Photos Of ‘Cat Island’ In Ehime Delight Japanese Netizens

Japan's cat island delights netizens

The internet loves cats, and the Japanese internet is no exception.

Since japanCRUSH launched almost a year ago, we’ve had granny and Fukumaru, we’ve had the cat who goes mental when he sees an LDP politician, and this troubled cat, who now has thousands of followers.

So when pictures of “cat island” appeared on Twitter this week, 2ch netizens were quick to call it “heaven”.

From Itai News:

Insane Photos Of “Cat Island” In Ehime Trend — “Is This Heaven?”

1 名前: ローリングソバット(岡山県):[OP]

cat island, Ehime.


Cat Island was so much fun!

I got bread stolen from me by the bagful, but it was a great place.

Seems like it’s in Aoshima, Ehime.

Comments from


I want to cuddle up with them!



ボ ラギノール(鹿児島県):

Heaven! (*´Д`)ハァハァ


Those cats are so cuuuuuuuuuute!
But if I went there my asthma would kill me (´・ω・`)


Aren’t they frightened of humans?


There’s nothing but cats there!


Of course they’re cute, no doubt about it, but I bet the smell is something else.


This is like cat samadhi from morning to night, it really is heaven huh?

ミラノ作 どどんスズスロウン(家):

They’re cute, but when there are too many like that, they’re a bit disgusting.


It’s nice to see them in photos, but I reckon that the real version would stink of cat shit and cat piss.


If I could wish for something, I’d wish that there was more variety in the types of fur.


If you look at the entire picture it’s pretty freaky, but if you look at the cats one by one they’re soooo cute.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I want to move there and work as a groom in this cat empire!


It’s disgusting when there are as many cats as that.
It’s not like I hate cats or anything, but it looks like they’d be crawling with fleas, and it’s a bit scary.
But I guess that for someone who is crazy about cats, this would be like heaven?


Well I hate cats, so for me this looks like hell island.


Is this abandoned cat island?
Is this where everyone goes to abandon their cats?


I guess they’re all just strays.


This is great, there are more cats than there are in Tashirojima, Miyagi.


This many cats is a bit frightening.

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