School Issues Reminder To Students Not To Kill Themselves

Japanese high school issues letter to tell students to take care about suicide.

When a netizen called blackpepper30 tweeted a picture of a handout given to Japanese high-school students in an unknown Japanese school, the tweet was soon re-posted on, where it quickly spread around the internet.

The handout is a letter to all students, reminding them to take extra care during Golden Week, which is a week of consecutive public holidays when the whole of Japan takes a well-deserved break.

The main purpose of the handout appeared to be a reminder to students that the leading cause of death in high-school students was suicide, and that they should talk things over with a teacher if anything was worrying them.

While the letter might seem blunt, many netizens saw it as an important move to ensure the welfare of students who may be suffering with depression at the onset of a new school year.

From Itai News:

“Cautions For Golden Week” Handout Distributed in A High School Trends Online

The handout distributed in a Japanese high-school and uploaded on Twitter.

The handout distributed in a Japanese high-school and uploaded on Twitter.

April 26 Heisei 25

Student Guidance Department

To All Students

Cautions For Golden Week

The leading cause of death for those of high-school age is suicide.
In particular, it takes time for those students who are in their first year or who have changed classes to become used to a new environment. If you have any troubles or anxieties, then how about discussing things with your homeroom teacher, or a teacher you think you can trust? Discussing your troubles with a teacher takes a lot of courage for a high-school student who is trying to be independent. Still, doesn’t talking about things with someone sometimes open up a new path?

Comments from


Bold letters! w


Straight down the line www


There’s nothing to be frightened of if you all die together.


This is completely unrelated to Golden Week.


This is so important.
It’s better to say this much clearly, I think.
This is a good high-school.


It’s only natural that if you’re told to try not to die that you’ll start to want to die….


Don’t die! Absolutely do not die!


This is kind of like telling them to die, isn’t it?


Well, this is definitely an important thing, but…


Fine if it was an elementary school, but it’s pretty bad if the school feels like it has to look after the students like this when they’re in high-school.


I would only be thinking of how I could play during the holiday (something to think about…)


I accept this.
It would be meaningless if they beat around the bush with their words and then a student died.
The student guidance department has really done a good job.


If you throw out the word “death” to someone who is already suffering and barely holding on, it becomes the trigger for them to kill themselves.


I guess it’s for the prevention of “May blues” [since new jobs and the new school year start in April, some people suffer depression about new challenges in life; this is sometimes exacerbated by the Golden Week holidays].


The content of this handout wasn’t all that surprising.


I thought this was going to be a sex story, but when I looked at it, it was the complete opposite and I LOLled! w


And just when I thought it was going to be something like “You must not forget to wear a condom when having sex” or something!
This was surprisingly decent.


Well, that’s because if someone dies the education committee will be the most troubled.


If this is real, then it’s a good high school that is facing the reality of the situation.


It’ll be bad if someone dies after this w


They’re important points (^ω^)


The thing is, a lot of people die just after the holidays. Their stance is pretty much is that it’s fine if someone does happen to kill themselves, because “At any rate we did do something about it”.


It’s not really necessary for the teachers to go so far as to say this…


It’s good that the main point of this is really clear.


You guys on this thread should all get one of those print-outs, too.

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