Can This Pink Unmanned Station Become A National Date Spot?

Train station of love, Koiyamagata Station, Japan

An unmanned station, deep in Tottori Prefecture, is surely set to become a national treasure following its unusual renovation.

Since the station is called “Koiyamagata Staton”, and the character for “koi” (恋) is the character for love, the station was redesigned in pink as a place for lovers to come and spend time together.

Could this this station be the answer to the falling birthrate?

From Asahi Shimbun:

With Only 2 Passengers Passing Through Per Day, Can An Unmanned Station In Tottori Become A Love Spot?

The station building of Koiyamagata station (Oouchi, Chizucho, Tottori Prefecture) on the Chizu Express Line has been renovated in pink. They have also installed a heart monument with the character for “love” written on in, it an attempt to help people to realize love.

Since four years ago, residents of the region have been growing a type of plantain lily which is the flower of love, and there was a call for people to write waka and haiku poems. In May last year, the station was also popular as part of the “Love Station Project”, which involved the 4 stations in Japan that contain the character for “love” in their name.

An unmanned train station in a valley, that doesn’t even have any toilets. Surrounded by trees; hidden away from national highways. The number of incoming and outgoing passengers numbers only two per day. The person in charge of the station said, “We will give this station as a place where a couple can be alone together”.

Pictures from Asahi Shimbun:

Train station of love, Koiyamagata Station, Japan

Koiyamagata station building has been renovated in pink, and a heart monument has been installed; Oouchi, Chizucho, Tottori Prefecture.

Koiyamagata Station in Japan

A train departs from the pink station buildings; Oouchi, Chizucho, Tottori Prefecture.

Tottori Prefecture's station of love, Japan

Koiyamagata Station has been reborn in pink; Oouchi, Chizucho, Tottori Prefecture.

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No taste.
Are they stupid?


Where’s the sand?(´・ω・`)[Tottori prefecture is home to the “Japanese desert”, which even has (imported) camels]


It’s just too amazing that they only have two people per day.
It’d be awful if they didn’t talk to each other while waiting on the platform.


Is this how the people from this place imagine love?


I’ll go there if I can get hard and wait for a cute girl to get off the train and have sex with here right there and then or something.


It’s the secluded nature of secluded stations that is precious.


What the hell is this? (´・ω・`)


Fuuuck This my hometown, where I was born…stop it…


As usual, this is just too try hard and will fail.


If you just look at the colour it’s cute, but get rid of the heart.

Makes it tacky.

This is just going to become a playground for exhibitionists.


Are they saying “Have sex here!”?


Can you call a delivery health service from here?


It’s because in neighbouring Shimane Prefecture they have the Izumo Grand Shrine which is famous for marriages.


Do they honestly have multiple train lines there when it’s an underused line?
A single line would do the job.


All that countryside scenery’s been ruined.

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