Man Sieges Station With Knife, Drama Unfolds on Twitter

Around noon on November 7, a small subway station in Chuo, Tokyo, became the stage for the dramatic capture of a man who ran out onto the tracks wielding what appeared to be a knife. Higashi Nihonbashi station on the Toei Asakusa line came to a standstill as police and station officials tried to restrain the man, who was seen laughing and running around as though unhinged, while passengers on a train that had stopped at the opposite platform looked on. In this age of social networking, the drama unfolded in a series of photographs and tweets that are are beginning to trend among Japanese netizens. Here, were bring you the rundown of the incident, as narrated by Twitter users who were at the centre of the action. The story was featured on, a site that collates trending Twitter topics online.


Suspicious Man at Toei Asakusa Line Higashi Nihonbashi Station Confirmed: Station Secured


Fuuuck (>_<) The automatic train stop (ATS) siren has been activated at Higashi Nihonbashi station! And I'm stuck inside the train (泣)


At Higashi Nihonbashi station right now. Seems like passenger who has a knife has gone onto the tracks. Scary!


I’m at Higashi Nihonbashi station now, and because of this bastard who’s got a knife, the emergency bell is going off and the train has stopped.


There’s an incident at Higashi Nihonbashi station right now.


There’s a man with a knife sieging Higashi Nihonbashi station on the Toei Asakusa line! Emergency stop because of him. Station employees and police are on the scene!

A man with a knife at Higashi Nihonbashi station


The man who had the knife is on the opposite platform so the train has stopped dead. Higashi Nihonbashi. I could see someone like that from the train, and thought I’d take a picture message, but I couldn’t get a shot.


Has the station been declared safe?

5301_5327 :

Doors are still shut to keep the people inside the carriages safe at Higashi Nihonbashi station. On platform 1 station officials and the police are on the scene!


Someone yelled loudly at Higashi Nihonbashi station, and the train stopped. I just want to go home .


At Higashi Nihonbashi station on the Toiei Asakusa line, the train has stopped because someone was on the tracks. I saw him, and usually when someone’s on the tracks you’d think that it was a drunk or someone who had collapsed because they were ill, nope! A crazy guy was laughing and running around. Even as several station employees chased him, it was kind of like he was playing tag with them, laughing and running around.

5301_5327 :

They’ve got the man with the knife! At Higashi Nihonbashi station


The man with a knife has been caught!

The man is apprehended


Here is the man being captured. At Asakusa line Higashi Nihonbashi station.


They’ve restrained the man, and now we’re moving again. The criminal has been captured near platform 2. Right now the police are on the scene. I can hear the police shouting, so I guess they don’t having him under control yet — is he resisting?

The man is apprehended


At Asakusabashi now.(´・Д・)」Seems like a guy was going crazy on the tracks while holding a knife…train still hasn’t come…


They say there was a man stained with blood going crazy around Higashi Nihonbashi station. DANGER.


Train has left Higashi Nipponbashi station!


Never want to go to Higashi Nihonbashi again…


It appears that there was a suspicious man with a knife at the station, so the Asakusa line is running late ( ・_・;) It was fine in the end, but….scary!

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  • A Lu

    Poor crazy fuck

  • Friedrich

    It’s so weird with Twitter and the other social networking stuff nowadays with the personal live coverage of anything abnormal. I think one has to try really hard to not witness everything everywhere. If you fuck up something, be sure there is someone with a videophone nearby who is willing to distribute your failure in no time to people all over the world. I am 23 years and I already feel old as fuck, maybe I should spend less time on the internet lol

    • rollin wit 9’s

      or more like with all the social networking capabilities you’d think FOX, NBC etc. would be out of business soon. Nobody posts and uploads faster than the public right?

  • besudesu

    I’m surprised that netizens didn’t write more varied tweets about what was going on; they’re all very factual. People on the train must have been genuinely frightened. This kind of thing is fairly rare in Japan, I suppose…

  • Paul M

    Glad to see nobody was seriously hurt. Just imagine if you had been on that train, trying to explain to your boss without the benefit of twitter why you were late for work.

  • elizabeth

    Why was he running on the tracks? Maybe he had suffered through something so traumatic he could care less about his life. Running and laughing…stained with blood…crazy…sounds like a scene from a drama where someone is so disillusioned and hurt that it feels ridiculous and so he laughs and loses his mind.

  • BlackOut

    He just smoked too much weed IoI

    • dk2020

      lol theres only dirt weed in japan .. i wonder if it was bath salts ..

      • PixelPulse

        Too tame for bath salts, sounds like he was having a blast. Maybe just some X.

    • Kate

      Yeah weed doesn’t make people do these crazy things.. …the only thing potheads attack are bags of cheetos and tacos from tb.

    • Germandude

      If he smoked too much weed, he would’ve actually been sitting at the train station and trying to figure out which train is the right one to step in while sitting at the correct line.

  • Cleo

    but it’s not scary when the Japanese man with the knife is laughing whilst attacking Chinese families to these post-war generation Japanese hipsters, neh?

    Those Chinese are so bizarre for having a problem with Japanese behavior in China.

    • helloworld011191

      Please don’t think that Japanese netizens all think the same thing, or that their Internet is reflective of all Japanese people. People tend to congregate with those with similar/identical beliefs. Twitter has a sizable population of non-netouyo, anti-racism people.

    • royaljester

      You’re far more bizarre than any of the idiots in Japan or China.

  • Cleo

    Don’t call him a “criminal” – WORSHIP him at Yasukuni and complain about his victims to WHite foreigners for being crybabies and whiny ungrateful prostitutes.

    he’s a typical Japanese “hero,” isn’t that so?

    • besudesu

      Cleo, you’ve been warned before. I won’t tolerate this kind of offensive ignorance.

      • Cleo

        Oh, really, I didn’t know that I was warned. Sorry for whatever I did wrong even if it was only remarking that the Japanese don’t notice that when they are the ones faced with a knife-wielding Japanese or a raping foreign soldier that THEN and only then is it criminal but not at all when it is Japan searching for natural resources in China and the rest of Asia.

        • besudesu

          So basically, what you’ve said in that sentence, is that the Japanese don’t realize when they’re the victims of criminal acts, then negated that statement, then added something about China and ‘the rest of Asia’. I’m not really sure what any of that has to do with this article. But yes you are warned.

    • mr.wiener

      And you are a typical……what exactly?

      • Germandude


        I think troll is the word you were searching.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    You’d think they would I dunno, bullrush the guy like Americans do now when threatened on planes.

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    They have signal on the subway in Japan?
    I live in Toronto and we can’t tweet because we get zero bars on the train.
    Mind = blown

    • besudesu

      Yes, you can indeed get signal on the subway in Japan! My mind was also blown the first time I realized this — what’s more, it’s been that way for ages!

  • the ace of books

    Guess he was looking for Shizu-chan…

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