Fire Breaks Out At Shibuya Station, Netizens Tweet Reactions

Fire breaks out at Tokyo's Shibuya station on February 19, Twitter reactions

A fire appears to have broken out at Tokyo’s busy Shibuya station, famous for being home of Hachiko and handling over 2.4 million passengers per day as one of the capital’s busiest stations. According to time stamps from tweets, the fire started at around 11:30pm on February 19, and was extinguished before midnight.

The source of the fire has yet to be confirmed, but eagle-eyed netizens watched the drama unfold in real-time on Twitter, as those at the station uploaded reams of photographs, videos, tweets, and statuses about the commotion.

The thread below was complied from tweets on the Twitter compilation site, and capture the panic and confusion of the unexpected fire explosion.


Commotion Over Explosion at Shibuya Station?

I compiled this as quickly as I could.

Something is exploding beneath the guard barrier at Shibuya station!


Something is burning underneath the elevated tracks of the Shibuya station Yamanote line. Something made an exploding sound –bang bang — and I felt I was in danger(゚д゚lll)


There’s been an explosion at Shibuya station; there are clouds of smoke.


When I was waiting at Shibuya station for the train to depart, smoke came out of the train and I couldn’t get home. I wonder if you can see from this picture that it’s a bit smokey?


A house made from cardboard boxes [often used as refuge by the homeless] has caught fire beneath the elevated tracks of the Toyoko line at Shibuya station. Is today fire day?

Mysterious smoke came from the Toyoko line train when it was stopped at Shibuya station. The passengers are still inside the train and no one has instructed us to do anything — I wonder if it will be ok? The doors on the opposite side to the smoke are open, though…

Is this Shibuya station fire thing happening in real time? There are loads of tweets.

An explosion at Shibuya?

Commotion over white smoke at Shibuya station Toyoko line


Fire at Shibuya station


I was on the platform at Shibuya, and I could kind of smell something burning. Is it just me?

What’s happened at Shibuya station?

It seems that the Toyoko line has stopped because of smoke coming from beneath Shibuya station.#fb

Looks like there is an explosion at the Shibuya station Toyoko line. It’s possible that we might not be able to get the last train. What the hell…

Fire at Shibuya station now.


The Toyoko line suddenly blew up as I was waiting for the train to depart at Shibuya! From what I’ve seen it doesn’t look like there are any people who are injured, thankfully…

[Newsflash] Explosion beneath the elevated tracks at Shibuya station. Casualties unknown. Loud noises continuing.


mr_dali :
A fire has just started at Shibuya station. The Toyoko line platform is full of smoke w, the fire is being put out. Why is there a fire now? I mean, more than 80% of people are taking photos on their smartphones, and all uploading them to Facebook and Twitter. That’s weirder than the fire.


#Toyoko line [Shibuya – Yokohama] Other details: There was an explosion and smoke came out of a carriage. It is better to take an alternative route #Kanto #TrainDelay

Just as in the pictures, looks like a homeless person’s den is burning beneath the guard barrier. RT @tori_555: Did the train explode!?

Isn’t there a Chinese restaurant over where the fire is at Shibuya station?

What? So after andrew_TandB:
and Awajicho, now Shibuya?

When you look at where the fire was extinguished, it must have been a small fire, but it really seem like the flames were pretty big, didn’t it? I wonder if there was a lighter or compressed gas cylinder in there?

@tori_555 I’m hearing that there’s been a fire explosion in a store beneath the guard barrier 246 at the Toyoko line at Shibuya station.

Due to the fire on the tracks at Shibuya station, trains are postponed. We are transferring passengers.

rap_ :
There’s a video of the fire at Shibuya!

There’s so much conflicting information, like people are saying that it was a homeless person’s cardboard house, that it was a store beneath the guard barrier, or that it came from a carriage etc…

Due to the outbreak of fire on the tracks at Shibuya station, trains are being postponed; however, at 23:50, trains will recommence. Trains are running late.

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  • Joe

    A small fire, wow. Nothing exciting ever happens in Japan anymore.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      You obviously wasn’t born yet when they had the tsunami and nuke meltdown just 2 years ago.

    • y.m.

      it’s this website that’s reporting these lame news.

  • could be a plot by Aum Shinrikyo or one of its branch or other group taking over etc…

    “A house made from cardboard boxes [often used as refuge by the homeless] has caught fire beneath the elevated tracks of the Toyoko line at Shibuya station”

    homeless Japanese are living inside the…. railtrack cave? an article/documentary on that would be interesting to read/watch.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      No, they’ll blame North Korea instead. ‘the communists are sending spies!!’ and that stuff

      • they did kidnap some Japanese citizen to make movie for them. North Korean Godzilla I believe. Wonder what the story is about. Probably about a misunderstood giant lizard destroying things then dear leader came and sooth the beast and they all become good friends working on the rice field together. Since the giant lizard is big its disadvantageous for him to work at the field, so all kind of funny situation occur… and laughter… lots of laughter.

  • ric

    lots of reporters on the scene huh huh. looks like no one serious hurt….cool

  • Cleo

    at least it wasn’t on a 787 in flight (again)

  • EightNineBall

    Glad that it seems no one was grievously hurt or burnt.

  • a little off topic: just got back from Yamato performance at my uni, if you guys are in Japan you should catch their performance. Their drums and other Japanese traditional musical instrument was amazing, the crowd loves them. They are Fire.

  • Smith_90125

    When a fire was started on a subway in Daegu, Korea back in 2003, nearly 200 people died because they were trapped inside the train. They couldn’t leave even though they wanted to.

    In Japan, those people could leave, but chose to stand around like rubber neckers, blocking the fire department and putthing themselves at risk just to take a few photos. Not smart.

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