribute to lower birth rates. Children are an economic decision.

      • Jem

        Japan is an expensive place to live, why would you want lower average incomes. Decrease education, why? The reason they moved out of the rural area is because there are no jobs there or to find a better life in the city.

        That’s not true. Explain why being wealthy, urban, and educated contribute to lower birth rates.

        • ssssssss

          hang is right, it IS a statistical fact that repeats on all rich countries.

          “why” boils down to basically being greedy and selfish. people do not want to lose their hard acquired wealthy status.
          women will get booted out of successful career if they make kids.
          raising kids like they should will demand all your time and $. it is the poorest and uneducated that will spawn most, curse of educating people, slow extinction.

          • Jahar

            being greedy and selfish? that’s kind of harsh. Because people with more kids aren’t greedy and selfish? How about, as you said “Women(and men, for that matter) in urban areas tend to be more career oriented, and raising children well in a city takes a lot of time and money.” People who are career-driven aren’t any more greedy than others. Wishing to succeed in one’s career is a lot different than greed and selfishness.

          • ssssssss

            well there are ways to “motivate”.. although they all are pretty awful.
            -heaviest “old boy taxes” for single people who have not made children after 30 years. These taxes can be used to provide bigger child support.
            -limit of birth control for under 20 year olds because female who give birth on her teenage years have substantially higher risk for being stay-at-home mom breeding machine.

          • ssssssss

            also limit sex education for under 20 year olds.
            make 13 legal age as in Spain.

          • master chief

            wait what? spain is pedo oriented?

          • Relivash

            I only agree on the fact that they are pretty awfull

          • Jahar

            Those are crazy.

          • John Snow

            define succeed in one’s career, if all jobs pays the same would being a CEO of a company be any better? Why work to make more money than you need to live? Just to live in the rich and the famous life style.

          • Jahar

            Some people want to do well. This is hard for you to understand? i’m sure many people enjoy the trappings of wealth, but many do it for the sense of accomplishment. You think in the NBA if they were all paid the same the players would stop trying to win? And again, Having incentives motivate you is different than being greedy. Also, I don’t believe you are really John Snow. he’s dead.

          • John Snow

            hahaha this is the actual name my parents gave me. I know people wants to do well I understand that. I do. I was trying to make it to the olympics and my only means to get there was from my own pocket. Training, travelling, competing. But most people want to be at the top only because of the money they would rake in rather than the pure love for what they do. They want to be what society believe is the ideal goal. Go to University, get hired by a good company. making good money WILL make you happy.

        • John Snow

          because a single child costs an average of $30,000 dollars a year. Not to mentions lost of potential income. We live in a society where the more the money the better mentality. People who lives in the rural grow most of their own food and make enough money to live comfortably. Having more kids means extra helping hands.

          In the city kids are just a pain. You have to wait 20+ years before a kid is any use to you. Financially speaking.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Of course. At that age who wants a partner, when the one on your monitor is so much more understanding, and so much more likely to put out

    • Rutim

      Don’t measure other people with your own yard-stick…

      • YourSupremeCommander

        sounds like someone’s got their dirty lil secret pointed out.

        • Rutim

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        I’m not, and trust me you don’t want me to. It’s kinda dirty…

  • vonskippy

    Maybe if the men weren’t such juvenile little perverts that would rather play games, watch cartoon tentacle porn, get drunk with their work mates, and think women are nothing but house slaves that should do whatever whenever the man demands, the smart, working, educated Japanese women might consider dating them.

    I used to love that Japanese men were such jerks, meant dating for me was super simple and very successful. Now that I’m married, I just watch and laugh (and feel sorry for the women).

    • AgainstBlack

      Westerners like you really make me feel ashamed sometimes. You’re such pricks. Why do you have to make people hate us? I bet you’re a libtard too.

      • AzN

        dont mind vonskippy. he is just a loser white nerd who spends all his time reading and commenting on a site about asians. (he has 700 comments on this site)

        • Dude

          Lol, there really are some very sad people on this site, but it’s nothing compared to the angry losers on china smack.

          Also I agree with against black I can’t stand loser beta males like conskiippy bad mouthing an entire population of men.

          • Whaddashack

            I agree. This site is much less messy and you get far fewer random trolls with troll-like names appearing every 2 days, re: chinkicide the chimp-chomp man and POS. Thankfully, they have been banned, but expect more to pop up in future.

            Csmack, where people are bitter and angry. Not all, mind you, but many. But that’s what makes it fun for us.

    • EK

      Baka gaijin, the article is saying both Japanese men and women are staying single. Get over your white savior complex, there aren’t that many white guys in Japan.

      • John Snow

        True hence its far too easy. You Japanese guys need to shape up. Do you know why you guys are so shy? Blame your ministry of education and your University selection test… You guys spend more time with your history books than a girl of the opposite sex during school. trying to remember information which ANYONE can find out within seconds using tools at hand ie Internet. By ‘information’ I mean pretty much almost useless information that CANNOT be used in todays society. For example, How big Nobunaga army was. etc. Or why they wanted to fight their petty war. In 2013 these information should be left to History majors. Because, you cant do anything with this information. Even if you have to cram it in to your cranium. And once you have done with the test/exam what do you do? Thats right FORGET IMMEDIATELY

        • dk2020

          Then what’s up with the low birthrate in Germany, Italy, etc? You know there’s a low birthrate among whites in America also and minorities/mixed folks will become the majority soon right?


          • Zappa Frank

            there’s a huge difference between low birth rate and to not have sexual partner

          • John Snow

            What Zappa said. But the other issue is money. To have a kid costs a lot of money. On average $30,000 a year, for a well looked after kid that is. Most people around the world are struggling to get by or does not want to tie down with a kid as you want to travel the world etc.

            Kids requires a lot of time and responsibility. Just seems like well educated people dont want to have kids until much later in life compared to hill billys breeding like rabbits cos they got tired of playing the banjo.

  • dk2020

    Damn, that’s hella awkward but it seems like overblown statistics and it is ironic Korea is having the same social issues with low birthrate and younger people staying single .. could it be from work stress and over analyzing relationships? Being too picky ..

    • John Snow

      Over work and sex separation during class. Boys and girls would not sit next to each other unless they are forced to. Boys and girls to play sports together. And media is fucking them up. “I WANT MY GF TO LOOK LIKE SNSD” “I WANT MY BF TO BE LIKE GACKT/ some animated character” etc. etc.

    • Guest

      Asians get too comfortable once we have money and stop reproducing. This is true for 1st world Chinese too, in places like Singapore or Hong Kong.

      It should be imperative for East Asians to breed and reproduce at any cost, if only to occupy a larger chunk of the world’s political and economic power. If someone wanted to complain about overpopulation, they can go straight to the places with high birthrates, and that sure as hell isn’t East Asia. Those critics are just scared of doing so because countries with high birthrates are mostly African, and they don’t want to be called racist.

      Whites have some delusion where their concerns about overpopulation and ethics are somehow more important than the demographic competitiveness of their own people. This naive, idealistic view of the world should be rejected around the world. The “natural” population size is as many as resources can afford, nothing else.

    • Guest

      and diverting attention towards korea all the time wont fix anything.

  • atom

    I find this poll untrustworthy.Is this poll reliable or skewed.How did they conduct their poll, interview the “ugly girls”and otaku and Hikikomori?

    • John Snow

      If you have live and work in Japan it wouldnt be far off. For example, of a staff 20 people where I work. 8 people are single and 4 of them are in their mid to late 40s the rest are in mid to late 20s.

  • John Snow

    People ask where the other 10% go? The other 10% of female are going out with NON JAPANESE PEOPLE!! Man I just wish the netizen will get a wind of this because they will have more things to hate koreans and chinese oh not to mention americans!!

    Joking aside, is there a suggestion drop box for the ministry of health and what not? Because, I can find 2 sure way that kids will grow up seeking partners instead of waiting for their ‘ideal’ partner to just fall on their laps.

    number 1, reduce time spent at work by only allowing people to spend a maximum of 60 hours a week at work.

    number 2, dont separate sex during PE classes at school. (there are no benefits in doing this at all.)

    • sato

      10% is too many for that…I doubt it.
      You should read about Japan’s international marriage rate or dating rate stats.

      • John Snow

        was a joke. Hence Joking aside.

  • In Japan, this is a positive thing or pop culture I think. Anyways, they’re going to depopulate in the coming decades, like it or not. Is good for the ecosystem of the earth, that’s pretty positive if you ask me. Gotta look at the positive side!

  • guest

    there is a moronic myth perpetuated by those like frank zappa wannabee down below (btw, why are frank zappa fans such know-it-alls?) that an island nation filled to the brim on coastline due to inhabitable mountain ranges should have 150-200 million people because of “global economy blah blah blah”. japan is the size of california with much less livable land. what idiot would suggest california take away 1/3 of livable land and add 80 more million people? california is overpopulated at 60+ million and growing. japan had 40 million in 1900. 83 million in 1950. they became a death star world power by 1930s, wiped off the map at end of ww2, and had olympics and bullet train less than 20 years later. they did all that will 1/3 and 1/2 of japan’s current population. they’re estimated in 2050 to have 100 million. that’s more people than 230 countries have today. that would put them about 12th place in today’s booming population. everyone these days think their genius futurists. this whole nonsense that japan will be 3rd world if they don’t have near 150 million is a load of crap. canada has about 50 million. australia about 40. american is racing towards 400 million. only an idito would suggest that’s going to be an assett some day. that’s going to create 100+ million in poverty with another 100 million living paycheck to paycheck jobs. american economists always blahing about “immigrants feed this growing nation and make us world leaders”. yeah…up until about 1970 that was true. once china hit 400 million…no crazy mao idea could prevent 1 billion. india is 1/3 the size of america but will one day have 2 billion even IF they stopped having more than 1 baby per adult woman starting tomorrow. china and india will have to peak out somewhere around 2.5 – 3 billion people someday before rate recedes back. it will take hundreds of years for them to see 500-700 million again.

    • Zappa Frank

      that’s so true, economists are wrong when they find a link between birthrate and economy, and even more when they find a link between economy and lifestyle! i wonder how long this world will have to wait before someone recognize your genius… with a nobel at least.

    • Guest

      Being a first world nation isn’t the same as being a geopolitically significant nation. Is Switzerland relevant on the world stage? Singapore? Monaco? No.

      To wield economic and political power, population size is a very important factor. No matter how great the society or technology, no matter how many force multipliers you apply, the larger population is always at an advantage simply because they have the capacity to match any advantage you have, except on a greater scale.

  • Kate

    I wouldn’t do well in Japan….I just don’t understand that. I mean I get the reasons behind it, I just don’t understand why people do that to themselves.

  • Mighty曹

    At least the ratio is quite even.

    • Whaddashack

      Unlike a certain somewhere right? (Cough, cough)

      That said, I think the Japanese don’t have it that bad. I’m sure they are just being modest. Low replacement rates/birth rates is something that is affecting all East Asian countries, very hard.

      The fact that they are concerned about this is a good sign.

      • Mighty曹

        Japan’s ‘Baby Boom’ is finally catching up.

  • Echo_Seven

    I think something got lost in translation…a majority of males having not even a friend of the opposite sex? I don’t buy it. But even if there was a hint of truth to the statistic, something is really, really, wrong….society needs to fix something regardless of what happens to the birthrates.

    • Kate

      I don’t think this is accurate ether……it just seems implausible

    • John Snow

      Friends as in someone in the opposite sex which they talk and hang out with. Most youth tends to hang out with their own sex as they believe they are limiting themselves with the things they can do if a girl is with them vice versa. So even a couple would spend more time with their same sex friends than their partner. Check this I have a friend who is living with his girlfriend but would not spend more that 1-2 hours with his girlfriend a day but would easily spend 3 – 4 hours with his mates drinking and hanging out every night. He has been with this girl for a few years now but have just moved in together. I have known him for 6 years and I have only ever met his girlfriend twice.

  • Serpico

    They think the best shit to do in a group is to lick each others eye-balls. Well. Today’s youth is different and getting more and more different everywhere in the world, but in my opinion the Japanese youngsters and young adults are more fucked up than everywhere. Anyone here ready to break that opinion? Would love to hear something from you~.

  • James Wang

    Well, making porn and prostitution illegal will help with the issue. I suppose….

  • Mike Lovett

    I am an American, living in Hawaii, formerly of China. Any 30-40ish yo Japanese women interested, give me a line! =D

  • Die Reaktion

    An possible explanation for the Japanese netizens regarding the 60% men and 50% women discrepancy could be that some of the “40% men” are dating multiple women.

  • Guest

    They are too busy stalking south koreans on the internet.

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